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  1. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    That's an interesting idea but I think for the sake of this series I'm going to stick to leagues in Minnesota. Though there are going to be a few teams from Wisconsin and North Dakota.
  2. I personally would love a game or two in Minnesota at Allianz Field, but I doubt it would ever happen. Not enough seating as well as Minnesota not having the soccer history that a lot of these cities have. If they did decide to have some games in the Midwest I would guess that they would go with Denver. I do think that a couple games in Minnesota would be a big hit and would definitely bring in a ton of locals.
  3. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    Thank you, and yes it will be a long series. I will definitely try doing records and I will likely be adjusting the playoffs soon to show scores and other things. As for expansion, there will be plenty of that coming soon. The times teams join the league are determined by population at that time period and at this period most cities are either in the Twin Cities or the Iron Range, but as populations rise more teams will join. That along with updating current teams will be the biggest challenge for this series, as of right now I plan on the league having at least 130 teams in 16 leagues by the time it is done. Thank you, I hope you enjoy what will likely be a lengthy story! Anyways, I will be out of town for a week so the thread will die down a little bit, but I plan on picking up where I left off as soon as I get back!
  4. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The playoffs came and the Black Bears experience carried them past the Virginia Royals 2 games to 1 in the first round. In the Cities, the Vulcans surprising run continued as they beat the Millers to advance to the finals in their first year. In the championship game, the Vulcans were carried by their captain, Lou Tschida. They knocked off the defending champs from Ely, and won their first Kellogg Cup!
  5. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    After the regular season there were a couple surprises, the Royals finished first in the Iron Range advancing to the playoffs for the first time. But nothing was as surprising as the Vulcans, finishing first in the Cities in their first season. Some dominant teams from the past really fell off this year, in particular the Rangers and Victorias, who both recently won the Kellogg cup and are now dead last in their leagues.
  6. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    Before the 1919/20 season, two new teams joined, one from either league. In the Iron Range, the Cloquet Broncos join and are the first team outside of St. Louis County, but they are much closer to Duluth than any other team in the league. Down in the cities, the Twin City Vulcans joined. The story of the Vulcans coming to be is actually very interesting. Lou Tschida had been a member of the St. Paul AC/Saints ever since the team was founded in 1915. He had many issues with some of his teammates, especially star center Maurice Martin. The two would often get into yelling matches and even fights. After the Saints lost in the semi finals last year, Martin blamed the loss on Tschida. That was the last straw for Lou, as he gathered many of his teammates as well as co workers from Minneapolis, and he formed the Vulcans. The team is called Twin Cities due to having a fairly split team with many living in either Minneapolis or St. Paul, the name Vulcans was picked to be a direct attack on Tchida's former team, the Saints. It's safe to say that games between these teams will be rough to say the least. Here are the uniforms for the new teams:
  7. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The playoffs came and Ely's dominance continued as they swept the Reds in the semi finals. Minneapolis also advanced to the finals for the third straight year after beating the Saints 2 games to one. In a rematch of last years finals, the Black Bears defeated the Millers for the second straight year, becoming the first team to win multiple Kellogg Cups, and doing so in back to back years.
  8. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    After the regular season, the Iron Range remained mainly the same with Ely really becoming a dominant force in the league, Soudan continues to struggle, and the Rangers seem to be falling off compared to their rivals, the Reds. Down in the Twin Cities the Millers continued to dominate, making the playoffs for the fourth straight year, the newly named Saints finally passed their big brothers, the Victorias. Will the Black Bears go back to back? Will the Reds become the second team from Eveleth to win the cup? Will the Millers finally win the big game? Or will the Saints have god on their side? We'll find out in the playoffs!
  9. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The league will eventually get some teams from bordering states, but I don't think it will expand to a professional league as it would no longer be an amateur league then. And thank you for the feedback it is appreciated!
  10. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The 1919 season came along and a couple teams made changes. Ely adopted the nickname "Black Bears" after their Kellogg cup run last year. The St. Paul Athletic Club changed their name to the St. Paul Saints and changed their logo to a script St. Paul. With the name change, the saints also adjusted their uniforms by adding more cream. . And we have the first expansion team to join the MAHL, the Virginia Royals. The Royals join the Iron Range Hockey League and are located just north of Eveleth, they are named after the cities nickname "the Queen City of the North" and their logo is a crown in the team colors of royal blue and gold. Here are the new uniforms for the 1918/19 season! *sidenote* I update the logos in the original post, I also added a map of MN with pins where teams are located, the different colored pins are for the different leagues. Below the map of MN is a close up map of each league with team logos in the general area they play (I say general because if there are multiple in a city like St. Paul or Eveleth I can't put them both in the same spot) I hope this will help people following that might not know where the teams are located. If anyone has any other ideas or comments it would be appreciated!
  11. I prefer the double blue personally just because I don't like black when it isn't completely needed and I dont think it is in this situation.
  12. Section30

    Denver Nuggets new primary logo, quick concept

    I'd suggest using imgur and copying it over, that seems to work best from my experience
  13. Amazing, I'd say B2 personally
  14. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The playoffs came along and the Cinderella story that is the Ely Hockey Club continued, after beating the Eveleth Reds 2 games to 1 in the semi finals they beat the mighty Millers to claim their first Kellogg Cup, after being in the bottom of the league the previous 2 years. Players claim to have gotten good luck from a local Black bear. They say that on their way to the 1 game playoff against the Rangers the team bus had to stop as a Black Bear crossed the road in front of them, they went on to win the game. Then, when the team was on their way to the Kellogg cup Championship game they saw another black bear at the edge of town. The team has decided from now on they will be referred to as the Ely Black Bears to honor the Bears that they claim gave them good luck. Meanwhile, the Millers are still without a championship after making the playoffs the last 3 years and the finals the last 2. Feedback and ideas are welcome!
  15. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1920

    The 1918 regular season came and went without many changes in the Cities, the Victorias and Millers finished at the top of the league once again. In the Iron Range things got shaken up a bit with 2 new teams at the top of the league, the Reds finally surpassed their big brothers and Ely squeaked into the second position in a one game playoff against the Rangers. Soudan was without their star goalie again this year and will be without him from now on after he moved out of state thus dropping the Miners to last in the league 2 years in a row. Feedback and ideas are welcome!