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  1. jn8

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    i’m too young to legally have a drinking problem, but watching that game... this team is REALLY testing me... oh well #infrostwetrust
  2. Time for another one, let's see how this goes. Tennessee Titans So the Titans recently got new uniforms and well, they missed. Now that's not to say parts of it weren't good, as there were parts that are salvageable. Nevermind, screw it, time to start from scratch. Colors: I tried to manage to use 4 colors, both blues, red, and silver. I know that's a lot, but I think if it's balanced well enough, it can work. Hopefully mine is one that works. Helmet: We're going crazy right off the bat. The flames from the logo are on each side of the helmet coming from the face opening. If they doesn't make sense, I've got pictures. The rest of the helmet is silver and has a Columbia Blue face mask. Jerseys: Home, road, and alternate jerseys in Columbia, white, and Navy, in that order. I couldn't decide if there should be a red jersey a navy jersey and spent quite a while thinking it over, but in the end I decided on navy because of the Titans history being more navy than red. As for the design, I took the yoke from the previous set and gave it a red outline. I saw it, decided I wanted a little more than that, and used the sword-yoke from the current set (WITHOUT THE BEVEL. No double silver on mine) while still using the other color to carry it all the way to the end of the sleeve, so for example, the home jersey's yoke states silver, comes to the sword point, and then is navy the rest of the way. The number font is the one that had been used on social media and was presumed to be the new font until...... yeah. They're dumb. Pants: Three pairs, silver and both blues. The pants have the yoke turned into a stripe down the side and thats about it. Combinations: At home, stick to silver-Columbia-silver, a home uniform used but a related team in the past. On the road, either silver or Columbia pants, navy mixed in very sparingly. With the navy jersey, navy or silver pants. Socks are available in both blues, so the top of the sock should never clash with the pants. Now that you see them, how do you feel? Are they better than what they currently have? The same? Worse? What could I have done differently? Let me know!
  3. jn8

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I liked what Miami did last year with the turnover chain, I felt it was a fun way to celebrate a turnover. But other copies have really been too much and it’s just lost the special feeling. Like the turnover throne, really? That doesn’t seem a like little too much, Boise?
  4. Okay, here we go again. Time for the Baltimore Ravens! When trying to think of an idea for Baltimore, I kept coming back to one idea: the cliché Maryland flag pattern. I originally started to roll with that, but then I noticed something: LITERALLY EVERY RAVENS CONCEPT USES THAT so I took a break. Then it hit me, what’s the most unique thing about the current Ravens’ uniforms? It’s gotta be the helmet stripe, right? And that’s the theme I went with. Helmet: Very minimal changes here, which is kinda expected with the helmet stripe being the base of the design. But it isn’t untouched. A thin gold stripe is added to the inside of the purple stripes, to give a touch of warmth to a cold scheme, and the helmet is given a special finish, which shows purple in the right light, like that of a real raven. Jerseys: Three jerseys, purple, white, and black. The helmet stripe is brought to the sleeves, always appearing on a black background to match the helmet. And I lied a bit about moving on from the Maryland flag. It’s very subtly printed on the shoulder of the black alternate in a dark purple. Pants: Only black and white pairs, not a big fan of purple pants. Stripes are down the sides, matching the others. One minor detail that I don’t really know how it will be taken: the Nike swoosh is always red, subtlety calling to the red eye in the primary logo. Some of you may see that as “highlighting” it, but my theory is, if it’s gonna be there, why not utilize it? So I made it red, matching it on every element of the uniforms as a nod to the eye. Aaaaand here they are:
  5. jn8

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    “Can I copy your homework?” “Yeah, just change it a little so we don’t get caught by the teacher”
  6. Back to my dorm and school has started, I’m so happy Anyway, I got something to post for ya, but it’s not a new team, just an alternate take on a previous one. So there’s been some news about the Jets getting a redesign and over in the sports logos forum a lot of talk has thrown around the idea of a double green scheme, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what it looked like on my design: It’s rough, but it gets the idea out there. I personally don’t like the idea of a double green scheme for the Jets, but I figured I’d post it here. How do y’all feel about it?
  7. jn8

    NFL 2018 changes

    I agree with you, but only to an extent. Matte fabrics are *almost* always better with the exception of a few colors, those being the metallics: silver, gold, and the Bucs’ pewter. Other than those few, shiny fabrics are ugly as hell
  8. jn8

    Favorite jersey number?

    Always wore it in baseball from 3rd grade. I played shortstop and he was who I tried to model myself after. Also like 8 because it was my high school football number and it just looks good; perfectly symmetrical vertically and horizontally. Had 40 in basketball, but I’m not as attached to that as I am the others for some reason
  9. jn8

    NFL 2018 changes

    This is fair, and I apologize. I was fed up with seeing “practice uniforms” over and over and over and I used an extreme counter example in a sarcastic manner. I don’t necessarily feel it was being dishonest, I was just saying that comparing something to a practice uniform may not be the best example, especially when many great classic uniforms are relatively plain. I didn’t elaborate on my original point, so to say I argued in bad faith is completely fair, and I apologize for that. I agree with most of your points here. They did take it too far, they had a great uniform to fall back on but didn’t, got rid of pant stripes, and removed all gold outside the logo. They screwed up. But to say the new set is terrible? Complete over exaggeration. It’s plain, yes, but I actually really like it. Gold should be used more and pant stripes would make it 100x better, but I’m definitely happy with what they wore last week. Black being the primary is a huge mistake though...
  10. jn8

    NFL 2018 changes

    You actually make a very good “practice jersey” point But it came from the further description. My issue is the times when people just say “it looks like practice jerseys” and leave it at that. As for the the actual design of the uniforms, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying what they did was perfect, I completely agree there’s more to be desired, but I still think it’s a solid look with the teal jerseys. Granted, once they start wearing black every week and teal is virtually eliminated from the look, that’ll be a major issue.
  11. jn8

    NFL 2018 changes

    Can’t speak for others, but I’ll admit I was doing it on purpose. Of course there’s no comparison to a classic that’s been the same since the 60s. My main issue is it seems like people are being lazy and just saying they look like practice uniforms. You don’t like it? Fine, I don’t care. That’s your opinion, but if you’re gonna criticize, at least give reasons behind it. You want more gold? Pant stripes? That’s fair, and both legitimate critiques. I’d just like the whole “THEY’RE PRACTICE UNIFORMS” to go away, because when you get down to it, a ton of classics are pretty plain like practice uniforms. Nothing is wrong with the Raiders being simply black with silver numbers. Just, for the love of God, can people stop calling the Jags set practice uniforms and thinking that’s a real critique?
  12. jn8

    NFL 2018 changes

    Goodness, did anyone catch the Raiders game? It looked like they forgot their game uniforms and wore practice ones! Can you believe that? Single color numbers on a blank jersey. //sarcasm//
  13. Black/blue/black was hands down my favorite combination! I actually considered it for the primary, but went with black for the sake of tradition. The color balance was something I was hoping turned out right. I’ve seen many Panthers concepts drop silver entirely, but I wanted to keep it and really tried to make sure it was used properly On the away, I had others made up: I liked all three (including the one I used), so making the final decision was tough. I thought the black sleeves looked better than black, and the black number was chosen simply because it’s what the current set has: I won’t lie, looking at it now, I kinda like the black sleeves-blue numbers a little more...
  14. Sup y’all? So it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. I’ve had work, coaching my little brother’s baseball team, my own baseball workouts, family vacations, and several other projects all keeping me plenty busy over the past month and, unfortunately, my time has been taken away from here, but after some persistence, the next team is finally complete. As those of you who have been following this may know, I had some sketches for Carolina, but hadn’t finished anything: Well now I’ve finished them and here they are: Helmet: High gloss black finish with a blue facemask. The logo is a little oversized, but I feel they can pull it off. The center stripe is from the pants. Jerseys: Black, blue, white. A slight evolution of the current design, I chose to keep the over the shoulder stripe, but taper it to a point in front and back (like Houston) and remove the outline of it, and filling in the sleeve cap. For the font, I don’t like how the wordmark font translates to numbers and anything I tried seemed to cliché (claw marks and the like), so I kept a traditional block font. Pants: Just two pairs, silver and black, both with the current stripes. Not really a fan of the white or blue pants they have, so I dropped them. Socks: Very unique socks here. Three pairs, black, blue, and white, all with the jersey stripes, which creates a split colored sock for the blue and black pairs. Not making sense? Good thing I have pictures Combinations: No limitations on pants and jersey combinations, but socks are strict. Socks will always be the same color as the jerseys to have stripe continuity with ONE exception: the black jerseys-black pants combination that must be worn with blue socks—don’t need to overdo the black. I guess you’ll be wanting to see pictures now, so here: Thoughts?
  15. jn8

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    what’s with the shoulder numbers? are they rotated 90 degrees?