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  1. NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    Amazing work, love it all was hoping you would update the UNLV logos with the new sticker.You hethe All Maize Michigan helmets. The only I seen your missing and I know you said you were not doing it was the Tulane Green Wave. Mean wave helmets. Love to your ideas on more helmets and the FCS has to come. Would like to seen a few old helmets used for a few teams like Hawaii black and the Rainbow helmets.
  2. NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    oh sorry, getting use to this. Thought you were edjb93, replying.
  3. NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    Don't know, this is for my own fun for now. I like to make my own points system and make a 128 team tournament, 130 this year and just have my own national tournament.
  4. Logos Needed Help

    Hi everyone, amazing work everyone has did one on here. I'm needing some help. Like Chris I'm working on a logo project as well, but just for High schools. I'm close to competing my first state and that is Michigan. I hope to have all 51 some day (including District of Columbia) but big states will take me a forever. Michigan is been a on and off project for 10 years and this summer I said I wanted to finish it and restarted it and did well and only need like 31 schools. The helmets or logos below are what I'm looking for just larger and clearer and I need "logos not helmets". Any questions or if you can help let me know. Order of schools Chesaning Indians Shepherd Blue jays Battle Creek Pennfield Powers North Central Jets Farwell Eagles Detroit Edison Public School Academy Early College Pioneers Marion Eagles Farmington Falcons Jackson Vandercook Lake Jayhawks Bear Lake Lakers
  5. NCAA Division I FBS Concept Uniforms (Done in Paint)

    Amazing work, wish I had your talent. I was seeing if you were going to be working on FCS teams as well. I would like you use your jerseys for a project to keep track of schedules for the season. I know its a lot of work. Please keep it up.