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  1. Calling this lazy would be an insult to lazy.
  2. Wizza

    What is the interest for new sports?

    You're pulling that perception out of thin air. The WNBA of today has had struggles with marketing and interest. But, as of late attendance and ratings in general have gone up so this problem is less so. Also,the WNBA at the outset had no such problems.
  3. Wizza

    UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    I meant UA will only be a slight upgrade in terms of youth appeal and that it's better to have a shirt logo than to radically alter uniforms for youth appeal if it wasn't clear. Compared to others, what ever UA's name rakes in is small change compared to others
  4. Wizza

    UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    First time I heard the switch was to appeal tp younger fans then again I barely paid attention beyond MLB-UA switch in 2019. UA is certainly ahead of Majestic when it come to youth appeal but they trail behind Nike and Adidas so I think will this will have an negligible impact. I guess this is better than ditching traditional baseball aesthetic senses for full on wild minor league styled uniforms to get the youngins'.
  5. Wizza

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    The old yotes look wasn't the best but the kachina inspired coyote was the coolest! The switch to brick red was a definite plus as they stood out for once amidst a sea of black and 90s designed unis.
  6. Wizza

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    The ABL had the better pay and benefits compared to the WNBA so there wasn't much competition as the top players played in the ABL. On the other hand, the NBA's more recognizable brand and money got better sponsors and TV contracts plus more fans to the WNBA. Things that the ABL lacked and ultimately they were spending more than what they brought in leading to them going broke and yeah, I agree WNBA uniform templates have gotten worse over the years. Honestly, the first few templates they used are probably the best ever in WNBA history in general and as far as looking the closest to men's unis (2003-2006 templates particularly).
  7. Wizza

    Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site

    Thing looks like a toku monster which brings to mind the Gorengers oh so wonderful finisher. [0:00-0:28]
  8. Wizza

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    Besides the wonk a donk piping, I always liked these templates since teams could customize it somewhat with the sides. Not all of them were good but it gave a little life to the teams that did
  9. Wizza

    Albany Empire

    Uniform and combinations unveiled Tuesday April 9th Helmet closer look
  10. Wizza

    Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    Black doesn't mix well with the 9ers gold so its kinda an eyesore tbh, I much prefer the 1994 throwbacks unis which restrained its black to just make the numbers pop.
  11. Wizza

    Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    You could say the upgrade was pretty gaudy but at least the Bengals finally had a look they could call their own.
  12. Wizza

    Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    Creamsicles are retro cool these days but the switch to pewter and red was seen as a upgrade if I'm correct.
  13. Wizza

    NBA 2K League

    Magic Gaming logo looks like a pinball.
  14. Wizza

    Biggest Downgrades in History

    The old North Stars slowly became worse as more black crept in imo. Ultimately culminating in these jerseys which is a far cry from the green and gold