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    Old Beaver Logo Update

    Thank you for the kind words! Thank you for the compliments, it means a lot coming from you guys, below I have updated Bucky's eyes and I think it looks better, let me know what you think. I also got rid of the white line at the bottom of the sweater since it kinda cut off the legs IMO, I think it looks better now that the black legs and the bottom of the sweater just meet. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  2. Section30

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    Hello everyone! So I currently attend Bemidji State University in Bemidji Minnesota, and I work for the athletic media department. A few days ago I stumbled on an old logo that the school apparently used in the 80s and early 90s. I thought it would be cool to see what it would look like updated so I gave it a shot! Please let me know what you guys think and if there's any advise you have, thanks! Here is the original logo for reference And here is my updated version, I did 3 color variations, black and white like in the original, green and white which are the school colors, and a mix of black green and white because we oftern use black as well as green and white. Let me know what you think! CC is appreciated!
  3. A while ago, I was thinking about Minnesota's hockey history and it got me thinking. What if there was an amateur hockey league in the state that started when the game first began to get popular in the state? A league made up of everyday people who just love the game. Any city can have a team as long as they have a minimum of 10 skaters and 2 goalies, all players must be over the age of 18 and can not have played for money at any point in the past. This is a contact league, but fighting is not allowed. Some teams are actual teams from the past or fictional teams from movies and such. Some cities will be better at different points in history, depending on events that take place in that time and population rises and falls. This is going to be the largest project I have ever worked on and it will take a long time to complete, I will simulate seasons using a random generator. I will be designing logos and uniforms for teams that are accurate to the time period. Ideas for teams, logos, and uniforms will be welcomed. The league is made up of smaller leagues that play each other in the regular season, the top teams from each league after the regular season move on to the playoffs where they can play teams from other leagues and play for the Kellogg Cup. Current Year: 1946/47 Current Team Logos: Maps of Team Locations: Kellogg Cup: The trophy teams compete for in the MAHL playoffs, donated to the league by Frank B. Kellogg after becoming a Senator for the state of Minnesota in 1916. Winning teams names are permanently etched into the cup next to the year they won. List Of Champions: 1916 - St. Paul Victorias 1917 - Eveleth Rangers 1918 - Ely Hockey Club 1919 - Ely Black Bears 1920 - Twin Cities Vulcans 1921 - Duluth Hornets 1922 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1923 - Minneapolis Millers 1924 - Virginia Royals 1925 - Ely Black Bears 1926 - Cloquet Broncos 1927 - Virginia Royals 1928 - Duluth Voyageurs 1929 - Duluth Voyageurs 1930 - Duluth Voyageurs 1931 - Eveleth Reds 1932 - Eveleth Reds 1933 - Two Harbors Timberwolves 1934 - Eveleth Reds 1935 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1936 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1937 - Hibbing Greyhounds 1938 - Thunder Bay Giants 1939 - Virginia Royals 1940 - Ely Black Bears 1941 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1942 - Duluth Hornets 1943 - 1944 - Duluth* 1945 - Duluth 1946 - St. Paul Saints
  4. St. Cloud likely will become more dominant as the years go on, but at this point in time, Warroad and Roseau have a much bigger emphasis on hockey despite having a much smaller population.
  5. The 1946/47 season concluded and here are the stories. Due to a new league joining, the playoff structure has changed so only the top 3 teams from each league make the playoffs. The format is the same, but instead of a knockout round of teams from all the leagues, every league gets their own spot. Iron Range Hockey League: The Soudan Miners claimed the top spot, finishing with one more win than the second place Reds. Grand Rapids takes the final playoff spot in their first year in the Iron Range. Ely continues to decline as they finish with 8 wins. And Hibbing and Chisholm finish in the bottom of the league. Lake Superior Hockey League: The Hornets remained at the top of the league with the Giants and Voyageurs rounding out the top 3. Superior dropped a fair amount thanks to a number of key injuries. Cloquet and Two Harbors finished in the bottom, but Cloquet looks to be on the up and up with a few youngsters on the roster. Northland Hockey League: The Warroad Lakers dominated the competition all season, finishing in first with 19 wins. Roseau took second and Bemidji rounded out the playoff teams. St. Cloud had a lackluster season and Fergus Falls was out of their league in their first season. Twin Cities Hockey League: The St. Paul Victorias and Saints swapped top positions and the Vulcans took the third playoff spot. Rochester just missed the playoffs, but had a winning record, in their first season. the Millers had a decent season, but still finished below .500. The Chiefs just beat out the Mavericks for the 6 spot thanks to one tie, and the Bruins finished in the basement. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  6. I hadn't thought of it, but after looking, that seems to be a reasonable spot for a team with some other cities in the area planned to have teams. Since Orr has such a small population I am waiting until it peaks in the 60s for them to get a team, even then it is very small.
  7. As time goes on you'll see more teams with shared nicknames since I have so many teams planned and there are only so many names to choose from.
  8. Here are the newest members of the Minnesota Amateur Hockey League! Fergus Falls is a fairly large city for the area, with a population between around 12,000. Fergus Falls is located in the western part of the state, and has a history of pond hockey. The Cyclones will play on Lake Alice and are going to be founding members of the Northland Hockey League. The nickname "Cyclones" was given to the team because of the 2 major tornadoes that stuck the city just a few decades ago, including the 1919 tornado that destroyed most of the town. Their logo is a cyclone with an interlocking FF logo for Fergus Falls. The team colors are burgundy and orange. The Cyclones will only have one pair of socks that are just block orange. Rochester is one of the largest cities in the state, with a population around 29,000. Located in the southeastern part of the state, Rochester will be the southernmost team in the league. Like many other teams in the league, the Mustangs are based on a real team that began playing in 1946. Rochester will be joining the Twin Cities Hockey League. The nickname "Mustangs" was chosen to represent the "speed and strength of the people of Rochester". Their logo is a bucking Mustang, but it is only seen on the away jersey. The Mustangs colors are black and gold. St. Cloud is one of the bigger cities in the state with a population around 26,000. Located north of the twin cities along the shores of the Mississippi, St. Cloud is a hockey town through and through with locals playing on the lakes and rivers as well as following the St. Cloud State hockey team. St. Cloud will be a founding member of the Northland Hockey League as the Twin Cities HL refused to allow them access. Thei nickname will be the "Bear Cats" . Their logo is a cartoon Bear Cat face with a sailor hat with SC in it.. The Bear Cats colors are black and silver. Warroad is a tiny town with a population around 1,000 located on the shores of Lake of the Woods on the Canadian border. What Warroad lacks in people it more than makes up for in passion for the sport. Comparable only to their nearest team from Roseau, Warroad is hockey crazy to say the very least. The Lakers are another team based on a real team that founded in 1946. Warroad will be the final founding member of the Northland Hockey League. The nickname "Lakers" was chosen due to the city being located on the shored of Lake of the Woods. Their logo is a blue and red anchor, but isn't located anywhere on their uniforms. The Lakers colors are red white and blue. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  9. There was a lot of adjusting in the MAHL this off season. All three leagues had either new teams or teams move from their league, 4 expansion teams were welcomed to the league, and there is a new league that formed. The Bemidji Blue Ox and Roseau Stars left the Iron Range Hockey League, along with 3 new teams, to form the "Northland Hockey League" this league will begin play this year. In the Lake Superior League, the Grand Rapids Moose left to join the Iron Range Hockey League due to a much closer travel schedule and with grand Rapids' regional tie to the Iron Range. And the Twin Cities Hockey League got an expansion team as well.
  10. Two teams made some adjustments to their uniforms prior to the season, the Greyhounds added an away jersey for the first time in franchise history, but left their home unchanged. South St. Paul completely redid their uniform striping, updating the old where the shoulders, hem and sleeves were solid red are now striped. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  11. Some more teams decided to update their looks by adding colored breezers for the 1946/47 season. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  12. Section30

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    San Diego looks good, the Flamingos look great! I especially like the white jersey without the orange, I think it could be a move in the future to drop it, the pink white and tel together are perfect as is!
  13. Yep, it was also their first trip to the finals. The Saints have mostly been one of the more upper teams in the Twin Cities, but have never really dominated or been the top dogs, this year was only their third league title.
  14. Section30

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    Way to go Shockers! Nice to see my team succeed! As for expansion I would say either Portland or Oakland
  15. Section30

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    Looks good! I personally prefer the more vertical oval but both look good and time appropriate
  16. 1946 Kellogg Cup Finals Game 1: St. Paul was behind 2-1 after the first, but the Saints were able to tie things up in the second and then win it in overtime to take a 1-0 series lead. Game 2: After losing in overtime, the Vulcans were looking to bounce back, and they did just that, putting up 4 on the road to tie the series. Game 3: Coming off a decisive victory over the Saints, the Vulcans looked to make it back to back, after scoring two first period goals, they played shut down defense for the remainder of the game, scoring one more on the empty net to take the series lead. Game 4: The Vulcans looked to take a commanding 3-1 series lead, but the Saints had other ideas. After falling behind 1-0, the Saints offense went to work, controlling the playof the game and putting 3 behind the Vulcan goaltender to tie the series. Game 5: St. Paul would continue to outplay the Vulcans in game 5, shutting them out. Game 6: game 6 was more or less a continuation of the last 2 games, the Saints just were too much for the Vulcans to handle as they completely controlled the flow of the game and took the game by a score of 3 to 1 to claim their first ever Kellogg Cup! Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  17. 1946 Playoffs Knockout Round: Soudan is able to strike early and hold of the Ox to move on. In the wildcard bracket, the Vulcans pull of the upset over the Giants, in Thunder Bay, to advance. The Victorias knock off the Millers in a tough fought battle. Superior takes care of Le Bleus and goes on to meet the Hornets in the second round. Second Round: Eveleth completely outplays the Miners, sweeping them. In their first playoff appearance, the Stars were upset by the Vulcans who look to be picking up some momentum. The captain of the Victorias, Lance Ogden, has a strange tradition of bringing a "lucky" milk jug that he brings to every game. After his Victorias took game 1 of the series, a couple of Saints players were able to snag the jug from the Victorias locker room. The Saints went on to win the next game, forcing a deciding game 3. The Saints made an offer to the Victorias, whoever win the series keeps the milk jug. The Saints went out and won in overtime to take the series and thus kept the jug, they proceeded to rub it in the faces of the Victorias by parading it around the ice after the game, Ogden and his teammates were held back to prevent a brawl and the first rivalry trophy in MAHL history was formed. In another rivalry series, the Hornets just squeezed past the Lakers to advance. Semi Finals: The Vulcans continued to upset the league as the knocked off the top seeded Reds in Eveleth to advance to the finals. Riding the momentum from defeating their rivals and now owning the Milk Jug, the Saints took care of the Hornets in 4 games to advance and meet another old rival in the finals. Will the Vulcans upset streak continue Or will the Saints claim their first Kellogg Cup? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  18. I was planning on having the late rounds of the playoffs being played at those arenas much like the High School tournament, I also have been thinking of a possible all star game and this would be a good place it could be at. I still use the same general idea, I use the random app and put teams in more if I think they should be good based on a number of things and whoever shows up twice first I'll put them first and so on. I then take the rankings and randomly assign records to teams, so no, I don't sim every game, that would take way too long.
  19. Section30

    Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Refresh

    I agree with this, I would also like to see what it would look like in yellow like they have on their hockey jerseys.
  20. The 1945/46 season concluded and here are the stories. Each league went back to 24 game seasons, so the Lake Superior and Twin Cities played each other 4 times each while the Iron Range played each other 3 times each. Iron Range Hockey League: Eveleth remained at the top of the league with a strong year, only having one loss. The expansion team from Roseau took the second spot with an impressive first year. In third place we have the Miners who are looking to make some noise again, in the last playoff spot we have Bemidji who finished just above .500. Just missing the playoffs were the Black Bears, this is their first time missing the playoffs (when the Iron Range had a season) since 1936. Virginia, Hibbing, and Chisholm all had lackluster seasons and finished at the bottom of the league. Lake Superior Hockey League: In their first year back after the merge, the Hornets remained at the top of the league as if nothing happened. Superior turned some heads this year as they ended the theme of Duluth or Thunder Bay always taking the top 2 spots by just inching out the 2 seed over the Giants. The Voyageurs took the 4 spot and made the playoffs. The bottom three all had a really difficult time in such a strong league, those teams are Two Harbors, Grand Rapids, and Cloquet. Twin Cities Hockey League: The St. Paul Saints and Victorias took the top two spots in the league followed by the Vulcans. The Millers look to bring back the good ole' days as they clinched a playoff birth despite having a losing record. the Mavericks had the biggest drop off of any team due to the years off from the war, missing the playoffs for the first time since 1921 (when the Twin Cities had a season). The Chiefs struggled in their inaugural season, but the Bruins finished in last place. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  21. This would be seen as more like "town ball" in baseball, not quite professional, but just about the highest level without being a pro league. Think of it as like college or junior level but instead of being for a school or playing juniors it's everyday people with no age requirements playing for their cities. I would expect the NHL to continue as it does in real life, some top players from the MAHL may get drafted or go off to college or something which could impact teams, but I wouldn't call this league a minor league or anything. I would think that the Wild/North Stars would likely embrace the league and players like they do for the high school hockey tournament in real life. Maybe having special nights or putting the jerseys around the arena like they do with the high school ones IRL.
  22. Section30

    College Hockey Redesign

    Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of college hockey my entire life, going to my first game when I was only 6 Weeks old. I decided to try my hand on redesigning all 60 teams in D1 college hockey. Some teams are just slight updates or even remaining the same for the most part, others are complete overhauls. WARNING: you will see a lot of stripes and script, and no football helmets in this thread! Every team has 4 jerseys, a home, away, alternate, and a second alternate which is mostly throwbacks but also can be a fauxback or a normal alternate. I will be going in alphabetical order of conference then team, lets get started! Starting off in Atlantic Hockey we have our first team. The American International College (AIC) Yellow Jackets CURRENT UNIFORMS: Home: Based off of their old alternate jersey, now with their classic Yellow Jacket logo on the chest. Away: A black version of their home. Alt: A yellow version. Alt 2: A fauxback with striped arms, AIC on chest diagonally, and no white on the uniform.
  23. Section30

    2018/19 College Hockey

    I thought this could be an interesting thread and I haven't seen anyone make one for this season. With the season just starting I thought I'd start things out with my team, Bemidji State, who upset #13 ranked North Dakota in their regular season opener at home. They travel to Grand Forks tonight to finish the home and home series. Minnesota teams actually went unbeaten last night with Mankato beating BU, Duluth beating Tech, and St. Cloud beating Fairbanks. I'm interested to hear who here follows college hockey and to possibly get a good thread going here. Who are your team(s), how'd they do?
  24. Section30

    Driveball Redux (San Diego name+logo unveiled)

    I'd say San Diego
  25. Thank you! and I'm pretty sure that if you hit the little down arrow next to your name in the top right corner then do account settings there should be something on the left that says signature and you can put whatever there.