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    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    I guess I'll join in. NE over IND BUF over TEN (UPSET OF THE WEEK) CAR over NYG MIA over CIN BAL over CLE GB over DET KC over JAX DEN over NYJ PIT over ATL LAC over OAK PHI over MIN SF over ARI LAR over SEA HOU over DAL NO over WAS
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    2018 MLB Season

    I am
  3. RealSkillsAbraham

    2018 MLB Season

  4. RealSkillsAbraham

    Every Possible 2018 World Series Matchup

  5. RealSkillsAbraham

    2018 NFL Season

    Is this really the Browns? Scoring 42 points on the other side of the country? Holy moly!
  6. So stupid. I even saw a couple fans asking for this to be their primary jersey. Just N-O
  7. Link? EDIT: Never mind once again color rush is ruining good matchups as more and more teams just wear alternates/color rush for no reason
  8. I'm starting to really hate what people are doing with their uniforms these days. Teams are just wearing their alternates/color rush more or less whenever they feel like it. I get it, your uniform might be bad, but this is your uniform, so if you keep switching it up, you'll start to lose the identity of your team as a whole.
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    8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Falcons (2/8)

    I was wondering when/if you were gonna post again. Nice concept, my only nitpick is the Jets wordmark in the chest stripes. it just looks weird and out of place
  10. RealSkillsAbraham

    2018 NFL Season

    No, it happened in 2016 with the Seahawks and Cardinals tying week 7 and the Redskins and Bengals tying week 8
  11. RealSkillsAbraham

    Best Cities to place fictional sports teams?

    What city/cities do you like to use for alternate universe sports leagues? I personally like teams in the south, like Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta
  12. RealSkillsAbraham

    Best Cities to place fictional sports teams?

    Bumping this one more time to get some more replies
  13. RealSkillsAbraham

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Is the alternate supposed to be pink? If so, cool
  14. I know Green Bay is wearing them against the Bills. Sad cause green/yellow vs white/blue would've been such a great match up. My favorite 2 classic uniforms in the league
  15. RealSkillsAbraham

    NFL 2018 changes

    Oh my god I love those so much!!!!!
  16. RealSkillsAbraham

    NASCAR Playoffs Phone Wallpapers

  17. I mean, as a Packers fan, I'm glad they're losing, but I just really like that color
  18. It sucks that the Lions have lost both games in all blue, because I really like it, but it seems to be unlucky
  19. RealSkillsAbraham

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm surprised on how dominant the Jets did last night
  20. Didn't expect the Lions to wear all blue, but I really love that combo
  21. RealSkillsAbraham

    2018 NFL Season

    Somehow the Browns are undefeated, but at the same time still haven't won a game since 2016.
  22. RealSkillsAbraham

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    On the rams conept, Todd Gurley is #30, not #28
  23. RealSkillsAbraham

    OKC Thunder New Court Concept

    Really good, my only nitpick is the OKC should stay white.
  24. RealSkillsAbraham

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    There are seven 7's and also 666. Nice