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  1. Irishfan5

    NFL Conceptual Uniforms

    I just attempted my first concept over the weekend and had a pretty hard time with it. What systems are the best for doing this sort of thing? I tried GIMP and The free version of Photoshop but I have much to learn lol. I would love to get into this sort of stuff as it has always intrigued me. But have no idea how you all get it to look so great.
  2. Irishfan5

    Your Favorite Teams?

    I grew up in Idaho. Around here we dont really have teams to choose from besides Boise State which I hate lol. Notre Dame: I remember when I was 8 years old my father asked me to come watch a movie with him. I sat down by him and we watched RUDY!! Ever since then I have been in love with the Gold and Blue. It was the gold helmets that sucked me in! I was already a football fan but had no College team I rooted for. Now I bleed blue and gold. Green Bay: Ever since I was a young kid honestly. My parents have pictures of me in a Packers outfit and I was maybe 3. I dont know how I got into them besides maybe liking the colors or brett favre. My dads a Steelers fan and all of my siblings like different teams. Its very strange lol. LA Lakers: Honestly, It was Kobe that sucked me in. Playing the old Nintendo 64 NBA games with him on the cover. Ever since then its been all Lakers for me lol. Yankees. Jeter for sure! I grew up playing baseball every year and almost every year I was on a yankees little league team. I just kind of grew to them.