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  1. I hadn't thought of that connection, but that's a good point. All black gloves does seem to mesh with the black pants better.
  2. Totally agree. Part of the reason I put it up was to figure that one out. Here's a quick mock-up between periods of Game 7 of what it would like like with the yellow and blacked flipped in the striping, which better matches the color. I think it improves the look, but I'm not entirely sure its enough. If not, I might experiment with the white in the striping to break up the similar red, yellow, black mixture. Another idea would be simply switching the colors in the collar to better match the original's striping, which also helps with the disconnect in my mind.
  3. Calgary Flames As much as I would like the Flames to adopt their throwback alternate as their primary home and design a white counterpart, that design has already been done, so instead I have the Flames strengthening their ties to the color Black rather than moving away from it. This is one of those designs where its not quite what I'd like them to do, but its something they could do. The striping draws from the Flames previous script alternate, however the stripe widths are cleaned up a bit relative to one another. The script logo is replaced with the flaming C and the secondary designed for that alternate graces the shoulders and (in another form) the pants. The white jersey draws its striping color layout from the current away and is designed to match the home. The rear of the jersey was a bit tricky in this design, as as was trying to stay away from a "C of Red" of sorts on the back of the jersey. As a result, the NOB and #OB contrast with yellow and red flipped on each.
  4. No worries, just wanted to make sure I was understanding you correctly. Here's what that would look like. Personally, I think I still favor the original. But that may just be me.
  5. Same here, that's why I was clarifying. So a black yoke on the white uniform? Or on the Orange?
  6. @TheGoldenTriangle Are you talking about a yoke outline, like the phantom yoke design they currently have on their black jersey?
  7. I've decided I'm going to take it division by division in alphabetical order. So next up is the Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim Ducks With the talk of the Ducks moving to an orange primary jersey next season, I decided to draw inspiration from their Stadium Series uniforms. Like the Sharks jerseys before them, this set utilizes slightly different striping patterns in order to keep certain colors from contacting each other, in this case the gold and orange. The OC shoulder patch from the Stadium Series jerseys is promoted to a full-time secondary logo and finds its place on the shoulders in pants. Let me know what you think. Calgary is next...
  8. San Jose Sharks First off is the San Jose Sharks. I have thought for awhile that the Sharks logos could use an update and I believe the Los Tiburones look debuted this past season does just that. As such, this logo set is promoted to the primary and orange is eliminated from the uniforms. The Home and Road don similar striping patterns, but not identical for purposes of keeping the teal and the black from touching and establishing a cleaner and clearer design. C&C is appreciated as always.
  9. With the NHL moving to Adidas next year, I thought it'd be the right time to try my hand at a full-scale redesign of the entire league. Since these are concepts, I want to at least change something about each team's uniforms to give them a new look. Some updates will be large and some small, and this by no means represents my ideal look for each team, just a way to give some new design to each. With this series, I am also debuting a new look in terms of presentation. In previous concepts, I had received comments about not showing the layout of the name and numbers on the back of the jersey. Rather than waste time and space by showing the full jersey again, I came up with the idea to represent the NOB and #OB with a jersey-retirement style banner to give the overall presentation a cleaner look. Let me know what you think of the concepts themselves and that idea as well. Teams Completed: Pacific Division: San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames Thanks, JB Designs
  10. I believe I'm going to put this one to bed and work on my next series for awhile. Thanks guys!
  11. Went back and cleaned up the Canada concept per @NoE38's feedback and I have to admit, despite my personal feelings on the inclusion of black on a Team Canada jersey, it does do a number for the cohesion of the uniform. Guess that explains why all jerseys Canada has used with the Hockey Canada logo have included black in some form. Thanks for the feedback and if you have anymore suggestions, let me know.
  12. I can certainly mock it up if you'd like to see it, but from a design standpoint I wouldn't, no. As a designer, I'm a firm believer that a team's identity should be strong enough for that team to be recognized without a text-based logo spelling out exactly who they are. As such, this is a part of not only this series but the rest of my designs as well. As a result, the new eagle shield takes center stage with the world cup shield moving to the shoulders.
  13. That's what I'm leaning towards as well. It seems the Red, White, and Blue could use more Blue than Red. Next up is my home country, Canada. In this design, I tried my hand at taking the maple leaf lower-arm pattern of the World Cup jerseys and turning it on its head to become a more modern upper-arm design. This was pared with the Hockey Canada logo used in IIHF competition. As Canada is a red in white nation, black is kept to a minimum on the jersey itself and emphasized on the equip to create a more clean cut look. Let me know what you think!
  14. Exactly how Canada should approach jerseys going forward. Black is great on the equip to make sure the uniform isn't red-washed, but Canada should always be a red-and-white exclusive team jersey wise. Maybe add the maple leaf as a pant logo. Other than that not much to add. Great work.
  15. @hockey week Thanks for the feedback, reverting the logo back and adding the outline makes for a much cleaner look, here are the three combinations with that update A ) Original Home / Original Away B ) New Home / New Away C ) New Home / Original Away Let me know what you think!