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  1. New Premier League logo

    I like the lion head but not much else about the new logo. The purple color's a little too out of left field, I don't like the font choice, and the patch application (if that's the real deal) looks too much like something for an amateur league than one of the biggest leagues in the world. Not to mention the circle and purple is going to clash with a ton of kits around the league. The Champions League patch works because it's black and white even though it's circular. This one doesn't based on that mockup.   Personally, I would've kept the sponsorless logo they've got now That being said, they've got a good thing going with the new lion head so hopefully they center everything around that instead of the wordmark.
  2. After 35 years, CBS Sports is changing its logo

    It looked good, but I feel too much like Fox's simple box look, Turner's old font, their own TNF package, and NBC's 3D logos got together fused into one thing. Don't get me wrong, it's good design, but if Fox gets with CBS/NBC/ESPN's page and goes with a bottom score bug, things could get confusing next season with CBS looking so similar to other networks' graphics.
  3. Didn't see him when I was going through Jamaica. Unless he boarded one of the back cars on mine (I took the direct train to Atlantic Terminal on the main line)
  4. So went to the Islanders-Oilers game today. Isles got off their skid with a huge 8-1 performance. The Oilers are still terribawful. As for Barclays Center, it ain't no Coliseum and it sure as hell ain't as easy as it should be (as in the LIRR terminal should've been extended to below Barclays a la MSG, but granted it's not awful either), but it is a real nice arena and not a bad place to watch a game.   I was toward the right side from the TV camera perspective of the arena, FWIW. My mileage would've totally varied on the other side.   Also, the Oilers are still terribawful
  5. College Lacrosse Uniforms: 2016 Season

    I, for one, will be looking forward to whatever trainwrecks Warrior has up their sleeve this go round
  6. TALES FROM MY AWESOME 6-MONTH JOB AT THE NHL'S FOOTAGE AND LICENSING DEPARTMENT EPISODE 2   One day as my friends and I were leaving the office for the day, Bettman's in the elevator with us.   Did he make a corny joke on that elevator ride? YOU BETCHA
  7. Unpopular Opinions

    1. Stop trying to make color-on-color a thing in everything. Big NFL Playoff or College Football Playoff games should not be color-on color. 2. Helmet endzones for the Super Bowl were good for the team helmet, but look awful with the conference logo on it. I'd either do the helmet of the team-wordmark-conference logo or the modern norm (well, until this year if it's any indication) of team logo-wordmark-conference logo.
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    /cues up wish that the Penguins break out a yellow throwback alt in 2017-18 to go along with a throwback set
  9. Man, you'll love college football coaching rumors based on flight tracking
  10. Yeah, calmer.     Also Bakersfield? He might've had some fire Harvick takes his final years at RCR or the Condors moving to the AHL.
  11. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    I'm going to eventually edit this to put them in ranking so for now I'm just going to list out teams I hate 1. New England Patriots 2. Johns Hopkins Lacrosse 3. UConn Basketball (yes, moreso than Georgetown)   New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals New York Rangers Pittsburgh Penguins Georgetown Basketball Duke Basketball BC Hockey Harvard Hockey Rutgers Football Southern Cal Football Alabama Football Michigan Football Ohio State Football Chelsea Man United Real Madrid NYCFC Pittsburgh Steelers The NFC East in its entirety unless the Giants are playing within the division or Patriots Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics #KNICKSTAPE Kyle Busch (except, oddly enough, his 2015 season that he won the title)
  12. The Silly Band Names Thread

    The Phil Simms Pyrotechnic Experience
  13. Sportslogos Comment Aggregator

  14. Teams with Mascots that Don't Match Their Nicknames

    While there are EPL mascots that match their nicknames, I only need the slightest excuse to post this and bask in how awful European soccer mascots are
  15. NHL on NBC started 10 years ago today

    The NHL on OLN did have a pretty awesome theme song. That's about it. As for the NHL on NBC it's amazing how far they've come from where they were at the onset to now. The graphics and whatnot, for instance, went from that to on par with Sunday Night Football in a hurry and now to the point that they've got a whole fancy wipe-graphics package all to itself to go with NBC's unified look. Oh, and going from once a week to having 5 days/nights a week, the whole Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the centerpiece of a (legitimate) cable network as well as a commitment to some very good coverage (okay, Pierre and Milbury aside) is something you'd probably never thought would happen when the NHL on NBC began.