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  1. Saskatchewan Whitetails

    Here is the video of the contest if you want to see the other logos submitted.
  2. Saskatchewan Whitetails

    Hey everyone, so recently there was a competition held by the youtube channel Post2Post and the challenge was to create logos for a new NHL expansion team from a somewhat reasonable expansion location. I chose Saskatoon as my location but the team will be named Saskatchewan to try and gain fans from across the area much like the Roughriders. The team is called the Whitetails for the animal of Saskatchewan and the team colors are kelly and forest green with white. With the colors of the Roughriders, University of Saskatchewan, and the Provence of Saskatchewan all having green I decided to use it, along with the fact no team in north american pro sports uses 2 shades of green as their colors so it'd be unique, not another black and red or red white and blue team. The Whitetails main logo is a fierce deer head facing forward to a bright future. There are also two secondary logos, one is the same deer head but with a 'S' in the left side for Saskatchewan, this would be used on the breezers and merchandise mainly. The second is a circle with a 'S' sticking out the top slightly and wheat to its sides, this logo is a modernization of an old Saskatchewan Roughriders logo. Wheat is a big part of this teams identity and it is seen on one logo, the team word mark, and their third jersey. This submission got second place in the competition, let me know what you think!
  3. High school football posters

    This Week our school celebrated it's 100th year and were featuring this logo that I had actually made so I knew I had to use it in this weeks design. I went for a simple design with the super fans in the background and the information for the game and nothing too crazy. Let me know what you think!
  4. High school football posters

    It's called Rhinos Rocks
  5. High school football posters

    Here was my design for this weeks match up, my Irish took on Eagan and got the dub in "The Pit" which is the name the Eagan students refer to their student section. It's a pretty simple design with the primary colors of each team and a player in each teams uniform on their side. let me know what you think!
  6. High school football posters

    Funny you mention that, I'm actually working on a series of logos that I'm considering submitting to the school when I'm done.
  7. High school football posters

    With the football season starting I decided to start a new series where I make posters for my high schools upcoming football games, this may evolve into other sports as time goes on but for now I'm sticking to football. These designs will be posted by my schools super fan twitter page for the game days. For the first home game of the season I decided to keep it simple with the team helmets facing one another. At the top is the phrase "Let them eat cake" which is a reference to the city of Edina being known for having money and being a generally snobby area that the rest of the state loves to hate, and they have gotten the nickname "Cake eaters" for this reason. The background features a US flag because the students will be wearing red white and blue. The bottom has details about where the game will be played and when with the Rosemount football slogan at the bottom. It's a pretty simple design to start with but I plan on doing more intricate designs for future weeks. Let me know what you think!
  8. Northstar Soccer League

    Probably not honestly.
  9. Northstar Soccer League

    And last but not least we have Virginia FC, the Monarchs also joined the league in 1999 and have won 1 championship in 2010. Their main rival are the Hibbing Miners. The name Monarchs comes from the cities nickname "The Queen City of the North" and their colors reflect that with regal purple and gold. Their crest is a striped shape loosely forming a 'V' wearing a crown. Home: A purple kit with a dark purple V on the jersey, gold accents. Away: A white jersey with one purple and one gold sleeve, gold pants, purple socks. Alt: A gold jersey with the striped 'V' from their logo on the front, purple pants, gold socks with a purple V. Well that's the series, thanks for watching!
  10. Northstar Soccer League

    Next up is Two Harbors United, known as the Agates they joined the league in 1999 and have won 2 championships, in 2006 and they are the current champs from 2017. Their main rival are the Duluth Porters. They get the name Agates from being on the coast of Lake Superior where you can find the Minnesota state rock. Their colors are orange, black, and white; the colors of an agate. The Agates logo is based on the split rock lighthouse which is located in Two Harbors. They are sponsored by Castle Danger Brewery, located in Two Harbors. Home: Orange jersey with an agate pattern on the front, black pants, and orange socks. Away: A white version of the home, agate pattern still on kit. Alt: Primarily black kit with a silhouette of split rock lighthouse, white hoop through the front of the jersey, orange top.
  11. Northstar Soccer League

    Here's Southwest United in SMSU's gold and brown
  12. Northstar Soccer League

    Here is an update to Mankato with the new crest, let me know what you think.
  13. Northstar Soccer League

    Now we have Thief River Falls FC, known as the Railers, they joined the league in 1994 and have won 1 championship in 1997. Their main rival is Lake of the Woods SC. The Railers identity is based around the SOO line station located in the city that put the city on the map. Their colors are red for the SOO logo, and green for the colors of the buildings roof. Their logo is based on the SOO logo but with their initials. They are sponsored (if you couldn't tell) by SOO. Home: Red top with vertical rail road track stripes, green sleeves and pants, red socks. Away: White top with green sash with rail road track pattern in it, red sleeves, green pants, white socks. Alt: Green jersey with white accents and a train, red pants, green socks. Only 2 more teams!
  14. Northstar Soccer League

    Next up is St. Paul City, known as the Pigs or Chops, they are original 4 and joined in 1980 and are the second most winning team with 4 championships, in 1982, 1987, 1993, and 2016. Their main rival is Minneapolis FC. The name Pigs comes from St Paul originally being called "Pigs Eye", their crest is based on the shield from the city flag and features a combined SP and a pig. They are Sponsored by Ecolab which is based in St. Paul. Home: A blue jersey with a yellow stripe over the crest, yellow pants, blue socks. Away: All yellow kit with blue stripe over crest fading around the logo. Alt: "Capital" kit, white for the capital building with the capital on the bottom of the jersey.
  15. Northstar Soccer League

    Alright, 3 it is I'll be updating it when i get the chance. and as for the program, I'm using a template from Yellow Pages and photoshop.