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  1. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Los Angeles vs. New Orleans New England vs. Kansas City Life is Suffering, Eat at Arby's
  2. RyanMcD29

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Just when you think Syracuse basketball hasn't been bipolar enough in the ACC years, the Orange go from losing to Georgia Tech at the Dome by double digits on Saturday to knocking out #1 Duke at Cameron Indoor tonight.
  3. I know at least it's a Women's World Cup/Gold Cup year, but geez you'd think with UFC gone that Big3 would at least get some non-random-MLB-quasi-GOTW summer programming on for FS1
  4. RyanMcD29

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Time to bring back SHAMELESS FIVE MINUTE DRAWING PLUGS Yes, the antennas are baseball bats. This is Brandoise we're talking about.
  5. RyanMcD29

    Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    and oh by the way, gave us this
  6. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Eat at Arby's Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  7. RyanMcD29

    The Sports Media Thread

    With the exception of losing the F1 rights to ESPN last year, NBCSN's really become the spiritual successor to Speed Channel. They also landed the IMSA rights away from Fox/FS1, so the 24 Hours of Daytona will be on NBCSN later this month.
  8. RyanMcD29

    NFL Playoffs Thread

  9. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indianapolis vs. Houston Seattle vs. Dallas Los Angeles vs. Baltimore Philadelphia vs. Chicago´╗┐
  10. RyanMcD29

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    This reminds me, as much as the NBC roster of the same teams gets annoying, people really forgot the All-Wings-Avs-And-Stars-All-The-Time rotation ESPN had going the final years. But yeah, Cotton Bowl will be a fun little change of pace for a year. I get wanting to get Montreal into hosting an outdoor game, but Molson Stadium at McGill's only about 1.5K larger than Bell Centre and Olympic Stadium would more or less be indoors anyway. Plus at least Dallas breaks up the Chicago/Pittsburgh/Philadelphia/Boston rotation a bit. And hey, big time event at the Cotton Bowl on New Year's like old times! Also saw a report that the Heritage Classic is coming back with Flames-Jets in Regina, so definitely gimmie a bunch of drunk melonheads hanging out to watch two really fun teams in a fresh location as well.
  11. RyanMcD29

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Two chapters into The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL and I'm already calling it OITGDNHL: The Book
  12. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Detroit vs. Green Bay Dallas vs. NY Giants Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. New Orleans NY Jets vs. New England Miami vs. Buffalo Jacksonville vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Washington Minnesota vs. Chicago San Francisco vs. LA Rams Arizona vs. Seattle Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh (AndyYOUREOUTTATHERE.mp4) Cleveland vs. Baltimore (OllieYOUREOUTTATHERE.mp4) Oakland vs. Kansas City LA Chargers vs. Denver Indianapolis vs. Tennessee
  13. RyanMcD29

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I'm a bit scared about the black alt, but I wasn't going to mind the inclusion of black anyway if it meant going to the 90s look with it mainly being used for outlines. At least if they stick to that, they get the vast majority of the games looking fine and you just have the black set for the color rush or w/e. If it's done right like that Roughriders alt it would be passable. I'm not necessarily expecting that to be the case in execution though
  14. RyanMcD29

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Washington vs. Tennessee Baltimore vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Detroit NY Giants vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Miami Buffalo vs. New England Green Bay vs. NY Jets Houston vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Carolina LA Rams vs. Arizona Chicago vs. San Francisco Pittsburgh vs. New Orleans Kansas City vs. Seattle Denver vs. Oakland