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  1. simtek34

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Apparently ESPN still uses the old Vikings, Buccaneers, Panthers, and Browns logos in the intro to NFL Live, and I just noticed this now somehow.
  2. simtek34

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    Vikings-Get rid of the serif on the Jersey numbers. Twins-Remove all traces of gold. Timberwolves-Remoe the line on the Jersey from in-between the Sponsor Logo and wordmark.
  3. It’s supposted to look like the old Pepsi globe, so that’s why it has the weird curve/bend like that.
  4. Well, be lucky that those cans are all part of Pepsi’a current retro campaign going on!
  5. simtek34

    NBA Redesign Concepts (Celtics 4/27)

    Great concepts! Sorry for being a little late to this, but can you do the Timberwolves Uni without the stripe above the wordmark? That has bothered me immensely and would be a big fix to make the uniform great. In doing so, I would recommend making the top part Green instead of Navy on the Home/Road (I mean Icon/Association) and making the top of the Startement Uni the lighter Blue rather than Navy.
  6. This isn't that big, but yesterday, I just noticed the little curls all around the Target logo, such as on the R. I can't unsee it now, and It's just bothering me now all the time!
  7. simtek34

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Do the Vikings!
  8. simtek34

    MLB Concept Rebranding: Nike Edition

    Great concept! I have a thought. How about making a version of the Away Uniform and the Alt #2 (The Blue One) with the old “M” Logo the Twins had? Also, Alt #1 should use the Red TC Cap
  9. simtek34

    New Best Buy logo

    Best Buy is a Minnesotan company. That logo is used only at the Best Buy store in the Mall of America Better Quality Version:
  10. simtek34

    NFL 2018 changes

    Back to the logo facing, then why does the Eagles wordmark have it facing the opposite direction? It would be smarter to hav wall versions facing one direction.
  11. simtek34

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    The Timberwolves-Rockets game that going on has the Wolves City Unis vs the Rockets Statement Unis. So that means everyone’s favorite 2000’s/2010’s trends, BFBS and GFGS are back!
  12. simtek34

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting new Unis and a new Helmet, while the Miami Dolphins are getting minor tweaks to their look.
  13. simtek34

    NBA Broadcaster "Player Cards" Concepts

    Requests: Al Michaels (Former ABC) Mike Tirico (Former ESPN) Bob Costas (Former NBC) Jim Nantz (Former CBS) Kevin Harlan (TNT) Ian Eagle (TNT) Marv Albert (TNT)
  14. simtek34

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Sooo, how ‘bout those new Classic Unis, huh?
  15. Nice Vikings Concept! But personally, I prefer the current MV logo. Can you could try interlocking the current MV, and getting rid of the outline? I wanna see how it’ll look. Maybe do one where the M is purple, the V is Yellow and vice versa, whichever looks better. EDIT: How Funny, I just noticed that the M In the logo has the exact same V in it! If you look hard enough, you can see it! Try blocking off the 2 lines on the M to get a better visual. I guess it is kinda already interlocked! Somebody please try the above statement though.