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  1. Froob

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The Prince jerseys are at least clean. I’d like to see a photo shop of the jerseys with no stripe across the front.
  2. Froob

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Anybody else hate the T Wolves unis? I kinda liked them at first, but they’re so damn bland and I hate the stripe across the front. The prince ones and the grey cities from last year are their only good jerseys they’ve had since the rebrand. They’re so bad. Removing the stripe off the front would help a lot (do this for the Wizards icon jerseys too).
  3. Froob

    What’s an underrated set of NBA uniforms?

    I actually really like the current Hawks, especially the white jersey. Really grew on me.
  4. Froob

    NFL changes 2019

    At least wear the red pants on the road for most of the games.
  5. Froob

    NFL changes 2019 did the Cardinals get here From here
  6. Froob

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Can the Rockets just switch to the earned full time? Would love to see these with yellow instead of white. Their icon and association jerseys suck.
  7. Lol you don’t like the Patriots road jerseys?
  8. A quality SB matchup. Pats road uni is amongst the best in the league and Rams throwback is amazing.
  9. Texans should embrace red (their logo is navy and red) and bring back red pants but wear it with their navy jerseys and occasionally on the road.
  10. They really outta switch between the two. Both great looks. Navy on navy needs to be trashed.
  11. Chargers Patriots is a great uniform matchup, why the complaining?
  12. Eagles Bears tomorrow will be a classic matchup, can’t wait.
  13. It’d be cool to see this come back as a throwback.
  14. You don’t like the Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasslebeck ones better, do you?