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  1. That's one of the cool things about Minnesota, a lot of our public schools are just as nice or nicer than private so a lot more people go to public schools since there's no real incentive to go to a private. With the exception of a few military academies and religious schools.
  2. Hamms looks great, I hope it doesn't weaken the Maroons though. I usually support teams from St. Paul over Minneapolis, but I think I'm gonna stay loyal to the Maroons, I feel like they're more likely to last in the long run.
  3. Long story short, Edina is a rich suburb of the Twin Cities. Because it's rich it is nice, which causes a lot of former athletes to move there. Good genes, and money to burn on training kids from the time they can skate have caused a never ending pool of some of the best players in the state. So essentially they're rich kids that dominate every year so we all collectively hate them.
  4. A while ago, I was thinking about Minnesota's hockey history and it got me thinking. What if there was an amateur hockey league in the state that started when the game first began to get popular in the state? A league made up of everyday people who just love the game. Any city can have a team as long as they have a minimum of 10 skaters and 2 goalies, all players must be over the age of 18 and can not have played for money at any point in the past. This is a contact league, but fighting is not allowed. Some teams are actual teams from the past or fictional teams from movies and such. Some cities will be better at different points in history, depending on events that take place in that time and population rises and falls. This is going to be the largest project I have ever worked on and it will take a long time to complete, I will simulate seasons using a random generator. I will be designing logos and uniforms for teams that are accurate to the time period. Ideas for teams, logos, and uniforms will be welcomed. The league is made up of smaller leagues that play each other in the regular season, the top teams from each league after the regular season move on to the playoffs where they can play teams from other leagues and play for the Kellogg Cup. Current Year: 1955/56 Logo And Jersey Database: Current Team Logos: Maps of Team Locations: Rivalry Trophies: Tschida Trophy: Kellogg Cup: List Of Champions:
  5. The finals continue the new format and are single elimination
  6. 1957 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Semi Finals Hibbing Greyhounds v. Thunder Bay Giants The Greyhounds took on the Giants at the Hibbing Memorial Center where over 4,000 fans packed the stands. The first period was scoreless, as was the second. The Greyhounds finally got on the board when Polich made a quick move behind the net, wrapping the puck around and into the net just inside the pipe. The Giants tried to comeback by pulling the goalie with 2 minutes left and got some good chances, but were unable to capitalize. The Hibbing Greyhounds advance, winning 1-0. International Falls Ice v. West St. Paul Waves The Waves are coming off one of the bigger upset of the playoffs where they dominated the St. Cloud Bear Cats, but the atmosphere in St. Cloud is much easier than that of International Falls. The rowdy crowd gave the Waves a whole extra level to deal with. The Ice used the initial shock of West St. Paul to their advantage, striking first on a one timer from Mason. International Falls struck once again in the second to build a 2-0 lead. The Waves finally seemed to have adapted to the harsh temperatures and atmosphere and were beginning to own more possession. The second period horn sounded right as the Waves got a breakaway chance, West St. Paul players swear the horn went off a couple seconds too early, ending their chance, but the refs decided the period had come to an end. The Waves finally got on the scoreboard in the third when Finnigan took a shot from the slot that went five hole. The clock wound down to the last minute and the Waves had pulled their goalie. They rained shots on goal, but Brad Nemec of the Ice stood tall in net, stopping all 7 shots in the last minute to help his team hold on and win 2-1. Will the Greyhounds get their second Cup, ending the 20 year drought? Or will the Ice claim their 2nd title in 4 years? Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  7. The Stags look great, I can already picture a modern day updated version.
  8. So close Maroons. As we say in Minnesota in real life "There's always next year!"
  9. 1957 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Quarter Finals Thunder Bay Giants v. Warroad Lakers Warroad was unable to go back to back upsets as the Thunder Bay Giants were able to shut down the Lakers attack. Staal was a rock on defense, blocking 15 shots in the game and helping his team capture the 3-0 shut out win. Hibbing Greyhounds v. Duluth Voyageurs Two serious contenders faced off in the Hibbing Memorial Center where fans from both teams packed the stands. The Voyageurs jumped out to a one goal lead in the first, but the Greyhounds' Polich struck twice in the second to give his team the lead heading into the third. Duluth tied things up midway through the period, but Hibbing answered right back less than a minute later. That would wind up being the final score, as the Hibbing Greyhounds knocked off the Duluth Voyageurs by a score of 3-2. St. Cloud Bear Cats v. West St. Paul Waves West St. Paul came out fast in this game, striking twice before the 5 minute mark of the game. They began to come back to earth by the end of the second, but the score remained 2-0 at the end of the period. The Waves added one more early in the second thanks to Finnigan's incredible backhand. Down 3-0 on home ice, the St. Cloud fans began letting their team know how they felt about their performance, booing their Bear Cats. The Bear Cats managed to get one back in the third to stop the boos, but were unable to complete the comeback, sending the Waves to the semi finals. International Falls Ice v. Austin Mavericks The defending champs took on the Ice in one of the toughest places to play in the league, International Falls. The Ice jumped out to an early lead thanks to a powerplay goal by veteran Willy Mason. The Mavericks tried everything, but the Ice just shut down Austin's attack. International Falls buried to more in the third and held Austin to just one goal. The final horn sounded, sending the Ice one and the defending champs home, no Cinderella run this year. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  10. Come on Maroons, stop the three-pete!
  11. They 100% are the most hated team in the state, which just makes it so much worse that they look better than almost every team on top of being dominant... I would also throw Duluth East, Moorhead, Roseau, and the previously mention Cloquet along with Edina to make my top 5 looks in the state Duluth East Moorhead Roseau Cloquet
  12. Now they just need to bring a team back to Minnesota... As @Chromatic said though, the Halifax logo looks like an EA Create a Team logo, very underwhelming
  13. 1957 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Second Round St. Paul Victorias v. Warroad Lakers Bemidji Blue Ox v. Thunder Bay Giants Hibbing Greyhounds v. Roseau Stars Duluth Voyageurs v. Eveleth Redbirds St. Cloud Bear Cats v. Little Falls Pilots West St. Paul Waves v. Brainerd Lumberjacks International Falls Ice v. Virginia Royals Austin Mavericks v. Rochester Mustangs Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
  14. So I make logos in Illustrator, but the graphics and uniforms are made in Photoshop. As for simulating, I use a random generator. For the regular season I give every team a ranking of 1-5, so if a team has stars or has done really good recently their name will be put in 5 times while crappy teams will only be put in once. I then randomize it until one team is chosen twice, they finished first, I remove them and do it again until all teams are ranked. In the playoffs I just do something similar, I usually give the team with home ice 4 and the away team 3 then see which team is chosen 4 times, that team advances. I hope that helps, I know it sounds confusing when explained, but it's really quite simple. Thank you!
  15. Name/Age: Anders Lindberg 31 years old Bio: Lindberg is the owner of Northland Sporting Goods, a regional sports outfitter that sells sports equipment throughout the upper Midwest. He grew up playing Markball and was captain of his high school team, he also played Markball in college. He currently lives in St. Paul Minnesota. Top Three Cities: 1. New Orleans, LA 2. Atlanta, GA 3. San Francisco, CA NAML Alignment Ideas: Put New Orleans in West, Atlanta in East
  16. Section30

    MLB x NIKE (2/30 Boston Red Sox)

    I agree about the font, and I also think that the throwback should use the older script but other than that it is a great look for the O's
  17. Thank you guys! As for the differences in format, the seedings are more accurate and the playoffs have become single elimination throughout rather than series after the first round.
  18. Section30

    FIFA World Cup 2022

    These are all amazing, nothing I would change!
  19. 1957 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Knockout Round Warroad Lakers v. South St. Paul Mavericks Thunder Bay Giants v. Fergus Falls Cyclones Duluth Hornets v. Roseau Stars Eveleth Redbirds v. Rochester Robins Mankato Moose v. Little Falls Pilots Brainerd Lumberjacks v. Chisholm Flames Virginia Royals v. Minneapolis Millers Rochester Mustangs v. Cloquet Broncos I made a new graphic since the playoff format has changed, I'm still debating if I should make a graphic for individual games in the playoffs. Let me know what you think comments are appreciated!
  20. The 1956/57 Season has come to an end, here are the stories. Granite: Iron Range: Lake Superior: Northland: Twin Cities: Valley: Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!