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  1. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Panthers Updated (4/19)

    I think that the black jersey needs an outline. It just kinda blends for me and makes it a little hard to see.
  2. NBA G League Changes 2018-19

    I disagree. While it is a farm club, it 100% deserves its own name, at the very least. While I'd like it if every team got its own unique identity, I think that teams should be something that ties into the parent club while not being the name of said club. Prime examples of this are the Greensboro Swarm and the Wisconsin Herd. They're not the parent club, and it negates and possible confusion if both clubs share a name. (Special mention goes to the Skyforce, Hustle, and Blue for using team-related imagery without being named the Heat, Grizzlies, and Thunder, respectively.)
  3. Honestly the greatest concept illustrations I've ever seen. The Arizona alt is really neat and I really like the nice flag pattern on the sleeves. Incredible work!
  4. NHL Comic Sans Series (Update 4/25)

    This physically hurts me. But it's sooooo good. I've never so conflicted!
  5. City/State Color Identities

    I think Colorado looks much better. It feels much more balanced now.
  6. City/State Color Identities

    I like Colorado, but I feel like either the purple isn't dark enough to properly balance the blue, or there's not enough purple in the logos (Nuggets and Avalanche, specifically). The uniforms look fine, but I think there's a color imbalance in the logos.
  7. Color Rush Thursday is dead

    While overall, the look wasn't great, some teams really had knockouts. The Panthers especially (Well, now that I think about it, it was really just the Panthers). I just hope this leads to a more creative ploy to get us to buy more jerseys.
  8. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I didn't really mind the font before this image but that is quite literally the worst 3 I have ever seen.
  9. Overall, the updates are fantastic. The only one I don't really like is Titan. I think that the red lettering on the red uniform doesn't look too great. Also, the red pinstripes on both the jersey and pants plus the vest look is not pretty at all. However, every other team is a massive upgrade! Quick edit: Mars looks fantastic and is probably the best update (or even set as a whole) here. The new coloring looks fantastic.
  10. Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    Easy: to
  11. NBA 2K League

    I agree. I think it's the only really solid logo of the bunch. I couldn't agree more. Having one studio design every logo makes them all seem way to similar, and doesn't allow for any real individuality to show.
  12. Iconic yes, but still stupid. Golden State makes no sense when a: they're not the only team in California, and not even the most successful. The Lakers have them beat by miles and b: Golden State is not a name. It's a nickname. If they wanted to name the team after California, why not go with California? Not to mention they've spent time as the San Francisco Warriors, and will finally move back. It makes sense to change the name, however iconic it may be.
  13. NBA 2K League

    So apparently the NBA is getting into eSports, with the NBA 2K League. The inaugural season features 17 teams, each with their own parent club, being an NBA team. Here are the logos and a little blurb about each. All of them were designed by RARE Design of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with input from franchises. Pacers Gaming "The logo features a modernized Pacers Panther which is unique to the franchise. Kelly Krauskopf, current Indiana Fever President and Pacers SVP said, “Boomer is part of the Pacers heritage; the logo takes Boomer into another dimension.” Krauskopf continued, “Our goal was to create a logo that connected with our past while communicating an edgy, confident and dynamic esports brand. I think we accomplished that.”" Pistons Gaming Team (GT) "The Pistons GT logo incorporates branding elements of the Detroit Pistons while presenting an individualized, distinctive logo to exist in the NBA 2K League and appeal to gamers worldwide. The new logo integrates automotive piston imagery into a progressive design that is representative of the toughness, attitude and hardcore spirit of the region and its basketball history." Cavs Legion GC "The Cavs Legion GC official team colors are wine and gold, consistent with the look and feel of the Cavaliers NBA team franchise. The official team logo features a contemporary adaptation of the Cavalier profile, set above the team name in a sharp typeface that’s inspired by the edges of a sword. “The team’s name, colors and logo honor the heritage of the organization, yet reflects the bold new territory of esports and the renegade nature of a Cavalier,” said Tracy Marek, Cavs Chief Marketing Officer. “This results in an edgy, new-age version of the iconic Cavs brand that fits within the current esports landscape. We are excited for the opportunity to bring the same energy and passion we put into our other properties to Cavs Legion and the entire esports community.”" (Quick side note: The description here mentions how the font is inspired by the "edge of a sword" when every team uses the same font. Weird, huh?) Mavs Gaming "For Mavs Gaming, this was about finding the true meaning of what makes a modern Maverick. “We wanted a symbol that was unexpected, fearless, with a swagger that is rooted in our Dallas heritage,” said Dallas Mavericks and Mavs Gaming owner Mark Cuban. “We are confident that whomever we draft for our team will be proud to wear it.”" Kings Guard Gaming "The team logo is rooted in the ferocity of the lion, the nobility of the crown and the strength associated with the color black. A new lion was created to mesh the iconic Kings marks with a fresh, esports appeal. The name, Kings Guard, references the passion of esports players entering a virtual battleground." Wizards District Gaming "The identity for Wizards District Gaming draws inspiration from the Washington Wizards’ brand. Fans and supporters will quickly recognize a commitment to the city through both the incorporation of “District” into the formal name, as well as the three stars that pay homage to the District of Columbia flag. The “Monumental” spaces reflect the inclusion into the larger MSE family, while paying tribute to the Washington Monument, a prominent feature of the DC skyline. The logo also encompasses key values that are important to the overall MSE brand, including a community-first approach, inclusivity and technological innovation. The logo provides fans with a new, yet familiar way to experience Monumental’s newest franchise." Magic Gaming "The Magic Gaming logo incorporates elements from the NBA Magic team’s logo, including the identifiable colors of Magic Black and Magic Silver and the iconic basketball, while providing an edgier, more mysterious feel that captures the essence and identity of the NBA 2K League team. The color black, primarily featured, conveys a sense of strength and power. This modernized and innovative look also includes Magic Gaming’s secondary logo featuring the iconic star." Heat Check Gaming "Bringing the Heat. Competition. We live for it, love it, and will burn you with it. It’s who we are. Our culture. We are the hardest working, best conditioned, toughest, meanest, nastiest team you’re gonna face, so go ahead and get in line for your participation trophy, because the big one is ours. We’re here for one reason — to win — so if you can’t take the Heat…" Jazz Gaming "The primary icon and global logos, which pay tribute to the Jazz as well as the state of Utah, feature the letter “U” in the color white in the shape of the state of Utah. It is tilted at 66 degrees, with the drop shadow forming the letter “J” in gold and outlined in navy. The secondary logo features "Jazz Gaming" with a beamed pair of eighth notes in place of the "A" in Jazz." Celtics Gaming "Tradition defined. Few clubs — very few — have a tradition or a heritage that run as deep as ours. Celtic pride isn’t just a mantra, it’s a way of life. Green isn’t just our color, it’s our lifeblood. And winning isn’t just a hope, it’s our heritage." Blazer5 Gaming "The new Blazer5 Gaming logo draws its inspiration from the Trail Blazers iconic pinwheel design. The logo makes use of the franchise’s red, black, and white color palette, melding the classic five-on-five swirl into two energetic interlocking blocks. The result captures the inherent action of the original logo, while representing both the individual and team aspects of the competitive esports world." Warriors Gaming Squad "The Warriors Gaming Squad logo serves as a visual bridge between the NBA Golden State Warriors franchise and its NBA 2K League team. The Warriors Gaming Squad logo’s inspiration came from early video game designs that relied on a square, flat graphic, which later progressed to a cube and three-dimensional design. The logo pays homage to the old and celebrates the new as it appears flat and three-dimensional simultaneously. It is contained in a circle, which evokes a basketball and the rich history of the Warriors organization." Raptors Uprising Gaming Club (GC) "Raptors Uprising GC reflects the Toronto Raptors organization’s ‘outsider’ attitude while the esports team’s logo is a chevron, pointing North, taken from the side of the Raptors jersey." Knicks Gaming "We are New York, baby. We rep the greatest city on earth. Our city that never sleeps. Our city that expects toughness. Our city that expects soul. Our city that defines and redefines the game on its streets, and within its chain-linked courts, at will. And we rep our city with grit, heart, and hustle... Forever." (Gosh I wish I could say this is a joke.) Grizz Gaming "Grizz Gaming’s logo is bold and balanced. It is inspired by the Grizzlies’ tenacity, updated for a digital space. The ‘Grizz Gaming’ GG ligature combines the ‘Grit and Grind’ ethos of the Grizzlies NBA franchise with a tacit nod to a traditional gaming sign-off, ‘Good Game’. The bear claw updates the Grizzlies’ secondary logo, elevating it to primary logo status, with each of the five claws representing the five players on the team. The official colors invoke a more simplified version of the Grizzlies’ color scheme, boldly relying on the Grizzlies’ fan favorite Beale Street and Midnight Blues." Bucks Gaming "The primary logo for Bucks Gaming features a stag, which throughout mythology has been portrayed as the king of the forest. With distinct lines and sharp edges creating a buck ready to strike, the Bucks Gaming logo represents the organization’s fierce independence and bold confidence. Negative space in the logo is utilized in the buck’s head to create both a “B” representing Bucks Gaming, as well as subtle reminders of the buck’s forward movement. The logo represents the idea of genuine nobility, with the buck’s antlers creating a figurative crown declaring his place at the front of the pack with a deep sense of pride." 76ers Gaming Club (GC) "Inspired by the city’s revolutionary origins and the modern edge of the esports athlete, the primary logo reflects the number “76” fused into the shape of a bell in tribute to Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell and 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence." All logos/descriptions taken from these three websites: https://nba.2k.com/2kleague/blog/team-logos-revealed-part-i/ https://nba.2k.com/2kleague/blog/team-logos-revealed-part-2/ https://nba.2k.com/2kleague/blog/team-logos-revealed-part-3/ All in all, I think these suck. The only decent ones are 76ers GC, Blazer5, and Jazz Gaming, in my opinion. The rest all feel so corporate, and since they were all made by RARE, none of them have any personality. But that's just my two cents. What do you guys think? (Quick P.S.: I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. I just found out about this and wanted to discuss.)
  14. Biggest Downgrades in History

    I got a lot for you guys: to to And of course, the one that was bad for everyone involved: to and Can't forget about this one: to And it's going to get even worse. Finally: to
  15. NBA 90s series(Milwuakee Bucks Posted)

    I love the Hornets and Cavs, but I have one question: where are the Hornets' signature pinstripes?