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  1. Panthers please. Thanks.
  2. I'm struggling to see A. And I think there is no need for the behind posts to be thiner. Other then that, it's pleasant shape.
  3. didn't see this coming. As much as I like pink in sports, pink with brown... OK, could work, but then remove those traces of yellow...
  4. Brown and sky blue of AG2R, love it with a lot of white. Then a bit darker brown with royal blue, nice combo. Staying with brown, love how it works with red light blue with red, specially when there is no white in between, when they touch each other. And probably one you haven't seen coming - pink and light blue. You'll be sing this combo hopefully a lot in next 3 weeks, since this is pink jersey of Giro leader combined with Nibali's team Astana light blue.
  5. That is sexy. All Blacks meet football. Simple logo with decent sponsor logo, all monotone... I can see Newcastle take a logo like that.
  6. That is absolutely beautiful. Love the sky and brown combo (like cycling team AG2R), and the shades are brilliant, nice collar as well. Love it.
  7. That Evian shirt is brilliant, love how they incorporated the sponsor logo in blue stripe rather then just a blue square on this year's shirt.
  8. Same here, that's the only kit I purchased this year. OK it helps that I support CPFC. That is one beautiful kit, colours are superb.
  9. That is much better then the old crest.
  10. I think it's different, unexpected, but I can live with it. What bugs me is that some team version logos have outline and some don't. Be consistent. Some teams don't have all colours represented in the new MLS logo. NYC could have orange outline, Union light blue outline. Some outline colours are repeat of one colour from the shield... Whi Chicago has red outline while Revs and Dallas don't. All have same colour scheme...
  11. Don't want to highjack WHUFC thread, but here it is: http://lr51.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/e0e47-cpfcinfoboards.jpg Yes, I'm still bitter about that.
  12. Crystal Palace consulted their fans and the ones that were proposed were all thrown out with the current badge coming in as a late contender. Somehow correct, at the end that didn't take the crest most fans liked, but took a designer owner liked and tried to imitate the crest board members wanted... unsuccessfully. Such a missed opportunity. Board members called the current eagle a pigeon... Hope WHUFC fans have more voting power.
  13. Beautiful Hajduk Split new kit with terrible sponsor logo: more photos on hajduk.hr
  14. Another pro team in brown and gold: Another team (OK not pro) in light blue and red: and my favourite colour combo, not used by any other team that I know:
  15. I'm a Hawthorn baracker, but the only reason I almost have more Cats merchandise then Hawks is the logo (one posted by Discrimihater). That one is by far the best in the league, Docekrs are #2, Richmond #3, and I would say Giants are #4 (simple, unexpected, great branding and use of colors overall). Bottom are Suns, St. Kilda and Crows.