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  1. It's rough(15 minute sketch), but it’s an idea of what it would be. As for the rest of the Eagles, all I’ll say now is stay tuned...
  2. So with Minnesota done, that brings the total to 8 teams, a quarter of the NFL, so at the quarter mark, I’d like to ask some questions and get some feedback from those of you who have been looking at these. 1: Has the presentation been good? Has the way I’ve shown the uniforms worked, do you like how I’ve shown the action pictures? Starting with Cleveland I went to sort of a “poster” style with the main player in the middle and two others on the sides, does it work? If not, how should I change it? 2: What team has been your favorite? 3: Who has been your least favorite? 4: Are there any combinations I didn’t show that you’d like to see a quick sketch of? (Example: Cleveland in brown over orange) 5: Is there an alternative color scheme you’d like to see on an already completed set? (Example: Los Angeles in royal and gold, no grey) You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to or you can answer just the ones you want, I just want to hear a little feedback to see how it’s been going.
  3. MLB by NIKE

    I want to start off by saying I don’t think there’s necessarily a right or wrong decision based on the drafts you showed, but my personal preference would be the purple and teal set
  4. MLB | Tampa Bay Rays Primary Logo Draft | Update

    I love the logo you have here and it’s a great start, but I don’t think it would work as a primary logo, it seems more like a cap logo to me. If you want to do a full rebrand, I’d have the primary involve some sort of ray imagery, be that a stingray, sun ray, or even Ray Romano, I just think the primary should use something involving the team name.
  5. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    Not in the slightest. Had they both used a similar logo since the 1960s, sure. But they don’t, and haven’t ever, so it’s not a fair comparison. Green Bay and Georgia is completely different, they HAVE been the same since the 60s and it’s become a logo associated with both teams. It would never fly if it happened now, but for the era it did, it was acceptable. To suggest that Georgia should abandon it for no other reason is like saying Stanford should get a new logo because a standard block S is used by Syracuse and hundreds of other schools with a name beginning with an S. It’s not a good enough reason to abandon tradition simply “because”
  6. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    As a Nebraskan who has no attachment to Georgia in the slightest, I have to disagree with you. It may be the same as Green Bay (and Grambling State for that matter) but there’s a reason it’s been the same for so long: it works. They don’t need to change for the sake of change
  7. I understand if you’re not a fan of the non matching white, but I was basing it off of this:
  8. Okay everybody, let’s move on to the next team, the Minnesota Vikings! Being totally honest, I wouldn’t change a thing with the current set and I hadn’t even thought about what I’d do for them until: For those who are unaware, Karl Hubenthal’s original sketches for the Vikings were along the lines of this. I took the idea, blended it with modern elements, and hopefully it turned out alright. Helmet: I love the current helmet, even the black facemask, but I understand some would prefer the mask be another color, so I changed it to purple with a satin finish like the rest of the helmet, other than that, nothing is changed. Jerseys: Just purple and white, no alternate. I honestly don’t see Minnesota as a purple and gold team, but as a purple and white team with gold accents so a gold jersey didn’t seem to work. I decided to bring back the mismatched home and away jerseys. It’s a thing Minnesota has traditionally used, so why not bring it back? For the home jersey, I based off option B of Hubethal’s sketch, but like the modern jerseys, the top stripe is white. The away uses a shoulder loop, like the older sets, but instead of traditional UCLA stripes, I used a stripe based off the white pants. The font I used is the current font, but without the “horns” on the first number. Pants: The purple and white pants remain with minimal changes. the gold and purple stripes are of equal width on the white pants, and the white and gold stripes are equal on the purple. The white pants still have the gold never touching white. Combinations: Purple over white at home, white over purple on the road primarily, but white pants can be regularly rotated on the road and even an all purple set could see the field once in a while, but I wouldn’t use it that often. And here they are for your judgement: And Kirk Cousins’ first picture in a Vikings uniform: Now, just for fun, here’s my sketch-sheet: I like letting y’all in on the process I go through. I was pretty committed to keeping the current sleeve design while still incorporating the Hubenthal sketch, but nothing i tried looked right. I had several white jerseys. One with matching sleeve stripes, one with the V in the middle going over the shoulder, a couple with the current horn-point, and the design I went with. I tried the V on the pants. Didn’t like it. Maybe you guys do, but I feel like I went with the right pants. Oh yeah, the main reason I wanted to show the sketch sheet, the black alternate. IDK, it’s BFBS, so I wasn’t sure how it would be taken if i included it in the main set, so I just left it as a sketch instead of putting it in the final draft. So so how do you guys feel? Did I get the right blend of modern, but still keep the feel of the original? Let me know!
  9. MLB changes 2018?

    Guy 1: “How can we do a promotion to draw more fans to games?” Guy 2: “What about a throwback night?” Guy 1: “No, we want to do it without spending money on new jerseys” Guy 3: “Boy do I have an idea for you!”
  10. As of this offseason: #PuntersArePeopleToo
  11. Wideright updates the NFL

    I really dig this Rams look, but I do have a minor nitpick: I don’t like the white on the helmet (or the logo horn for that matter). I understand your reasoning behind it, to add depth, but there’s no white on the blue or yellow jerseys or pants at all, so white on the helmet throws it off a bit for me. I’d say to either remove the white on the helmet and logo or add the white to the sleeve horns, pant stripes, and number outlines.
  12. Just a thought, how does everyone feel about the non matching Vikings jerseys? Like in the Randy Moss era the away having UCLA stripes and the home not having them? Just something I’ve been playing with, kinda wondering what others feel about it
  13. Okay, let’s look at it from the perspective of a relocation. A relocation nullifies the 5-year rule immediately, even after just one year, but the Rams have used the same design since the early 2000s, so the rule wouldn’t apply anyway. The stadium opens, what, 3 years after the relocation? And they wanted to wear throwbacks full time. Okay, so they do that, but guess what? The clock resets because they changed uniforms and they can’t change for 5 years, 2 years after the stadium opens. There are rules in place for allowing exceptions during relocations, but the rule they’re asking to be exempt from doesn’t have anything to do with their relocation, it has to do with a new stadium. If, hypothetically, Tennessee opened a new stadium in 2 years, should they be exempted from the rule to get new uniforms coinciding with the new stadium? No, and the Rams shouldn’t be allowed to do that either. 0% of the blame goes on the league for this
  14. The thing is, the NFL isn’t the one mismanaging the situation, that fault goes on the Rams. They’re allowed to change uniforms right now if they want, but they want to align with the stadium opening. They requested they be allowed to wear throwbacks full time until then, but NFL rules say that counts as a change and resets the 5 year clock so they decided they’d rather just F-up their helmets and pants. The league isn’t telling them they can’t change uniforms, they’re telling them if they change now they have to wait 5 years before they do again and the Rams want to make 2 changes in a shorter time span. The NFL is just enforcing a rule that all the teams knew existed. They aren’t embarrassing the NFL by wearing mismatched sets, they’re embarrassing themselves.
  15. Okay, so I already finished the next team... aaaaand I realized I spend way too much time doing this. I really need to get a job so I have something else to do... Anyway, I knocked out the Raiders, whose simple uniforms may play a big role in it being done so quick, now of Las Vegas rather than Oakland, and their new look is intended to signify just that. It isn’t too crazy, don’t worry. Colors: A color change??? GASP! No, it’s not as big as you may think, just a tiny accent color to outline some stripes and what more appropriate for a Las Vegas team than Vegas gold? Yes, I know someone got banned on here for suggesting that they would add it for their move, but I swear, I’m not claiming it as fact, it’s just a concept I did for fun But gold isn’t completely new to the Raiders and the color scheme of black and silver with gold accents has worked quite recently on another team as well, so I figured since this is just a concept, why not have a little fun? Logo: Obviously, a small change was made. I smoothed our some facial features, added a LAS*VEGAS script above the existing RAIDERS, the top of the shield now resembles the top of the famous Las Vegas sign, and the outline was changed to the new gold as a way to include the new color. Helmet: Can’t really do much to the classic silver dome. The face mask is now black and the updated logo is placed on the sides. A thin gold outline trims the classic black stripe down the middle. As another “touch of Vegas,” the stripe is broken up in the back by a 4 pointed star encasing the number. The star comes from the Las Vegas sign as well, but some points were dropped for simplicity. Jerseys: Black and white, no alternates. Silver numbers on the home jersey are now outlined in gold, as well as the black numbers on the away jersey. Pants: Silver, ‘nuff said. The same stripe as the helmet, with the star(I guess you could call it a secondary logo if you really wanna) on the hip. Almost included a set of black alternate pants, but decided against it. Adding gold was a big enough change, black pants may give the ultra-traditionalists a heart attack Combinations: If you can’t figure out what the primary combinations would be with only two jerseys and one set of pants, you may need more help than I can offer. And with all ofthat out of the way, here they are: And my personal favorite part, the player shots: So there y’all go, the Las Vegas Raiders which brings the AFC West to 3/4 of the way completed. As always, all comments are appreciated, so let me hear ya!