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  1. Your Favorite Teams?

    Born and currently being raised in Hampton Roads. We have no sports teams (yet) and my mom's ex-boyfriend was a Philly fan. We had a really strong bond and I became a Philadelphia fan. FLY EAGLES FLY!
  2. Hopefully Miami can win the next cup. I'm really rooting for them (not my favorite team however, GO REDSHIRTS!)
  3. Yay it's my birthday but I don't think anyone will notice.

    1. neo_prankster


      Happy Birthday!

  4. Chicago. That's the biggest market that hasn't been reached yet.
  5. 1. Fixed that person's name. 2. It probably was. A person named "GrayAntibiotics" made two posts on this thread and are now gone. I looked on that account it said "Banned." I went to investigate and found this message on the Forum Policies and Anouncements area. Apparently GrayAntibiotics was a dupe of @Daniel919, and by the looks of his posts, he isn't very knowledgable and can't grammar. I've only been on here since February, so is there something that he did that nobody liked or something along those lines? I'm just wondering (PM me the answer. This thread needs to get back on topic.)
  6. Odd how you didn't include Chicago. But this looks pretty promising! Keep up the good work!
  7. Houston Aeros Concept (NHL 2020)

    That isn't clip art. I made that on my own. It also took about an hour to actually make it. Don't just assume stuff. I guess it's back to the drawing board, huh?
  8. Houston Aeros Concept (NHL 2020)

    So I made a new logo! The old is an alternate, I guess. The new logo has the same colors, but is in the shape of a space shuttle instead. It is enclosed by a black circle, and has 11 blue stars along with the shuttle. ANYWAY, here's the new primary! C+C appreacitated!
  9. Working on a Houston Aeros concept...

  10. Houston Aeros Concept (NHL 2020)

    Most space ships, such as the space shuttle, have two rockets to propel them upwards. That's why I made two rockets. Yeah. I use an online tool called Vectr to make my concepts, and it's kind of a basic program. So, I'll try to make it look more modern, but I can't make any promises. Got any suggestions on how to make it look more modern?
  11. Houston Aeros Concept (NHL 2020)

    Hello there, kind people of CCSLC! I've got a concept I would like to share! So in 2020, Tilman Fertitta, the owner of the Houston Rockets, decides to buy the Arizona Coyotes. The NHL, who recently accepted a bid for a Seattle team, needed room for the Pacific Division, accepts the offer and allows the Coyotes to move to Houston. Although the "Houston Coyotes" does sound like a good name, the NHL says that they may try to make a new team in Arizona, also called the Coyotes. Fertitta knows the exact name for the team: the Houston Aeros, named after the WHA team of the same name. The colors are the same colors as the old Oilers, and the logo is similar to the Oilers logo (it even kinda looks like an oil rig!) The name is based off of Houston's AEROspace industry. The uniforms are yet to come. ANYWAY, here's the logo: C&C apreaciated!
  12. VB Dolphins Concept

    Alright, V. 3.0 "The Smoothening" (idk, just trying to be funny) has been launched. Dolphin fin, dolphin smile, and smoothed out vertices have been added. Still no dorsal fin, but it should be a little bit cleaner. I also looked at a dolphin this time around because I wanted to make sure it looked like a dolphin. I also came up with an idea for a mascot name: Derrick the Dolphin. Anyway, I plan on making a series on "The Future of the NBA" or something like that. No playoffs, games, or even the NBA Finals, cause we all know that it's gonna be the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers for the next gazillion years (that's a joke by the way.) This concept is just a starting point for another post on the "Sports Fan Fiction" thread. C+C apreaciated!
  13. VB Dolphins Concept

    Yeah, I was just going off the top of my head. I also wanted to make the holes in the B look like dolphin tails, but those didn't look good.
  14. VB Dolphins Concept

    Alright, going off of @C-Squared's idea, I decided to make the V look like a dolphin. I didn't add the dorsal fin (the top fin) due to the fact that it looked unneccessary. Here it is! C+C apreciated!
  15. VB Dolphins Concept

    Thanks! I'll do that.