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  1. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Wow are the logos and names lame!
  2. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    The names for the first 4 teams are lame and clueless.
  3. NYC Cosmos

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Atlanta Legends? Lame. Who with the Falcons is/was a legend? Matt Ryan? Tommy Nobis? Memphis Express? The NBA would not allow the Grizzlies to use that name. No doubt a partnership with FedEx. Birmingham Iron? Anyone remember the Birmingham Vulcans? Orlando Apollos? Ugh. Didn't work so well for the NASL team, did it?
  4. NYC Cosmos

    Chief Wahoo’s Last Season

    I agree it is as racist as one can get. I refer to the NFL team as simply Washington. However, the Tribe is ok, (so are the Warriors, which Washington NFL has trademarked) so long as there is a logo that incorporates what a tribe, or group is. It's funny, because a couple of American football teams call themselves the "Datu" or Warriors. The Datu was the tribal leader. In fact the most famous, the Datu of Lapu Lapu in Cebo fought the Spaniards tooth and nail. The Datu is a source of pride for the Filipinos.
  5. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I think they will do it all at once. The MLS did that, and I think the XFL did that as well.
  6. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Hey Guys: The NFL picked badly for WLAF owners. George Shinn dumped the franchise (what else is new) and the league ran the team in Columbus (one of the best logos ever - I have a game worn helmet and two game-worn jerseys). The Maloofs were looking for a way to get in the NFL, and wanted to move Birmingham to Houston if the league came back for year 3. George Speros wanted a team in Washington DC for year 3. It was a total s**t show. If the NFL took as much care to vet the owners and vet the cities – I mean really study American football in European markets, i think they would have one up with different markets and could have stayed around. We all know how the Italian sports minister pissed off Schramm. France would never have worked because French cultural laws dictate French music must be played 80% of the time in any venue. I believe Marseilles was way ahead in development. If they studied the markets properly, I would hope they would have gone with a 12-team market: North America NY/NJ Monterrey Montreal Orlando/Birmingham/Memphis San Antonio Sacramento Europe London (2 teams) Milan Stockholm Geneva Frankfurt If they had someone like a salary cap guru working in finance (call them a currency guru), they would be an expert in currency hedging and it would have saved the league a ton of money. Also consider the office was in an expensive building on Madison Avenue and not the NFL offices, and again regarding franchises, they went after big cities that had little interest in American football, like Barcelona. Also, London was jaded. They didn't want to turn out for minor league football. Montreal had no CFL team at the time, but then again, it took years for Montreal to have any sort of an interest in football. And Montreal is a tough sell for any team unless you are named the Canadiens. Sacramento's plans for a stadium weren't even on the drawing board yet. Maybe if they waited a couple of years things would have worked out. I remember a couple of teams cameleer to the CFL, but that experiment lasted what, 2 years?
  7. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Hey Mac...funny, but I used the wLAF for my cases studies as an MBA student at NYU. I remember the first ads that came out in 1990. There was a Knights poster telling everyone that it was an "NFL products" if memory serves me right. But selling the league as a developmental league would have killed anything in Europe. From the start I think Barcelona was a strange choice. The best Euro teams to that point were in Stockholm, Geneva and Bologna. I recall being told by my friends in the league that they never did do a thorough search of cities and teams. The league was astounded by the success they had in Frankfurt and later Dusseldorf. The league had ownership problems from the beginning. Some franchises like London were league owned. Other franchises like Barcelona had owners who had no clue whatsoever. Montreal was practically owner by the league. The WLAF had to include London. Playing at Wembley was stupid. Frankfurt over Berlin was an interesting choice and in time proved to be the right one. Barcelona was odd. Where was the fourth Euro team? They should have had four. In he U.S., they had to include Orlando, Birmingham, Sacramento. Montreal had no CFL team but Baltimore had a CFL team. The Maloof family owned Birmingham. I liked Columbus. But Raleigh-Durham, especially when Charlotte was angling for a team? It was a major turnoff for fans. San Antonio had the cachet of Tom Landry and the Benson family ownership, but no place to play. NY/NJ was not going to work. Also, the league was dumb financially. Separate offices from the NFL (they were on Madison Avenue), and they did not hire an experienced finance guy to hedge currency. They were slaughtered $ ---> Euro. Unlike the USFL, how would you recruit coaches for a league like the WLAF that was a 'tweeter? George Allen had an axe to grind with the NFL. Ralston, Red Miller, etc. brought credibility. And there were some gems found – Jim Mora, etc. But for the WLAF? I think it's great that players and coaches made their way to the NFL – Jason Garrett for one. Peter Vass ran trips bubble screen all the time. It is now a staple in the NFL. If the owners are willing to stay the course in the AAFL, it may work out.
  8. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Hmmm......interesting. I was thinking yellow/black. Don't get me wrong. I hope the league thrives. I would also hope they have a roster spot for an international layer. NFL Europe got it right. The rule was every other series you had to have a national in the game. As far as team names go, I like what they did in India. The Dehli Defenders had a great helmet and color combo. A couple of years ago, this is going back like 7 years. Team Mexico had an awesome green and red helmet. In the Philippines a couple of teams are called Warriors or Datu. The Datu was the leader of the tribe. The Datu logo was taken from the Great Lapu Lapu of Cebu, who supposedly killed Magellan. It is an interesting choice, noting it kinda, sorta, looks like Washington's. I would hope SLC's logo paid tribute to its' heritage in some ways and I mean that by the westward movement towards the west coast. It could be railroad-related like the golden spikes.
  9. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I think what the league is doing is insane. I think the USFL did things the beginning. They hired coaches who had been successful in their leagues and college – Jauch and Campbell in the CFL, of course George Allen, Chuck Fairbanks, John Ralston, Red Miller. They had some great identities – the Oakland Invaders are still my favorite logo of all time. And they were pioneers. But then they got completely stupid – signing college and NFL stars, expanding by 6 teams, firing coaches in midseason. Had they shortened the schedule and stuck to the original plan, I think they would have lasted. The WLAF was a s**t show from the beginning. They wanted teams in Mexico and Italy. True story. Tex Schramm visited Milan to meet the Minister of Sport, and the Minister kept Schramm waiting 2 days to meet. The Mexico team was going to be in Monterrey, not Mexico City. They thought having a team closer to the border would make a rivalry with San Antonio that much more. They also considered Memphis. The league, via the NFL wanted a team so badly in Montreal, that they gave some beer executive at Molson a very, very generous loan – I think it was 20 years with a balloon payment at the end. The scheduling was a joke. Frankfurt was on the road 4 straight weeks and the final leg of the trip was in Sacramento. Sacramento to Frankfurt is like a 12-hour flight. To make matters worse, the league promoted itself in Europe as NFL football. The way things are going in the AAFL, I don't think they have a chance. And if SLC is called the buzz r whatever the name is, bee-related I assume, I much fear the Steeler throwbacks will be recycled.
  10. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gotham: The Big A was discussed. This is way back when Cuomo Sr. was governor and the racetrack was falling apart. Sunny side Yards was discussed as far back as the early 70s.
  11. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    No...Belmont was mentioned for the Cosmos and Islanders. The problem is that is a. gambling and b. lack of mass transit other than buses and the LIRR. While they were building the AirTrain, they talked about a complex featuring a casino and a stadium at the Big A. Again, mass transit is a huge problem. How often does the A train run? And it is a long, long ride from midtown. At least for me, I could take the L or J and switch at East NY. The only logical solution would be to rebuild the rockaway connection be it from Jamaica or 74th st. in queens. Now if a stadium was built over Sunnyside yards, I think everyone could reach it relatively easily. Everything crosses the 7 train, except for a few lines, there's bus service down Queens Blvd., there's the new LIRR stop....Sunnyside was mentioned in the early 70s as a site for the Jets.
  12. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Nice work! but we do need an M line extension to 74th/Roosevelt. There is an unused tunnel at the end of the 74th st station that was supposed to be part of the city's second stage plan. If you want to build a stadium at Aqueduct, then the old LIRR rockaway branch has to be reactivated and turned into a subway. Where in Queens to start it though?
  13. NYC Cosmos

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gotham: Would Randall's Island be a possible location if they rebuilt the stadium on what they have now? Public transit to that area is so much better than it was when the Cosmos and Stars played there. and just for fun, try this:
  14. NYC Cosmos

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Chuck Foreman, Patriots.
  15. NYC Cosmos

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    I'm lucky, I have two game-worn jerseys and a game worn helmet. The pear logo and the color is amazing.