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  1. jdavidev

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    yeah, but they have been letting that slide for years with alts and color rash (see Bears previous third with no TV numbers, and current Patriots one). There might be a day a team is allowed to do that on their primaries.
  2. jdavidev

    MLB changes I'd love to see

    The Phillies and Brewers are perfection. Rangers and Marlins a solid B+ upgrade. And I love the more purple in the Rockies, but they can't use the Colorado C for their logo, because the Cubbies are known for that C in baseball, especially on that pinstriped jersey.
  3. jdavidev

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    I am usually more of a traditionalist, but I really love these and wish they could be their primaries. Other than the current Dwebb shoulder patch, these are fantastic. The jade contrasts nicely with the black and the eggplant and silver give it a little more depth.
  4. jdavidev

    NFL 2018 changes

    As the poster just said above you though, when they are wearing their black primary and white road jersey, they certainly won't look like the jaguars anymore. This is the only combo they have, and will probably only wear it once.
  5. jdavidev

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Seattle SeaTitans look way worse than I thought they would be. Mid-2000's CFL at best.
  6. Right, I get that. But the content isn't anything special. And it's needlessly complicated and pointless. Even if the content was extra special and the jersey is the gatekeeper, having to swipe your jersey when you want updates is hilariously stupid. Guess that sums up Nike pretty well.
  7. jdavidev

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    They did it for legibility of the numbers, I believe. But, they made no other changes to the jerseys and it really throws off the color balance of the set. I prefer the yellow numbers, but am okay with white, but they need to make white the proper tertiary color and yellow only an accent color. Now, yellow and white fight with navy for secondary color dominance. Kind of a mess. There was a hierarchy before.
  8. That is soooo stupid. So, you need an app on your phone, to connect to your jersey, just to get info. Couldn't the app just do it by itself without the jersey? It's so pointless. Making things more complicated just because they can, not like they are actually solving a problem or making anything easier.
  9. jdavidev

    NHL 2018-19

    That's not a joke? The Blues will wear a Grey jersey?
  10. jdavidev

    NY Jets

    I like it. I could go either way on green vs white helmet. I think their look is really with the white helmet, so I'd rather they'd stay white (but also because the Bills need to return to the red helmet, and save the kelly green helmet for eventual Eagles return), but the green would work for this concept as well (though it may be too close to 70's Eagles with the striping too). What I don't want is just a return to the 80's uni and helmet.
  11. jdavidev

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    Gotta be the TB Bucs. Top 5 looking team to worst looking team in one swoop. They didn't need a change at all. Their look was perfect. Runner-up, Jaguars. Would be number one, but they had already been downgrading it slowly over the years, so it doesn't count as much in my book (change to black numbers on the road, black pants losing stripes). Special consideration tied between the Bills and the Browns. Both were massive downgrades on par with the Bucs, but both sets were dated and needed some upgrades/tinkering to get right, so there was a reason to change things, they just got it so, so wrong.
  12. jdavidev

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    I will never agree with the populous here, but that was an upgrade. Black helped add contrast to two low-con colors. Then, they kept tinkering with the look over the years, number fonts and stripes, but that first change was their best. And now the current jerseys, can't even read the numbers on their homes. rey outline on grey numbers on light blue jersey? Brilliant!
  13. jdavidev

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    AVS: they already did that in the rebrand with Adidas. Navy is gone
  14. jdavidev

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    NHL TB - incorporate gray/silver (not black) to accent striping/numbers to differentiate from Leafs BOS - Yellow socks with proper black-white-black striping for home uniform FLA - thicker outlines on chest/arm stripes on home jersey, on TV gold is so light colored it makes it seem way too wide white stripe MIN - outlines to shoulder numbers on home to match the back VAN - modified stink-in-rink logo replaces orca NFL BUF - red helmet PLEASE NYJ - pick a green, any green DET - white outline around grey on home jersey MLB BOS - add sox logo to road alt navy to match grey road KC - drop the gold PHI - swap red for maroon
  15. jdavidev

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    I actually think it looks awesome and wish it wasn't a one-off for the season, and a white version came next year to make it the primary. I think all the colors work well. My only complaint is the style of the yoke is the exact same as the Bruins, which was a specific design for them. But with the black base, I feel it needs the yoke. Like the poster above, I see where people are coming from, but I love it a ton on it's own. Ok, maybe the numbers suck, but that isn't a new thing.