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  1. Not really anything we didn't know, but Bettman confirms the Isles are going to put in a bid for the Belmont site
  2. Looks fine on first glance. Just gotta see the side of the pants before I make my final judgment, though
  3. Oddly enough I haven't gotten the McLovin' comparison as much as I thought I would when that came out I have been told my doppelganger is Steve Bartman, though, so much to the point I dressed up as him one Halloween in college
  4. Seriously. If the Isles fired Cappy 6 weeks earlier than they did, which they should've done, they're in. Oh well, at least the end of the season run looks promising, especially Ho-Sang
  5. /runs away after posting
  6. I've.. somehow never posted in this thread? My most recent picture was a selfie at a lacrosse game for the sake of a Twitter profile pic so let's go with that for now
  7. Shea Stadium
  8. Upstate NY also has MSG and uses its own feed for the Sabres and some other local programming
  9. I know we don't like to speak ill of the banned but... GUESS WHO HAPPENED TO SHOW UP ON A NEWS 4 REPORT THAT'S GOING VIRAL TODAY http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Train-Derail-New-York-Penn-Station-How-to-Get-Home-Mets-Game-Commute-Alternatives-Guide-Amtrak-NJ-Transit-Long-Island-Rail-Road-MTA-Service-Change-417976133.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrand (EDIT looks like they changed the video, but it's on their other platforms)
  10. Just to allude to this, if the Bills were to renovate, they better not pair it with Syracuse's renovation because there's already some talk that they might have to move Syracuse football for a season so that it works around basketball. Back in the 70's when Archbold Stadium was knocked down and the Carrier Dome was built, Syracuse played their home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Meadowlands, and Cornell. I guess if that were to happen today, again thinking they get the project done by November for hoops, they could probably backload the home schedule and maybe do the FCS game at Cornell (granted they don't serve beer there like the Dome), and then split the remaining FBS games that couldn't be played due to renovation at Ralph Wilson and MetLife. The big big issue would be if anything delays it for basketball. Football has those options for temporary homes. The lacrosse teams can just use the soccer stadium for a season. There's no venue that will hold anywhere close to what the Carrier Dome holds for basketball.
  11. Clearly nothing was more EXTREEEMMEEEE than hockey
  12. god, I just remembered how many good ones of these Regular Show had. This was all in the same episode no less.
  13. DON'T @ ME