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  1. I'm not sure they really made the conscious choice to "play it safe" with this, just that they panicked and chopped off the worst part of the logo. This campaign has stumbled from one self-inflicted crisis to another, and the logo is but one of the more recent and more memorable. Just going to leave this here for the historical record: I do do get a laugh out of this. Well played, Ms. Bee.
  2. Was tonight supposed to be a throwback night?
  3. I actually prefer the way they do it; they're more honest. Uniforms come with an expiration date. And teams tend not to change colors, do each new design is a variation on a theme. Arsenal is always red shirts with white sleeves and shorts. Dependable. If you don't like their specific version, wait a year or two.
  4. No. Penalty kicks are the same, but the rest of the game is quite different and shaped by the size of the field. Soccer is a game of movement and flow. It's not about the person right in front of the goal kicking the ball in, but how that person gets the ball. A wider field gives the wingers so much more room to come down the pitch. Just think about the defenders - if they have a wider patch of grass to cover, that will undoubtedly change their formations and tactics. The size of the field changes the flow of a soccer game significantly, and that can't help but impact scoring.
  5. So perhaps it wasn't exactly the brightest idea to blame their criminal actions as adults on growing up in "the ghetto."
  6. I can't see how this isn't considered childish. Especially given his behavior in the past. I also don't believe that he found these pullovers uncomfortable but not the others. He's looking to pick a fight with management, and to do so he acted out in a puerile way.
  7. Yeah, but in this case the two have absolutely nothing to do with one another, because it's not the Dodgers who made the mistake. New Era can't make the Dodgers any more competitive, but they can fix the cap logo to something historically correct.
  8. Yeah, I don't think tennis should be played only on one surface. Nor do I think racetracks or golf courses should be standardized. Nor do I think that soccer pitches or baseball diamonds should all be the same size and shape. Gridiron football, okay, I get that. It's the only sport where progress is measured in actual measurements, and so they all have to be 100 yards long. But I wouldn't mind giving teams a 10- or 20-yard discretionary range in the width of the field to suit their game.
  9. Yes, the logo is inaccurate. As mentioned, your photos are not the same as the Bakersfield throwback. Your photos are of the cap provided to them in the mid-50s by Boston-based McAuliffe. Every manufacturer seems to have changed the Dodgers' logo a little bit; in this case McAuliffe gave Brooklyn their stock "B", which was the same one they were selling to the Red Sox, just without the outline. That's not what New Era is doing now. Aside from the lack of diamond notch @KittSmith_95 identified, the other giveaway is the vertical line along the left; New Era's version has a scalloped, wavy shape that doesn't match anything in Brooklyn's history. If you'll forgive the self-promotion, I wrote a piece for Uni Watch a couple years back on the history of the Dodgers' cap logos, none of which match this "throwback" cap. EDIT: and now you've reminded me, I wanted to do a follow up on the events since those were written.
  10. Someday they'll get that cap logo right. Not sure why they think throwing back to the 1980s Bakersfield Dodgers is a good idea.
  11. which if anything indicates they'll go in another direction, or else you could sue them.
  12. That could just be your screen - the Sounders' green is pretty damn bright.
  13. Ouch. Cant argue, though. The one team we always look bad against.
  14. Well, RBA is a great stadium. And everyone's always up for those derbys.
  15. Yeah, I think the "Cardinals are untouchable" thing is finally dead, killed by the Cardinals themselves. That thing is ing gorgeous.