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  1. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Green Bay vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants Philadelphia vs. New Orleans Carolina vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Washington Dallas vs. Atlanta Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Arizona Denver vs. LA Chargers Minnesota vs. Chicago Kansas City vs. LA Rams
  2. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    PETER MAN is not starting, so change my BUF-NYJ pick to Buffalo
  3. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    blasted GREATEST DIVISION IN SPORTS derailing the perfect week, oh well Carolina vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Cleveland Miami vs. Green Bay Detroit vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. NY Jets (even without Darnold and the rest of the offense being a walking wounded case that's not enough to offset THE PETER MAN) Arizona vs. Kansas City New England vs. Tennessee Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Washington vs. Tampa Bay New Orleans vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Oakland Seattle vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Philadelphia NY Giants vs. San Francisco
  4. RyanMcD29

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Looking forward to this season for Syracuse. Who happens to be ranked lower than the football team at the time of this post. WATTBA
  5. RyanMcD29

    2018/19 College Hockey

    BC, BU, and Harvard still have a combined 0 wins
  6. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Oakland vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Washington Detroit vs. Minnesota NY Jets vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Kansas City vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Chicago vs. Buffalo Houston vs. Denver LA Chargers vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. New England Tennessee vs. Dallas
  7. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Miami vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Jacksonville Baltimore vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Tampa Bay vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Detroit Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh NY Jets vs. Chicago Denver vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Oakland Green Bay vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Minnesota New England vs. Buffalo
  8. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Denver vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. LA Chargers -- London New England vs. Chicago Minnesota vs. NY Jets Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay Buffalo vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Miami New Orleans vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. Washington LA Rams vs. San Francisco Cincinnati vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Atlanta
  9. RyanMcD29

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    Uh oh, here comes the mobs of angry Syracuse.com commenters from the northern suburbs coming after you ? But yeah that logo is.. not great. I get doing the parent club connection, but putting two scripts on top of a map of New York is certainly a decision one can make. Going to go out on a limb that because Cuomo was behind the move that the state had something to do with it. Wordmarks at least look good on the jersey. They could've kept the theme they had rolling with the Syracuse Chiefs. Changing it from Native American imagery to a train imagery worked because the Syracuse train station's right next to the stadium and all the Amtrak and freight trains roll by the outfield. But hey, I see the Mets wanting to stamp their brand in CNY so I get it. Just again, that logo, man.
  10. RyanMcD29

    2018/19 College Hockey

    Meanwhile in GOD'S CONFERENCE (ECAC PAWWWLLLLL), I'm still baffled by the fact that [/adjusts glasses] we're talking National Title Contender Princeton. I mean, all well and good as I have a soft spot for the Tigers even as a Cornell/UNH fan (refer to a tweetstorm I had Friday night on my choice of college hockey teams), but it's still odd. And on the women's end, well, Syracuse is back to losing to Mercyhurst. God I can't wait for the Orange to finally beat them in the CHA Championship one year
  11. RyanMcD29

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    Also just to tack onto the blue and orange theme in Nassau County, the county does pretty much use it in all official capacities. The police cars have blue and orange striping, signs for parks have blue and orange on them, and before the county nixed the county roads system, the county road signs were orange with blue lettering. So although it does have a connection with the NYC area in general, it is extremely prevalent around here.
  12. RyanMcD29

    2018-19 NHL Season

    UPDATE Golden Knights are now 0-5 vs the Caps and with 0 ROWs in 8 games since Imagine Dragons had their pregame performance before Game 2
  13. RyanMcD29

    Forgotten Rivalries

    Islanders-Capitals would've been on this list, but the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff series gave a nice jolt to that Mets-Cardinals was brought up, same goes for Mets-Cubs The more interesting one for my teams, of course, is Syracuse due to the conference realignment of 2013 among other things. -Syracuse-Penn State football prior to Paterno passing on a Big East football conference/Penn State joining the Big Ten was an annual rivalry. It got sort of renewed earlier this decade but looks like it'll be back to being dormant. -Syracuse-Colgate and Syracuse-Cornell died in football when those two opponents went FCS, but it's still around in other sports so there's still some regional bad blood -Football.. well, BC went away when they moved to the ACC in 2004 when Syracuse was in the mix to move before the Virginia legislature helped to get VT in, but the 2013 move helped bring it back. Pitt never went away but Syracuse-Pitt's the odd rivalry where they've played every year for 50 years but it's still actually not heated. Syracuse-West Virginia, though, has not returned aside from the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl so the Battle for the Schwartzwalder Trophy has yet to be renewed since each team left the Big East. You can also argue that Rutgers and UConn were losses here. -That being said, even though Syracuse is back in the same conference as Miami and VT, those rivalries from the 90s and early 2000s haven't really been renewed due to them being in separate divisions in football -Basketball was what built the Big East, so of course that's where a lot come in from. Thankfully the Georgetown game's been back on the schedule the past few years, but it isn't the same in non-con. Ditto for the UConn game, which tends to be played every single year in the Thanksgiving tournament slate because every organizer wants to try to make 6OT happen again or something. But at least the two big Big East rivalries have found their way back even if it's not as high stakes at it once was. Villanova initially was still being played once Cuse moved to the ACC, but sadly that went dormant right when the Wildcats found a way to not choke in March and rack up two titles. Also feels like a bit of a void without Providence or Seton Hall on the schedule each winter. The Cuse women's biggest rival's arguably Notre Dame, so realignment didn't have any effect, and oddly enough the rivalry with UConn was bigger post-Big East when they met in the 2016 NCAA title game. -Lacrosse more or less stayed the same, just that they haven't scheduled Princeton in non-con since the ACC move. I'd still much rather have the Princeton rivalry game on the schedule than some of the other non-con games that have been scheduled, but so it goes.
  14. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Indianapolis vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. Miami Arizona vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Buffalo vs. Houston LA Chargers vs. Cleveland Seattle vs. Oakland -- London Carolina vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati LA Rams vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Tennessee Kansas City vs. New England San Francisco vs. Green Bay
  15. RyanMcD29

    The Oakland/Las Vegas/Where The Hell Are We? Raiders

    Nah, gotta do what we gotta do with Minor League Hockey: Put all the games in Upstate New York So one week at Ralph Wilson, another at the Carrier Dome, another at the Kopf, another in Albany, play the day after Cortaca in either Cortland or Ithaca depending on the home team, another in a temporary venue in Lake George.. see, we're going pla[/gets sacked for making this joke again]