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  1. And last but not least we have Virginia FC, the Monarchs also joined the league in 1999 and have won 1 championship in 2010. Their main rival are the Hibbing Miners. The name Monarchs comes from the cities nickname "The Queen City of the North" and their colors reflect that with regal purple and gold. Their crest is a striped shape loosely forming a 'V' wearing a crown. Home: A purple kit with a dark purple V on the jersey, gold accents. Away: A white jersey with one purple and one gold sleeve, gold pants, purple socks. Alt: A gold jersey with the striped 'V' from their logo on the front, purple pants, gold socks with a purple V. Well that's the series, thanks for watching!
  2. Next up is Two Harbors United, known as the Agates they joined the league in 1999 and have won 2 championships, in 2006 and they are the current champs from 2017. Their main rival are the Duluth Porters. They get the name Agates from being on the coast of Lake Superior where you can find the Minnesota state rock. Their colors are orange, black, and white; the colors of an agate. The Agates logo is based on the split rock lighthouse which is located in Two Harbors. They are sponsored by Castle Danger Brewery, located in Two Harbors. Home: Orange jersey with an agate pattern on the front, black pants, and orange socks. Away: A white version of the home, agate pattern still on kit. Alt: Primarily black kit with a silhouette of split rock lighthouse, white hoop through the front of the jersey, orange top.
  3. Here's Southwest United in SMSU's gold and brown
  4. Here is an update to Mankato with the new crest, let me know what you think.
  5. Now we have Thief River Falls FC, known as the Railers, they joined the league in 1994 and have won 1 championship in 1997. Their main rival is Lake of the Woods SC. The Railers identity is based around the SOO line station located in the city that put the city on the map. Their colors are red for the SOO logo, and green for the colors of the buildings roof. Their logo is based on the SOO logo but with their initials. They are sponsored (if you couldn't tell) by SOO. Home: Red top with vertical rail road track stripes, green sleeves and pants, red socks. Away: White top with green sash with rail road track pattern in it, red sleeves, green pants, white socks. Alt: Green jersey with white accents and a train, red pants, green socks. Only 2 more teams!
  6. Next up is St. Paul City, known as the Pigs or Chops, they are original 4 and joined in 1980 and are the second most winning team with 4 championships, in 1982, 1987, 1993, and 2016. Their main rival is Minneapolis FC. The name Pigs comes from St Paul originally being called "Pigs Eye", their crest is based on the shield from the city flag and features a combined SP and a pig. They are Sponsored by Ecolab which is based in St. Paul. Home: A blue jersey with a yellow stripe over the crest, yellow pants, blue socks. Away: All yellow kit with blue stripe over crest fading around the logo. Alt: "Capital" kit, white for the capital building with the capital on the bottom of the jersey.
  7. Alright, 3 it is I'll be updating it when i get the chance. and as for the program, I'm using a template from Yellow Pages and photoshop.
  8. Now we have St. Cloud SC or SCSC, known as the Granite Saints or Saints for short, they are one of the original 4 who joined in 1980 and they have 3 championships, 1983, 1984, and not again until 2013. Their main rival are the Alexandria Norsemen. The name Gravel Saints comes from a combination of St. Cloud being known as Granite City and the saint in the name of the city. Their colors are primarily Black and silver with gold accents. They are sponsored by Spee-Dee Delivery which is a company which has a base in St. Cloud and delivers a lot to the St. Cloud Area. Home: A black kit with speckles on the jersey meant to look like granite. Away: Silver top with a crved sash black pants and socks. Alt: A split silver and black kit with a gold stripe down the center and gold pants. Any thoughts on which crest Mankato should use?
  9. Next up is Southwest United, located in Marshall, the Swans joined the league in 2001 and are one of the newest teams in the league, they have won 1 championship in 2014. Their main rival is Mankato FC. Similar to Red Wing, the Swans are owned their sponsor, Schwans Food Company which is based in Marshall. Due to being owned by Schwans the team has been nicknamed the Swans and their logo reflects that. Their colors have changed multiple times along with Schwans color changes. They choose the name Southwest United rather than Marshall to appeal to a larger market and call themselves "The South's Team" Home: A dark red a cream kit with arrows pointing down or south. Away: The same as the home but cream and dark red are swapped. Alt: A throwback to when their (and schwans) colors were blue and gold.
  10. Now we have Rochester United FC, the Docs joined the league in 1984 and have won the championship twice, in 1996 and 2012. Their main rival is Red Wing SC. They are known as the Docs because of the world famous Mayo Clinic located in Rochester. Their shield is based on the shape of the Mayo Clinic logo and their colors are the colors of the clinic, gray, and silver similar to the Minnesota Lynx. They are (Obviously) sponsored by Mayo Clinic which is located in Rochester. Home: Primarily blue with a gray and white sash and white sleeves. Away: White with silver hoops, blue accents, blue pants, and hooped socks. Alt: A slip silver and gray kit all the way down, based on the split silver and gray from their crest.
  11. Up next we have Red Wing SC, known as the Bootmakers or Boots they are another of the original 4, they joined in 1980 and have won 3 times, in 1985, 1992, and 2005. Their main rival is Rochester United. The Bootmakers name comes from their owners and sponsors, Red Wing Shoes which is headquartered in Red Wing. Their colors are red for red wing, brown for their boots, and white. Their logo is a (red) Winged Boot. The Bootmakers have always used solid brown cleats in an attempt to look like they are wearing boots. Home: A red jersey with two white stripes surrounding the sponsor, brown shorts, red socks with white stripe. Away: White jersey with red sleeves and a wing pattern on the bottom like Minnesota United's old kits, brown pants, white socks w/ red stripe. Alt: A throwback to their early 90's kit, brown top with red sleeves, red pants, brown socks w/ red stripe.
  12. Close, similar to Lake of the Woods, Marshall has a different name than the city they play in
  13. Today I decided to do some updates to Hibbing and Duluth's alternate uniforms as suggested by @soflo_sports as well as trying a couple different ideas for Mankato's crest suggested by @scottyeagle. Hibbing: The alternate is now a kit meant to honor the great Bob Dylan who grew up in Hibbing, the kit is black and gold based on the colors of his logo (at least from what I saw on google) and the lines across the jersey are actually the lyrics to his most famous song "Like a Rolling Stone" in 10 lines to represent the amount of times he has gone platinum. This idea is based off of the Slovakian olympic hockey jerseys. Duluth: Their new alternate kit is based on the city flag, they drop yellow and add blue and white. Mankato: I made a couple variations, the first one is the original, second is the same but the 'M' is replaced by the steamboat, and the third is a shield with both the boat and 'M' featured. Let me know which to keep. Let me know what you think of these changes!
  14. Up next we have Moorhead City, the Gokstads or Stads for short, joined the league in 1991 and have won the championship 3 times, in 1995, 1998, and 2015. Their main rivals are the Bemidji Blue Ox. The Gokstads name comes from a life size replica Norwegian Viking ship, or Gokstad, that can be found in the city and their logo is that ship with 3 shields representing their 3 championships. Their main colors are black and yellow but their third kit is red and yellow for the Red River of the North that borders the city and separates it from Fargo. They are sponsored by Junkyard Brewing Co. which is located in Moorhead. Home: A black kit with a yellow stripe across the chest, sleeves, pants, and socks. Away: A yellow kit with black vertical stripes Alt: Red and yellow kit for the Red River of the North that borders the city and separates it from Fargo.
  15. Up next we have Minneapolis FC, the Millers are one of the original 4 teams from 1980 and won the first two championships in 80 and 81 as well as 3 more coming in 1994, 2003, and 2011 making them the winningest franchise in the league. Their main rival is St. Paul City. The name Millers comes from Minneapolis being nicknamed "Mill City" as well as the former baseball team that called the team home until 1960. The team colors are blue and orange, the blue represents the Mississippi River and the orange is the same as the Millers baseball team. The team is known for their hoops that they have used since the league began. They are sponsored by Target which is based in Minneapolis. Home: Blue and white hoops, what more can be said. Away: A white kit with hooped sleeves, blue pants and white socks. Alt: A split orange and blue kit with the split continuing from the top to the pants, monotone logo on jersey and pants.