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  1. Jacksonville vs. Tennessee Washington vs. Cincinnati - AT London Kansas City vs. Indianapolis Oakland vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. New Orleans Detroit vs. Houston NY Jets vs. Cleveland New England vs. Buffalo Arizona vs. Carolina San Diego vs. Denver Green Bay vs. Atlanta Philadelphia vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Chicago
  2. /sees last week's record Nice. Wait, not nice. Anyhoo Chicago vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Los Angeles - AT London New Orleans vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Cleveland vs. Cincinnati Washington vs. Detroit Oakland vs. Jacksonville Buffalo vs. Miami Baltimore vs. NY Jets Tampa Bay vs. San Francisco San Diego vs. Atlanta New England vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. Arizona Houston vs. Denver
  3. After seeing what UA's done in college sports (one-off alts aside) and with Tottenham in soccer, I think the MLB's in good shape with them at the helm. They've been really good at keeping traditions intact and if they do modernize things, it's done thoughtfully and well.
  4. Denver vs. San Diego San Francisco vs. Buffalo Philadelphia vs. Washington Cleveland vs. Tennessee Baltimore vs. NY Giants Carolina vs. New Orleans Jacksonville vs. Chicago Los Angeles vs. Detroit Pittsburgh vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. New England Kansas City vs. Oakland Atlanta vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Green Bay Indianapolis vs Houston NY Jets vs. Arizona
  5. If we're going into the YouTube hole I'm forcing you to all listen to
  6. /eagerly refreshes EDP's page every minute for the post-game one
  7. I still can't remember what station WNYM is every Saturday for Syracuse for my drives home. Now I gotta do the same for the Isles! (this is still miles ahead of what the Islanders had in place for the longest time)
  8. Arizona vs. San Francisco New England vs. Cleveland Philadelphia vs. Detroit Chicago vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Miami Washington vs. Baltimore Houston vs. Minnesota NY Jets vs. Pittsburgh Atlanta vs. Denver Cincinnati vs. Dallas Buffalo vs. Los Angeles San Diego vs. Oakland NY Giants vs. Green Bay Tampa Bay vs. Carolina
  9. There's some sharp aspects of the new scorebug, but ESPN drives me crazy how the NBA has one graphics package, MNF has another, college football, college basketball, and MLB has a third one, and all the rest still have the old one
  10. They moved Honky The SUV over a little bit more towards the corner than where it was last season
  11. /stumbles in to post my consciousness every October (Let's Go Mets)
  12. Syracuse sticking to what they have but it looks like there's a new patch on the jerseys for some reason or another
  13. Miami vs. Cincinnati Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville - AT London (9:30am kickoff) Tennessee vs. Houston Cleveland vs. Washington Seattle vs. NY Jets Buffalo vs. New England Carolina vs. Atlanta Oakland vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Chicago Denver vs. Tampa Bay Los Angeles vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. San Diego Dallas vs. San Francisco Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh NY Giants vs. Minnesota
  14. Well we're also quite close to the Nassau Coliseum renovations being done and that was done in mind of having an AHL team come in, so take that for what it's worth Binghamton makes sense to have one of the NYC teams on board so the Rangers going back to them works. Then we can give Las Vegas an expansion AHL team in Elmir (/gets shot for making the Upstate NY AHL joke for the umpteenth time)
  15. Today we are all