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  1. Jerseys like the Predators and Oilers new adidas looks are the reason we have concept designers. Sure, we may be disappointed, but we journey on in pursuit of a brighter and more well-designed future. Today is no different. That being said, we move into the central division. Chicago Blackhawks It's always hard to approach a team with an "untouchable" look, especially one that has exhausted so many additional designs in their outdoor resume, but I wouldn't be much of a concept artist if I didn't give it a go, now would I? In this look, the home striping pattern is reversed in number, with two stripes on the arms and one on the hem. This pattern is furthered by an arm fill between the stripes and completed with the addition of the Hawks secondary logo on the arms and the TV numbers bumped to the shoulder. The road sweater adopts the same design while keeping the thin wipe stripe on the red/black borders to protect against color blending. The socks echo the arm striping and the pants remain bare to complement the design trends of the rest of the uniform.
  2. Vegas Golden Knights This set was designed by taking cues from Vegas' draft hat and coupling that with the upper-arm pattern that has become increasingly popular lately. This upper arm striping slants downward to form a V on the arms and give the Golden Knights a look all their own. I will say that despite my initial thoughts on the addition of red in the color pallete, it does tie everything together once that beautiful secondary logo is added. Not much to add beyond that; this one is pretty much what you see is what you get. Let me know what you think.
  3. Vancouver Canucks Growing up, even though we were Canadian, my brother had always thought a Canuck was a term for a specific type of orca. Because of this, and my general dislike of that logo, the orca fades away from the Canucks identity and the updated stick in the rink returns, along with the Johnny Canuck - V on the shoulders. The jerseys take their striping pattern from the original away sweaters and create a matching pair with the home. The arm-striping adopts the V in a more natural way, in my opinion, with the V formed by the dividing stripe rather than simply being lopped on top of the stripes altogether. The pants echo this V-pattern while otherwise remaining bare to keep the uniform set from being too busy with its design subtleties.
  4. Just realized I had the Pacific Alphabetically in my head with Arizona as Phoenix, so that explains why its so grossly out of order. My bad.
  5. Arizona Coyotes Spent awhile figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with this one, so I apologize for the wait. Fortunately, that results in a final design I'm very happy with. This look takes the striping pattern from the Coyote's original Kachina jerseys and marries it with the upper arm striping and identical arms of today's home and away. The chest logo bridges the gap between the abstract hockey-playing coyote and current howling 'yote by simply taking the head of the previous design. I feel this recolored chest logo fits in better with the kachina pattern and allows for the reimplimentation of green into the Coyote's identity. This green finds it's way into the paw print shoulder patch and the Arizona State logo can be found on the pants, otherwise bare to keep from further busy-ing up the already exciting striping pattern. PS:Which way is the Coyote facing to you guys? I've always interpreted it as facing to the left, with it's maroon and green ears peeking out behind it's mask, but one of my friends suggested it's facing at you with a half-mask look and that the maroon and green points are part of some abstract head-dress. One of those things I've never thought of, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  6. I would definitely go with the top. The less you break up the barber pole striping, the better
  7. Los Angeles Kings In my opinion, the Kings have one of the most frustrating jersey sets in the NHL due to inconsistent hem striping and the untapped potential of their previous color pallets. In this redesign, purple (albeit a slighter brighter purple than their original Rbk Edge update) is brought back into the fold. The jerseys take the striping pattern from the 50th anniversary sweater and adapt it to the 4-color scheme. The home-plate logo is removed and replaced with its predecessor and the LA monogram is promoted to full-time secondary status. The purple yokes of the original Edge re-brand make a comeback to return purple to its former glory atop the shoulders of the NHL's one and only monarchy.
  8. Updated the original post with a resized logo and a captains patch for greater accuracy
  9. I think it'd be a nice touch to have the Penguins' SJ-style white jersey to use Vegas Gold instead of Pittsburgh Gold, no matter the contrast, for the sake of greater accuracy (seeing as they wore their alternate at the time at home and the original edge away). Part of the fun of identity swaps is seeing when certain swaps don't work and why.
  10. Sorry for the long gap in between concepts. I spent some time on another project redesigning the logo of a recording studio I work with. Edmonton Oilers For the Oilers, I followed the cues of their coming redesign (orange home and a shift from royal blue to navy), while taking them in a slightly different direction. Although appearing different, the home and away actually share an identical striping pattern altered only by the jersey color surrounding it. On the home, we get a look similar to their current orange uniform, with the stripes shrunken and doubled up. On the away, this results in a pattern similar to their current away, with an orange yoke added in order to promote that color on both sets. The shoulder numbers of their current alternate stay in order to maintain their unique identity and let the youth movement fully take hold.
  11. Shouldnt the stripes be rotated the other way, that way they'd form a visible V on the outside rather than hiding it between the arm and torso?
  12. I hadn't thought of that connection, but that's a good point. All black gloves does seem to mesh with the black pants better.
  13. Totally agree. Part of the reason I put it up was to figure that one out. Here's a quick mock-up between periods of Game 7 of what it would like like with the yellow and blacked flipped in the striping, which better matches the color. I think it improves the look, but I'm not entirely sure its enough. If not, I might experiment with the white in the striping to break up the similar red, yellow, black mixture. Another idea would be simply switching the colors in the collar to better match the original's striping, which also helps with the disconnect in my mind.
  14. Calgary Flames As much as I would like the Flames to adopt their throwback alternate as their primary home and design a white counterpart, that design has already been done, so instead I have the Flames strengthening their ties to the color Black rather than moving away from it. This is one of those designs where its not quite what I'd like them to do, but its something they could do. The striping draws from the Flames previous script alternate, however the stripe widths are cleaned up a bit relative to one another. The script logo is replaced with the flaming C and the secondary designed for that alternate graces the shoulders and (in another form) the pants. The white jersey draws its striping color layout from the current away and is designed to match the home. The rear of the jersey was a bit tricky in this design, as as was trying to stay away from a "C of Red" of sorts on the back of the jersey. As a result, the NOB and #OB contrast with yellow and red flipped on each.
  15. No worries, just wanted to make sure I was understanding you correctly. Here's what that would look like. Personally, I think I still favor the original. But that may just be me.