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  1. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh Kansas City vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Houston Detroit vs. Chicago LA Rams vs. Minnesota Washington vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. Green Bay Jacksonville vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Miami Buffalo vs. LA Chargers New England vs. Oakland Cincinnati vs. Denver Philadelphia vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. Seattle
  2. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Seattle vs. Arizona Green Bay vs. Chicago NY Jets vs. Tampa Bay Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Cleveland vs. Detroit LA Chargers vs. Jacksonville New Orleans vs. Buffalo Minnesota vs. Washington Cincinnati vs. Tennessee Houston vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. San Francisco New England vs. Denver Miami vs. Carolina
  3. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Buffalo vs. NY Jets LA Rams vs. NY Giants Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Atlanta vs. Carolina Baltimore vs. Tennessee Indianapolis vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville Denver vs. Philadelphia Arizona vs. San Francisco Washington vs. Seattle Kansas City vs. Dallas Oakland vs. Miami Detroit vs. Green Bay
  4. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Speaking of the mid-90's NBC graphics, do I remember correctly that the 49ers had some weird curvy divide between the gold and the red for their block?
  5. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Miami vs. Baltimore Minnesota vs. Cleveland Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati San Francisco vs. Philadelphia Oakland vs. Buffalo LA Chargers vs. New England Atlanta vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. New Orleans Houston vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Detroit Denver vs. Kansas City
  6. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    TIL the Avalanche in the offhand chance they score at home, they have THE DARTS song blasting out everybody in the crowd better have costumes and start dancing around every time they score now
  7. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Kansas City vs. Oakland New Orleans vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Minnesota Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Carolina vs. Chicago Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. Miami Tennessee vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. San Francisco Denver vs. LA Chargers Seattle vs. NY Giants Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. New England Washington vs. Philadelphia
  8. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Bill Foley comes out of nowhere in your kitchen going "WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE IDEA? Mine is being creative!" Some real screwed up stuff happens after the sword gets pulled out and then he agrees to never be creative again
  9. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    hey now, the locals gotta get their leaf watching and apple picking done every Saturday
  10. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Biggest win for Syracuse in decades. Let's goooooooooo
  11. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Philadelphia vs. Carolina Miami vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Houston Detroit vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. Minnesota Chicago vs. Baltimore New England vs. NY Jets San Francisco vs. Washington Tampa Bay vs. Arizona LA Rams vs. Jacksonville LA Chargers vs. Oakland Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Denver Indianapolis vs. Tennessee
  12. Minor League Baseball News

    http://www.syracuse.com/chiefs/index.ssf/2017/10/new_york_mets_will_buy_syracuse_chiefs_bring_its_triple-a_team_to_syracuse.html#incart_m-rpt-1 Will take effect in 2019
  13. Minor League Baseball News

    So the Mets are finally getting out of Las Vegas and moving their AAA affiliation to the Syracuse Chiefs, which means the Washington Nationals will now have to find a new AAA affiliate
  14. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    The FoxBox looks good on baseball (well, minus the K-Zone), not good on hockey
  15. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    New England vs. Tampa Bay Buffalo vs. Cincinnati NY Jets vs. Cleveland Carolina vs. Detroit San Francisco vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Miami LA Chargers vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Philadelphia Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Oakland Seattle vs. LA Rams Green Bay vs. Dallas Kansas City vs. Houston Minnesota vs. Chicago