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  1. QueenCitySwarm

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    You mean you don't like gaudy, bright racing stripes and a wordmark that looks like it was designed in two minutes?
  2. QueenCitySwarm

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    Wow! The Arrows look great, the only thing I have an issue with is the "I" insignia. I just can't for the life of me, see it as an "I". The extra part on the right is really throwing me off, so I think getting rid of it might help. Aside from that, they look pretty good, though I have to say I'd prefer a completely modernized set based on the concept uniforms.
  3. QueenCitySwarm


    I'd say, while I don't normally like skylines or jerseys or courts, I think it works on these "City Edition" courts, since they're for the home fans, not for anyone else, and Charlotte's skyline is very nice if you know what it looks like. I really like how it looks, but I'd also get rid of the "Buzz City" stuff. (Nobody calls it that around here, it's usually the far superior Queen City). That said, I'd make the honeycomb pattern straight, cause it looks kinda bad at the angle. I love the gradient and work mark, however. Great work!
  4. Yeah, maybe an art deco pattern. I'm just not a big fan of putting a slogan or something like that in a logo. The logo itself is super solid, maybe the best in the league, but the use of a slogan kinda turns me off to it, which is a big shame considering how good it is.
  5. Dang, Kennedy looks really good! The only thing I'm not sold on is the "On the moon" part. I understand it looks unbalanced without it, maybe try "Baseball Club" instead?
  6. QueenCitySwarm

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    Wow! NOLA looks great, but I have one thing: I'm not completely sold on the green caps with purple bills. The purple/green looks marvelous, but I just don't like how the two darks interact. Other than that, great work! Phoenix especially might be your best one yet. Keep it up!
  7. I'm glad the Raiders are back! Gotta say, even thought they look pretty good, I'm still holding out for a black/blue rebrand soon. It fits the city much better (you will not find a lot of red here, but with the Panthers and Hornets blue is everywhere), and I think looks better if done right, which is not hard to do. That having been said, I'd like to see a deep playoff run Raiders!
  8. Probably not, I have a deep-seated hatred for Raleigh (stupid state government) and have an even deeper hatred for South Carolina (stupid inferior Carolina), so it would have to be Charlotte (which makes the most sense, to be honest).
  9. Haha yes! Right after I complain about my teams not doing anything, both make the playoffs! Congrats to Mendez and I hope to see them back!
  10. It's back! Great to see you again, and what a series! Congrats to Luna for their win, and I'm hoping we'll see one of my teams make it next year (Mendez and Ursula).
  11. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (49ers 11/11)

    Man, you're getting there but it's still too detailed. I know you might want to make a whole new logo, but the Panthers don't need that. They just need the removal of the silver and a slight tweak to the left eye. Additionally, the white outline adds nothing, and messes up the helmet, too. The gradient on the alt doesn't work, but I'd get rid of it altogether. It doesn't mesh with the rest of the set. I don't think the main logo needs that much detail, either.
  12. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (49ers 11/11)

    Wow. The uniforms are amazing, but that logo is simply awful. The whole concept just doesn't fit when the Panthers have an established brand and logo that only needs minor tweaking. All you have to do is replace the silver with white and maybe tweak the left eye and you're golden. Like I said, the uniforms are fantastic, maybe the best Panthers concept I've seen. Just replace that logo and it'll be perfect.
  13. QueenCitySwarm

    Alaska State Lights

    These. Are. GORGEOUS! I love all of them. Every iteration (even the first one), and if this was a real team, I'd follow them just for these beauties! My personal favorite is the gradient helmet, but all of them are great. I wonder, on the Alaska helmet, maybe put Polaris front and center, and have the Big Dipper on the sides to cover?
  14. QueenCitySwarm

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    The White Sox look great! I really like the Germanic colors, but I gotta say, the "White Sox" word mark looks like Maryland to me. Nothing wrong, just a something I immediately jumped to. Excellent work so far!
  15. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (49ers 11/11)

    Baltimore is amazing. The red/yellow gradient is an excellent way to incorporate the flag without randomly stuffing it everywhere. That purple jersey is a thing of beauty! The only think I might change is maybe making the helmet stripe purple? I don't know how well that would work, but it might be worth trying. Good work!