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  1. RyanMcD29

    Pic: San Jose Sharks New Third Jersey Leaked

    I know that there's not going to be a lot of contrast with just the black and teal, but IF the teal pops on the real uniforms, these will be a nice alt. If it's a bit flat like the mockup, it might be a bit too muddled
  2. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay Indianapolis vs. Washington Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh Cleveland vs. New Orleans Minnesota vs. Green Bay Carolina vs. Atlanta Miami vs. NY Jets Houston vs. Tennessee LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Detroit vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. LA Rams New England vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Denver NY Giants vs. Dallas  Seattle vs. Chicago
  3. RyanMcD29

    NHL 2018-19

    The 2007 set was not too bad given the Edge jerseys that came with them the same year, but yeah, they're inferior to the 99-06 and current sets
  4. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Atlanta vs. Philadelphia Buffalo vs. Baltimore Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. New England San Francisco vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Jacksonville vs. NY Giants Tennessee vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Kansas City vs. LA Chargers Dallas vs. Carolina Seattle vs. Denver Washington vs. Arizona Chicago vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Oakland
  5. RyanMcD29

    New York Islanders New Third Uniform Leaks

    Given the Isles' track record of thirds, I'll take it. But as Olmec stated above, all they need to do is an orange alternate that swaps the blue and orange and call it a day. I've been wanting them to do that since the 98-99 jerseys. Granted my rule of thumb for alternates that nobody (outside Chicago and Philadelphia when the third jersey program started) follows is recoloring the home jersey, but alas
  6. RyanMcD29

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    The more I see the new BottomLine, the less I like it (and to continue to beat the dead horse, no, NBC didn't give Notre Dame Football the SNF graphics, either)
  7. RyanMcD29

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    They do a test run every preseason with a four hour block during one of the nights
  8. RyanMcD29

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    NFL RedZone fiiiinnalllyy got new graphics to match the NFL Network's redesign from last year. No more circa 2008 scorebugs and the like
  9. RyanMcD29

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    FWIW, I've kinda seen that modernized Jet logo a few different places and a bit more than usual lately. Saw it on some lawn flag at Home Depot in addition to this. Wonder if they might be heading that direction with the redesign by combining the pre-Namath and Sack Exchange era helmets or something like that. [all just observations, don't take this as a sure fire thing]
  10. WORCESTER SELTZERS /Brandoise logo with a bottle of seltzer very similarly designed like a Polar seltzer in red and navy swinging a baseball bat goes here
  11. RyanMcD29

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    In the broken record category, NBC's still not converting to the SNF graphics full time as the EPL starts with the usual graphics. Did NBC spend all that time and energy on a package to only be used on NFL telecasts or are they just taking their sweet time to implement it to everything else? Not that it's a bad thing as both look great and are better than their big 4 counterparts, just odd how they've done this rollout given in the past they do them all at the same time
  12. NHL: #LUMBUS, though I also have a soft spot for Ovi and the non-Tom Wilson Caps MLB: Marlins by default NFL: lol no to all 3 ACC Atlantic: I like seeing Clemson do well
  13. RyanMcD29

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It's pretty nuts to think those numbers are actually going into its 5th season, especially given it's breaking that single color number rule on the road jerseys for 4 of them now. Heck, it's even seeped its way into other jerseys in the athletic program, including the men's lacrosse uniforms. But I guess sticking with it's better than going in a worse direction, I suppose. And at least they've pulled off that satin helmet finish with the uniforms really nicely as well.
  14. RyanMcD29

    First MLB Game Memories

    First game I went to was Mets vs. Astros in 1999 and was a good matchup and a good game. Piazza hit a dinger, Astros won in 10 innings off I think a Bagwell hit. Sat in the Shea Stadium Loge seats so there was a lot of tilting the head during fly balls because of the ceiling there