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  1. NYC Cosmos

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Chuck Foreman, Patriots.
  2. NYC Cosmos

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    I'm lucky, I have two game-worn jerseys and a game worn helmet. The pear logo and the color is amazing.
  3. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Well, if the City ever got its' head out of it's arse, and the BQX ever came to be, there are plenty of sites on the proposed line. Don't forget other places that have died: Sunnyside Yards and Aqueduct Race Track. Service on the A train to Aqueduct is the worst. The MTA would have to buy the old LIRR Rockaway line, convert it to a subway, and to make it feasible link it with the IND at 74th St. The problem is the :censored: NIMBYs who encroached on railroad property. Sunnyside would work for NYCFC. When East Side Access is finally finished, it opens Long Island (new LIRR station), you have the 7 train and you are right...the Lex Ave., 7th Ave, 6th Ave lines cross it, and there is access to the 8th Ave. line. So you have the A, B, C, D, E, F, N, Q, R, W, the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and SS lines crossing the 7. The technology to build a stadium over the yards is there. The caveat should be that the stadium is open to high schools and events – concerts, etc. and a possible AAFL team. Do you put a dome on it? Retractable? I think it would pay for itself. Now, if the AAFL is reasonably successful, and they grow slowly, they have a chance to do what the USFL couldn't do. 2 teams a year, owners and cities fully vetted, then it wold be successful. So next year, do you go say St. Louis and Sacramento? That depends on the Railyards project. etc....
  4. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gotham: I heard a little different. Governor Cuomo wants housing and retail and the skytrain to LGA. Attempts to build at Belmont have been a story for years and years. Even the Islanders gave up. So....a facility near the waterfront in Red Hook has been mentioned, but it has to be in conjunction with a street car line that was proposed to run from Red Hook to Greenpoint. Several things wrong with that: 1. it would cost billions for the line and ridership I don't think would justify it. 2. How do you get to it? The L to Bedford? The G to Greenpoint Ave. or Nassau Ave.? The G or F to Smith/9th St.? The whole thing doesn't make sense. As for the AAFL, if the league is smart, and the numbers are ok for the first year, they take 2 expansion teams next year and one would be St. Louis. I think if they held to the MLS model – thoroughly vetting cities, they would be ok.
  5. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gotham: Being on the dreaded M line with all the hipsters, you would think that the MTA would have bus service from Metropolitan Avenue to 74th Street, Queens. Instead I have to take the dreaded B58 to Flushing, which takes 1 ½-2 hours. Thankfully, the mall in Flushing has a Nike outlet store and the savings are great so it is worth the trip....sometimes. The original INDs "Second System" (1920s) would have had a connection. There is actually a station shell with trackage at 74th that is now used to store equipment. In any event, the plan to build a soccer stadium next to Citifield has all but vanished. The new plan calls for the usual – shopping/housing and a station for the proposed AirTrain to LGA. As you know, stadia/stadia logistics in NYC is always going to be a problem. As for football in Columbus, since the Crew play in February, showing up for a February football game should not be a problem.
  6. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Ok, well that does make sense. I've never been to RB Arena, so you have more experience there. Does the WTC PATH go straight through to Newark? I thought hit did. What I hated was taking the PATH on the weekends from 34th because they stopped in Hoboken then turned around. By the way, I don't think Citifield would work for a team. 1. It's colder than Yankee Stadium (it sits on the bay near Laguardia Airport); 2. From South Brooklyn/Bay Ridge it is a long, brutal trip. The R to 36th for the D or N; N to Times Square, D to 42nd St. and a long walk to the 7, unless you change at B'way/Lafayette for the 6 to Grand Central. From Coney Island, a long trip on the F to 74th St. Queens then switch for a local. That is like 2 ½ hours. For me I have to take a 1 ½ hour bus ride from Bushwick to Flushing, then a 1-stop ride on the 7 to Citifield. And I don't think the Yanees would allow a team to play there, unless it is a big-budget game that will bring in fans.
  7. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    The Red Bulls starting playing in February anyway. The Columbus Crew announced +new investors and a plan for a 22000-seat stadium. The Crew's present stadium can be converted. Cony Island will never work.
  8. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gothamite: It's relatively easy to get anywhere in the City. It isn't 2 ½ hours from southern Brooklyn. Suppose you are at 95th/Bay Ridge St on the R. Then you might have an argument. R to 36th/switch for express. If the D, get off W 4th St, take the PATH. If the N, go to 34th St. Herald Square, or R to WTC. I don't see what the big deal is. I live in Bushwick, and it would be hell for me to go to Coney Island. And that is interboro! The M to the F at Essex. That is a long, long ride. At least the B'way and 6th Ave lines have frequency. The M does not.
  9. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Red Bull Arena: It all depends if Red Bull wants five extra dates. At least it is easy to get to.
  10. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Well, at least they started signing players. It remains to be seen what kind of team names they have. If they go for "modern stupid" like the Hitmen and "Rage," and colors like the Orlando hander used to wear, it will be a joke. If they stay at 8 next year it would be a big mistake too. I am not saying that the league should ruin itself like the USFL did with 6 expansion teams the second year, but adding 2 teams like New York and Chicago or t. Louis, or Columbus would be a big step. As for New York, since Red Bull Stadium is a no go, and that abomination called NYCFC does't have a stadium in the works, I wonder if any part of the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center can be converted to a football field.
  11. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    If the XFL gets stupid, they will go to Toronto. With Oliver "ego" luck running the show, you can't rule out Europe. Germany wants football. If the NFL played an international game in Dusseldorf or Frankfurt, the tickets would be gone in five minutes. For the NFL or any other league, Berlin has always been a hard sell. No one will go to a game in Munich, especially minor league. London? Not a chance. A minor league product. If the XFL goes to London, no one will go – minor league product. Mexico may be interesting. Here's the catch. With the trade wars, the dollar is increasing against all currencies. It will only make things more expensive. I can see Columbus if the Crew move. An empty stadium with the right seating capacity. St. Louis? Yeah. Oakland? Not so fast. The Invaders had a decent first year but attendance declined like a dropped stone over the last part of the first season, then in years 2 and 3. Virginia like the UFL? That might work. As for the AAFL, they are blowing it already. I would have team identities done by now.
  12. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Should have been a 12-team league: St. Louis, NY, Chicago, Sacramento. Mike Riley, again, in San Antonio? Well, at least his QB was Jason Garrett.
  13. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Here is a funky thought. of extra points, a bar would come up ⅓ of the way. If the kicker nails that window, its 2 points. If it is above that crossbar, it is worth a point. The bar can be automatic. push a button and the bar comes down from inside the goalpost. easy technology when you think of it. I like the one-yard buffer rule, but the defense is going to want something in return. Looks like San Antonio will be the eighth and final team.
  14. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Who knows what league will be successful, although the AFL is still breathing (barely). If the AAFL and XFL survive, will there be a merger? This reminds me of 2 professional soccer leagues starting in either 1967 or 1968. They finally realized 2 teams in Chicago, LA, New York etc. wasn't going to work, hence the NASL.