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  1. Although it sounds like it would be easy, Titan city is hard to name. As cool as it sounds, a team called the Saturn Titans located on Titan, Saturn is not a very practical name. In real MLB, the Arizona Diamondbacks were originally going to be called the Arizona Phoenix, but it got too confusing as they were located in Phoenix, Arizona. I agree that rings and halos are pretty boring. Now to my new suggestion. I love the idea of having a desert animal related name, (mentioned by @Seadragon76), and I second that concept. Maybe even a brand new species, that would really embrace the crazy concept of the league. Imagine a emblem of an intimidating new animal. You could do anything you want.
  2. I’m super hyped for this, let’s get started. 1-Ganymede, Jupiter-While I would put red station here, it is not an option anymore. We have mentioned Ganymede a lot lately, so why not have a team there. Not only would this team have many fictional fans, I feel like it would have many real life fans also. I also really want to see Jupiter’s moons in a rivalry, it would be great. As much as I want to just put all of the Jupiter names, I think that they aren’t ready yet. In the future I plan to vote for a team on the three remaining moons and red station, but until then, this will work NAME-Giants or Titans is the only thing going through my mind. Giants most likely, but Titans is great too in case you wanted to escape from San Francisco Giants mixups. 2-Titan city, Saturn-A big city that deserves a team and has all the chances in the world to thrive. No reason not to expand a bit farther. NAME-Something that has to do with rings would work. I like the ring (get it) of the “Saturn Halos”, but I’m not a fan of just the Rings. Something simple but not boring would work. If you plan to ever use the Titans as a team name, I suggest that you go by Saturn, but if not, Titan city sounds good. 3-Cythera and Cyprus, Venus-I love the idea of the two cities. Just a great idea. I also love that they would represent the atmospheric fans of Venus while the Sparrows would represent the ones on the surface. I really just like the concept of this city in general. NAME-To get it out of the way, I really like the idea of using “Sky Cities”. Now to the actual name. While a clear choice would be something like the “Twins”, I have a better idea. I was thinking about similar names to twins, I thought wouldn’t it be cooler that instead of just being named after the two cities themselves, why not name it after the fact that they represent every sky city. I then came up with a great name. I suggest that you name the team the “Sky Cities Valkyries” for the fact that Valkyries were warriors that dominated the sky, like cythera and Cyprus. Also, they were female, which ties to the fact that Venus, the Roman goddess, was one of the most worshipped and loved women. That reason is more far fetched because she was Roman, not Norse, but I just saw it as a cool coincidence. 4-Kennedy, Luna-I am less sure about this one, because I really like my first three choices. I feel like Luna is ready to have two teams, but not enough to have two in a single city. Spreading out a bit makes sense, but I do get having another team in LA too. I also think that tycho city sounds awesome, especially because the town I live in is in a huge valley and I feel like tycho city would have a home team vibe. Honestly, I like all three. If I could say just Luna, I would. I don’t expect tycho to get much votes, so it feels like a waste of a vote. If it gets more votes, I’ll be all in, but until then, I’ll stick with Kennedy.
  3. It’s good, I’m personally pretty busy too.
  4. So how many teams are you planning to get to eventually?
  5. I’m so hyped for expansion round 2. With the hint at the end, maybe Sparrows, Kings, or Islanders take the Galactic series? Well, fingers crossed. That was a good series
  6. I just looked at one of my first comments in this thread where I was suggesting teams (all Jupiter), and found that I suggested Ganymede giants without even knowing you used it before, kind of funny. I forgot about it because red station cyclones was more popular with everyone else and I started pushing that more. I guess it’s such a good name that we all suggest it.
  7. The Ganymede giants have made a return!!
  8. I agree with everything you said here. I didn’t consider the schedules, and that is probably really important. I do think that three teams in a division would be really competitive, especially if all three are in a rivalry. I get that it’s a bit small too. Either way, do what you want, it’ll go great. I just wanna see what happens.
  9. To help with alignment, I thought of this. It’s not perfect or anything, it’s just what I imagine a twelve team league looking a bit like. I changed the Stellar name, and I like Astral better than stellar by far. It may be early but what the heck, i Love this thread. I put a suggestion city next to the expansion teams. No suggestion names yet, this isn’t a sales pitch. I’ll wait for expansion teams before I do that (even though Ive made my red station suggestion clear). This is what I picture: COSMIC CONFERENCE (Green) -Inner Division- (earth and around division) Earth Luna Mendez -Outer Division- (belt and beyond) Ceres Expansion 1-Titan City Expansion 2-Triton ASTRAL CONFERENCE (Purple) -Inner Division- (more or less close to the sun) Mars Venus Mercury -Outer Division- (Jupiter division) Jupiter Expansion 3-Red Station Expansion 4-Ganymede
  10. That’s waaaay better. I love it. I was thinking that you should go inner-outer for the time being. When you get to twelve teams though, I suggest something with a mix of both, a bit like this: COSMIC CONFERENCE (6 teams) Cosmic Inner Division (3 teams) Cosmic Outer Division (3 teams) STELLAR CONFERENCE (6 teams) Stellar Inner Division (3 teams) Stellar Outer Division (3 teams)
  11. Dang, I wanted Venus to get it. The standings were expected. Good season.
  12. Because I thought it would look out of place, but it makes total sense why you would keep it
  13. Yeah there’s no way to make all teams different colors and it makes a lot of sense. I was just suggesting that m thing
  14. I love it. Juiter Kings-I like how it looks simple, even though it’s very complicated, something that I would say for the Yankees also. My only concern is that they look a lot like Ceres, but it’s nothing to cause a total redesign. Mendez Islanders-I like the name, place, and colors. The hats are amazing, along with the uniforms. As much as I love how it looks, the logo is the first one with a primary logo of a wordmark, and it will definitely stick out like a sore thumb, so I suggest that in things like the galactic series pictures, you use the M on the hat I personally like them both