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  1. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    I’m not a huge hockey fan, and I know these didn’t last a long time but I’ve always loved them.
  2. NBA Redesign Concepts (Thunder 4/25)

    The last name on the Bucks statement uniform is kinda hard to see, maybe make it gold with a green outline? Everything else has been really cool so far.
  3. Wideright imagines the AAF

    Orlando: I love the unique identity and color scheme. I’m also a fan of the two colored numbers. Orlando is actually my favorite so far. San Diego: Yellow as the primary is a unique way to go with the team. I really like the wave logo on the helmet. I was also a big fan of your USFL alternate universe, and I’d like to see what else you have in store!
  4. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Panthers Updated (4/19)

    If you’re going for a more modern look for the team then I completely agree with the number font, other than that I really don’t know what you should change it to. And I like the idea you were going with for the helmet. Everything makes sense now that you’ve explained it, so, thanks!
  5. Same here. Like the decision of skipping a few, this has been a great series so far!
  6. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Panthers Updated (4/19)

    I’m not a big fan of the number font. It just doesn’t really fit the teams identity in my opinion. I also think the logo gets kinda lost in the black helmet. Other than that, I love how the away jersey looks with blue pants.
  7. World Football League- renewed and extended (whole league)

    A fantastic series, from start to end! My favorite teams (I’m not good with foreign languages yet so I’ll just use the English names) Mexico Aztecs Rio Cariocas Athens Argonauts Dakar Lions Honalulu Hawaiians Mumbai Elephants Cairo Pharoahs Rome Gladiators Portland Storm Again, great job with the whole series. I really can’t choose a favorite because all of them are awesome!
  8. Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site

    It’s not lower than 4.0 but it’s still pretty bad. Good idea, but poorly executed.
  9. The World (League) According to Neo (Rhein Rhythm unveiled)

    It’s really creative. I wasn’t alive when the world league was around and when I found the logos and uniforms on the site I immediately fell in love. Your rendering of it is really cool and unique. Great job so far!
  10. The World (League) According to Neo (Rhein Rhythm unveiled)

    These should be worshipped.
  11. Utah Stars New Orleans Jazz rename back to basic

    I don’t think the Utah Jazz can rebrand to the stars, their G League team is called the stars I believe.
  12. Alright, so the second Galactic Series I stopped being an astronauts fan and they’re back in it ( I’m a Rockets fan now) they lose. Coincidence, I think not!
  13. Wow, Tampa Bay with the upset! That was really unexpected for me. I thought for sure they were a one and done. Well, 3/4 for my playoff guesses is pretty good!
  14. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    Aw, that one didn’t go into the post! Man, well it was on there, I love those uniforms
  15. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    Back with another, I've always loved the 90s NBA uniforms, So Ugly but incredible at the exact same time