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  1. RealSkillsAbraham

    What’s the worst mlb logo

    As a Brewers and Twins fan, i'm dissapointed that the Brewers seem to be #1 on this list. Honestly, it's just a stupid brand overall. Why focus on a drink that gets people into trouble as your brand, but not use items like motorcycles or Lake Michigan? Maybe it's because I'm 13 and 3 quarters, but I've tried beer before and it is disgusting. They need to focus on the vibrant blue and yellow and the clever BiG logo, over a drab and weary franchise like they've become. They could go with something like the Milwaukee Bulldogs and still keep the logo. Thanks for reading my little rant lol
  2. RealSkillsAbraham

    USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    How do you simulate this?
  3. Lol I thought I saw the weed in there somewhere
  4. From the looks of it, the Redskins will wear white over red in all away games
  5. Lol I looked at my predictions, and every game so far that has been mentioned is a win for the team, (Broncos 3-0, Bears 2-0, Steelers 1-0)
  6. I really think that a good name for the new Houston Franchise would be the Houston Comets. Maybe A deep space purple as the primary and yellow or orange for the secondary, (though I would like orange, because orange and purple are my favorite colors)
  7. Lamar Jackson?!?! The Heisman winner?!?
  8. How long did that take omg I could never do that
  9. To be honest, I've never even heard of a frigate
  10. RealSkillsAbraham

    Five Minor League All Star Games Take Place Tonight

    I was literally expecting the planet
  11. RealSkillsAbraham

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    I love orange, but it only works with a dark color pairing it.
  12. RealSkillsAbraham

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    Probably wont be able to, but I havent been here in like 4 months
  13. RealSkillsAbraham

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    I will try, I can do any country
  14. RealSkillsAbraham

    Hypebeast Football Concepts

    A list of brands I will never afford. (jk I wear Champion all the time)