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  1. I'm glad to say I was the only one in my Newhouse graduating class not to like The Newsroom. All my classmates ate that :censored: up because of broadcast journalism and Sorkin's a Syracuse grad so it was like mandatory viewing. I watched 10 minutes, was all "none of this would happen in a newsroom" based on my internship experiences, shut it off, and muted all my Newhouse friends on Sunday nights.
  2. tumblr_m7w0xsHYo01qdjqal.gif
  3. For the Kings black and purple era, the crown logo was better than the shield for the primary. The shield was a bit too clunky. I do like their grey 50th anniversary alts and hopefully they go to those as a full-time alt without the gold trimming after this season. I'm torn on the Flames. I'm very happy they're going with the 80's throwbacks full-time as an alternate, but I also loved their 2004-07 home set. If they ever get the sense to finally ditch their Edge set I think I'd rather them go back to their pre-Edge set and keep the throwbacks as the alt, but at the same time the throwbacks would be a good set in their own right.
  4. Houston vs. New England Arizona vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Miami Baltimore vs. Jacksonville Detroit vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Los Angeles vs. Tampa Bay San Francisco vs. Seattle NY Jets vs. Kansas City San Diego vs. Indianapolis Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia Chicago vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. New Orleans
  5. Figured to get this in while the soccer games were in halftime. Here's a look at some potential full-time alts down the line with these jerseys. Some of these aren't perfect with striping or coloring on the pants and whatnot, but it gives off a good general idea http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Canada3241/slideshow/Madden 17 Color Rush Mix and Match
  6. The new Madden patch has all the Color Rush jerseys in and when you mix and match there's some real good permanent alt possibilities for the future. If I have time later I might post some screenshots of playing around with them
  7. NY Jets vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Detroit Baltimore vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. Washington New Orleans vs. NY Giants San Francisco vs. Carolina Miami vs. New England Kansas City vs. Houston Seattle vs. Los Angeles Tampa Bay vs. Arizona Jacksonville vs. San Diego Atlanta vs. Oakland Indianapolis vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Minnesota Philadelphia vs. Chicago
  8. Well yes, that's why I was very careful to say "jerseys" rather than "uniforms" because the pants will kill a lot of the looks. But from the waist up there's a lot of potential for some good full time alts in the future
  9. We'll see if all this is true or not, but if it is there's a surprising amount of good jerseys that are coming out of this
  10. Naming a baseball team Heroes is the most Staten Island thing to ever Staten Island and thus why I'm going to guess that will win this competition
  11. Also I think everybody's overrating Buffalo. So here's my predictions where I'm overrating the Jets because I have no idea how that crowded wild card race is going to shake out (EDIT: Linking for size) Also, for those that don't follow me on Twitter, GREATEST DIVISION IN SPORTS is my name for the NFC East because they're on the 4:25 Fox (or whatever Buck and Aikman are calling), SNF, and MNF games all the time and get the most media attention but is actually an awful division. MAJAH MARKETS everybody!
  12. Carolina at Denver Tampa Bay at Atlanta Buffalo at Baltimore Chicago at Houston Cincinnati at New York Jets Cleveland at Philadelphia Green Bay at Jacksonville Minnesota at Tennessee San Diego at Kansas City Oakland at New Orleans Miami at Seattle New York Giants at Dallas Detroit at Indianapolis New England at Arizona Pittsburgh at Washington Los Angeles at San Francisco
  13. Cornell's a little weird of a case. Football their main rival's Penn, hockey (and arguably hoops post-Donahue/Lin) it's Harvard, and lacrosse it's Princeton. It does go both ways in the latter two but not really in the first
  14. Syracuse will be going navy/orange/navy tonight against Colgate
  15. 'BUT THE PARITY OF THE NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE." they say as the Patriots, Steelers, or Peyton Manning wins the AFC again