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  1. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    Baltimore is amazing. The red/yellow gradient is an excellent way to incorporate the flag without randomly stuffing it everywhere. That purple jersey is a thing of beauty! The only think I might change is maybe making the helmet stripe purple? I don't know how well that would work, but it might be worth trying. Good work!
  2. QueenCitySwarm

    Minor League Baseball team names

    I've always enjoyed when teams have a name relating to, but not being the major league's name. The Memphis Redbirds are an excellent example, but if we look at the G-League, you can find a bunch like this, like the Greensboro Swarm, Wisconsin Herd, the (former) Delaware 87ers, Grand Rapids Drive, etc. I love this so much. It ties into the original team's identity and clearly communicates who the minor league team is affiliated with without saying "we're too lazy to come up with a local name so we just took the affiliate's name. Enjoy!" However, I really do like the ridiculous names, with an important caveat. I think this should stick to double-A or below. At the triple-A level these players are almost in the majors, so names like the Baby Cakes and IronPigs don't fly for me. They're waaaay too "minor league" for triple-A. I love teams like the Knights, Clippers, Sounds, and Aces, since they have big league identities, something these players can be proud of. I would hate to be drafted by the Marlins: from the Batavia Muckdogs, to the Greensboro Grasshoppers, to the Jupiter Hammerheads (not bad), to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, to the New Orleans Baby Cakes. I'd think it would be slightly embarrassing for the players! Here's my rule for triple-A: if it wouldn't work in the big leagues, it doesn't work here (unless it's a one-off promotion).
  3. QueenCitySwarm

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    Excellent work! I love the white helmets for the Bengals and the two new logos are fantastic. I really don't have any suggestions, just keep up the good work!
  4. QueenCitySwarm

    Unpopular Opinions

    I'd disagree, the blues should stay as an alternate (with black pants please). Keeping black around is worth it for the all-black look alone.
  5. QueenCitySwarm

    Carolina Hurricanes Ask Fans For Help With New Logo

    How 'bout moving the team to Charlotte and taking the Checkers name? I think placing the team in Raleigh was a mistake to begin with (3 Div. 1 colleges in the area, no history of supporting a major league team, not even the biggest city or metro area in North Carolina), and Charlotte has a history of supporting teams even when they're bad, so long as the stadium is in a good place: the Knights are the highest-attended team in the Minor Leagues despite being pretty bad, because BB&T Ballpark is uptown. I'd say Spectrum Center could work for a while, but the sight lines aren't great, so a new stadium would be needed. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. A Whalers homage would be awesome, and could totally work. I think a reference to the area could be nice, but the problem is there's not much to Raleigh. It's identity is pretty much consists of the fact that's it's the capital and the 3 colleges. Maybe something to do with the state capital? I have almost no ideas outside of a Whalers homage, which is fine.
  6. QueenCitySwarm

    Memphis 901 FC Announces Name, Unveils Logos Ahead of First Season

    First: I love this logo. While it's not exactly new, given that the Redbirds did this style as well, I don't care. The Redbirds' logo is so amazing I'd gladly take a Redbirds-Inspired logo over something brand new but bad. Second: While the name is a little strange, it's not bad by any stretch. It's better than Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City, that's for sure. At least they tried to incorporate a local reference into the name, it's better than just Memphis FC. There's actually Reno 1868 FC in the USL, so we do have the city + year thing.
  7. QueenCitySwarm

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Excellent! While it's very sad to see PUA go, Pamoja looks great. They only suggestion I have is to make add the light blue somewhere on the uniforms. It's a great color and could look really good on those jerseys.
  8. I'll be bold here: I don't mind jersey ads, so long as they don't draw attention away from the jersey itself. Excellent examples include the Lakers' Wish patch, the Hornets' LendingTree patch, and even the Bucks' Harley-Davidson patch. It works surprisingly well. If the logos are recolored to look like they belong, then it's not a problem. Poor examples of this include every soccer jersey with an ad front and center. While I understand that it maximizes profit, it looks awful. Often they will get in the way of the kit's design, and while there are exceptions, as always, it makes it seem like the sponsor should be what you're paying attention too, not the team and its own design. (This also happens in the WNBA, but those templated jerseys are already a lost cause.) That having been said, A, B, C. Given that the NBA already does the patches on the top right of the jersey, the NFL could work it with no problems. For the MLB, I'd rather they put it on the sleeve, but the top right could work, so long as there's not a patch already there. Finally, for the NHL, I'd say that the helmet works the best, even though I'd prefer the top right, where the captain patch is.
  9. QueenCitySwarm

    2018 NASCAR Southern 500 Throwback Weekend Paint Schemes

    I'll always love the Rainbow Warriors #24, but dang that 32 is looking really good. Love the Miami Vice blue/pink use. Also, #99 is throwing back to himself. If that wouldn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.
  10. QueenCitySwarm

    Favorite jersey number?

    I always go for 13 but 24 will also do. 15 and 2 for two Charlotte basketball legends, and 1 for the greatest quarterback the Panthers have ever seen.
  11. I've voted for Charlotte every time, but it's never won yet. Next time for sure! Excited for Minneapolis's and Los Angeles's identity!
  12. Name: Roy Silvers Bio: At 29 years old, from Hickory, NC, Silvers learned of Markball from friends who played casually. He has grown intensely passionate about the sport and follows the NAML religiously. He runs several NC newspapers, and has run stories on Markball in his papers in an attempt to grow even more interest in the sport. Choices: 1. Charlotte, NC. Silvers knows firsthand just how passionate the people of Charlotte are. He believes that Markball has potential for incredible growth in the South, and it starts with Charlotte. Suggested names include Bankers, Racers, and Stingers. 2. Minneapolis, MN. The popularity of Markball in Minnesota cannot be understated. With a fanbase and stadium ready to go, Minneapolis is an obvious choice for this expansion. 3. Los Angeles, CA. With how big LA is, there's no way Markball won't find a market. While Silvers isn't quite sure that using LAMC is the best choice (its large size could lead to a seemingly smaller crowd than is actually there), LA should provide a nice market for the West Coast.
  13. QueenCitySwarm

    A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)(Baltimore posted 8/31)

    Oh my god these look amazing. I love the sleeve numbers and the black helmet with the oversized logo! That blue/black pants combo is something I need to see in real life. Excellent work!
  14. QueenCitySwarm

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    I REALLY don't like the new bear logo for Ursula. The military logo is 1000 times better. I'd go with it for both primary and alternate. It's fantastic! The Mariners look good and so do the Hounds, and that Io logo is truly inspired! I'd ditch the bear logo all together and go with the military logo, but all in all great work!
  15. Awesome! I love the new colors and name. Very excited for the uniforms!