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  1. simtek34

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I found some more images through the method:
  2. I'm guessing not Kelly Green which they really should wear though. At least CR Jersey/White Pants with the grey facemask. On second, thought, 3 green would be a bad idea.
  3. simtek34

    2019 MLB Changes

    Anybody else scared for the future of MLB uniforms now after seeing how bad Nike is doing the NBA? I mean, the holiday stuff isn't THAT bad. It's only for that holiday/series. But be prepared for new alternates beyond your wields dreams! I don't even think the Yankees will be able to escape Nike...
  4. simtek34

    2019 MLB Changes

    The Middle Script, with the Navy BiG Logo equals the perfect modern Brewers look in my opinion. Also, can somebody please give an example of the messed-up Brewers logo? I know when things wet Digital, a graphic got messed up, but I've never been able to figure out what it is. Can somebody please show me?
  5. So this then? (These are the throwbacks from 2016)
  6. It seems along with the retro cans, Pepsi is now doing cans that feature retro team logos (for the most part) on the retro cans which also feature the old NFL Logo too. (The Jaguars use the current logo, along with the Vikings using the current helmet. Don’t know why they couldn’t have used the 1995-2012 Jaguar or 1961-2005 Viking horn, or 1966-2012 logo. The rest are all throwback variations.)
  7. Why, oh why must the Golden Yellow Uniforms be so Banana colored Nike!
  8. simtek34

    NFL 2018 changes

    I know alternate helmets are not allowed, but that lighting makes it look as like they are the Throwback Helmets from our 1969-1995 Set. (Minus the Horn, of course) Please bring them back Vikings!!
  9. simtek34

    NFL REDESIGN (Bills 10/16)

    Nice concept! I’m not really feeling the Noresman Logo, but besides that, great work!
  10. simtek34

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    Apparently ESPN still uses the old Vikings, Buccaneers, Panthers, and Browns logos in the intro to NFL Live, and I just noticed this now somehow.
  11. simtek34

    One tweak you’d make to a uniform you already like

    Vikings-Get rid of the serif on the Jersey numbers. Twins-Remove all traces of gold. Timberwolves-Remoe the line on the Jersey from in-between the Sponsor Logo and wordmark.
  12. It’s supposted to look like the old Pepsi globe, so that’s why it has the weird curve/bend like that.
  13. Well, be lucky that those cans are all part of Pepsi’a current retro campaign going on!
  14. simtek34

    NBA Redesign Concepts (Celtics 4/27)

    Great concepts! Sorry for being a little late to this, but can you do the Timberwolves Uni without the stripe above the wordmark? That has bothered me immensely and would be a big fix to make the uniform great. In doing so, I would recommend making the top part Green instead of Navy on the Home/Road (I mean Icon/Association) and making the top of the Startement Uni the lighter Blue rather than Navy.
  15. This isn't that big, but yesterday, I just noticed the little curls all around the Target logo, such as on the R. I can't unsee it now, and It's just bothering me now all the time!