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  1. simtek34

    ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Stillwater, Minnesota's Stillwater Area High School, where I go, uses the Ponies. The logo was created by a student in 1971, and has been used since. It was recently updated a few years ago... It's weird walking around seeing the 2 versions used simultaneously. I feel like none of the other students even knew there was a change.
  2. simtek34

    Browns Redesign

    I'd say make the Orange Jersey have White Numbers, and like @MJWalker45 said, add some white to the Sleeves/Cap.
  3. simtek34

    Bengals Uniform Redesign

    Good concept. Here is my C&C: Add TV Numbers to the shoulders Change the main font away from a plain typing font, it looks to lazy Make a colored collar because it looks a little too plain on the neckline
  4. I think sort-of. Wasn't it Kyle Shanahan's idea for the 49ers to have 1994 throwbacks?
  5. I'm surprised, but at the same time I should have seen it coming. The Rams throwbacks are amazing and should be the Primaries yes, but I really wanted to see the Cowboys wearing their Navy Jerseys/Real Silver Pants.
  6. simtek34

    Throwbacks of Throwbacks

    Because the CR is based off the White Version of That,with the SAME star style, minus the wordmark, and with White Pants rather than Silver.
  7. simtek34

    BellaSpurs vs The NFL (Texans Update Added)

    Where are the TV Numbers?
  8. And if the Rams play the Cowboys, depending on the status of their Throwbacks, the Cowboys will have to wear their Navy Jersey! Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't those the rules already in place before 2013? I say this because the Seahawks in 2002 were going to wear Blue at home, and Silver on the road, but the NFL said no. That's why they had the poll to pick which helmet to wear.
  9. simtek34

    NFL changes 2019

    IDK why, but back when the 49ers had the 1996-2008 Uniform set, The would occasionally wear throwbacks to the older, classic 49ers unis. I don’t know why, but the throwback kept the numbers on the sleeves making there be less space rather than moving then to the shoulders. So they put the Reebok logo in the stripes.
  10. They have never been worn with the Navy, but when the set was unveiled in 2012, they modeled the look.
  11. simtek34

    NFL changes 2019

    Blame Nike. The logo in the sleeve cap is what prevents the full design from being seen. Iowa football uses the same uniforms, but CFB has the swoosh on the front. That has the full sleeve design in the sleeve cap. Take this: vs this: See? It’s all that. Even though, before 2012, back in the Reebok days, their templates could support it. If I were the Steelers organization, I would revert back to the Reebok/Rippon Uniforms just like how the Packers and Panthers (formerly Raiders, Eagles, and Falcons) did/do to preserve the full striping.
  12. I’m pretty sure that before 2013, the rules were that you could only have an alternate helmet for Throwbacks, and that the Home, Away, and other alternate must use the standard helmet. That’s why the Seahawks dropped the idea in 2002 of using Blue lids at home, and Silver in the road.
  13. The template from the Super Bowls, Helmet, and conference logo without a helmet. But using the 3D perspective helmets. (Excuse the amount of images. Just wanted to show all of them): (And could the Rams use the word mark that was in their End Zone last year or the St. Louis one rather than the plain wordmark they use in the one above and currently?)
  14. simtek34

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Well, since they are likely going to have green helmets, they better have 70’s/80’s throwbacks. Preferably not the 90’s one with the Black accents. I wouldn’t mind if they had the 1994 Fauxback, but that is just their current/former set with a green lid.
  15. simtek34

    NFL Fields - 2003 Playoffs (1/11/19)

    That Vikings wordmark is a little off. This is how it is supposed to look: