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  1. CFB Interactive Concepts (Big Ten complete 11/20)

    Don’t worry Danny. Baylor Sucks!! Roll Toad! I like Nebraska’s new look. Also the blackout uni for Iowa would be awesome. Not a fan of Wisconsin, but I do love Purdue. A black helmet with white jersey and pants looks great.
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    WV needs to clean it up. Too many different helmets with too many different colored decals. I think they should have two helmets: classic navy with gold WV, white with gold WV. Only need three or four tops with two pants. Maybe Gold, Navy, White and Black uniforms with Navy and White pants?
  3. Love Denver. The stylization of the D is great and I love the mountain. Very nice work on them. Calgary is bland, but looks good.
  4. Houston Hammerheads Houston Barons Houston Railers Houston Herons Houston Armadillos Houston Herd I like Javelinas as well. But that would be more of a San Antonio type name. Those tend to stay out west.
  5. NHL in Houston

    Aeros, IMO, is a lame-ass name. I would prefer something, well, actually interesting and new.
  6. Love the white helmet! No uniforms have been over the top yet, despite what I expected. I love every uniform though. All teams look great.
  7. I wouldn’t want the Claymoresto be the name of the Houston franchise. A new name would be best, and it keeps the history of the awesome name and identity in Nova Scotia. That is where it belongs.
  8. NHL in Houston

    No, Aeros isn’t a no brainer. Despite being a popular name around these boards, I think a new name would be put in place. As a Houstonian, I can tell you most people who don’t follow hockey but love sports would tell you they don’t know who the Aeros were or the significance of their name. The AHL team drew well, but the NHL team would target fans who love sports but don’t have a team. I would go with a red and light blue color scheme to counter the Star’s “victory green”. The Toyota Center is all red. Everything about it is red, seats and everything. It would look bad to have a team with a blue based scheme.
  9. Hey! Where was the support on the expansion committee?! Oh well, better late than never. Cratt, throw around some money! I think we can officially say the New Orleans experiment has run its course. Failure to preform and bring in more money. There comes a point when money forces relocation. I think we may be at that point. Bad idea in the first place. Too bad it had to happen to the Claymores. Oh well, it could be my favorite team soon.
  10. Glad to see the Sound down there. Only helping Houston’s case. Fairly surprised to see Dallas in the playoffs. Helping their case to stay in Texas.
  11. I think Ivy League shools should definitely be big deiveball scholls. Also, Xavier, Butler, Liberty, Villanova, Notre Dame all seem like they would be fitting schools. Driveball has an old northeastern feel IMO. I would keep it up there college wise for now.
  12. Calgary. Cool city for dashball, but SLC would have been better. Oh well, expands the Canadian footprint ig. Denver is a good choice as well.
  13. Oh I would be one of the people to make those jokes. Sorry. Salty Houston fan.
  14. NBA Football

    Lookin good! I love the black statement uniform, even though it is a bad case of BFBS. I would like to see a green facemask, but I wouldn’t mess with it.
  15. All links work here! Also, all teams look great. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see what you do with Cincy. Do we vote on expansion?
  16. Ah thank you RightGuard. It is a very sad evening for the city of Houston. Cratt will get his team. He is rich enough to buy the Sound (I think) so Houston should have a team soon. Speaking of the Sound, any updates on the situation in Louisiana? I hope! Hopefully before 2003 or so.
  17. Veras, I’m sure you are very busy and have many more important things to do (AFA related and real life), but would you make me a Washington Wasps sig featuring the team’s championships?
  18. Dodgers staying in BKN? Interesting, hopefully Brooklyn gets a Driveball team someday.
  19. And the fact that having three teams in the same area isn’t enough to keep a fourth team out. Oh well. Hey NOLA, Houston wants your team. Its only a matter of time...right?
  20. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Spartans gets my vote. Awesome logo.
  21. Nothing crazy here. I love the helmet though. Interesting name choice for Bham.
  22. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Schooners and Hounds!
  23. Danny's FSBL

    Not meaning to be rude, but the black looks bad. I guess that is kinda what you were going for though considering this is a history of the FSBL's team uniforms. The white is my favorite. Very clean. Would love to see a navy uniform.
  24. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I think there is a MLL team with the same concept from Carolina. But still, I think Hounds sounds great. Hounds for CHA Racers for BOS