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  1. Prior to the 1940/41 season, the Minneapolis Hockey Clubs split up back into the Millers and Bruins, the Soudan Miners made some adjustments to their uniforms, and Lou Tschida was announced as the first "official" head coach in Vulcans history. Here are the Minneapolis teams looks after the split. No changes for the Bruins, but the Millers completely redesigned. The Millers dropped their orange jersey in favor of the first white jersey in franchise history, the striping on the jerseys has also completely changed. The Millers also adjusted their logo yet again in an attempt to build a fan base again after the merger, the teams new logo is almost an exact copy of the Minneapolis Millers baseball logo. The Miners also changed their look, dropping the simple orange cuffs and hem for a stripe pattern. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  2. A while ago, I was thinking about Minnesota's hockey history and it got me thinking. What if there was an amateur hockey league in the state that started when the game first began to get popular in the state? A league made up of everyday people who just love the game. Any city can have a team as long as they have a minimum of 10 skaters and 2 goalies, all players must be over the age of 18 and can not have played for money at any point in the past. This is a contact league, but fighting is not allowed. Some teams are actual teams from the past or fictional teams from movies and such. Some cities will be better at different points in history, depending on events that take place in that time and population rises and falls. This is going to be the largest project I have ever worked on and it will take a long time to complete, I will simulate seasons using a random generator. I will be designing logos and uniforms for teams that are accurate to the time period. Ideas for teams, logos, and uniforms will be welcomed. The league is made up of smaller leagues that play each other in the regular season, the top teams from each league after the regular season move on to the playoffs where they can play teams from other leagues and play for the Kellogg Cup. Current Year: 1940/41 Current Team Logos: Maps of Team Locations: Kellogg Cup: The trophy teams compete for in the MAHL playoffs, donated to the league by Frank B. Kellogg after becoming a Senator for the state of Minnesota in 1916. Winning teams names are permanently etched into the cup next to the year they won. List Of Champions: 1916 - St. Paul Victorias 1917 - Eveleth Rangers 1918 - Ely Hockey Club 1919 - Ely Black Bears 1920 - Twin Cities Vulcans 1921 - Duluth Hornets 1922 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1923 - Minneapolis Millers 1924 - Virginia Royals 1925 - Ely Black Bears 1926 - Cloquet Broncos 1927 - Virginia Royals 1928 - Duluth Voyageurs 1929 - Duluth Voyageurs 1930 - Duluth Voyageurs 1931 - Eveleth Reds 1932 - Eveleth Reds 1933 - Two Harbors Timberwolves 1934 - Eveleth Reds 1935 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1936 - South St. Paul Mavericks 1937 - Hibbing Greyhounds 1938 - Thunder Bay Giants 1939 - Virginia Royals 1940 - Ely Black Bears
  3. Glad to see this is back, I really like the subtle pattern in the stripes, but the Lion looks like it could use a little more detail. Overall it is a big improvement on the current look!
  4. Cloquet and Soudan actually aren't really in danger of losing their teams, despite not being competitive for some years. The Miners have a solid amount of people in the Tower-Soudan area that will be able to maintain a team, and the Broncos are located in a fairly safe place in terms of job security, thus allowing people to continue to play, this along with Cloquet being far enough from Duluth will allow it to continue to operate. As of right now, I don't have any of the teams that are currently in the league scheduled to fold or merge in the future. Some teams that will be added wont be so lucky however.
  5. It'll be a rough road for the next few years, but things should improve soon.
  6. Section30

    2018 NFL Season

    As a Vikings fan, all I really want in life is to know that our kicker can make a kick from PAT distance when it matters... is that too much to ask for?!?
  7. I thought about doing this, but simply due to the fact that the Reds have been at the top of the league while the Rangers have been at the bottom for quite a few years now, I felt that the Reds would have likely not wanted to merge with a struggling team. Players from the Rangers can still play for the Reds if they decide to, so essentially it is a merge without merging the franchises.
  8. Section30

    Swedish University Hockey

    I'm interested in seeing how this series goes. There are a couple things I would change about Linköpings; I like the colors, but I think that the blue jersey lacks colors with the striping being the same color as the jersey. I would suggest either making the blue stripes white and white stripes blue. I also think that the logo looks a little off for a hockey jersey, I think that the logo i have put below would look better on a hockey jersey, probably without the text though.
  9. Section30

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  10. Most of these are amazing, I do have a couple I'm not crazy about though. Minnesota: The Wild need some red IMO, even if it's just in the logo. Detroit: Not a fan of the Wings adding black, let alone this much of it. Pittsburgh: I think adding a little white would be good, even if it is just in the logo, since penguins are actually black and white not black and yellow. Great job none the less, these are all pretty nitpicky, the majority of these have been perfect. Keep it up!
  11. Section30

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  12. Lets go Walleye! First of many playoff appearances to come (hopefully)
  13. 1940 Kellogg Cup Finals Game 1: The Giants took an early lead in the game, but Ely crawled their way back, winning game 1 in overtime 3-2 Game 2: The Black Bears, riding a 5 game winning streak, took game 2 on away ice to take a 2-0 series lead. Game 3: With their backs to the wall, and now on enemy ice, the Giants were able to steal back a game to bring the series within 1. Game 4: Thunder Bay finishes off the first four games with the home team losing every game, sending the series back to Canada for game 5. Game 5: The Giants begin to look like everything is coming together as they have rebounded, winning game 5 in dominant fashion. Game 6: Ely will not go down without a fight however, as the Black Bears shut out the Giants 3-0 to force a game 7. Game 7: The Black Bears came out swinging, scoring twice within the first 7 minutes of the game. Despite allowing one against, Ely was able to bury an empty net goal, clinching their fourth Kellogg Cup, their first in 15 years! Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  14. Sorry for the long break, I've been busy with school and other things. I do plan on continuing this series, it will just be going slower in the future. Anyways here are the 1940 playoffs. 1940 Playoffs Knockout Round: In the "Battle of Duluth" the underdog Voyageurs are able to pull off the upset and advance. In the wildcard bracket, the Moose end the Vulcans season. The Blue Ox, in their first season, upset the defending champs to advance. In another first round rivalry game, the Saints got the better of the Victorias and move on. Second Round: The Giants squeeze past the Voyageurs for the second year in a row to advance to another semi finals. The Eveleth Reds are just too much for the Moose to handle as they easily sweep Grand Rapids. The Black Bears end Bemidji's first season and advance to the semi finals. In the border battle of St. Paul and South St. Paul, the Saints upset the Mavericks to continue their impressive playoff run. Semi Finals: The Giants continue to roll in the playoffs despite another series going the distance, the Reds gave it their all, but in the end Dubois and the Giants were too much. Unlike the Giants, the Black Bears from Ely completely rolled over their opponents from St. Paul, sweeping them and entering the finals on a wave of momentum. Will the Giants get back on top? Or will the Black Bears stay hot and keep the cup in Minnesota? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  15. Section30

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I personally love the cannon logo, I think it looks great on the front of a jersey. The hat on the otherhand, looks off IMO.
  16. I decide on the standings based off of a randomization app I have and then I randomly assign records to teams. I'll admit I've been a bit too relaxed when it comes to records as I just randomly do it and don't put too much thought into it. In my mind I had thought that the amount of wins and losses didn't have to be the same because of ties (dumb I know) so thanks for pointing that out, I'll get that fixed going forward. Teams only play teams within their league during the regular season. Teams can scrimmage against other teams, but those games don't count for the record and are used more as a practice.
  17. The 1939/40 season concluded and here are the stories. Iron Range Hockey League: Ely remained at the top of the league with a solid all around season. The Eveleth Reds followed behind in second place with the defending champs coming third. The Ox, in their inaugural season, claim the final playoff spot, just ahead of Hibbing. The bottom 3 remain the same with it being Soudan, Chisholm, then the lowly Rangers. Lake Superior Hockey League: Thunder Bay took the Lake Superior League again, followed closely by the Duluth Hornets. Grand Rapids jumped past the Voyageurs to finish 3rd, while Le Bleus took the 4 spot. Superior finished at .500 but missed the playoffs. Two Harbors suffered a poor season due to many players being gone for a lot of the season due to new work hours at the port in Two Harbors, which allowed Cloquet to jump out of the basement. Twin Cities Hockey League: The Mavs took back the top spot, followed by the Victorias. The Vulcans, led by up and coming prospect Hans Tschida, the son of Lou, moved back up in the standings to finish in third place. The Saints rounded out the playoff teams, leaving the Minneapolis Hockey Club in the basement and out of the playoffs. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  18. Section30

    The History Of The Midwest Hockey League

    Don't feel bad, I've had plenty of ideas that never came to fruition or that I abandoned. I will say this. The boards here are one of the best ways to improve on your concepts. If you do decide to give this series a try, don't feel pressured into doing everything all at once. Take your time, post when you're happy with a team or if you are stuck and want help. People here will help and give advice to improve your skills. You mention having lackluster design skills, we all did when we started, but we kept at it and with the help of constructive criticism of people on the boards have improved. Nothing is ever perfect, there are always things that you'll look back at years later and realize you would have done differently. Hell, I stumble across new things to make my designs better or easier to make damn near every time I make something. Like I said, whether you decide to do this series or not is up to you, but if you do decide to give it a go don't be afraid or embarrassed of what you have. We've all been there before, designing takes time, it's not something you instantly are an expert at.
  19. Prior to the 1939/40 season, the league welcomed its newest member, the Bemidji Blue Ox. The Ox will be joining the Iron Range Hockey League, but there are rumors of a new North Western League in the works that they could move to in the coming years. The Blue Ox are named after the statue located in the city of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox which was built in 1937. The name plays off the areas lumber history and the legend of Paul Bunyan's sidekick Babe the Blue Ox. Bemidji's logo is a simple 'B' logo made up of the teams colors of light blue, navy, and off white. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  20. Section30

    NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)

  21. Section30

    Nike NHL - 9/13 NYI alternates added

    Arizona looks good, I'd suggest making the sock stripes match the jersey by having the katchina pattern as well. The Devils also look good, the stripes seem awefully small though, maybe make them a little bigger to cover more space so the arms don't look so bare.
  22. Section30

    NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)

    Dallas: I like the decision to go back to green and blue, and I like the logo, I would just suggest smoothing the lines of the logo. I'm also not crazy about the Icon uniform. Houston: The new logo is an improvement, I like the simplicity of the jerseys. I love the statement jersey but I think one jersey should have 'Rockets' on front instead of Houston or H-Town. Louisiana: Not sure about the change from New Orleans, but Louisiana isn't bad. The mardi gras logo is so incredibly pixelated that it is hard to look at, it is a good idea, but it needs to be cleaned up, the uniform is also pretty boring, I would base it more off of the Pelicans current mardi gras uniform. Mexico City: I would suggest swapping the white and black in the logo, otherwise the logo is solid. The number font is a little funky for my liking, but it's not terrible. The city jersey is nice. I'd like to see one jersey with 'Eagles' on the front instead of Mexico City. Omaha: I'm assuming they relocated from OKC which I don't mind, I think Omaha deserves a pro team. The colors and uniforms are perfect, but the logo kinda looks like a D instead of an O to me. I would suggest getting rid of the angle at the top left as well as maybe rounding the corners. San Antonio: The Spurs logo is great, nice and simple as it should be. The jerseys are also nice and simple, it is a little difficult to read the name and number on the icon uniform with the white with a silver outline though. It's also kinda hard to read the name and numbers on the city jersey, I'd make the numbers silver. Overall it is a solid start, but there is room to improve. One big thing I noticed is that the numbers are really small, especially on the back of the jersey. I look forward to what you come out with next!
  23. Section30

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    Love the Vikings, the logo is great, the jersey looks bare without the Vikings wordmark though
  24. Had Dubois not gotten hurt, odds are the Giants would have continued to roll over everyone as they had in the regular season. And as I mentioned in my prior post; with the depression coming to an end and WW2 beginning, there will be some changes to some teams and expansion will begin soon.