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  1. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    First, I joined just to say that I love that you did this. One of my favourite daydreams is that all the CFL teams started a rugby branch. I like Hamilton, and that the tiger stripers are toned down compare to Leicester's. Thirds are supposed to be crazy so no complaints there. EDM, Sask, WPG and TO all look great for the H/A sets. The only thing I'd question is how the sleeve stripes line up with the chevrons. I really like the wings on the shoulders of MTL's third, and the angled stripes on the socks. The Adidas shoulder stripes work well on Sask and Hamilton, but I do get tired of them elsewhere (see below). BC, Calgary, Ottawa I'd lose the sublimating. Although a light grey plaid on OTT might look cool. I like Sask's wheat field. The Schooners are an overall miss for me. I find the waves/map a little clunky. This is my main overall gripe... I get where it's coming from, and it even makes a ton of sense, since the CFL IS with Adidas, using a template, and that IS how Adidas does the super teams. But... that's also why I find the NZ teams to be the most boringly dressed, even when each one on it's own would look great. And that comes out a bit more here, since there are more teams, and it's the whole league. Again, I totally understand why you went that way.