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  1. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Hey all. Looooong time since I've posted here (although I've been consistently lurking about and keeping tabs on things... which sounds way creepier than intended). Anyway, I recently began selling off most of my jersey collection and may have come across an issue. I sold a replica Adidas soccer jersey, which I had purchased years ago (2003? 04?) from an eBay seller, which had tags and what I can only assume were, at the time, signs of authenticity. Obviously, I don't remember the details about the seller's location or feedback, but suffice it to say I would have been just as skeptical about purchasing an item from an unreliable seller/location. Anyway, buyer of this jersey is questioning the authenticity of the replica jersey, so I figured you guys could help me out. Last thing I would want to do is unintentionally pass off a counterfeit item. Thanks!
  2. The Big Ol' Counterfeit Jersey Thread

    Figured I'd consult everyone here on this thread about this particular jersey I'm looking at. Now, the price ($35 including shipping) and the location (Hong Kong) points to it being a fake. But then again, when doing my absolutely-necessary double checking against reference photos, I'm seeing some discrepancies that at are making me (somewhat) reconsider. The more eyes that see it, the better I'll feel. Here is the jersey in question: Front: Vince Carter Raptors - Front Back: Vince Carter Raptors - Back For reference, he is an in-game shot of that jersey on Air Canada himself: Vince reference photo By comparing the two, the most noticeable difference seems to be that the raptor's head should be touching the wordmark. On the jersey for sale, the raptor is clearly seperated from the wordmark. However, take a look at this reference photo for the road jersey produced by Mitchell & Ness (taken directly from M&N's website): M&N Raptors reference. Clearly, on this reference photo, the raptor is once again seperate from the wordmark. So, what does everybody think here? The obvious red flags for a counterfeit are present, but if it is, it's incredibly well done (at least it seems like it is). Thoughts, please?
  3. Oklahoma City . . . Sonics?

    Big update on the name change here, folks. Just for some background so you know it's not like second hand info from some unreliable source. I work as a trademark researcher in NY, and our company happens to have the NBA as a client. Anyway, just got into work, looked at the priority search reports going out today and there, smack in the middle is an NBA search for "OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER." It may very well be that this is not the name that will eventually be used, however, seeing as how it's the only NBA search being done thus far (at least in my time here) it could be the one (after all, if you're ordering a search report for the mark it generally means you're seriously considering moving forward in trying to trademark the name for use).
  4. Maccabi Tel Aviv concept

    Well, it was actually a form of payment for my design services. Guess it's my first freelance-esque payment. But I was told that the set, 1 jersey and 1 shorts, would be around $50 fully customized.
  5. Maccabi Tel Aviv concept

    Here are the shorts shots:
  6. Maccabi Tel Aviv concept

    Sorry to bring this thread back from its three-year slumber (okay, not really), but I actually have some bump-worthy additions to contribute to the thread. Long story short, got this set (with some minor edits) actually made into a real jersey. Here is the mockup of the edits, major changes are removal of blue stroke around wordmark and numbers, change from Hebrew into English for the player name (my last name and number) and changed the number font to the Dallas Mavericks style (decided on that just to give myself some extra safety netting for the customizers, something easier then what I originally had, if only because the number sheets actually exist. Didn't know if it was a big deal or not. Whatever.) And so with that, here are the fresh-from-the-packaging jersey and shorts (home whites only):
  7. Hockey Template

    If I could get a copy as well, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. KG isn't going to the Celtics...

    Big move for the Celtics, indeed. I don't know if I'd call them a power yet. On paper, sure, they look killer... but on-paper talent doesn't mean anything, just ask any Knicks fan. The last time this kind of assembly of superstars happened, they got to the NBA finals, sure, but were completely dominated by a real team (of course I'm talking about the 2004 Lakers). But let's say they live up to the hype and the KG-Allen-Pierce combo comes through... where is the rest of the team? They were already struggling with depth issues, how have they improved there? Perkins, serviceable... Rondo, inexperienced but talented... Tony Allen, okay... combine those three with the big 3 and you're only 6-deep. What happens if Allen, Pierce or KG go down to foul trouble, injury, or something like that? There's absolutely no help on the bench for Boston. At least when the Lakers made the finals in '04, they had guys like Rick Fox, Derek Fisher, Devean George, Luke Walton and Bryon Russell to rely on if the time came. Toronto still has to be the favorite to win the division. As for the conference, I'm stacking it up right now as 1. Detroit, 2. Washington, 3. Chicago, 4. Toronto, 5. Cleveland, 6. Miami, 7/8. Boston, Milwaukee, Orlando, New York (NY included, like Boston, on paper potential, but also on last year's overall performance where, had injuries not depleted the roster - especially Crawford - the Knicks would've remained in playoff contention). Call me a hater, but I just don't see the Celtics being a better team than Detroit, Washington (assuming Arenas is healthy), Chicago, Toronto or Cleveland. Miami as well is still a better team than Boston, even though they're realistic title run is basically over.
  9. Pair O' NBA Designs

    Thanks for all the criticism thus far... everything is more or less on par with what was going on in my own head. Oh, the blue in the Knicks is supposed to be blue, I guess it just appears more blue on my laptop than others... oh well. And to sharplcd, I didn't stay in Eilat the whole time... that would be suicide. I stayed 4-5 days in Jerusalem, then a weekend in Tveria, then another 4-5 days in Tel Aviv, a weekend in Eilat and then a week again in Jerusalem to visit family and eat like a king.
  10. Pair O' NBA Designs

    Been a long time since I've fixed one of these bad boys up. I was suddenly reinspired over the last month and a half (before I left for Israel) to crank a couple out, so I went with my natural inspiration, the New York Knicks and then moved all the way to the west coast and did something for the Golden State Warriors after they upset Dallas. I don't know how I feel about them... I like 'em, but at the same time, something is bugging me about the Warriors one moreso than the Knicks, which is just a sort of clean-up and small tweak from two previous jersey designs I posted. Nothing radical about the Knicks one to mention, just played around with the cut of the jersey more than anything else. As for the Warriors, I love their current logo - only I'm not too big on the color scheme. So I did what I seem to do for every concept I whip up and combine a classic look with something modern and present the bastard child to the masses. All criticism welcome and wanted... Oh, and speaking of my trip to Israel, I might start cranking out some Israeli Baseball League concepts. I watched the inaugural game live on television from Eilat and was really horrified by the garbage these guys had on (among other things... like the quality of baseball). New York Knicks concept Golden State Warriors concept
  11. 2007 NBA Playoffs Offical Thread

    A zone against LeBron in the final moments of three quarters? Really? As much as I still hold much hatred for Larry Brown's handling of the Knicks, bottom line, if he's coaching Detroit, those layups/dunks become much more difficult if not deleted all together. Gotta love the kid... I was hoping for Cleveland vs. San Antonio since the conference finals began, so hopefully Bron Bron closes it out at home on Saturday.
  12. Got an Antonio McDyess home white Knicks jersey as a gift in the summer of 2003... after he was injured a full season... come December, he's traded to Phoenix in the Stephon Marbury deal. Not too big a deal, considering I picked up a Marbury jersey soon after and if I can find a method of changing the name on a swingman, I can change "McDyess" to "Curry" or even "Oakley." Right now I'm afraid of having wasted money on a Channing Frye jersey. It went against my better judgment to buy it, but I saw it, he was tearing it up early in his rookie season and I caved and bought it. Not looking too good right about now.
  13. De La Hoya/Mayweather

    Just thought I'd start a thread for those who checked the DLH/Mayweather fight... My thoughts? Obviously correct decision for Mayweather to win, although I agree with Max Kellerman's post-fight comments about the absurdity of DLH getting the win on one of the judges cards. DLH impressed me though... I didn't think he had that much left in the tank. Just wish he would've kept the jab up as every commentator mentioned (even though I was pulling for Pretty Boy).
  14. New York Knicks Concept

    Also reminds me too much of the old Nets jerseys. But, as far as criticism on the jerseys go, the players name on the road jersey should be in white.
  15. New York Knicks Modernization

    I'm trying not to be such a Knicks fanatic on this one... the logo just looks awkward (also, why modernize a logo that is already a modernization of the Knicks previous logo?). The jerseys are alright, but when going for the best look for the Knicks, I don't think anything anyone could ever come up with would touch the look from the mid 90s. On your road jersey, I would also switch the orange and white... white letters with orange trim just looks weird IMO.