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  1. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    Cal: Great job here. Colorado: THANK YOU FOR THE SILVER INSTEAD OF THE TAN, IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! Oregon: Way to limit their color scheme and still make their jerseys look good.
  2. Do you think the Reign will ever change to “Sky Cities” over “Venus”? I think that maybe they should, since their cap logo is an s and c and I think it sounds kinda cool actually.
  3. I love the number font and color scheme you used, it perfectly fits what I thought the team’s identity was gonna be. Just wanted to ask, when the concepts are finished, are you gonna move this thread over to sports fan fiction and start simulating seasons? Anyway, nice work.
  4. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    Arizona: I like their unique look, and you executed it perfectly ASU: I’d like to see a little bit more gold on the white jersey, maybe a wordmark or number outline?
  5. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    The gradient design on the shorts for Xavier looks very cool, I like what you did with them. I also like everything you’ve done with the Big East, nice work.
  6. American Volleyball Associaton - Brooklyn

    The volleyball at the bottom of the bell is just pure genius. I’ll be following this one!
  7. I think the Titans hardly using red on their uniforms in real life is a huge mistake, and your concept fixed that. Nice work on the whole series
  8. Wiffle Ball League America

    Northeast: Columbus Boston Baltimore Southeast: Miami Orlando Atlanta Southwest: Los Angeles Denver San Francisco Northwest: Seattle Minneapolis Portland
  9. Geez, 777 losses for Jupiter? That must be the worst win percentage in league history! (Just a joke)
  10. Oh my goodness! Now you got me insanely excited! 90s, here we come!
  11. Holy cow LA has just went downhill from the first season! Red backs I believe are gonna get their first championship
  12. NBA Redesign by CinnamonRoll21 (Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers)

    The suns gradient is very cool, also like the update on the second alternate for the blazers. Nice job.
  13. Man! These are all great sets! I do kinda wish that you replaced the cream jersey for Kennedy with a blue jersey with white pants, but the cream is very unique! Also, Titan is incredible, and I love the Valkyries logo. Keep it up!
  14. The Apollo’s dynasty has proven why it is so strong once again! Hopefully we get a new champion next season. Can’t wait for the expansion teams!
  15. Mexican College Rebrands

    This is pretty sweet so far! The Lynx logo is serious.