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  1. Indeed. If Morocco wins, I wonder what they’ll do.
  2. I hate to admit it, but Dallas isn’t probably going to make it very far with this kind of skid they’ve had lately. And either way, they have to beat Nashville or Vegas. So yeah, no partying like it’s 1999 in Texas.
  3. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Cubs vs. Astros last season would have been fun to watch, I think.
  4. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    The SPHL is like that one uncle you have at a family reunion that you never remember exists until someone points him out
  5. Texas Tech beat Florida in a super close game...so that happened. Also, my bracket’s busted because I had Tennessee going to the final and well...you know. UMBC plays again tonight, so that’s cool. Hope they keep this bracket-busting streak alive.
  6. The Hockey Project

    And this is the second team, the Calgary Mavericks! Also, per request from @Whittier S, I will, from now on, upload a new team 3 times a week, with updates once a week to all the teams that need them. Thanks!
  7. The Hockey Project

    And I'm back...well, sort of. I am currently getting the next team done and it will be on here in about half an hour, but I wanted to get the new Seabirds on here first. CHANGES: Gold brightened and silver darkened to improve contrast between colors Maroon added as a tertiary color Wordmark updated Alternate logos cleaned up a bit Primary changed to make it look more like a "seabird" See you back here in half an hour, I guess.
  8. The Hockey Project

    Hi everyone! Sorry about my extended absence—I was on Spring Break and I was unable to get WiFi working on my laptop, and I had little time to work on concepts. (BTW, I was still able to access the site because my phone had data) I plan to upload the updates to Vancouver and the next team tomorrow, but I will postpone the site until I have more teams made. Thanks for your patience!
  9. What Final Four Court is the bomb

    I agree. You should have started out by talking about your favorites.
  10. The Hockey Project

    I think that is somewhat of an overestimation, but thanks for the positive feedback!
  11. The Hockey Project

    About one a day, with maybe some skips here and there. Not frequent, though.
  12. The Hockey Project

    Thanks! I'll make the adjustments. Thanks as well! Thank you for suggestion, but I do have pretty much every name of the major league created by now. I'll keep the Razors name for the minors, though. Thanks again!
  13. The Hockey Project

    I decided to go ahead and get the first team up on here. This is the Vancouver Seabirds: