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  1. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    Dartmouth: Perfect except for the helmet, but that isn't really your fault. Harvard: Cut the black and maybe drop the khaki pants, too. Penn: Good except that the shade of red looks weird. Princeton: The four sleeve stripes may look awkward on an actual jersey. Other than that, spot on. Yale: If you're going to go with a gray set (I wouldn't), add a gray helmet. Perfect otherwise. Bethune-Cookman: *applause* Delaware State: Not a fan of the helmet logo or the honeycomb-gradient thingy. But not terrible.
  2. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    DePaul looks sweet! A red alt would be better than the black one, though. Georgetown, Marquette, and Providence all could use some collar and/or armhole trim. Keep 'em coming!
  3. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    West Virginia's same-color wordmark and numbers are brutal. Which is disappointing, given that the rest of the set is good. I don't like navy and black together, but at least Butler's road jerseys are navy. Which they SHOULD be... Creighton's number font is a little too weird. But other than the gray alt, no real complaints.
  4. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    Man, I've been out of the loop for a while. KU: Eh. Okay. KSU: Aw, now I'm sad. OU: Great! Except maybe the logo between the stripes. OSU: Whoa, a bit too much going on with the shorts. But the jerseys aren't terrible. TCU: Everything's 25% too big. The side stripes, the wordmark, the shoulder stripes, etc. TEX: Good except for the alt. TTU: Love the creative striping above the wordmark. But I don't like the two logos on the shorts.
  5. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    WIS: Good except for the daggum black alternate. Unnecessary. BAY: I can't get on board with the number font, black, neon, or paw motif. Sorry. ISU: Perfect. Just what they should look like. Hoping for something good for my K-State Wildcats!
  6. We Will Rock You FFL

    I don't care for the uniforms, but this is a hilariously good idea. Thumbs up for that.
  7. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    Brown: Good, but I'm not sure about the plain brown lid. Columbia: Only complaint is that there's drop shadow on the "C" logo. Cornell: Ditch the gray pants and the pants wordmark, and you're done.
  8. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Dude, I'm not saying they're wearing the shorts themselves backwards. (Maybe I should have made that clearer.) It's that all the interesting stuff is on the back. Huh, I never noticed that. Thanks.
  9. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    OSU: The wordmark is too much. But other than that and the lack of white on the black uniform, no complaints. PSU: No gripes except that the gray alt is unnecessary. PUR: I still don't like the wordmark, but good overall. RUT: The shorts ruin it.
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Gah, now I can't unsee it. Not a bad look, though.
  11. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    The logo's on the back.
  12. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Why are Texas's shorts backwards? This isn't a one-time thing, either. It's been a constant, at least from the few images/videos I've seen of them.
  13. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

  14. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LII

    LOL @ the AFC helmet. Bet the '80's never saw that coming.
  15. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    Why the only minute traces of black? I'm fine with it (I hate black/purple as a combo), but if you're going to use it, add it into the side paneling and/or the home collar/armhole trim. But maybe that's just me.
  16. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    I don't pay (much) attention to FCS, but I know what I like.
  17. Baseball in the Future - League Start

    I love it! None of the Charlotte names are that good, IMO.
  18. CFB Interactive Concepts (The American completed 1/15)

    Yay! Somehow, I missed the American East. Complaints/comments: ECU feels eight years old. Find something different to do with the "piping", for lack of a better word. USF...too garish. Gold instead of yellow would be fine. Why is UCF's home jersey gold? Dunno how I feel about Memphis's color scheme, although the uniforms themselves are fine (except the silver numbers on the roadie). Navy: Just say no to multicolor helmets and drop shadow. I quite like Tulsa, except for the italicized numbers. Seems too out of place. Kudos for achieving the rare feat of making white, blue, gold and red meld together. It's a source of constant irritation to me.
  19. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Huh, I vaguely remember that...CHRIS FIX YOUR WEBSITE
  20. NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    MIN: Just drop the black and you're done. NEB: The black alt is hideous. And the "Huskers" script on the home uniform is too invasive. Squeeze it down or try something different.
  21. NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms

    These are good, but I've got problems with Stony Brook. I'm just not feeling the red/silver/white look. Blue helmets/pants would be welcome.
  22. MLB changes 2018?

    ...that's dumb.
  23. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Wait, but on those era uniforms, the "uck" was smaller than the "B" and "S". And is it just the lighting, or is the outline around the wordmark a lighter greenish-yellow than the number?
  24. Which cookie-cutter template (any sport) do you actually like?

    That's kind of like "We want piping, but we only have three minutes to make a mockup." Mine:
  25. MLB changes 2018?

    Those folds don't seem realistic at all.