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  1. NHL March Madness - Atlantic Division

    A. St. Louis B. Colorado C. Winnipeg
  2. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Sure Thing! That was actually my first idea as well; Seems you're not alone in your attachment to the current look. I went with the white #OB because the home is already very yellow-centric with the extended yoke, so white #OB really helps to bring that balance back.
  3. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    We're back baby! After a long hiatus due to moving twice, starting a new job, having paint.net die on me, acquiring a new design software, and learning that software (and a new template courtesy of @JCRGraphix) all while being a full-time college student, I am happy to say I'm reviving the series. I can't promise the same rate of release as I'd been operating over the summer, but I can promise that there wont be 7 months in between entries ever again, so without further ado... Pittsburgh Penguins This one gave me the fits for awhile. Designing for your favorite team is hard (harder than I appreciated til trying) because everything has to be just right. I was initially inspired by the design of the 2017 ASG Jerseys to give the Penguins an extended yoke to tie in with the "Golden Triangle" identity. Unfortunately the color balance on such a look really hampered it success, with the road either being too heavy on the black or two heavy on the gold. What we have here is my solution, marrying the extended yoke with the Pens pre-edge striping, a la Crosby's rookie year, and their current color scheme (and hem layout) to tie everything back together. Beyond that the rest is pretty self explanatory, current number font stays and NOB and #OB colors are shifted around a bit to better fit the new look. Pens keep to their theme of no shoulder logos and the pants remain bear save for a vertical white-yellow pattern to match the yoke tips of the road. As always, C&C appreciated. It's good to be back!
  4. Habs'ing the NHL: Alternates (Vancouver added)

    Just a heads up, front left wrist if the caps update still has a touch of the vertical piping
  5. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    I'm in favor of the first option (the true yellow) but with the logo on only one side of the shorts
  6. NHL 2017 Concepts

    Is the sharks concept supposed to return them to their original scheme? Otherwise the teal is a bit light as is
  7. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    I left them a bit low intentionally. That way the road would be primarily white, rather than half white, half orange if that makes sense. I may look at it with them a little higher to see what that'd look like overall.
  8. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Philadelphia Flyers As a Pens fan talking about the Flyers in any capacity is enough to make me nauseous, so I'm going to do my best to keep this short and sweet. The flyers get a look inspired by their current logo and past history of hockey in Philadelphia. The arm striping draws its pattern from the wings on the logo with four black stripes highlighted by 5 white. The hem and socks pay tribute to the Philadelphia Quakers with a three stripe design that uses black to fill the negative space. The Quakers are also the source of inspiration for the bare black pants in this set. This pattern is carried over to the away with orange having its influence on the cuffs and yoke to establish the color balance. The name and numbers maintain the Flyer's current look, including their iconic contrasting nameplates. Overall, the look seeks to marry new and old to give the Flyers a fresh look that separates them from their current look.
  9. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Turns out @TheGoldenTriangle was right. The navy I was using was ever so slightly darker than their official. Guess I've found a new color code site, haha. I've updated the post above with the new blue (shown below on the right, with the old on the left).
  10. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    I matched the color code with the website I use for all of them, so I'm not sure why it's so dark. I had thought the same thing and I might actually check it against another website to see if they actually got that wrong. I kinda like the current darkness of it, tbh, gives them a unique look
  11. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    New York Rangers The Rangers' current look leaves very little to be desired, save for a bit more consistency. This set seeks to find that consistency by looking to two specialty jerseys from the Rangers' recent history, namely their most recent alternate and Winter Classic jerseys. The away in this set draws almost directly from the WC jersey with the extension of the bottom hem stripe t aid the set's color balance, the usage of the "New York" diagonal text, and the usage of white rather than vintage white. This striping pattern is matched on the home, yielding a look much like their most recent alternate with the addition of shoulder stripes,"Rangers" text in place of the geographic identifier, and white again taking the place of vintage white. Both uniforms use navy in place of royal to give the Rangers a fresh look (also because it was used in both the Alt and WC uniforms). The Rangers maintain their iconic pant design and their WC logo is promoted to primary status to better mesh with this retro-inspired identity.
  12. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    Here's an Islanders touch up per @TheGoldenTriangle's feedback. I had thought something looked of and I'm thinkning that might have been it. The difference is subtle, but that added bit of orange does a lot for the set and its consistency.
  13. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    New York Islanders In this set, I tried to develop a new look for the now island-less Islanders by combining three of their recent looks (Their current home and road looks, their Brooklyn-inspired alternate, and their Stadium Series design). The overall color layout is taken from their current set, with the blue and orange flipped in comparison on the road for better color balance. The logo and white yoke on the home is taken from their SS design and the 4-stripe pattern is taken from their Brooklyn look. This pattern is matched on the socks and the 4-stripe look finds itself on a square shoulder yoke. The pants get a Blue-Jackets treatment with a single stripe along the bottom and remain bare of any logo complementing the unique design of the rest of the set. C&C welcome, as always.
  14. 2017 NHL Refresh (22/31 PIT Added)

    New Jersey Devils With a growing crop of youth, now including 1st-overall pick Nico Hischier, the Devils could benefit from a modernization of their iconic look. It is my belief that they attempted that (albeit without much success) in their addidas rebrand. In this concept, I hope to provide an alternative route for modernization by actually throwing back to an old logo. This concept champions the prototype logo that was ultimately discarded by the devils in favor of the combined NJ. To be honest, I've always disliked the current Devils logo simply based on the letter recognition, the J pops right away, but the N has to be inferred to some extent. This logo doesn't have that issue, with both letters prevalent. Now, I hate BFBS as much as any other designer, but the Devils pallet hierarchy is re-imagined here for two reasons: 1) BFBS is possibly the easiest way to connect a design to youthfulness for whatever reason (see Team North America in the WCoH). 2) I think this logo simply looks better against black rather than red. The striping takes cues from the Devils jerseys of old, where a stripe was created on the dark jersey by simply outlining the base color in white, effectively providing two different looks from an identical striping pattern. This is accomplished here with hem trim and black outlines on the away while the striping takes a straightforward look on the home. The black-heavy uniform is matched with red pants with a simple white-outlined black stripe and the main logo on their left. The main logo is left with a black outline against the black base of the home and the white of the road to achieve a similar look to the striping on each uniform where is component is defined by the black that surrounds it.
  15. I would say the W-only logo with the white background is the strongest. Easier for small applications and gets the job done without adding an unnecessary color to the scheme.