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  1. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Yeah I think it looks the best without the triangle. The three color option without the triangle background would look great too. On the two color and the green and brown one, I think the trident should be behind his left flipper instead of in front of it though. The way it is, it looks like he’s holding it with the back of his left “hand”.
  2. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    This one is beyond cool. I don’t know if I like it as a main crest though. Maybe it would look more prominent without the background triangle thing so you only have the two colors. Also color scheme 3 is the winner in my mind
  3. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    ugh now I won't be able to not see them
  4. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    I mean just in this picture there are eggplant helmets and stripes that point behind the collar for no reason
  5. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    So far the Mets and the Bucks are my favorite but I have a suspicion that the Kraken will remain my favorite concept of yours
  6. Midwest_surfer

    City/State Color Identities

    Wow. These are incredible. St Louis would be simple enough, navy and red with a little yellow like the STL flag. I’m really excited to follow this
  7. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    I like the squirrel better than the branch guy. Looks really retro cool. Like early 70s Hannah-Barbara. I know it’s mixing eras, but you could do a faux back in the style of those old Arthur Evans collegiate mascot logos from back in the day.
  8. Midwest_surfer

    MLB Alternate Uniforms

    Careful, those Dodger fans love their red numbers. I’m a big fan of the Washington jerseys, but I’d suggest 3 stars instead of 4 since the DC flag has 3 stars on it. Great start though. I’m excited to see Cardinals stuff
  9. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Yeah I have to agree with you, I like the single color better. Could be good with a subtle background, like make the main S off white and leave the background brown
  10. Midwest_surfer

    hypebeast hockey

    I think $500 is a little low considering the price on normal nhl jerseys and how stupid expensive all the other ridiculous stuff Supreme slaps their name on. this would be like $750 irl
  11. Midwest_surfer

    Newbie NHL Redesign +Bruins and Panthers

    Panthers: I’ve been trying to come up with something for the Panthers for weeks now, and this is all I could come up with. It’s a start, but I can’t even really say it’s my own since the panther was pulled right off their shoulder patch. Fact is, I can’t do better than the existing shoulder patch on the Panthers jersey, it’s just perfect in every way IMO. So then I thought about trying for a main chest logo, keeping their sort of military thing they’ve got going on but I couldn’t find any retro-ww2 nose art reference images I liked so that’s staying in my back pocket for now. Then I thought about promotional logos and I think I came up with something. Not sure how it would be used but here it is Bruins: I love the Bruins set but I really want them to bring brown back. So I took their current B spokes logo, changed it to dark brown and put a bear in the middle. I think this could work well as a shoulder patch on a 3rd jersey Lightning revision: I added some shadows and I think I’m on the right track with this one As always, any C&C is appreciated.
  12. Midwest_surfer

    Colorado Avalanche Logo Concept

    Fantastic start. I agree with the above sentiment, make the tree bigger and more realistic and make the double peak more spread out. Once that’s done you can figure something out to cross the middle of the A if it looks too thin
  13. Midwest_surfer

    The Battle of Seattle

    Fantastic as always. I kinda agree with Zeus, it does sound a little Minor League-y but the brand identity itself is fabulous. The same logo and branding could be used with a name change of the Seattle Stags or something like that. But at the same time, touching on Seattle’s logging history in the name is a big draw.
  14. Midwest_surfer

    Arizona Coyotes Concept

    Great idea here. I love the angles, looks very Navajo.
  15. Midwest_surfer

    Newbie NHL Redesign +Bruins and Panthers

    I revised the Jets logos to fill some space based on some of the response I got. I used the font from their 90's logo with a few adjustments here and there. Old school: New: