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  1. The number font is sharp, I like the look of the Fugitives.
  2. CheeseBurger22

    Professional Football League Open Branding- NYC Colored Logo Vote!

    Wow, @BellaSpurs. I haven’t commented on this yet but this is incredible! Your drawings are excellent and unique and the path you’re taking with this thread is great. Keep up the good work!
  3. I’m super excited to see the team identities and logos, this thread has been a blast thus far.
  4. CheeseBurger22

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Nice work on the Jags, I love the Teal as the primary color over black. Also like the all-black helmet. Good work so far.
  5. CheeseBurger22

    NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms (COMMENTS NEEDED)

    I’m a BIG fan of Wagner. The shoulder stripe is very unique. You’ve been doing good work here, keep it up!
  6. CheeseBurger22

    The World (League) According to Neo (2002 standings)

    Good stuff lately, neo! Liking the Surge’s new classic feel!
  7. CheeseBurger22

    NBA Redesign by CinnamonRoll21 (Utah Jazz)

    Yeah, also not a fan of the triple gradient, but it is unique. Also, make the swoosh on the away jersey gold, and you got a good jersey.
  8. CheeseBurger22

    NCAA Custom Courts

    Copy your image, and then when you are making the post, press insert other media, and then press insert image from URL, then paste in the text box that appears. This has worked for me before
  9. CheeseBurger22

    The World (League) According to Neo (2002 standings)

    It looks much better now, nice work!
  10. CheeseBurger22

    The World (League) According to Neo (2002 standings)

    I think the gold on the logo on the sleeves needs to be brightened, it’s hard to see unless you really zoom in. Other than that, liking the new traditional looks for the other teams.
  11. CheeseBurger22

    Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    The numbers I’ve noticed are pretty bad, but besides that, I just love how the colors flow. I will look for that 30 for 30 because I wasn’t alive back then.
  12. CheeseBurger22

    Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    I’m not a huge hockey fan, and I know these didn’t last a long time but I’ve always loved them.
  13. CheeseBurger22

    NBA Redesign Concepts (Celtics 4/27)

    The last name on the Bucks statement uniform is kinda hard to see, maybe make it gold with a green outline? Everything else has been really cool so far.
  14. CheeseBurger22

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    Orlando: I love the unique identity and color scheme. I’m also a fan of the two colored numbers. Orlando is actually my favorite so far. San Diego: Yellow as the primary is a unique way to go with the team. I really like the wave logo on the helmet. I was also a big fan of your USFL alternate universe, and I’d like to see what else you have in store!