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  1. Yes, it's overdone. The Angels' uniform is so close to perfect, but the decision to clutter up the sleeves with duplicate and unnecessary logos is unfortunate. They don't need the roundel, they don't need the cap logo repeated on the sleeve.
  2. 61,000 people there. 40% of the seats empty.
  3. That's a red herring, though. We can be unhappy about the things that are really bad even if there are worse things elsewhere.
  4. There used to be one. There really did. Or so I thought. Turns out it was really just George Steinbrenner. For all I hate how they beatify him now, his influence is sorely missed.
  5. Ignorance of history is no excuse. And pettiness? How? I have no ill will from the fallout over his departure. I'm one of those who thought they should have held the number retirement years ago, just months after he left the Vikings. I have no bitterness at all. But I'm the end, he won one championship. Hutson and Starr can run laps around that. If we only have four spots, I can't give three to the Packers. And Favre, great as he was, just isn't in the top two.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty. But they don't own the land or have the funding for it, so they're not yet a serious bid.
  7. What a clown show.
  8. Hmm. Hard to leave the Hammer off the list. I don't think we can put Rodgers there yet, and I'm tempted to leave Favre off. Because there's no way Don Hutson can be excluded - he is still the best receiver ever to play the position. If pro football hadn't been a niche sport in those days, he'd have been Babe Ruth.
  9. No can do - Color Rush requires one color shoulder to foot. Stripes would be okay, but no contrasting socks.
  10. DC. Pick a character, but they're all DC.
  11. How often does that come up in professional sports design, though?
  12. Yeah, I'm really not sure where that "rule" came from. Was somebody trying to apply the heraldic rule of tincture?
  13. Neither do I. In fact, my favorite uniform features it. I think gold outlines against white are certainly better than cluttering it up with an extra blue outline. I find that second Mariners jersey so hard to read because all the negative space in the letters is filled in with blue. At any distance, it's just a blob.
  14. Which is why the Hamilton County Commissioner's posturing is just that. And unfortunately, the Kentucky side is more than willing to give FCC corporate welfare.
  15. You could be right.