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  1. City/State Color Identities

    Here you go, personally I think it looks out of place.
  2. City/State Color Identities

    Up next we have St. Louis, they will have the colors blue, red, and yellow. I was going between them and Colorado for this color scheme but decided on St Louis for a couple reasons, 1. The city flag is these colors 2. The blues need blue, duh 3. cardinals are red 4. both teams have already used slightly different variations of these colors in their history 5. I have an idea for a fairly unique color scheme for Colorado. Anyways, here are the changes. The blues drop navy and add more of their normal blue, red accents are added on the logo, numbers, and stripes. The Cards simply lighten their current shade of blue and slightly adjust their yellow to match the blues. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  3. City/State Color Identities

    @Htown1141 Here you go
  4. City/State Color Identities

    Up next we have the city of Houston. I decided to use orange, black and white since two teams use orange and it is a scheme that I feel fits the cities teams well. The orange is a slightly altered version of the Astros orange which more matches the color from their jersey. As far as changes go the Texans swap navy for black and red for orange. The Rockets just turn red into orange and add more black to their uniforms. The Astros just make their navy black. And the Dynamo just darken the shade of orange from an almost yellow-orange. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  5. City/State Color Identities

    Here is a quick update of Washington now with the Redskins having blue pants and a red outline to the number and logos on the Nats jersey.
  6. The Battle of Seattle

    Nothing at all to complain about, every update just makes already incredible designs better. Keep it up, loving this thread
  7. MN Vikings Logo Redesign

    The images aren't showing up for me
  8. City/State Color Identities

    Sorry for the long absence, I've been really busy with school, work and hockey. I plan on still doing this series in my free time however. Anyways, up next we have the US capital Washington DC. From the get go I knew that Washington would be red white and blue, but with a couple teams also using this color scheme or something very similar I added silver as a third color. The red is the same as that from the city flag and the blue is taken from the Wizards. As for changes, the Redskins drop maroon and gold for more patriotic colors, the jersey is now red, the helmet blue, and the pants silver, the number outlines are also silver. The Wizards just lighten their shade of red. The capitals lighten their red and blue as well as adding silver in the striping on the sleeves. The Nationals lighten their colors and add more blue to their uniforms. DC United slightly adjusts their red and replaces black with blue, silver is added as well on the outline of their logo and on the sponsor on the kit. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  9. DouglasQuaid Vikings Concept Uniforms

    I'm loving everything about this, the only thing I'm not sold on is the cuff pattern on the home and away, I'm a fan of their current striping but I'd be ok with something that matches the pants. I'm not sold on the dip in the striping.
  10. US Super League (57/64)

    Love this series, personally really hoping for at least one team from Minnesota
  11. Johnny's Soccer Team Concepts for 2018-19

    Love what you did with M'gladbach
  12. Johnny's Soccer Team Concepts for 2018-19

    I actually really like this thread, wonder what you could do for borussia mönchengladbach or Stoke?
  13. City/State Color Identities

    Up next we have Toronto. I knew I needed to have blue for the Leafs and the city flag as well as another color, the Argos use a two shade blue scheme that I thought would work really well with the rest of the teams. The main shade of blue comes from the Leafs and the light blue is from the Argos. As for changes the Argos change their shade of darker blue. the Raptors completely overhaul their black and red for two tones of blue. The leafs just add the light blue in the striping and veins of the logo to not take too much away from their history of just blue and white. The Jays do something similar to the Leafs by adding it in small doses, they still keep the red just for the maple leaf on their logo. Toronto FC also goes through a big overhaul, they swap grey and red for the blue and i personally really like how it looks, they keep the 3D maple leaf on the kit as the only other color. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  14. City/State Color Identities

    Next up we have Edmonton, I decided since both the Eskimos and Oilers have such unique color schemes I'd have to do something a little different. The Oilers old copper color i thought would look good with their now navy blue. As for changes the Eskimos replace green fro Navy and yellow for copper. the Oilers make blue their primary color again and bring back copper instead of orange but without red and silver this time. i think this is a unique color scheme that works well for Edmonton. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!
  15. City/State Color Identities

    I'm back with the next team, Calgary Alberta. the first Canadian city in this thread goes with the classic Flames colors of red and yellow. No more black in their color as that would be the same as Atlanta. The Stampeders just swap black with yellow and retool their logo. The Flames essentially go back to their original logo in Calgary by dropping the black and replace all black with red or yellow on their uniform wherever it fit best. Feel free to leave suggestions for future cities you'd like to see. Let me know what you think, CC is appreciated!