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  1. Those light blue unis
  2. Oh I love this idea! Is Boston/New England having a team?
  3. Man this is getting ridiculous... you have done an amazing job on every team bravo!
  4. Both of them are awesome, clean, simplistic "but-not-too-much" Honestly either one would be a W in my book, but I think that adding another shade of blue would open so many posibilities for alternates. Amazing
  5. Man I don't comment a lot, but this is by far one of the best threads... Just amazing
  6. I just read the whole thing, it is absolutely amazing, I will be following it from now on, keep up the great job man P.D. Go Brotherhood! (Cause they are from boston and they look like the Red Sox :p)
  7. I love what you did with the Boston unis, this is exactly what they need 10/10
  8. What is with people wanting New England to go back to red? 90% of redisigns want them to change back to red jerseys smh... It just doesnt look good with that shade of red...
  9. Same, I can't stand low socks
  10. I like this idea, gonna keep up with it :))
  11. The blue is too bright for my like imo the only blue that works with them is this one. They are not bad though, I like the jersey design... way better than their current set...
  12. Just considering logos not uniforms... Current NE logo > Old NE logo
  13. I don't even follow hockey but I love it, it looks amazing :DD
  14. Hello! This is actually my first "post" so yeah, I just wanted to share some of the football templates I've done/tweaked. I hope someone finds them useful