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  1. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Speaking of "unique sleeve striping," there was this...
  2. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Now that you mention it, the Caps had stars on their pants back in the day, as well.
  3. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Lightning bolt on Tampa Bay's pants. I'm trying to think if I've ever seen anything besides stripes on pants anywhere else (from North American teams, anyway...I know European teams will put ads on there), and I can't come up with anything.
  4. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Angels hats with halo:
  5. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    1972 Cubs had centered front uniform numbers;
  6. Man, the quality of Studio Simon's work is so much better than Brandiose's.
  7. A question about the 1973-79 Cleveland Indians

    Not every one.
  8. Norfolk Admirals unveil new logo

    Pretty sure that particular step was taken at least 48 years ago.
  9. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    They played soccer there, so probably.
  10. Idaho Steelheads tweak

    Nothing particularly earth-shattering, but the ECHL's Idaho Steelheads cleaned up their mark a bit, eliminating black and making the letters more readable. I like it. Old: New: Team press release: http://www.idahosteelheads.com/blog/steelheads-news/steelheads-unveil-new-logos-2017-18-season/
  11. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha
  12. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Marlins Park
  13. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Yankee Stadium Couldn't find any overhead shots from the Cosmos days, but still sort of neat to see Pele kicking it around the Yankee Stadium infield dirt:
  14. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Sightline-wise, definitely not built with football in mind: Busch Stadium.
  15. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Shea Stadium