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    The New XFL

    Solid work all around
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    NCAA Football Super Series

    really hope this thread isn't dead
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    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Read through the whole thing and I'm really amazed at your work. Really hope it isn't dead though
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    The North American Football League

    Bumping because I would like some comments before I move onto the next team
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    The North American Football League

    Moving on, in 1950, the last of the Canadian franchises entered the league and marked an end to "The Great Northern Expansion". The Quebec Patriotes (French for Patriots) were established under the name of Vincent Jacqueline, a Business Mogul for shipping that had control of the St. Lawrence River both in and out of Canada. The Patriotes have become the face of struggles in their existence, as they had been battered with poor play, injuries, poor draft choices, and scandals that had made the franchise a shell of its' former self. However in recent years, by building through the draft, the Patriotes had recorded their first winning season in 6 years under star rookie quarterback Anthony Arrowwood, being graced with the nickname "The Golden Arrow". But the lockdown defense is what has brought the Patriotes star potential to the national level, all under their future HOFer DB Correy Jademan. Jademan became the first player in NAFL history to capture the defensive Quadruple Crown, recording an interception, sack, fumble, and defensive touchdown, while also recording a 105-yard kick return TD. The Quebec fanbase has arguably been what kept the franchise afloat with their massive support for the franchise, and they may finally be awarded with a championship for the first time in Patriote history. Next will be Hartford Connecticut! Also, if you would like a signature banner for a specific team, let me know and I can create one for you with things such as logo, championships, divisional and conference titles, as well as important players if you would like! C&C is always appreciated.
  6. jacoviansmythe

    The North American Football League

    Noted. I am willing to do a redesign in the future for the team (possibly for the 2017 season), or would it be accurate to change the team name to a crustacean that more represents the state? The name was originally Lobsters but I wanted to go for a name that was more unique, but had been incorrect in doing that. I will try to improve my research in the future. Name has been changed
  7. jacoviansmythe

    The North American Football League

    The Beginnings of the Maine Lobsters is one of the most infamous moments in league history. The Boston franchise had been consistently disappointing over the past decade and the urge for a football spark was taking route in the north. The people of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont all were tired of rooting for the same old dead team every year, so they came up with a solution. Seemingly out of nowhere, the 3 states filed for expansion following the 1962, the worst season in Boston football since its beginning at the start of the league, almost 70 years ago. The league executives eventually voted for a new franchise in the state of Maine, which would be placed in Augusta, and created over the next few seasons. The states were filled with chaos over the next few years, Massachusetts with the "abandonment" of the fan bases in the 3 states; Vermont and New Hampshire for the loss of a potential franchises in their states; and Maine with the attacks against their franchise. The Maine team started out very slow, as any expansion team would, but would eventually be led out of the dark by new owner, Harrison Frankford, owner of one of the largest lobster fishing and distribution companies in the United States, and would be led to a contender in the late 80's, eventually bringing home a championship in 1988. The rivalry between Maine, Boston, Providence (supported by New Hampshire), and Hartford (supported by Vermont) is considered the "Big 4" rivalry, one consisting of the worst blood all across the Eastern Conference. Next team up is Quebec!, look out for that in the next few days. C&C is always appreciated
  8. jacoviansmythe

    The North American Football League

    Ah, a Mathematical error, thanks for pointing it out, editing it now.
  9. jacoviansmythe

    The North American Football League

    The Nova Scotia Butchers were founded as the Halifax Wolfpack in 1912 off the legs of "The Great Northern Expansion" in the early 1900's. Being the 3rd Canadian team to enter the league, and being the smallest market for a NAFL team up to that point, the Wolfpack had a lot to carry on their shoulders. In the beginning that weight crushed them. The Wolfpack had only reached the playoffs 4 times in their first 37 years of existence, with the Eastern Canadian fanbase falling off the wagon of their team. Then in 1945, the team was sold to new owner Georgio Laruso, an Italian business mogul that had great success in the field of selling Italian cars to the Canadian public. When he purchased the team in 45, he faced a lot of criticism due to his race and inexperience on the Football field. But that all changed when he completely overhauled the staff and team, creating the Nova Scotia Butchers in 1947. His 47' team would turn from a 8-28 record, to a 25-11 record the next year under his management, reaching the Conference Championship for the first time in team history. All though the success was plentiful, the team could not get over the hump of the Conference Championship, reaching it 7 times in the next 10 years, but losing almost every time. Almost every time. In the 55' championship game, the Butchers were playing the 30-6 New Orleans Notes, off the back of their record breaking rushing game, sending 3 backs to the All-Star Game. Nobody gave the Butchers a chance. They won that game, 64-14. It remains the most lopsided score in Eastern Conference championship history. The Butchers would go on to win that Championship off their excellent game, and haven't looked back since. The Butchers are 4-0 in Championship games, the only team in the entire NAFL that can boast that moniker, winning in 1955, 1978, 1980, and 2000. The Butchers may not be the most successful team in the league, but the fans are willing to (quite literally) cut your head off. C&C is always appreciated
  10. Over the past couple of years I have been striving to improve my graphic design skills as I am looking to go into that field once I have completed my education. I love the ideas of sports branding, logo creation, clothing design, etc. and I try to continue to improve every time I start a new project. However, I have been struggling with an aspect that almost all creators have gone through when starting out: consistency. I am hoping that I can continually be able to design the teams for this league as need be, starting from now. I am hoping to release a team every 1-3 days and I am going to try and hold myself to that. The North American Football League lives in a world when football was the main sport at center stage of the world instead of soccer. Aspects of safety and fatigue had become a thing of the past as the advancements of the leagues equipment up to this point have made injuries one of the rarest occurrences in the league. This allowed the owners of the league to expand their league to the far reaches of North America, and to expand the leagues schedule to maximize revenue and entertainment. The League currently sits at 72 teams all across North America, while the scheduled amount of games has increased to 36 games per regular season, with 4 playoff rounds to determine the champion. NAFL Logo The Ten Stars represent the original ten teams that began the league all the way back in 1896, while the red, white, and blue are representative of the United States.
  11. jacoviansmythe

    NCAA Football Super Series

    Hey, I've been lurking on this thread for a while now and I really enjoy all the content that you have made, and, with your blessing, I was hoping that I could make some team plates for the teams that you have created. Let me know if what you think and if you want me to continue, but here's a sample for now.