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  1. Steelers vs. Patriots Packers vs. Falcons
  2. It's amazing how much use I get out of these two
  3. Seattle vs. Atlanta Houston vs. New England Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City Green Bay vs. Dallas
  4. One of these things is not like the others
  5. Oakland vs. Houston Detroit vs. Seattle Miami vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Green Bay
  6. You know, that Simpsons Yourself thing from when the movie came out 9 years ago. But alrighty.
  7. Buffalo vs. NY Jets New England vs. Miami Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Tennessee Oakland vs. Denver Kansas City vs. San Diego Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Philadelphia vs. Dallas NY Giants vs. Washington Tampa Bay vs. Carolina New Orleans vs. Atlanta Seattle vs. San Francisco Arizona vs. Los Angeles Chicago vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Detroit
  8. nhl

    The MSG breakdown is as follows NYC/LI/NJ/Westchester/Lower Hudson River Valley: Rangers, Islanders, and Devils Upstate NY (Syracuse eastward IIRC): Sabres get priority on MSG, Rangers 2nd, Islanders and Devils are on MSG+ if there aren't more than 2 games between the Sabres, Rangers, and Knicks on a given night
  9. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia Miami vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Minnesota vs. Green Bay San Diego vs. Cleveland Washington vs. Chicago Atlanta vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. Oakland Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans Arizona vs. Seattle San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Cincinnati vs. Houston Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Denver vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. Dallas
  10. and Syracuse confirms throwbacks for tomorrow
  11. I'm in the camp that last night kind of showed the Rams would be better off in their yellow look than white as the secondary color for the helmets* *as long as the blues match between the helmets and jersey, whether that be royal or navy, as I always say
  12. If Syracuse's social media posts all week for the Pearl Washington Tribute are any indication, I'd expect the Orange in throwbacks against Georgetown tomorrow at the Dome
  13. Hey now, I was also a winner last week Los Angeles vs. Seattle Miami vs. NY Jets Green Bay vs. Chicago Jacksonville vs. Houston Cleveland vs. Buffalo Philadelphia vs. Baltimore Tennessee vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. NY Giants Indianapolis vs. Minnesota Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati New Orleans vs. Arizona San Francisco vs. Atlanta Oakland vs. San Diego New England vs. Denver Tampa Bay vs. Dallas Carolina vs. Washington