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  1. jdavidev

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 2

    I think the new Jags bothers me more not just because of the lack of teal on the primaries, but because if there was a team to go black and white from the shoulders down, I wanted that to be the Bengals. I loved their white with black color rush and would have loved to see that be the basis of their refresh. With the orange crazy helmet it would be great balance and wouldn't need so much going on with the rest of the set. The Jags though NEED the teal with their smooth black helmet.
  2. jdavidev

    Colorado Avalanche Unveil Third Uniform for 2018-19

    See, that works (though I'd prefer to keep the black helmet and pants) really well. Takes the secondary color and makes it important (which it's not on the roads at least anymore).
  3. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    Well, sure. No one can argue that. However, I think it's always a fail when the third/alt is so jarringly different from the main set, as with my previous examples. If I can't recognize the team rather quickly... failure. I can't watch college football anymore because I don't know who is playing on any given Saturday. At least with the Islanders all black, the NY logo was front and center. Buffalo's turdburger at least used all the colors. When the rangers go Navy blue, the past two alts at least still have the basic design of their main jerseys. I don't like the Columbus Cannon's because it has nothing to do with the rest of their brand (well, it does now that the number font is consistent across all jerseys, but that's very loose connection).
  4. jdavidev

    Colorado Avalanche Unveil Third Uniform for 2018-19

    I'm with you 100%. These were the second worst thirds next to the Buffalo turdburger originally.
  5. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    I really don't agree with that assessment in principle nor practice in this case. The Avs have a unique color scheme that includes 4 colors plus white. There are many different directions they can go with the Jersey to make it an extension of their brand without changing/adding a new color. A color that is between two of their current colors of black and light blue. On top of that, the implementation is poor with a very dark color combined with another dark color and then white yoke with no outline? It looks like the cheap CCM practice jerseys you get for roller hockey cause you don't care.
  6. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    I think it's damn hideous and muddles their brand. I hate mixing colors for thirds, and only tolerated when it's a historic throwback. Even then, the Green Bay Packers look ridiculous wearing navy, the Jets wearing navy, and the Eagles wearing satin blue. I don't like Columbus wearing union blue, nor the old Panthers doing the same thing.
  7. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    Nope. This set has fantastic color balance. It's fresh and classic at the same time. The Navy works here (where it fails for the current Oilers) but it would also work with Royal blue. I like the Islanders classic 80's look, but it's not iconic, rather generic. The logo is the most iconic part, and that is retained for the 2007 set. And I don't like how the hem and sleeve stripes have evolved over the years, too clunky and too over-reliant on white for the home jersey.
  8. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    I completely agree. The Navy and orange just don't sit well with me for the Oilers. And I also think the Navy works much better for the Islanders anyways. I think the 2007 set was their best look ever and wish they could go back to it.
  9. jdavidev

    Avalanche Color tweaks

    I like the original colors better. It's a unique and pleasing color scheme, and instantly says Avalanche. I hated when they co-opted Navy into their scheme with that awful third a few years ago.
  10. jdavidev

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I think if you go with v2 for Columbus, the third should be in Navy/Red and probably include the current logo
  11. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    I think they just needed a little more red in the logo to help match the empty red seats of the arena... ?
  12. Just based on the pictured combos? Or the whole sets?
  13. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    Totally agree on that. It was considered sacrilege to change to the current uni's, but man that set before was so drab. The colors didn't help, but it was the usage and striping pattern that made it blah. I still just recoloring the old template would look fantastic. Plenty of red on that road jersey, and white to separate the black and red on the home.
  14. jdavidev

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Titans had probably just as many gimmicks on their previous set as this one, just those had been around for a long time and we are used to them. The super-duper mistake they made and why they look like absolute garbage is the navy helmet. And to make it as ugly as possible, they went with a matte finish. They made all these snazzy decisions for the jerseys and pants, but when they got to the helmet, they decided they wanted to be generic and ugly at the same time. A shame. The Bucs however, can't disagree more there. Their previous set was really well designed. Color balance was superb with both the white and the pewter pants. Every single decision they made with the new ones was a poor one. Oversized logo and chrome facemask, hokey and partially illegible number font. Oversized yoke and random shapes of color. The color balance is a mess. Their is no clear hierarchy anymore.
  15. jdavidev

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    yeah, but they have been letting that slide for years with alts and color rash (see Bears previous third with no TV numbers, and current Patriots one). There might be a day a team is allowed to do that on their primaries.