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  1. VinegarStrokes88

    Cleveland Browns: Glory Days, Gorey Days, and a Wishful Future

    Even if the artist is properly credited? Would that also exclude past and present team used images? I’m sorry, like I said, I’m new to this. Is there a forum where what I described above would be appropriate?
  2. The Cleveland Browns. No, not a pity party post, wallowing in woes and self sorrow. Nor will it be a delusional rambling of what we need to do to be Super Bowl champions. What I intend is to simply present a fan’s perspective comparison of past and present culture; a look into what once was a prideful, blue-collar, barking brigade of Cleveland football fans and the environment they embraced -VS- what it has transformed into in its present day. Finally, I’ll get into a look ahead (or back? to the future?) at what changes can be made to once again flourish as a football city (again, only culturally, I promise). There will be images past and present! Historical logos! Concept logos! Concept uniform designs! Each based on what I personally like/liked, want to see revived, and want in the future. Please, please, please feel free to join in, add your own personal concept art, logos, memories, critiques, opinions, etc! I only ask that everyone be respectful with any text or images you post. Also, bear with me as this is my very first attempt at presenting a topic
  3. VinegarStrokes88

    USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Just an amateur idea of how to include the trident in a somewhat unique way: Thinking of how teams like (I believe Oregon State) continue the stripe colors onto the face mask; in gold, you could add a single center stripe on the helmet itself (the trident’s pole arm), and continued down onto the face mask would be the prongs of the trident. Hopefully I described it well enough for you to envision it.
  4. VinegarStrokes88

    USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Late to the party but the Blue Ox reminded me of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox named Babe. The Minnesota Babes!
  5. VinegarStrokes88

    Milwaukee Bucks D-League

    STAGS. Short, simple, Bucks-relative, and there’s a convenient capital T you can put a set of antlers atop.