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  1. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    1937 Kellogg Cup Finals Game 1: The Hounds let Duluth know they weren't the Hibbing teams of playoffs past, easily winning 3-0. Game 2: Duluth bounced back a bit but was still short of a road victory. Game 3: With the series heading to Duluth, Le Bleus got a bit of a push with the help of the local crowd and won their first game of the series. Game 4: The Greyhounds came out aggressive and were able to hold the Voyageurs to only one goal as they took a 3-1 series lead. Game 5: One win away from their first Kellogg Cup, and back on home ice, the city of Hibbing was buzzing. The Hounds delivered for their fans as they shut out Duluth and ended the teams history of choking in the playoffs. The Hibbing Greyhounds are your 1936/37 Kellogg Cup Champions! Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  2. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    1937 Playoffs Knockout Round: Ely gets upset by the Reds who advance despite not having their star goalie anymore. In the wildcard bracket, the Victorias repeat last years game against the Royals and advance. Le Bleus slide past the Timberwolves and advance to play the hated Hornets. The Mavericks end the Vulcans playoff rebirth, advancing to play the Saints. Second Round: The Hounds completely outplay the Reds and advance to the semi finals. Thunder Bay shows the Victorias how its done in the great white north, winning the series 2-1. In a rematch of last years rivalry series between the Duluth Hornets and Voyageurs, Le Bleus pull off the upset and redeem last years loss on their way to the semi finals. In another rivalry series, the Saints get the better of South St. Paul in 3 games and advance. Semi Finals: In a back and forth series, the Greyhounds were able to advance to the finals after a thrilling game 5 in Hibbing. The Voyageurs, hot off their rivalry series win over the Hornets, carried that momentum into this series where they took care of the Saints in 4 games to get themselves back into the Kellogg Cup finals. Will the Greyhounds finally exercise their playoff demons? Or will the Voyageurs get the cup back? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  3. Section30

    US Super League 2018-2019 (11/64)

    Providence is good, any particular reason for the red on the secondary kit?
  4. Section30

    CHL Teams

    OHL Ottawa 67s - I like their jerseys a lot and I just think it's a cool team. WHL Swift Current Broncos - Love their colors, jerseys, logos, and where the team is (I love Saskatchewan ever since adopting the Roughnecks) QMJHL Halifax Mooseheads - Best name in sports IMO, amazing logo, and the best goal song I know. I'd say the team I support the most would be Swift Current followed closely by Halifax.
  5. Section30

    2018 NFL Season

    Why not give me predictions too? *I may be a tad biased* AFC East New England Buffalo Miami NY Jets North Pittsburgh Baltimore Cleveland Cincinnati South Jacksonville Tennessee Houston Indianapolis West LA Chargers Kansas City Oakland Denver NFC East Philadelphia Dallas Washington NY Giants North Minnesota Green Bay Detroit Chicago South New Orleans Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay West Los Angeles Seattle San Francisco Arizona AFC Championship Jacksonville over New England NFC Championship Minnesota over Philadelphia Super Bowl LIII Minnesota over Jacksonville (Totally no bias)
  6. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    The 1936/37 season concluded and here are the stories. Iron Range Hockey League: The Greyhounds took back the top spot in the Iron Range and look to make some damage come playoff time. Ely jumped back up to second in the league after a disappointing 1935/36 season where they missed the playoffs. Virginia stayed at third in the league. The Eveleth Reds took a step back due to Brimsek, their star goaltender, getting drafted to the NHL by the Boston Bruins, the same team that signed his brother Frank. The Reds took a big step back but they still made the playoffs as the 4 seed. Chisholm just missed the playoffs finishing at .500. The Rangers and Miners finished at the bottom of the league. Lake Superior Hockey League: The Hornets looked like a true contender for a cup after another great season, finishing atop the Lake Superior League. Like the Black Bears, the Giants also bounced up to second place after missing the playoffs the year before. The Voyageurs had another solid year finishing third, and Two Harbors rounded out the top 4. Grand Rapids took a step back after a great first year, and the Lakers and Broncos finished at the bottom of the table. Twin Cities Hockey League: The Saints finally ended the back and forth top finishes from the Victorias and Mavericks. The Mavs finished second, missing out on the top spot by 2 points. The Victorias clinched the 3 spot and the Vulcans finally showed some signs of improving, finishing above .500 and making the playoffs. Minneapolis had a sub par year and dropped to the old home of Stillwater. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  7. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    The way I picture it; either the players have to pay to be on the team like in youth hockey, or a team can get sponsors from local businesses that pay to advertise at games and such and that way the players don't have to pay to play. As for how much it would cost, I wouldn't know the exact numbers but it probably wouldn't be cheap.
  8. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    It will be a little weird at first but it will still be better than the situation in the Lake Superior league when that started up with only 4 teams. I would expect Minneapolis to split up again once WW2 begins and the depression is less of an issue. Plus the population of the Twin Cities is expected to blow up in the next few decades so the league will only be small for a short amount of time. That is correct that Stillwater, despite its population set to reach its lowest point in the coming years, is still larger than towns in the Iron Range and Lake Superior Leagues. However, towns in those areas have a few advantages over Stillwater when it comes to why they are succeeding. In the Twin Cities, the depression has made more of an impact, leaving many more people jobless and broke than in the Iron Range where the Mines stayed open, and on Lake Superior where they continued to ship iron across the lake. Also, there is much more to do in the Twin Cities than in the more rural areas of the state, especially in the winter at this point in time. The only things people could really do for entertainment was play hockey, this is why cities like Eveleth dominated the High School State tournament when it began, despite being a tiny town in comparison. It is also the reason cities like Eveleth, Roseau and Warroad were able to produce more NHL players and Olympians by size than anywhere else based on the size of the town. With Stillwater being so bad for so long, along with the depression and a dropping population, it was the perfect storm that caused the team to fold. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll definitely look into doing it in the future for more breaking news!
  9. Section30

    The 1972 Project: Vanderbilt Commodores

    That Vandy hockey third jersey is beautiful
  10. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    The only news coming out of the 1936 off season was the news that everyone knew was coming, the Stillwater Athletic Club was no longer. The Athletics were a poor excuse for a team for pretty much their entire existence, and following a 1 win season, the team knew it wouldn't be able to put out a team the following year. "It was only a matter of time" said coach Neil Sampson "We were getting to a point where players were considering leaving mid season, there was no way we could keep this team going the way things have played out the last few years." With the A's out of the league, the Twin Cities Hockey league is now at 5 members; The Minneapolis Hockey Club, South St. Paul Mavericks, St. Paul Saints, St. Paul Victorias, and Twin Cities Vulcans. Let me know your thoughts on Stillwater folding, do you like the newspaper presentation? Comments are appreciated!
  11. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    If the team is to dissolve, players are either left without a team or they can join another team. Due to how well the team has done though I doubt there would be many players that could make other teams. This is actually amazing... What @Dan O'Mac said, since it is just an amateur league, players play for their local teams. Teams don't really relocate, they either fold or merge with other teams.
  12. Name: Anders Lindberg Age: 51 Occupation: Upper mid-west rail road company owner. Case for Jesse Lindholm and a team in Minnesota: The Twin Cities metro area has well over a million people, and they are known to follow their Lakers closely. A team in Minnesota would gather a following in no time and I have no doubt it will succeed.
  13. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1937 Playoffs

    Things aren't looking good. And after this last season finishing with only one win there are rumors swirling that the team may be on death row.
  14. Just listened to the song, very fitting for the time period and other team songs from that time. I always think things like that are unique and cool, especially when they have a history behind them.
  15. Section30

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    I'm not a huge fan of the rangers using light blue at home and dark on the road, I think having the same shade throughout would be better.