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    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    But the Raiders DID wear the CR jersey, but they wore Silver pants rather than White to make it into a 1964 throwback, which had the Silver numbers, but the current logo.
  2. simtek34

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 14

    For Color Rush, you aren't allowed to make a new logo. You have to use your current logo, or a throwback logo. Swapping Grey for Green would count as a new logo, unless you want them to use the old Logo hey had until 2002, which had green there.
  3. simtek34

    NFL changes 2019

    Saints: Make Throwback and Color Rush the primary Home and Road set, but with only 3 rather than 5 stripes. Use only Gold or White Pants, and never ever wear Black Pants Falcons: Model after the Throwback and Color Rush. Current logo, Red Helmet, Black Home Jersey, Throwback Uni is to the 1980's Red Unis Cardinals: Pretend 2005 Never happened. That is all. Bengals: Black and Orange versions of the CR, add orange to sleeve cap and pants CR for Road set. Curly bottom of pant stripe can stay. Basically the current set, minus side-panels and plus Block Font. It just shows how 2 tweaks can make a huge difference. Make the Tiger Logo primary again, and add 1970s "BENGALS" Throwbacks. Broncos: Make White Pants and Jerseys, and a Navy Alternate modeled after the CR. Keep the "D" Logo. BONUS: Patriots: Model after CR set. Add White Jersey and Pants, Remove silver, wear White Helmets, switch sleeve logo for Numbers, and go back to Royal Blue. Too much Navy in the league. Also bring back throwbacks. Chargers: Powder Blue Home, change Road numbers to P.B., use simpler Logo/Helmet from CR, With Yellow Facemask. Add Powder Blue Pants, and make CR an alternate, but with White Numbers. Navy can be gone. Shield logo to Primary Status. Also, no rectangle around bolt on the White Pants. Buccaneers: Pull a 49ers and go back to old set, but with upgraded logos and wordmark. Make helmets white like the 1997 Prototype helmets Browns: Back to the old set, but with Brown Facemask and 3-stripe pattern instead of 5-stripes, for modern cuts. Dolphins: Try to guess...
  4. Kansas City is wearing ketchup vs the Chargers tomorrow
  5. simtek34

    NFL 2018 changes

    It is semi-confirmed that they are trying to have both of them for next year. See...
  6. With Seattle wearing their Color Rush set vs the Vikings tomorrow on MNF, I would hope for the Vikings to break out the White Pants on the road. They’ve only worn it 3 times with the current set. Twice in the 2013 Preseason, and another time during Week 1 of 2015.
  7. They haven't worn them since their Week 1 loss to Tampa, and have won all their games (minus CR and Last Week) wearing Black Pants. Superstition I guess?
  8. Watching the Vikings-Patriots game, despite the loss, our helmets looked AMAZING while wet. The gloss and the shine looked so good! Reminded of the old 2006-2012 glossy helmets. Personally the best helmets the Vikings have ever had. Purple Facemask (rather that black) is a bonus. The uniform from this set, not so much...
  9. simtek34

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    Really Good! Outside of the obvious "remove wordmarks", the "no contrast stitching", the "no orange numbers on the brown uni" and the "no sleeve stripes on the front", I would have the stripes on the Brown Jersey go White/Orange/White to be similar to the White/Orange/White/Orange/White 5-stripes on the old Uniform. So basically, what I'm saying is to go back to the old Uniforms, but lower the stripe count from 5 to 3 like the Packers did in 1997, to work better on modern templates and cuts.
  10. simtek34

    This Sunday: Bills and Dolphins Battle in 1960s Uniforms

    So, it will he Home Primary, Away Primary, Home Throwback, and Away Throwback Next Year? This (deleted)? says 2nd Alternate.
  11. simtek34

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    Even though I prefer the block font, the current one is pretty good. My only complaint with it is that they should use the right side number font for all things. It’s weird having a left and a right number don’t, and I’m not a fan of the left one with the serifs.
  12. simtek34

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    So, basically, this but with a White Facemask?
  13. simtek34

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 12

    Personally, the 1961-1968 set is better that the 1970-1995 for one reason, the Home Uniform. The old one had the numbers outlined in Gold, and it is kind of weird having the Stripes have outlines but not the numbers. The Away set, no complaints. Both of them have their own merits. I really liked the mis-matched Home/Away thing we had from 1970-2005. The '61-'68 set is also the only Vikings set to ever have sock stripes. Fun Fact: While I was getting the images, I noticed that the 1969 Vikings set was VERY Mismatched. It had the 1961-1968 Home Uniform with the Gold Outline on the numbers, and the 1969-1995 Away Uniform with the looping shoulder stripes.
  14. simtek34

    Redeeming Qualities of Bad Uniforms

    In 2002, before the dreaded 2006 Reebok Re-Design, the Vikings had already changed their helmets to the same finish they would be in 2006, but with the old horn, like the 1961-2001 Helmet.
  15. Im surmised this hasn't been brought up yet. The old Rams Unis
  16. The Raiders wore their CR with Silver Pants to make it into a Throwback Uni instead. To...
  17. No, the 1961-1969 set is better than the 1970-1995 set for one reason, consistent Gold Striping. The 70-95 unis dropped the gold off the numbers, but kept it on the Northwestern Sleeve Stripes. Also, it is the only Vikings set to have any sort of Sock Stripe, so that's a plus!
  18. simtek34

    NFL 2018 changes

    Watching that Chiefs-Rams game, ugggggg.... the Rams REALLY needs white pants to wear with the Yellow Jersey.
  19. Also, GridironDatabase has the Chargers wearing Color Rush.
  20. So far, just the Broncos and the Colts (Who are not listed as CR on the last page). The Bills have confirmed Throwbacks, and I am guessing the Lions are going throwback because because they did last year along with most other years, including 2001-2004, 2008, 2010, and last year. So most likely, all of these throwbacks and Color Rushes are going to happen.
  21. Yes, but no. For some reason, on the 1964 game, the Vikings wore White jerseys at home. The Lions never got the memo that that was happening, so it was White vs White. Refs and fans were having trouble seeing who was who and who to penalize and such. So the Vikings changed into their Purple Jerseys, but didn't change the pants, so it was Mono-Purple. After the game (Maybe?), Coach Norm Van Brocklin didn't want to see that combo anymore, and they never wore Purple Pants at all again until the 2006 Reebok Monstrosities. They've only wore Purple Pants sparkly since then. Once in '07, once in '10, once with the current unis in 2013, and Color Rush.
  22. simtek34

    Best Logo Refreshes

  23. Yeah, it would look bad, but the Normal Monochrome look would be better than the CR. The lesser of two evils. More Pics.
  24. simtek34

    NFL Uniform rules

    Off the top of my head... Only 1 Helmet No more that 4 Jerseys Alternates must be recolors of existing unis(Not counting Color Rush)(?) Cant change Jersey for 5 Years, all other parts can change whenever
  25. Can I get the following: Senators/Twins World Series Champs 1924, 1987, and 1991, AL Champs 1925, 1933, 1965. Vikings NFL Champs 1969, NFC Champs 1973, '74, '76 North Stars Conference Champs 1991 MPLS Lakers NBA Champs 1949, 1950, '52, '53, '54, Conference Champs 1959 Lynx WNBA Champs 2011, '13, '15, '17, Conference Champs 2012, '16