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  1. The "eye test" in the Cleveland metro area says they are a "RED" team. More fans in this color.. So what are the chances of the Indians returning to the "caveman" font and red jerseys of the mid 70's? If you ever go to a game at Progressive Field you will see an awful lot of those red jerseys in the stands. I believe you could give the font a modern "facelift" and it would be a hit in Cleveland. Maybe incorporate an arrowhead or a feather into the design.
  2. tigerraven

    Light Blue, Teal, Aqua, Carolina Blue, Powder Blue......

    thank you. very interesting. So here's my follow up question.......why would a NFL franchise want to be so "indistinguishable" from another in it's color scheme? In the league....your brand is your money. Have any of these teams played each other in a game where they both wore the predominant "blue"? Seems like it would be a mess.
  3. can anybody put the TItans, Jaguars, Dolphins, Panthers, and Charger's blues side by side? for comparison?, Thanks.
  4. tigerraven

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    that's not Wyoming. Its Arizona St. Note the PT 42 embroidery in the neck line. Pat Tillman. ASU player who died in Afghanistan.
  5. hmmmm Now there's an idea. I forgot they even had one.
  6. ...there is a rumor out there that the Browns are changing the striping on their pants this year. That would be a major improvement that would hold us over until 2020. Unfortunately, the jerseys cannot be touched until then.
  7. tigerraven

    Top 5 Uniforms in NFL

    1. Browns (before the most recent change) 2. Packers 3. Steelers 4. Bears 5. Chiefs
  8. tigerraven

    NFL 2018 changes

    Is there a NFL Style Guide that fans can have access to?
  9. tigerraven

    Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    THose are definitely the pants. Either a down the leg "BROWNS" treatment or a "Tramp-Stamp" on the backside.
  10. tigerraven

    NFL 2018 changes

    Technically, the Browns could change their helmets to white next season. Its just the unis that cant happen til 2020. Can anyone mock up a white helmet on the current jersey set?
  11. tigerraven

    Cleveland Browns Changes

    Seems do be a lot of "official" quotes from Browns management. I believe there must be some prototypes out there...as the selection/approval process is a several year process. My question is to those who may have seen or heard anything re. these prototypes. They undoubtedly exist. What do they look like?
  12. tigerraven

    NFL 2018 changes

    I am friends with a helmet re-conditioner. He says that the major colleges have 2 helmets. A practice helmet and a game helmet. The game helmet gets re-painted and checked for structural defects (cracks, etc.) each week during the season. Thus, the range of colors, patterns, etc.... So, what we are saying is that the NFL will not allow a practice helmet and a game helmet. Not from an expense approach.....but from a liability approach.
  13. tigerraven

    NFL 2018 changes

    How about the NFL allows alternate helmets in 2018? That would make sense.
  14. I thought I read somewhere that the Browns were going to wear their color rush jerseys in London versus the Vikings? Anyone have any insight on this?