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  1. Slight update to mine with the new Lions and Rams helmets
  2. At first glace in phone I thought this was ridiculous with the Rebel shooting out a laser Seeing it in full size on the computer, however, looks like a really awesome interpretation of the Rebel and the Vegas sign
  3. I think that's been their rationale since they updated the roads the last time
  4. Here's my alignment with all 30 teams in Upstate New Yo/gets sacked from the blindside
  5. Tampa Bay's look for some reason has grown on me through the years, I guess with their arena finally getting new lighting the past few seasons making that blue really pop. I still think it can use some black on them but otherwise they're a lot better than I thought they were when they first came out. When they're not playing the Leafs, of course
  6. I'll post some other thoughts later on in the day, but for now going Islanders centric I like the collar treatment a lot more on the roads than the homes. The half-orange-half-blue treatment's not working on the homes and the blue collar going into the orange shield for the roads works a lot better to me. That being said, all in all not too shabby out of Adidas with some real good new looks, some decent new looks and/or lateral moves, a couple downgrades and confusing lateral moves, and hi New Jersey what are you doing
  7. First I see the lacrosse discussion. Now I see THE DARTS get in. God this is my thread, isn't it?
  8. It's almost the time of year to do my pocket helmet update. Did they kinda screw up the end of the horn or is that the new style for these helmets? Just wanted to double check that it's not a fanmade one some site's selling
  9. This Olympic team is just screaming Dion Waiters
  10. Given NYC has been covered extensively, let's roll with my college city in Syracuse's Apparently Fox 68 changed their logo really really recently as I remember it as this Also prior to getting rebranded to YNN and then to Time Warner Cable News and Spectrum News in Time Warner's standardization of the local TWCS news stations, there was News 10 Now in CNY. News 10 served Syracuse, Binghamton, Ithaca, Watertown, the Southern Tier, and Utica, Albany and Adirondacks area had Capital News 9, and Buffalo and Rochester had another one as well.
  11. NBA 2K had the perfect career mode and then they went the linear storyline path and it's never been the same or as good again. At this rate I prefer the RTTS in The Show/Be-A-Pro in NHL approach even without the storyline as you at least get to, you know, choose your path a bit
  12. San Antonio Rampage had the 90's Sabres template well into the 2000's
  13. First off I'll go by saying I liked the Isles having an orange alt and quite frankly if they left the side striping thing out those probably would've stood the test of time more. But again, the side striping thing throws it down a bit. A color swap alt would be kind of cool. But on the other hand, although I'd rather see the Oilers stick to what they've got with royal primary and bring back the orange as an alt in 2018-19, the orange primary and navy secondary's looked good for the Syracuse women's team so I can see it working for the Oilers' jerseys more than the Isles' old alts.
  14. Friend hooked me up with tickets for Spurs-Roma at Red Bull Arena, so looking forward to that
  15. The YouTube guy who goes on the inane Eagles rants that BBTV introduced to us