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  1. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    Maybe going full 1934? Orange vs Blue?
  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I don't know if this has been posted before (if so, my apologies) but may I present you the GOAT at this. Wes Welker
  3. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    Nah, you're good, I had to put my brightness all the way up to see it, it's a really dark shade of blue /:
  4. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    It kinda has to... I would've gone full white, but in my opinion he made a great job
  5. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    Oh I love this. Can't wait for the Rams vs 49ers one
  6. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    Their TNF game was vs Chicago, I'm sure you can go full 30's with that, or something.
  7. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    Great idea, I love it. But how do you plan to do the Texans?
  8. Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)

    Those light blue unis
  9. Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)

    Oh I love this idea! Is Boston/New England having a team?
  10. MLB in 2020 - St. Louis Cardinals (25/30)

    Man this is getting ridiculous... you have done an amazing job on every team bravo!
  11. MLB in 2020 - St. Louis Cardinals (25/30)

    Both of them are awesome, clean, simplistic "but-not-too-much" Honestly either one would be a W in my book, but I think that adding another shade of blue would open so many posibilities for alternates. Amazing
  12. MLB in 2020 - St. Louis Cardinals (25/30)

    Man I don't comment a lot, but this is by far one of the best threads... Just amazing
  13. I just read the whole thing, it is absolutely amazing, I will be following it from now on, keep up the great job man P.D. Go Brotherhood! (Cause they are from boston and they look like the Red Sox :p)
  14. MLB in 2020 - St. Louis Cardinals (25/30)

    I love what you did with the Boston unis, this is exactly what they need 10/10
  15. NFL redesign according to 24/7 Sports

    What is with people wanting New England to go back to red? 90% of redisigns want them to change back to red jerseys smh... It just doesnt look good with that shade of red...