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  1. Perhaps. But that's not how affiliation agreements work. What the Mets should be doing is looking for a AA franchise they can buy, either a share or outright. That would force somebody else to partner with Vegas.
  2. I know that's been talked about, but I don't know how likely that is. But other than possibly moving to the Vegas suburbs, I don't know that there's a place in the United States for them to go right now. The stadium, and all of the training facilities. They're beyond terrible, totally unworthy of professional athletes, and no major league club wants to subject its players to them unless it's their last option.
  3. Depends - is there a place for them to go?
  4. They'd be crazy to do so - even if the Sky Sox are staying in Colorado Springs, it will be because they were able to improve facilities. Vegas has one of the worst ballparks in the minors. We're talking raw-sewage-in-the-dugout worst. Terrible-field-causing-injuries worst. No indoor batting cages. A tiny weight room. Outdated facilities that MLB clubs don't want any part of. As it stands now, the Las Vegas 51s are possibly the least attractive option for big league clubs to develop their players.
  5. I will agree to disagree, but at the very least I think it's clear that the pictures failed to prove what they were intended to prove.
  6. Yeah, but that would be easy enough to fix if they wanted to. They don't because MLS clubs almost always wear MLS patches, so it's not worth it. If the clubs wore competition patches in the US Open Cup, then it might start to be worth fixing.
  7. Funny how the bottom stripe is cut off on your first example, barely if at all on your second, and the third is of a college team. With the swoosh on the players' chests, there's room to move the stripes up. Not possible on the pro jerseys. So your examples hardly prove that "(t)he 49ers easily could've fit the three stripes on their sleeves if they wanted to". They actually demonstrate just the opposite.
  8. Of course, but that doesn't mean that the organization can't address several problems at once. And they will need to; the Las Vegas 51s are the affiliate nobody wanted, so the Mets may have trouble pulling away from them. But there are only 30 AAA clubs, one for each MLB club, so Wilpons will have to wait for another big league club to drop its affiliation and then try to swoop in.
  9. No idea, since PayPal doesn't release the numbers of Venmo users. We do know that in dollar amounts they accounted for about a fifth of Paypal's volume in the third quarter of last year, though.
  10. There's a pretty substantial difference between the county running the transportation system (which makes sense since most public transit systems extend into multiple cities) and the state running it.
  11. Much better, but it's still awfully busy and hard to read.
  12. Yes. Very much so. In fact, it's nearly doubled its number of active registered users since the first quarter of 2012.
  13. I think every single one of these posted so far deserves to be forgotten (with the possible exception of the Bigfoot).
  14. We didn't miss it - pretty sure it was discussed, maybe even earlier in this thread. Uni Watch also had a feature on it.
  15. I don't think it's actually supposed to be that way; I think it's another mistake carried over into sloppy MLB master Illustrator files. It looks to me like they just might have traced that wordmark from a patch, where the embroidery rounded off those points, creating those rounded points in the official file. Again, once you've seen it you can't unsee it. Uni Watch made this graphic to show the first two versions of the logo from the team's earliest days, and the interior corners are sharp in both. At some point this was changed, possibly in the 90s when the Illustrator files were created.