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  1. Section30

    The 1972 Project: Texas Tech Red Raiders

    I really like Tech, although IMO the hockey jerseys just don't look right to me. I don't know if it's the hem striping or the Guns up striping below the shoulders, but it just doesn't look like a hockey uniform to me. That being said I don't think there's anything else you really could have done that wouldn't impact the rest of the sports which all look really good.
  2. Section30

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    The Coyotes striping gives me PTSD to the Nike Olympic jerseys, not in a good way. The jagged stripes could work if you added outlines to make it almost look like a classic striping pattern, but the plain bands on the arms and the imbalance in the amount of black and wheat there is on the home and away make this one a no from me.
  3. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1944 Finals

    Thank you! I would say expect a few new teams joining the league in the years following the war and then a major "boom" when the baby boomers arrive. I wouldn't get too used to a united Duluth team, with the sheer amount of people in the city it is only a matter of time until the Voyageurs and Hornets split again. With the increase in their competitiveness the last few years I wouldn't be surprised if they won it in the next decade or so.
  4. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1944 Finals

    1944 Kellogg Cup Finals Game 1: After 2 scoreless periods, Duluth was able to put one in 7 minutes into the third, and got an empty netter to take the game 2-0. Game 2: Duluth came out fast, scoring 3 minutes in, but Superior answered in the second. It was tied 1-1 after 2, until Duluth's Michael Thompson got a breakaway and put it five-hole to win it. Game 3: As the series crossed the bridge, the momentum remained with Duluth who snuck out a 3-2 victory in Wisconsin. Game 4: Doing everything in their power to not get swept, the Lakers went all out and stayed alive with a 3-1 win Game 5: Falling behind 1-0 after the first period, Duluth came out aggressive in the second, scoring twice. They would go on to hold the lead, Duluth is your 1944 Kellogg Cup Champions! Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  5. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1944 Finals

    Yes they will since they are still part of the MAHL. Oops, forgot to change that from last year, I updated it now.
  6. Go Walleye! Taking that top spot in the west AND having the league MVP... not too bad
  7. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1944 Finals

    1944 Playoffs Semi Finals: Duluth completely dominates Two Harbors, easily sweeping them and advancing to the finals. In a battle of non-Minnesotans, the Lakers came out on top, stunning Thunder Bay in game 5. Will Duluth continue to roll? Or will the Lakers use their momentum to carry them past the juggernauts from across the bridge? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  8. Section30

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1944 Finals

    After a year off, teams from the Lake Superior League met and decided it would be best for the moral of both the players and the citizens of their towns to have something to do and cheer for in the long Minnesota winter. They decided to reinstate the league for the 1943/44 season. The Cloquet Broncos decided not to join this year due to 5 of their members currently fighting in the war. The bitter cross-town rivals, Voyageurs and Hornets, decided to merge for this season, they will simply be known as "Duluth" and they will use the Hornets logo and uniforms since it is a D to represent their city. Due to there only being 5 teams and being the only league to play this year, the Lake Superior League shortened the season to just 20 games rather than the 24 that they had played in years past. The 1943/44 season concluded and here is how things played out. Duluth, with the cream of the crop, getting all the top players from the city, finished far and away in first. The Giants followed in second with Superior taking the 3 spot. In the last playoff spot were the Timberwolves, getting back in the playoffs. Grand Rapids finished in last with only 3 wins on the season. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  9. Section30

    2018/19 College Hockey

    I've never personally been a Badger fan, but it just didn't feel right having Wisconsin outside of the tournament for a few years there. Things seem to have turned around which is good, a team with that much history and that is that big should be a contender.
  10. Section30

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Not a terrible look, but I would have liked to see some crimson since Gameday's finally gonna be in Pullman. A little ode to "Ole Crimson" would have been a nice touch.
  11. Section30

    2018/19 College Hockey

    Maine has been to the frozen 4 five times since the turn of the century, the latest coming in 2007 and they have only made the tourney one time since then in 2012. I guess it's been longer than I realized since they've been a power, but still, to drop so far in a decade is bizarre.
  12. Not too bad, the only thing I would have liked to have seen is the grey stripes being white, it's hard to see the light blue next to the silver and it looks weird only having white on the shoulders and logo but not the striping.
  13. Section30

    2018/19 College Hockey

    It still looks weird to me seeing them up so high in the rankings, I think this is a perfect example of how the conference realignment a few years back really altered the look of the league. With teams like Ohio State and Penn State becoming powers while teams like Maine and New Hampshire have seemingly dropped off the map after being powers for so long.
  14. Section30

    2018/19 College Hockey

    I thought this could be an interesting thread and I haven't seen anyone make one for this season. With the season just starting I thought I'd start things out with my team, Bemidji State, who upset #13 ranked North Dakota in their regular season opener at home. They travel to Grand Forks tonight to finish the home and home series. Minnesota teams actually went unbeaten last night with Mankato beating BU, Duluth beating Tech, and St. Cloud beating Fairbanks. I'm interested to hear who here follows college hockey and to possibly get a good thread going here. Who are your team(s), how'd they do?
  15. Section30

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    UPDATE: Minnesota State Alumni Adam Thielen approves of the new threads