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  1. Make the collar orange and shrink the numbers after the Stadium Series and I'd love for that to become the Flyers' full time alt
  2. Oakland vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo Denver vs. Tennessee Washington vs. Philadelphia Arizona vs. Miami San Diego vs. Carolina Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Detroit Houston vs. Indianapolis Minnesota vs. Jacksonville NY Jets vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Los Angeles New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. Green Bay Dallas vs. NY Giants Baltimore vs. New England
  3. Okay when did this become the Hot YouTube Meme and how? Like the following becoming September's Hot YouTube Meme makes sense because it is the worst theme song ever but a random song from a preschool show (that's actually pretty catchy in all honesty) is a little more of a headscratcher
  4. Dallas vs. Minnesota Kansas City vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. New Orleans Los Angeles vs. New England Denver vs. Jacksonville Houston vs. Green Bay Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Baltimore San Francisco vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. San Diego NY Giants vs. Pittsburgh Washington vs. Arizona Carolina vs. Seattle Indianapolis vs. NY Jets
  5. nfl

    I'm still a bit torn on the Dolphins all around. I love the throwbacks, though the logo needs to be cleaned up from the original if brought back to a full time status (and, you know, not the 1990's one). I also love their shade of aqua on their regular home and aways, but it needs more orange and I'm still wishy-washy on the logos. If they could merge the two eras with the throwback design and the current colors and have the logo be a compromise between the original logo and the 1990's rebrand, I'd be on board
  6. This is the greatest trainwreck of a press conference/event thing I've ever seen
  7. Minnesota vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Buffalo Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Arizona vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Cleveland Los Angeles vs. New Orleans San Francisco vs. Miami San Diego vs. Houston Seattle vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Oakland New England vs. NY Jets Kansas City vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
  8. Yeah, well, nobody remembers the two guys who brought out a bunch of cautions at the end of the 2014 race at this point so... probably not gonna be a household name
  9. Mike Skinner Holy crap he got old and fat in a hurry.
  10. New Orleans vs. Carolina Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Baltimore vs. Dallas Jacksonville vs. Detroit Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Cincinnati Chicago vs. NY Giants Arizona vs. Minnesota Miami vs. Los Angeles New England vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Seattle Green Bay vs. Washington Houston vs. Oakland
  11. Still waiting for the Brooklyn Cyclones to be renamed the Brooklyn Hamiltons based on the play and then we'll finally hit the breaking point from Brandoise
  12. The new college basketball season is upon us today and it's time to start the road to Glendale for the Final Four. Here's the media preseason top 25 for the sake of starting this thread up neatly AP Top 25 RK TEAM RECORD PTS 1 Duke (58) 0-0 1,612 2 Kentucky (2) 0-0 1,479 3 Kansas 0-0 1,476 4 Villanova (4) 0-0 1,465 5 Oregon (1) 0-0 1,343 6 North Carolina 0-0 1,314 7 Xavier 0-0 1,167 8 Virginia 0-0 1,149 9 Wisconsin 0-0 1,135 10 Arizona 0-0 1,004 11 Indiana 0-0 917 12 Michigan State 0-0 903 13 Louisville 0-0 755 14 Gonzaga 0-0 699 15 Purdue 0-0 672 16 UCLA 0-0 540 17 Saint Mary's 0-0 512 18 Connecticut 0-0 504 19 Syracuse 0-0 464 20 West Virginia 0-0 360 21 Texas 0-0 250 22 Creighton 0-0 231 23 Rhode Island 0-0 199 24 Iowa State 0-0 168 25 Maryland 0-0 144
  13. Cleveland at Baltimore Houston at Jacksonville Denver at New Orleans Los Angeles at NY Jets Atlanta at Philadelphia Kansas City at Carolina Chicago at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Washington Green Bay at Tennessee Miami at San Diego San Francisco at Arizona Dallas at Pittsburgh Seattle at New England Cincinnati at NY Giants
  14. Obvious NSFW tag is NSFW, but GUESS WHAAATTTTTT
  15. My running gag of calling the NFC East the GREATEST DIVISION IN SPORTS due to 4:25 Fox and SNF overexposure has been falling apart this season because the NFC East is actually good again. It's hurting my NFL joke #brand