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  1. QueenCitySwarm

    Carolina Panthers Update

    Not a big fan of the new blue, but the jerseys themselves look fine. Always a fan of black helmets for the Panthers, but they could definitely do with a stripe. Also not sold on the number font you've got there, but it may just be the 9 that looks weird. Good start, but the unnecessary color change is holding the concept back.
  2. QueenCitySwarm

    New 2019 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Leaked

    How disappointing. The NBA has really phoned it in recently when it comes to special jerseys, and these just suck. The red/blue is entirely unnecessary, and at least entirely white/black is kinda unique. They could've done something really cool with it in Charlotte as well, maybe using the classic pinstripe style to represent each player's team, or add splashes of teal and purple, as others have suggested. It's a shame when All-Star uniforms used to be so cool, too.
  3. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    Love the red primaries. I'd really like for any red/blue NFL team to make red the star, but whatever, I guess. Very, very big on the blue helmet. Very well done!
  4. QueenCitySwarm

    Rare team matchups

    Man I wish the Saints would go black/gold more often. It looks so much better than the all-black look.
  5. QueenCitySwarm

    Vermont FC (Updated Jan. 3)

    I think bottom row middle is the winner here. It keeps all three beautiful colors, and also has the name. Normally I'd try to keep words out of the logo, but nothing here is super identifiable at first sight, so keeping the name here is the right move.
  6. QueenCitySwarm

    stadium series 2020 logo concept - jersey update 1/6

    Fantastic work throughout! I think the logo shape you chose was the right one here, and the jerseys look great. Of the three potential away teams, Vancouver is probably my favorite, but they all look great. Also, the topographic map imprint for the Avs is genius. (Also, your signature is amazing)
  7. QueenCitySwarm

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - San Diego Reds Added

    The TB Mariners look fantastic! The navy/gold scheme works really well, and I really like the trident stripe on the pants. I've always been fascinated by Nintendo's ownership of the Mariners (being a massive Nintendo fan), and while it wouldn't work for this series, I wonder what the M's would look like had Nintendo done more to remake them in their image, maybe even a rebrand to represent Seattle's tech industry, with Nintendo at the forefront.
  8. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL changes 2019

    Interested with the potential of a black Jets uniform. I can't help but think of Eagles comparisons, and I don't like that. Black just doesn't seem to work with green/white. Not super excited about that, but I guess I'll hold judgement until I see them. Whatever this "Sport Green" is, I hope it's a little brighter than the current Jets green. I'd like to see a change for the Falcons, but nothing super drastic. They have a good base, but it needs to be less edgy/aggressively modern. I'm sure the Patriots will make a change to the uniforms after Brady leaves (which can't come soon enough), but it probably won't be a return to the Pat Patriot style. I'd like to see the removal of silver and the better use of red. One last thing here, there are rumors going around Panthers fans that we may see a change next year. Not sure how well these hold up, but given that we've been playing around with new combos this year, it may be something. Hopefully we see the dropping of silver and a switch to an all-black look. I'm hoping that Mr. Tepper makes some changes to help make this era distinct from the Richardson era.
  9. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL Redesign (Broncos Added 5/32)

    The uniforms look very nice, but the new blue is really bad, especially given how striking our current blue is. Also, the yellow/mustard color is entirely pointless, when the eyes could just be white, like the mouth. Also not a huge fan of the number font here, the 1 looks kinda off. You have a good base, but the pointless changes really hold the set back.
  10. Oh man, let's move a team who's closest rival is 250 miles away to a state that already has team! Genius! All jokes aside, Florida only needs one hockey team. If anything, move the Stingrays to Tampa if there needs to be team there. This is true in real life, and in fictional hockey-verses. The Raiders should stay.
  11. QueenCitySwarm

    Unpopular Opinions

    Oh yeah, the amount of jerseys the NBA has is a mess right now. Give me four at most: Home (White), Away (Primary Color), "City" (Alternate, based on the city), and Throwback (For some teams, not all). I think Nike's been kinda running it into the ground right now, but the idea is there. The problem is the abundance of jerseys (I bet teams don't want to repeat colors), so the City ones kinda get the bottom of the barrel. If they were the regular alternates (and didn't change every year), we'd see better, more fitting jerseys. For example - The Hornets get four jerseys: home (white, says "Hornets"), away (teal, says "Charlotte"), city (purple, says "Charlotte" or "Queen City", maybe includes a famous landmark like Bank of America Center or a skyline pattern on the shorts), and a throwback (really away color, just take it from the 90s). Not every team would have a throwback, but every team has at least three jerseys to keep a close brand that is still reflective of where they're from.
  12. QueenCitySwarm

    Unpopular Opinions

    I know it's a tradition for soccer at this point, but I hate it when a team tries to emphasize something other than the city that they're from. To me it kinda says "We take you for granted. We're gonna show you more of us, instead of showing where we're from." It's why I honestly really enjoy the City jerseys in the NBA, most (*cough* Hornets *cough*) actually represent where they're from. (Honestly, nobody says "Buzz City". We have a perfectly good nickname, but nope, the Hornets are trying a force on us a nickname that sounds like the city's constantly drunk.) Back to the matter at hand, even if it's different, it's something I'd like to see the sport try. Maybe the MLS could do a special "Hometown Weekend" where each team wears the city name on the front, rather than an ad. I just think that the ads can get in the way of some excellent jersey design, like interrupting the stripes for the Galaxy, or the massive off-color "Bimbo" for the Union. A city work mark could be uniquely incorporated into the design, since there's no branding standards to keep, no logo to accurately portray. Placing the ads to where the NBA puts them (or better yet, removing them altogether) could make some MLS jerseys look even better.
  13. QueenCitySwarm

    Unpopular Opinions

    I 100% agree. I think when done properly, they look fine. I think the NBA actually does it the best. For example, the Cavs' Goodyear foot thing looks fine, as long as it's recolored to match the jersey. The Bucks and Kings look kinda bad, since the logos don't match the jerseys. The Knicks, Lakers, Wolves, Jazz, and Magic have all done it right. A small, inconsequential logo recolored to match the team's colors. I think the MLS and WNBA get it all wrong, however. Never, and I mean never, should an ad be the most important thing on a jersey. It should always be the team/city (I prefer the city) taking precedence. Obviously it can look good, but I will never consider MLS jerseys "great" until the city/name is front and center.
  14. I don't like the sound of that... As shocking as it may seem, the Checkers are pretty popular around here and major league hockey would probably do great, provided the arena's in a good place, like Spectrum Center or BB&T Ballpark. Not sure where the Raiders' arena is, but the location could be a big factor in that (Plus, if they need a new stadium, the city would probably give it to them, like they did with BB&T or Spectrum Center).
  15. QueenCitySwarm

    NBA City to NFL Color Rush

    Awesome! I do really like the gold/black/white scheme the Hawks have going on in their city jerseys, and this captures it very nicely. I also would like to see this in reverse (taking color rush jerseys and making them NBA-style).