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  1. European Professional Baseball League

    Next: The Dublin Heather Heather is a plant that can be found all over Ireland and its indistiguishable color gives a really unique identity. Heather also is known as a really resilent plant, that can grow in uninhabitable areas which could represent the resistence of the irish people versus the british. As with Amsterdam I again went with kind of a nation not city based road alternate. I'm not wether or not I like the home unis. They kind of have a 90s/00s feel to them with the black outlines everywhere
  2. European Professional Baseball League

    Next: The Glasgow Mungos St.Mungo is was the first Bishop of Glasgow and is the patron of the Scots. Mungo also is used as a word in the textil industry that had a huge impact on glasgow during industialization. So I went with kind of a Padres like church themed identity.
  3. European Professional Baseball League

    I started out with the North Western Division made up of London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and Amsterdam. First up: The Amsterdam Chafferers Chafferer is an old word for trader, leaning on amsterdams history as a trade capital during the late middle ages. Therefore they wear the colors of the old west indian trading company. The three X are out of the City Flag of Amsterdam.
  4. European Professional Baseball League

    Hey People, As a baseball enthusiast from Germany, I'm always trying to envision a European equivalent to the MLB. Cause Baseball isn't that popular in Europe there won't be anything similiar in the near future. Therefore I will try to do 30 concepts for Teams all around the continent. Because I have no clue how to use Illustrator and only own PS CS2 I will focus on designing unis not logos. With the wordmark and cap letters I mostly use existing ones, so credit for those goes to whoever designed them. So lets have a look.