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  1. jn8

    Denver Broncos 2021

    As a Broncos fan, I generally criticize their concepts harder than most teams, but I gotta say, I love this. Most peoples’ modernized versions of the classic logo take too much from the current logo and seem really awkward to me, but yours seems to be a perfect clean up of the classic logo without forcing any unnecessary elements of the current logo and I absolutely love it! As for the uniforms, I really only have one major critique: the number font. Personally, I don’t usually like rounded fonts so I’d prefer a more block-style font. But that’s not a huge issue. And I totally approve of using Trevor Lawrence as the model jerseys BTW
  2. I swear I see this conversation at least once a week. “What would the Rams wear in the Super Bowl?” “What about the playoffs?” “Will they ask for an exception?” “Would the league make them wear throwbacks so the game looks better?” “When will the Rams wear their navy jerseys?” Every time the Rams are mentioned. The league gave them a pass. Royal is the primary color jersey. When they wear color, they wear the throwbacks.
  3. jn8

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    So it looks like one team has figured out the Ravens’ gimmick offense. This is gonna be a HUGE offseason for Lamar Jackson
  4. jn8

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Alternate opinion: Public pools are disgusting. Would you pay for an annual pass to swim in toddler pee?
  5. jn8

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    So apparently Cincinnati decided to make a splash... http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25589407/los-angeles-dodgers-trade-matt-kemp-yasiel-puig-alex-wood-cincinnati-reds
  6. I’ll throw out a potentially very unpopular hot take: Denver-Cleveland makes my best list. Okay, maybe not the “best” list, but more like the “mediocre” list and definitely not the “worst” list. Orange pants on the road look great for Cleveland and are enough to minimize some of the issues with their uniforms. While completely biased, I’ve always thought Denver has been able to pull off side panels and the fact that they wore the blue alts to avoid overloading the game with orange really helped. Obviously this is all just my opinion though, so I could just be crazy...
  7. Okay, let’s play this game. Since that exact Super Bowl: The Raiders have 1 winning season and 11 double diget loss seasons Should they rebrand because “those colors are now loser colors”?
  8. For a once a year look, I like the green. Personally I’d pair it with blue pants or socks to break up the mono, but I still like it
  9. I mean... looking at them in context, it’s a 14-15 year old joking around with his friends. Obviously we can criticize him for it, but there really wasn’t anything bad he meant by it. Should he have said it? Probably not. Should he have checked his Twitter just to be safe? Probably. But this just seems like something where you can tell nothing bad was meant by it and he apologized for it so it really doesn’t need to be a big deal. Let the kid enjoy his Heisman celebration
  10. jn8

    2018 NFL Season

    All part of the strategy. Let them feel confident in the locker room at halftime, bait Mullens into throwing a bunch of picks intended for Kittle in the second half. Little lies I have to tell myself to make me feel better about a terrible game
  11. jn8

    2018 NFL Season

    Potentially hot take: Lamar Jackson deserves none of the praise he’s getting for being the reason for the Ravens winning the last three games. Before you murder me, just look at his stats. 39/65 453 yards 1 td 3 interceptions That’s a passer rating of 67.2. Granted, he’s run the ball great, but if he wants to be a quarterback, those passing stats need to improve. An NFL quarterback can’t last running more than he passes. That said, I hope he improves his passing. I like the guy and think he has potential to be great, all I’m saying is what he’s done the last three games isn’t great like people are saying, hell, most quarterbacks put up those stats and everyone wants them benched. I’m not saying Lamar Jackson won’t be good, I’m just saying he’s not good right now. And that’s fine, he’s young, he’s got time, and I’m sure he’ll improve. But people want him to replace Flacco now and I believe that’s a mistake. He’s not ready to start full time and won’t be until he improves as a passer. Give him another year on the bench. Don’t rush him and stunt his growth
  12. jn8

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  13. Just for clarification, do you mean “color rush wasn’t seen” as in teal jerseys-pants-socks was never worn or do you mean that a 4th jersey will be unveiled later?
  14. Jake Spavital to Texas State: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25401124/wvu-o-coordinator-jake-spavital-texas-state-coach
  15. Better look at the Orlando helmet