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  1. Came here for the NHL Draft Lottery chatter and left with a Gravity Falls end title code
  2. The Cartoon Thread

    The new Powerpuff Girls reboot is not only bad, but also doesn't have the greatest end credit song ever
  3. JOHN TAVARES Man, this is awesome. The Islanders finally won a playoff series!
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Can't wait to hear how a team that hasn't made the 2nd round in 23 years is part of your same teams ruining hockey routine
  5. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    If purple's involved, this is going to look great. If it's red-white-blue, it's going to be a swing and a miss. Color's going to be the big factor in this one
  6. I demand the light up platform it comes on so it can turn on those orange and blue lights whenever the Islanders score
  7. Is "Here" the hot summer jam of 2015?

    I'm not saying it's that good, but it's everywhere right now and just screams pool or beach party jam
  8. Is "Here" the hot summer jam of 2015?

    Bumping because if "Cake by the Ocean" just stays put for 6 weeks, there's no way in hell it isn't the hot summer jam of 2016
  9. 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Straight from my Twitter because I don't feel like retyping
  10. MLB 2016 Changes

    OBLIGATORY LINKING TO THE CHEAP SEATS STEVE GARVEY CELEBRITY BILLFISH EPISODE REGARDLESS OF RELEVANCE TO THIS THREAD In more relevant chatter, holiday uniforms are going more and more overboard each year. Not a fan
  11. Speaking of Imagine Dragons, looks like we've got our NBC playoff song of doom http://www.nbcsports.com/video/childhood-dreams-come-true-stanley-cup-playoffs I still shudder from when "It's Time" was used by ESPNU every 5 minutes during their lacrosse coverage in 2013.
  12. University of Buffalo

    Rochester's private and usually I hear it referred to Binghamton University (as well as Stony Brook University here on LI). But it does apply for Buffalo and Albany among the D-1 SUNYs. That being said, the sooner that state outline that has Montauk Point on the 32 freakin' yard line disappears, the better