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  1. What font is this?

    ITC Benguiat Bold Italic
  2. 2017 NBA Offseason

    I wonder how Michael Doret would feel about that...
  3. Local TV station logos

    I don't live in Seattle, but I always really liked the older version of KING's logo:
  4. Local TV station logos

    G. Dean Smith All five of the old-line ABC O&O stations (WABC New York, KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, KGO San Francisco, WXYZ Detroit) used it, and there was a time when it was actually the official logo for the ABC Owned Television Stations division.
  5. Local TV station logos

    Our local station logos have seen better days...
  6. Maybe I'm just defective, but I don't understand what's wrong with the Clippers logo, compared to the Lakers ripoff it replaced and how amateurish slop like the Warriors' look seems to pass without comment.
  7. New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    Funny thing, Safeway actually sold their SoCal stores to Vons, and later bought Vons outright. As for Kroger's naming, people here definitely seem to think of King Soopers as "local."
  8. Seattle NBA Brand Discussion

    I'm pretty sure that the trademarks on the Sonics' various logos are still owned by the Thunder.
  9. New IHOP logo

    There's one in Aurora that has. Street View doesn't reflect that yet though.
  10. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    I'm 22, so I guess I would count as a millennial, but I am a broadcasting enthusiast who's seen examples of NBC referring to the xylophone throughout their history: (notice how that completely skips the Snake and the "N") As recently as 2015, they've also sold merchandise bearing the xylophone logo. The peacock and the xylophone as one logo?
  11. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    Something like this? I'm not sure I like this. The colors have their appeal but the form is indistinct compared to the xylophone. Thanks for the encouraging words.
  12. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    Well, how does one properly represent the bird without compromising the feathers?
  13. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    The original design and its 1979 incarnation (which itself has issues, pertaining mostly to how well it might shrink) did the same thing. Would it not work as the main logo? I admit I have pondered having it play second fiddle to the revised xylophone, but the NBCUniversal corporate rebrand flap a few years ago showed that the peacock is held in very high esteem by the public, and so even pushing it into the supporting cast might hurt the brand.
  14. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    I tried working my preferred peacock variation into the logo of a local station, comparing it to the current mark:
  15. Redesigning the NBC Peacock

    I personally prefer the five-feather concept and have toyed with the curves some: It doesn't look quite refined to me though... EDIT: This?