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  1. European Professional Baseball League

    Hey People, As a baseball enthusiast from Germany, I'm always trying to envision a European equivalent to the MLB. Cause Baseball isn't that popular in Europe there won't be anything similiar in the near future. Therefore I will try to do 30 concepts for Teams all around the continent. Because I have no clue how to use Illustrator and only own PS CS2 I will focus on designing unis not logos. With the wordmark and cap letters I mostly use existing ones, so credit for those goes to whoever designed them. So lets have a look.
  2. European Professional Baseball League

    After I had some really classic looking identities with the Bohemians and the Mungos, I wanted to something a little more extravagant. The city of Cologne is extremely well known for it's carnival. People from Cologne really view as their identity and they are really proud of the atmosphere and everything around it. Their own slang word for people who celebrate carnival is "Jecken", which I tried to translate to English. Some websites noted that the american word Reveler would be the closest equivalent. Their arm patch is a typical hat. Also the gradient I used in two of the home unis are little symbols out of the city's coat of arms. "Kölle" is how people from Cologne call their own city, while Köln is the regular german name. Cologne is also known to be the "gay capital" of Germany, so I couldn't resist to make them a colorful, pride like home alternate.
  3. European Professional Baseball League

    From the same division: The Prague Bohemians Prague is the capital of the general bohemian area which makes up about 60-70% of the czech republic. When I was in Prague the name was used everywhere. So while it might not be the most creative name, it certainly has a lot of symbolism to the city. If someone wonders, the logo I used on the hats for the home unis is the tip of the lions tail in the bohemian coat of arms.
  4. European Professional Baseball League

    Our fouth team is from the city I currently reside in: The Berlin Wallpeckers. Wallpecker is an etymology from the words woodpecker and wall. The german equivalent is "Mauerspecht" and is refering to the people who started "pecking" little pieces out of the Berlin wall that divided the Soviet sector from the French/British/American parts of the city during the time of divided germany. It is a pretty notorious story in the formative history of the city. The colors are the colors of the city flag, as well as the colors of the common woodpecker.
  5. European Professional Baseball League

    Hey people, since I couldn't come up with good names for the London and Manchester teams yet, I decided to just go with whatever city I want to do, regardless of my "divisional alignment". To the people asking what cities I picked, I will list them below. I tried to include most countries even though there are few capitals of the balkan region, because I think they would be less profitable of a market. And also since I'm from Germany I kind of had a bias towards including more german cities. North West: Amsterdam Chafferers, Dublin Heather, Glasgow Mungos, Manchester, London North: Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Hamburg North East: Berlin Wallpeckers, Prague Bohemians, Riga, Warsaw, St.Petersburg Central: Cologne Revelers, Paris, Brussels, Zurich, Lyon South West: Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan South East: Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Istanbul
  6. European Professional Baseball League

    Next: The Dublin Heather Heather is a plant that can be found all over Ireland and its indistiguishable color gives a really unique identity. Heather also is known as a really resilent plant, that can grow in uninhabitable areas which could represent the resistence of the irish people versus the british. As with Amsterdam I again went with kind of a nation not city based road alternate. I'm not wether or not I like the home unis. They kind of have a 90s/00s feel to them with the black outlines everywhere
  7. European Professional Baseball League

    Next: The Glasgow Mungos St.Mungo is was the first Bishop of Glasgow and is the patron of the Scots. Mungo also is used as a word in the textil industry that had a huge impact on glasgow during industialization. So I went with kind of a Padres like church themed identity.
  8. European Professional Baseball League

    I started out with the North Western Division made up of London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and Amsterdam. First up: The Amsterdam Chafferers Chafferer is an old word for trader, leaning on amsterdams history as a trade capital during the late middle ages. Therefore they wear the colors of the old west indian trading company. The three X are out of the City Flag of Amsterdam.