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  1. I'm sorry to hear about what you've endured, but very glad you're feeling better.
  2. This is a fantastic series! I think I'd opt for green for the Mustangs and purple for the Thunder. If the colors were to stay consistent throughout the respective franchises, then what clinches it for me from a historical standpoint is the green for the Mustangs due to their start in Milwaukee. I just don't feel that purple fits with Milwaukee, but could work for Houston. When I think of Milwaukee teams I think green and then probably blue- that stretch with Big Dog where they wore purple wasn't ideal- while Houston's team identities can be across the board. I realize the Mustangs are now in St. Louis, but for consistency I just feel the green would have worked when they were in Milwaukee. Looking forward to seeing more!
  3. This is a very enjoyable series. Love the backstories, the details and the identities. Strange question: I was going through the championships by team and don't see anything for 1967; did I miss one or was that an omission?
  4. FIrst off, please keep up this incredibly detailed league! I was glad to see the Civics finally come through; I thought I had read something wrong when they won the Cup because the inept group of New York teams I support never win anything. I'm glad to add the Civics to the group to offset the inevitable malaise of the rest. Love the jersey updates, especially St. Louis'. Very tasteful update for them...
  5. Wow, another winner. Very unique concept all the way around. Any chance we could see an iteration with brown as the primary on the court? I do like the pink primary jersey, but I'm wondering how the court would look surrounded by brown instead of pink. It may be a bit more understated, but perhaps that's not what you want. I also really like the wordmark and the clever insertion of the pig/boar nostrils as the "O". You're really crushing it with these wordmarks in my opinion. I like how each team stands alone; again this is a function of starting the league in the present, but I've never liked how certain aspects of teams in the four major sports seem to have merged together over time, such as arena styles/music in the NBA.
  6. I agree, and may be in the minority here, but I love the whole package for the Wasps, up to and including the wordmark. I can understand the "middle finger" concerns, but think it is superseded by the fact that it/they are "W"s. The rest of our alphabet is confined to certain levels of innovation and edginess, but not the "W". Never the "W"...
  7. The Minnesota change is subtle, but the uniform looks very crisp with the brighter colors. In terms of Pittsburgh, I like the story around the departure from the argyle, but at least for the all-white road uniform perhaps a full dark gray sock provides for some separation between the jersey, pants and cleats?
  8. The green/silver/brown of number two gets my vote, otherwise I also enjoy the double-green of number four (if viewed from left to right).
  9. Agreed. The green just says "Seattle" to me and gives the unis and court that pop. What is the number font used on the jerseys?
  10. Wow, those edits look pretty sweet from where I stand. Thanks for the mock-up.
  11. I really like the concept and the background for the Row. I'm kind of partial to the cursive wordmark/uniform over the block lettering though. Do teams typically wear white at home in dashball? The reason I ask is that "PHILA" is featured on what I assume to be the home uniform; I'd like to see what the cursive row looks like against the crisp white uni. Overall the color combination is solid for me evokes memories of the old school Phillies in the days of Mike Schmidt.
  12. Now that we're into the mid-80s, do teams fully paint their endzones throughout the entirety of the season now, similar to the latest Victory Bowl field? How prevalent is the neck roll aross the league, a la Eric Dickerson?
  13. If there's a Minnesota team, don't you have to go with "Twin Cities" especially if the arena is (likely) situated in one of the cities? I think that would fit the mold perfectly. Imagine reading "Twin Cities at Texas, 8PM"? Wow, that looks good... Looking forward to team four's unveiling.
  14. Texas looks great. Is there typically a clash between shirt and shorts- that seems to be generally the case with California and Texas- or does it vary by team? Also, I feel this league should have at least one location name that isn't city or state based such as "Golden State" or "Capital". Anything like that planned? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  15. This is a very well executed concept. A few questions: How did you decide on the timing of the season? Does it have anything to do with the other major sports, so as to have its playoffs after the NBA is completed, but before the NFL season and the MLB stretch run? With substitutions discouraged, does that impact roster size and/or necessitate a quicker expansion of the league if it catches on? Do you foresee the material expansion of the schedule beyond 40 games? Does it rank with basketball/hockey in that teams could optimally play 3-4 games a week? Is Chicago in the west or the east?