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  1. WBeltz

    MLS Kits 2019

    I'm personally excited to see what they do with the kits themselves, I'm hoping for a Green/White Striped shirt (ala Real Bettis) paired with either black or green shorts. I think they'll look really good, but I would hope they don't fall to using a black clash kit like Houston usually does.
  2. WBeltz

    MLS Kits 2019

    Minnesota United with a first tease of their new away, remains white.
  3. WBeltz

    MLS Kits 2019

    So it looks like we'll be getting the actual FC Cincy uniforms next month. The placeholder jersey also has what should be the ad on the front of the Inaugural Jerseys with Mercy Health taking the spot.
  4. I think the Texans should switch to R/W for home, and W/R on the road. The AFC South is so heavy on blue/dark colors that red would be a much better and give more diversity to that division.
  5. WBeltz

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like the new uniforms, maybe just tweak the numbers, yoke and the pant stripe and it'll look much better.
  6. WBeltz

    MLS Kits 2019

    New England will be revealing their new away jersey at midnight(?), at least that's what the tweet is implying.
  7. Unpopular opinion: I like the Bills red jerseys, and I wish they would pull a Dallas Cowboys and mix the red jersey with white pants & either their red socks or white socks.
  8. WBeltz

    MLS Kits 2019

    I actually liked Seattle's black uniforms. Particularity this set:
  9. WBeltz

    Unique Team Names?

    I never knew I needed this until now.
  10. WBeltz

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I don't mind the green jerseys, but when no other element of the uniform is blue, it doesn't look right.
  11. WBeltz

    2019/20 Soccer Kits

    Looks like MLS will be allowing sleeve sponsors starting the next league year (2019) via the Athletic. https://theathletic.com/598815/2018/10/18/ Personally, it isn't something I'm too keen on, but it was bound to happen sooner or later, and money does talk. It'll be interesting to see how many teams jump on it immediately once the new season starts.
  12. WBeltz

    NFL 2018 changes

    I did it in Madden. It looks better, but you have to go with grey socks to help it balance out and avoid the yoga pants look.
  13. WBeltz

    2019/20 Soccer Kits

    I like when teams who have had such a classic design (like Barcelona) mix it up a bit, because you can only do so much with vertical stripes on a jersey, so I'm all for Inter Milan and Barca doing this.
  14. WBeltz

    Canadian Premier League

    Puma does the same thing with their jerseys, but I will agree that Macron is a good bet to do this.
  15. WBeltz

    Birmingham Iron uniforms?

    I'd assume not. Someone probably photoshopped an idea on an old Nike template, especially since the league is outfitted by Starter.