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  1. Alignment history question

    For the most part. As we discussed, Mercer County's the real grey area and gets both markets' stations. Southern Ocean County's up for debate I would guess, too
  2. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    As much as I would love the hilarity of Jags-Vikings, I think the Pats will hold on against the Jags and the Vikings still have to get to a Super Bowl to shake off Playoff Vikings. Oh, and #1 seeds have tended to get to the Super Bowl to set up 1 seed vs. 1 seed matchups quite a bit in recent years Jacksonville vs. New England Minnesota vs. Philadelphia
  3. Alignment history question

    also in what will probably cause some disagreements with the last post's definition of the NYC area but whatever, while we're on the topic of how there's zero way to put all of New York State altogether, here's a map where I kind of bundle up some of the regions together in a Six Nations of New York or such 1- Blue- NYC area 2- Green- Hudson River Valley/Catskills. I feel that the two areas are more similar in common than other regions are 3- Purple- Adirondacks 4- Orange- Central NY 5- Yellow- Western NY 6- Light green- Southern Tier Now you can make the case with the Southern Tier that Schuyler and Chemung on west would fit into WNY and Tioga and Broome more with the Catskills/Hudson Valley, but it also has that Pennsylvania feel to it.
  4. Alignment history question

    Yeah, Upstate NY becomes a really weird one to define. I would say the Northeast/Midwest split starts... Seneca Falls or thereabouts? Or I-390 as the dividing line? Anything on the Erie Canal west of Albany (Schenectady onwards) fits into the "Rust Belt", but I feel like in my time up there Syracuse felt like the last Northeastern-ish city and Rochester the first Midwestern-ish city if that makes any sense. Like on the Thruway you get that Midwestern vibe once you get past the Seneca Lake exits. Also that Eleven Nations thing looks interesting, but I'm not sure how Suffolk County would be Yankeedom rather than New Amsterdam, because even though it gets rural I feel like it's a bit more in common with the region than Orange and Putnam, though more on that in a second. Now if we're really splitting hairs, I kind of have a NYC area definition all to my own. The map I made got wiped out in the Photobucket Purge of 2017, but essentially is this EAST: Fairfield County line, but then I do a little bit of an extreme by cutting it off at the William Floyd Parkway. I feel like the nexus of the forks and the east end is more Riverhead than NYC and gets real rural there. I can also consider an eastward extension to the end of Sunrise Highway as an expressway in Hampton Bays on the South Fork, but anything east of the Boardy Barn on the South or east of Riverhead on the North is pushing it for me NORTH: ...but then again I get real weird to the north. I basically use the I-84 corridor as my guide, with a little jump north to Poughkeepsie with the Metro North line. The northwest corner is the I-84/I-86-NY-17 interchange WEST: For North Jersey draw a line between the Delaware River and I-287 until you hit the Delaware River in Hunterdon County. SOUTH: Gets real messy in a hurry. Lawrenceville is my NYC/Philly divide to start in Mercer County. Princeton's NYC, Trenton's Philly. Then it juts down to the traditional I-195 divide. But then before the Garden State Parkway, it shoots down in the Jersey Shore because Asbury Park/Brick/Tom's River/Seaside, although being almost due east of Philly, is due south of NYC and still within the media market and all and still within the New York influence. The line stops south of Seaside. (/awaits the NYC people here to stomp me out for this suggestion)
  5. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Atlanta vs. Philadelphia Tennessee vs. New England Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh New Orleans vs. Minnesota
  6. The Syracuse Chiefs are going to rebrand as the Syracuse Mets when they take over in 2019 I dunno, think they should keep the Chiefs and just have Binghamton go back to the Mets but
  7. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Imagine being almost 60 games above .500 and it's still only good for 19th and bottom 5 of the full-timers Anyway Tennessee vs. Kansas City Atlanta vs. Los Angeles Buffalo vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. New Orleans
  8. Local TV station logos

    According to a college friend of mine who now works there, it looks like NBC Boston is *already* coming out with a new logo even though the station's just one year old
  9. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Washington vs. NY Giants Dallas vs. Philadelphia New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Atlanta Green Bay vs. Detroit Chicago vs. Minnesota Arizona vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. San Francisco NY Jets vs. New England Buffalo vs. Miami Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. LA Chargers Kansas City vs. Denver
  10. over the Schenectady Krispies dead bodies
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    The 4:25 slot on RedZone is going to be en fuego
  12. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I agree with that sentiment. When they first announced the move to Barclays I was very much in the camp of "Better Brooklyn than Kansas City" and it helped provide a temporary stop while something got figured out here in Nassau. It served its purpose and in the end all worked out. Of course, if they didn't botch up the Coliseum renovation this could've been figured out a lot sooner. But I ain't complaining one bit about this as it secures the Islanders here on the Island. Yes, I know Brooklyn's on geographical Long Island
  13. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indianapolis vs. Baltimore Minnesota vs. Green Bay Atlanta vs. New Orleans LA Chargers vs. NY Jets Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Detroit vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Kansas City Cleveland vs. Chicago (**CHRISTMAS EVE DESPAIR BOWL!!!**) Denver vs. Washington LA Rams vs. Tennessee Buffalo vs. New England Jacksonville vs. San Francisco Seattle vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Houston Oakland vs. Philadelphia
  14. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    My god every song off of Blueprint 3 and Watch the Throne managed to throw in a Nets reference. And don't get me started on playing as the Nets in NBA 2K13. In the meantime, although as an Islander fan I always wait til things are officially official, let's go with this
  15. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Looks like we might get some clarity on the Islanders' arena (or NYCFC's stadium) situation this week