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  1. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Randall on the Cowboys will always be weird
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Love that they got 3 white sails on the short as a nod to the old San Diego Clippers logo. Plus the orange is nice too
  3. like this is out of noweere and this is prob getting ignored as another internet weirdo
  4. idk. what. everyhtings going so fast.
  5. Memphis was temp for Oilers, they were to move to Nashville after 2. Reading more about the situation, Adams did a number and basically alienated Memphis with his antics. Touchdown Jacksonville got the stadium but Weavers money was not the factor that won the bid. it is a prevailing and generally accepted that the success of the Bulls did at least put Jax on the NFL's radar and they have been used as leverage by other teams for stadiums. So saying the Bulls success didn't directly lead to an NFL franchise is more towards the iffy. Was trying to show that Locos had some initial interest but couldn't maintain it. The Oilers never intended to stay in Memphis for long, yes. I'm not sure where you got the subletting thing from. But Bud wore out his welcome with his antics and alienated Memphis Yes, St. Louis had ownership issues. cant find anything bout Cookes lobbying or the guaranteed $1MM/game. Jax had to get a stadium and sell enough seats to get in it seems.
  6. Yes, those are things to consider when deciding to put a major league team in the market. It still is a good, not perfect, indicator to see if a sport could work in the market.
  7. Memphis team was relocated from Houston, nothing to do with local people having the money. No one saw Jax getting a team. Jax didn't have much of an advantage over the other bids of St. Louis, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Memphis. The people behind both bids were pretty equal on footing when it comes to money. Jax was the least likely to get a team due to the size of the market and an outdated gator bowl plus was the group behind the bid, Touchdown Jacksonville!,unable to get a lease for the bowl.
  8. At some point, you have to wonder whether its the city or the league/team owners. Obviously as demonstrated by many people here in this thread, that the many leagues that prop shop there and folded have ruined their reputation of being a viable market. Jacksonville got an NFL team because of the great support for the Bulls in the USFL, Memphis too with the showboats. Las Vegas is a bit iffy. Looking at the past pro football teams placed, you'll see a trend of either uncompetitive teams, horrible ownership, and/or bad marketing. Vegas has shown great support for the Outlaws of the XFL. The last attempt, the Locos did see steady season ticket holder growth but that did not translate into gameday attendance. It seems interest seemed to slowly dwindle for the Locos and the UFL in general and that the league failed to maintain or generate new interest in their product and stagnated towards the end. I don't believe this is the same situation as in Memphis where once the NFL came, the city was burned from losing the Mad Dogs, Showboats, and Pharaohs all in the span of a few years. This was a almost a decade after the Outlaws. So I'm sticking with the theory that the league failed to keep or generate new interest until I find something else to disprove it.
  9. Not al all. You point was that Birmingham could not support a team. You articulated very poorly why it was the case and insisted that the contrary bolstered your argument. You seem to believe that a city has to show up to games to count as support. That is how teams survive though, not support. Its not just people who support the team go to games. If you argued on the basis that the number of season ticket holders per team wasn't good, I'll accept. You seem to hinge support on gameday attendance, completely ignoring other forms of support. You were flatly arguing that Birmingham could not support a team. We're not going in circles, you have been hammering one point over and over and refused to properly articulate why, instead relying on the counterarguments of others to bolster your one point leading to a rather poor argument. You can say Birmingham could not support a team but when countered by the Birmingham can support a team argument, you cannot "yeah, but if attendance dips, Birmingham couldn't support a team" First off, this is a different argument from your first one which is Birmingham could not support a team. This is Birmingham could not support a team because attendance dips in cfb season. Plus you cannot keep saying Birmingham cant support a team when provided with evidence to contrary. You could argue support will wither when it is college season and that teams need season long support. But you did not.
  10. Did you not not read my message, seemed like you just skimmed for the easiest one to counter. eh, college ball is still king in a lot of those towns. I presume you are talking about cities such as: Charlotte, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta. A lot of those teams have the benefit of a stable league and years to cultivate a fanbase. You gotta remember a few years isn't enough to really draw away from college.
  11. I guess We're just gonna have to agree to disagree then. My idea of support is always peeps will show up when they have the chance and throw themselves fully into it. As long as they're buying the merch and stuff/supporting the team with their money, holla out loud for the team in the stands when they have the chance. I feel that's support. I don't really hinge support on showing up to games. If people can, that's great. But as long as they rep the team and such, that'll be good. I get how deep rooted and important college ball is important to Birmingham so I wouldn't expect them to toss that aside for something else.
  12. Yeah, the general populace doesn't turn up to see losing football. but the 16,000 or so fans that show up, they are loyal and passionate. The Fire and Bolts were awful teams and the fact they somehow drew any people is probably a testament to just deep rooted football is in that city.