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  1. What's the best place to show off one's work? Behance? Tumblr? A personal site? What are the best things to show off? I considered putting some of my concept work into my portfolio, but I worry about running into issues with trademarks and potentially misleading clients...
  2. I actually had a version of that that was adjusted but I put it aside after wondering what the point of it was: If I were to pursue this further, it would need adjustment.
  3. I adjusted the colors some and whipped up a one-color version as well:
  4. Sure. I'll send you SVGs in private.
  5. Like this? Or this?
  6. Playing around with the shape of the logo, which of these is better? Not sure if I plan on creating any supplementary marks right now...
  7. I considered bringing back the Wales/Campbell names but wanted something the league could plausibly use in this day and age.
  8. Something like this? (I left the letters black on purpose)
  9. Thanks!
  10. The current NHL shield, which the league introduced for the 2005-06 season, does its job decently, but in my view it has its share of issues. It's a bit cluttered. The "LNH" version doesn't look very natural. There wasn't a lot wrong with the previous NHL shield either, and I used it as a base for my redesign of it. I did keep some things from the current shield, like its Stanley Cup silver color. Here's an "LNH" version: I also dabbled with some auxiliary symbols: I also took care to ensure my shields didn't fall apart in one color:
  11. Those trees look kind of awkwardly incorporated to me?
  12. Time Warner has never had the most stellar history itself. It has always been a messy pool of bureaucracy, and the only reason the company ever existed was so Time Inc. could protect itself from hostile takeover attempts.
  13. I'm waiting to see the entire identity before I formulate much of an opinion on it, but the outgoing logo shrank poorly and has needed to go for a while. There's a reason the official site just uses the head.