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  1. Is it wrong of me, as a Lakers fan, to absolutely hate this signing? Though I admittedly lost most of my interest in the NBA over recent years, I was finally starting to regain a bit of it watching the past season with Kuzma, Zo, Ingram, Randle, and Hart and I was hoping to see the young core develope organically, now it’s likely they’ll get shipped as soon as LeBron needs a scapegoat. Likely not the most popular take, but I just need it off my chest.
  2. Well, it looks like I have to go against the grain here and say I prefer option A. I like the more modern design of it personally, and I would love to see a navy blue and silver color scheme, maybe with a touch of green.
  3. Time to update this list, with the Jets also needing white socks: Tried to get a lil fancy with the top stripe, hopefully y’all like it!
  4. Now that you mention it, I can see this as well. I personally don’t see this as too big of an issue, but I’ll still address it here: I tried extending the “wing” part of the silhouette further back onto the N instead of ending on the Y, so hopefully this fixes the harpoon issue. I probably won’t go back and change the uniforms for just a minor logo update, it would be a lot of work for such a minor detail, but any future images regarding the Jets will use the new logo. Personally, I prefer to have my planes NOT crash nose first into the ground, but maybe that’s just me. Joking aside, I get where you’re coming from and that’s what I tried originally, but then it looked like it was crashing into the ground, so that’s why I had it point up.
  5. So I’m back with another team, the New York Jets! Haven’t finalized what I want to do with Carolina, so in the meantime, the Jets have been completed. Logo/Colors: I don’t like the current logo. At all. My solution involves combining the Jet portion of the 80s logo and the NY from the current logo set to create a new logo. The colors are slightly altered to a brighter, closer to kelly, green and white. No black in the color scheme, though it was considered being added for outlines. Helmet: The same as the current with the new logo swapped in and the colors updated. All the decals have a more metallic finish like the color rush. Jerseys: Just two, green and white. The sleeves are hard to put into words. I tried combining eras by having the two sleeve stripes like the 80s uniforms, but the top stripe extends to fill the sleeve cap like the current set. The bottom stripe extends slightly onto the chest in the shape of the jet from the logo. For the numbers, I literally Googled “Air Force jet number font” and used one of the first results. I think the font looks classy but still has enough of a modern look to it to fit the rest of the more modern uniforms. Pants: Two pants, green and white. The pants are pretty plain, a two stripe design with modern elements. The back stripe is the jet from the logo, and the front stripe is cut off at the end of the jet like on the sleeves. It doesn’t make sense in words, but once you see the picture it will. Combinations: With just two jerseys and pants, combos are limited. Green over white and white over green would likely make up 80% of the games, with all white being the other 20, though all green on rare occasions isn’t disallowed. Since that probably made no sense or you didn’t bother to read it, I guess I can post some pictures too So what do y’all think? As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed, so let me know your thoughts!
  6. jn8

    DouglasQuaid NFL Concept Uniforms 13/32 - Packers

    I like what you’ve got going for the Panthers! I’ve been trying to get some ideas for them myself and actually came up with something very similar in my rough drafts. I would like to see silver kept, but I can see how it’s difficult on this design. Maybe replace the white on the shoulder stripes with silver if you want to keep it? Overall I really like it, keep up the good work!
  7. jn8

    Unpopular Opinions

    I’m sorry, but I think you’re mistaken. This is a popular opinion, the Saints are 100x better with gold pants
  8. So I’m still in need of help on the Panthers, so I decided I’d show what I have so far: So as you can see, there are 4 helmet color ideas, 6 jersey style ideas, and a couple pants. On the 3 right side jerseys, I based the stripes on the current shoulders with points based on the pant stripes in 3 slightly different styles. The 3 jerseys on the left are the bigger changes. They have a sleeve cap colored and a single over the shoulder stripe above it. Altered the coloring on the 3 sketches, the bottom being a design without silver, though silver could be incorporated if I worked it out further. Two of the pants are just an inverted stripe coloring of the current, and one is semi-based on the shoulder cap set of jerseys. So is there anything to go off of? With Carolina being a relatively new team and only having one uniform in their history I’ve been struggling on them, so if any of the rough drafts are a good direction to go or if there’s something you’d like to see that I didn’t think of, let me know
  9. First off, welcome to the forums! I’m honored you’d use your first post on my thread As for your suggestions, I had considered green pants in the rough draft stage, but ultimately decided against them. I don’t know why, I guess I just never felt in love with how they looked with any combination, but if it gains popularity, I’ll definitely look it over again. And the feather pattern? It’s a little much too me, so I left it off, though your idea of using it on the alternate only might be a happy medium. And a little more info on the series as a whole, I have quite a few teams with rough sketches in the works, just waiting on time to get them all shiny and pretty for y’all, but I’ve been struggling with one particular team: the Carolina Panthers. They were one of the teams suggested to me a while back so I feel bad for having absolutely no clue what to do with them, but it’s the truth. I’ve got nothing for them. At all. So if anybody has something to get my brain kickstarted, I would greatly appreciate you.
  10. I’d go with the head alone as the primary and the NY as the secondary, but idk if I’d get rid of the full body bull. I’d possibly like to see it as a tertiary like the Jaguars original set with the full body logo on the sleeve and the head alone as the primary/helmet logo
  11. So, uhhh... it looks like I lied. Apparently I over estimated how much I could do in 2 days and with work all week everything kept getting pushed back but, nevertheless, I have finally completed the next team: the Seattle Seahawks. Colors/Logos: The navy blue stays the same, but wolf grey becomes metallic silver and the neon green is replaced by a more “easy on the eyes” color in teal—err, Northwest Green. I like the color and wnjoy it when cities share a color scheme among their sports teams like Pittsburgh does, so the Mariners colors are brought to the Seahawks. The grey of the logo is now replaced by the green, reminiscent of the original royal blue and kelly green Seahawks logo. Helmet: Simple tweak of the logo color and a change from a navy facemask to a silver facemask. Still has the same satin/eggshell/semigloss/whatever the current finish is, but the weird pattern down the center is dropped. Jerseys: The Seahawks get 3 jerseys, home navy, away white, and alternate NW green. I sort of combined my 2 favorite Seahawks jerseys into my new one. The classic logo sleeve stripe set and the current look. The sleeve cap has the old logo stripe adapted to the modern jersey, but the bottom NW green stripe extends onto the chest like the current set while the top blue stripe ends at the seam (stripes are the same colors on all jerseys) The numbers retain the same font, but just like the helmet, the pattern is removed. Pants: Just 2 pants, navy and silver. Almost did a NW green pair, but ended up not doing it. The stripes on the sides use the same logo-inspired stripe as the sleeves, but without the cut off of the blue stripe—I played with it and didn’t like it. Combinations: At home they would primarily be navy over silver, but being the first team to really popularize monochrome, I’d see a couple navy pant-games. The road look would be roughly 50/50 between the navy pants and the classic silver pants look. The alternate jersey can be worn with either, though my personal preference is navy pants—I like how it sort of creates a balance with the navy helmet. Just to avoid the picture looking awkward—Doug Baldwin’s undershirt is sticking out and his jersey is rolled up, his arm isn’t freakishly long past his knees And since I took a little long than I said, I do have a little bonus. It isn’t much, but it’s a rough sketch of some stripes sock designs for some teams that might need them to avoid a leotard look: From left to right: Arizona, Philly, Seattle, Minnesota. This will likely be updated every once in a while as I go and come to more teams that need white socks to contrast pants. So so what do you guys think? Does the new green work? Lemme know!
  12. jn8

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Lakers had a tweet showing their performances in each uniform this year: https://twitter.com/lakers/status/1005245592631533568?s=21 Thought it was kinda interesting and if anyone else would care about it it would probably be people here. I really hate that the white was worn more often than purple...
  13. jn8

    Unpopular Opinions

    On a related note, I didn’t hate this: Maybe a slight alteration of the word mark, but overall I liked them. I also enjoyed how both teams had a similar color scheme. If only the Nationals had joined in...
  14. Hey guys, little update here. I recently started a new summer internship with some really sh!tty hours, but the pay is good and it helps get me experience in my major, so I can’t complain. The reason I’m telling you guys this is because it may have an impact on this series and how often I can post. Realistically, I won’t have much time to sit down and draw, and that could be an issue in terms of the pace of this series. I love doing these drawings too much to stop, so I’ll work on this whenever I can, but if there’s long breaks between teams, don’t get too worried, I’m just a little busy with other things. However, on a more positive note, I’m fairly close to completing the next team, so they should be up by Sunday night, I’m hoping. Thanks for understanding!
  15. jn8

    Unpopular Opinions

    I gotta agree here. This picture doesn’t have the same beauty if it’s white vs grey: