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  1. jonny24

    2019 CFL Uniforms

    I think that in 2020 Calgary drops black and goes back to red and grey.
  2. jonny24

    2019 CFL Uniforms

    I thought I read that they would remain the same this year, and they'd roll out new designs for 2020. With the exception of Montreal it seems.
  3. jonny24

    Major League Rugby 2019 Kits

    I actually think I saw it posted somewhere that that's exactly what Toronto will be doing, as well a wearing blue at home not white. It's too bad SD changed the away kit, the artsy hoops last year were awesome. Austin and Glendale are clear improvements. Seattle, NOLA, and Houston I think are lateral movea. LOVE NY's hoops, perfect rugby jersey there, but the home is pretty plain, same as SD's away. Toronto's too, I preferred the previous jersey, but I think the classic blue and white will grow on me. Utah isn't bad, miss the warrior face though.
  4. jonny24

    Favorite jersey number?

    My birthday is the 24th, so I always try to wear that. But, I play rugby which has numbered positions, and only 23 on the roster. My position is 4 or 5, so I always try to snag the 4 jersey. So now I'm partial to 4 as well in other sports.
  5. CFL does front shoulder, and I very rarely notice them, so I think that would be okay for NFL too. As long as they're not on the replicas we buy.
  6. jonny24

    Canadian Elite Basketball League

    Hamilton's is a bit too "friendly", Niagara is cool but just doesn't say "Niagara" to me, and Guelph just seems... generic and a bit boring?
  7. jonny24

    City/State Color Identities

    These all look awesome, I'm surprised how much I like the gold on the RedBlacks. Same with the yellow on Buffalo. Toronto in all blue is how it should have always been. Are you going to finish the CFL or just stick to the cities with big 4 teams? Sask has a lacrosse team and junior hockey, and Hamilton has the Bulldogs but they're already black and gold so I don't know if there's much to do there...
  8. jonny24

    Major League Rugby jerseys

    Ontario Arrows (expansion 2019) released their jersey for this year.
  9. jonny24

    CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    Some sort of tea or blue-gray, or other ocean colour, and another colour that isn't used elsewhere in the league. I think maroon or purple. It would be like a darker Miami look. Are there any cool whale or fish names? Or a type of storm?
  10. jonny24

    CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    Voyageurs would be a sweet name for a Quebec team.
  11. jonny24

    Major League Rugby

    Also, two teams have released their uniforms for next year.
  12. jonny24

    Major League Rugby

    Beat me to it Kiwi, I came on here to add these! Ontario Arrows (playing an exhibition schedule in 2018, joining 2019) released their new logo. Thought on everything so far: Ontario: Arrows is a decent name, ties into the Avro Arrow as well as First Nations significance. Including the Toronto skyline like they did they must be playing somewhere in the GTA, so maybe they're really trying to bring in all the province's rugby fans. I think a great start would be losing the yellow arrow, seems a bit obvious, as well as clip-art-y. I had the idea of using an inverted arrowhead as a shield shape, placed behind the grey O. Houston SabreCats: Better than Strikers, which sounds like a soccer team, but I think it's one of the weaker names. Logo could be refined using another colour to add some detail or depth, but not a bad concept. First time I've seen the rugby ball shape incorporated like that. Utah Warriors: Cool name, cool colours, looks pretty professional. Glendale Raptors: Not a new team, so it makes sense that they have a pretty strong logo. Glad they kept Raptors for the pro side, it's a better name than Merlins. Seattle Seawolves: I think they knocked it out of the park. Screams Seattle.And out of all them I could that one fitting into any of the big NA leagues and not looking out of place. NOLA Gold: Fairly basic, looks "Mardi-Gras-y" enough. With a name like Gold they aren't limited in the way a lot of other names are, could see some interesting changes down the road if they survive. Austin Elite Rugby: Decent logo, they need a real name though. I'm treating this as a placeholder for now. San Diego Legion: While not the biggest fan of singular-plural team names, at least it's a badass one. The shield font looks a little modern for your typical Roman Centurion type look so I'm curious where they go with it. MLR: Not a huge fan of "Major League- xxxx" stylings, but it beats NRA and NRFL, NRL is taken... so I guess it's the best without getting to out there. The logo itself is pretty solid, the grey bottom half keeps it from being just another red-white-blue logo. I think it would look good to add a maple leaf to the other half of the ball, once a Canadian team joins.
  13. jonny24

    Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    First, I joined just to say that I love that you did this. One of my favourite daydreams is that all the CFL teams started a rugby branch. I like Hamilton, and that the tiger stripers are toned down compare to Leicester's. Thirds are supposed to be crazy so no complaints there. EDM, Sask, WPG and TO all look great for the H/A sets. The only thing I'd question is how the sleeve stripes line up with the chevrons. I really like the wings on the shoulders of MTL's third, and the angled stripes on the socks. The Adidas shoulder stripes work well on Sask and Hamilton, but I do get tired of them elsewhere (see below). BC, Calgary, Ottawa I'd lose the sublimating. Although a light grey plaid on OTT might look cool. I like Sask's wheat field. The Schooners are an overall miss for me. I find the waves/map a little clunky. This is my main overall gripe... I get where it's coming from, and it even makes a ton of sense, since the CFL IS with Adidas, using a template, and that IS how Adidas does the super teams. But... that's also why I find the NZ teams to be the most boringly dressed, even when each one on it's own would look great. And that comes out a bit more here, since there are more teams, and it's the whole league. Again, I totally understand why you went that way.