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  1. tigers

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

    I like it. So many more that are worse.
  2. tigers

    Austin Bold FC

    Austin is in trouble before it boldly lined up for its first outing.
  3. tigers

    2018 MLS Kits

    The old style ball looked great. wonder if they’ll adopt it more than this once?
  4. tigers

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    My bad, I didn't see the second logo.
  5. C. But they also take some of the US clubs to make it 16 and have a Canadian / US division.
  6. tigers

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    I love it, but powder blue would pep it up even more.
  7. tigers


    Yes I understood that part but why does he not have to start the 6 month 500 posts again?
  8. tigers


    So to be allowed to participate in the games part of this site you must have good standing of 6 months and over 500 hundred posts, CRichardson was caught out for being someone who was actually banned yet could ultimately be able to participate in an area he shouldn't have had access to in the first place.
  9. tigers


    So now the USA needs three teams.
  10. tigers

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    Is the Ducks one purple or black?
  11. tigers

    The Principality of Lisander

    All good, I enjoy all your concepts.
  12. tigers

    The Principality of Lisander

    You have three vertical stripes on the pants in the template but the overall person template those stripes aren't on it, but saying that the vertical stripes on the pants aren't needed as it just clutters the concept. What would the white uniform look like with black socks and pants?
  13. tigers

    FC Wisconsin

    May I suggest you rise the WFC and wreath upwards a little to fit the 1848 under it at the bottom, I've never liked the date or year separated like that. Other than that I like it, and it could be a great logo well done.
  14. tigers


    Great work, Metro Stars was a sore loss for me but I really like what you have done. I'd rather it not have the NY/NJ anywhere on the logo.
  15. Great work johnny. I like the different shapes on the floor instead of just a circle.