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  1. Framerate

    The Dallas Cowboys 2020 Elite Uniforms

    just made some white uniforms as well Uniform Design
  2. Framerate

    The Dallas Cowboys 2020 Elite Uniforms

    i hope i fixed it Uniform Design
  3. Framerate

    The Dallas Cowboys 2020 Elite Uniforms

    i just updated a couple of things 1: i fix the stripe on the helmet 2: i got rid of the star and stripes on the chest and replace it with a text that says cowboys 3: i fixed that bottom stripe and added text on the pants. 4: i fixed the number on the Jersey Uniform Template Photo realistic
  4. I made a Dallas Cowboys uniforms that make them look unique and entertaining. introducing the Elite Dallas Cowboys Uniforms. So what i did was found some designs on the internet trying to figure out what designs to use on the uniform well here is what i did. 1: i use the double Star design on the shoulders adding the numbers and the Nike logo to make it look good 2: the pants design is too boring so i added a design that will make it look unique. 3: i added the design from captain america so it represents Americas team. 4: i added a side design on the jersey so it looked nice. 5: the helmet has a bigger star and instead of a line i added a sharp spike to make it look good. here is a show case of the uniforms Uniform Template Photo Realistic