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  1. Gothamite

    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    I want the Rams in gold as much as anyone else. But this is a bad reason. The Chargers are utterly irrelevant in LA. Their home games are actually home games for the other teams. The Rams have no reason to let the Chargers influence them in any way.
  2. Gothamite

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    They're borrowing the naming convention, sure. But there's no way in hell they could adopt pro/rel. It's doubtful that they could even do so among their "Championship" and "League 1", much less their own "League 2", and let's not even discuss the farcical notion that they could ensnare MLS into such a scheme.
  3. The budget is up, but so are expenses. Almost every athletic department loses money each year, and Wisconsin is no exception.
  4. Gothamite

    The USL Restructures & Rebrands

    I don't know about Brazil, but the German and French leagues are numbered from the top down because the same entities control all the leagues. That's not the case in either the US or England. Not that I like this new naming convention.
  5. Gothamite

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    True, and MLS shouldn't be reaching those markets on its own. That's not what they do. But soccer wouldn't be viable in those smaller markets without MLS paving the way. I remember the implosion of the original (real) NASL, and it did incalculable damage to American soccer all up and down the leagues. I don't want to minimize the contribution of the USL, showing that lower-league soccer can have a viable business model. And their geographic reach is larger, scattered across three leagues, so their role will continue to be invaluable. Soccer needs local clubs in small- to mid-size cities just as much as it needs large marquee clubs in major markets. But people wouldn't be investing Bethlehem, Reno, or Tulsa if MLS hadn't stabilized the sport in our country.
  6. Gothamite

    NFL 2018 changes

    The elements don't work in isolation. Especially the black-and-white jersey. But taken together, they're much more than the sum of their parts. As a uniform, it's really great. So long as they keep pairing a white jersey with teal pants or vice versa.
  7. Exactly. Universities can make priorities. I don’t fault Wisconsin for their choice any more than Iowa State for theirs.
  8. Gothamite

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I hope not, because that would be a really silly thing to say.
  9. Gothamite

    NFL 2018 changes

    The brown was unchanged in the most recent uniform change. But it was darkened fairly significantly a couple years before that.
  10. Gothamite

    NFL 2018 changes

    Agreed. This brown is way, way too dark.
  11. Gothamite

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    That’s the difference between a major league and a fly-by-night startup that will likely be forgotten in 25 years. Anybody thinking their pile of AAF merchandise will be in any way relevant to their retirement better hope that they will be able to eat it.
  12. The sunrise stripes are nice, but that's not a great rendition of the Round Rock itself. That swoop at the bottom is odd. I think they were going for this lighting effect, but it doesn't quite work. The swoop is too tall, and the light source too high.
  13. I think we're conflating my own idle speculation with something intended by the team. I don't know that they ever intended any connection with the Braves at all. I personally think that they wanted to go for something kinda kitschy, kinda retro, and settled on an identity that referenced Wisconsin's dairy themes without at the same time being too rural for Milwaukee County. Perhaps we shouldn't read anything more into it.
  14. Gothamite

    Sharks Switch to Stealth Mode with New Alternate Uniform

    The designer, Terry Smith, did an interview in 2007(?), when the new logo was unveiled. I can’t seem to find it immediately, but in it he mentioned not being thrilled with the execution of the original logo, and being given a chance to go back and take another crack at it. He also mentioned the blade tape.