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  1. Looks good, love the idea of the bottom being sand and the top being the ocean, I can also see the last name much better. Nice work!
  2. Try making an all blue jersey for the alternate. Also, change the color of the last name on the black jersey to pink or brighten the blue, it is really hard to see. Otherwise, good job
  3. Nice job so far, all looks great
  4. True, I just realized that. I think you should go with number 3 or 5, I would be happy with either
  5. Option 3 or 4, I would like to see something different and orange and black is very overused in sports
  6. So when is the next post?
  7. All teams look great, just one question. Will you be doing uniforms for all the teams or is this mainly for logos?
  8. I love these concepts, they look awesome!
  9. Thanks for the help! Can't wait for the next team concept because this one is awesome!
  10. I was wondering the same thing
  11. All of these logos are beautiful, can't wait for the Lakers!
  12. nfl2 update

    I love this series. Everything looks professional. Keep up the good work!
  13. Hey for your next team could you do Cal State Northridge or have you done that already?