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  1. Gothamite

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Milwaukee Brewers Added

    Wow. Bravo, @SFGiants58. Bravo.
  2. Gothamite

    Unusual Team Branding Ideas

    Yeah, there’s no way they would have ditched “Giants”. But they were going to be the Minneapolis Giants.
  3. What that matter, when Kroenke is paying for the stadium himself? It's not like the public needs to get everything it can out of its investment - Kroenke is building it to house his own football team, and that's exactly what it'll do.
  4. Gothamite

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    In my world, knocking somebody to the ground wouldn’t count as downing them. They’d have to be touched while on the ground. If a runner gets knocked down, and then get back up again without being touched, I’d give him whatever extra yardage he could get, and then ten yards on top of that. Football, not bumper cars.
  5. Gothamite

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Even better. Or ten yards on the end of the run.
  6. Gothamite

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Indeed. Impact tackling, simply knocking an opponent down, should be banned. When that happens, ballcarriers should be able to get up and keep running.
  7. Gothamite

    Powder Blue Across MLB Today For Dad

    “For Dad”. They can spit out this nonsense all they want, but that doesn’t mean you have to repeat it.
  8. Gothamite

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Kind of surprised - I’m hearing from my Jersey friends that the Red Bulls didn’t prioritize the Cup this year as they have in years past.
  9. Gothamite

    Aberdeen IronBirds to play as Star-Spangled Banners on Sundays

    “Honor the military.” There’s a nice change of pace. Seriously, that could be the most hideous wordmark in all of minor league baseball, if not professional sports.
  10. Gothamite

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I could not agree more. Over-saturation has taken the NFL from one or two cant-miss events each week to a confusing glut. It’s just background noise. And as you skip some of it, you realize that you can skip more without noticing. I’d add that the NFL is also a victim of its greatest success. Fantasy football, which originally drove so much interest to the games, has proven a double-edged sword as the elevation of stats and highlights has made the games themselves superfluous. The minute the NFL introduced a channel where you could only watch the last few plays of a scoring drive is the day they de-valued their own product. Who cares about long, sustained drives or tracking the flow of a single game when you can bounce around from one touchdown to another, divorced from any context? Why bother to watch two-plus hours of commercials and some football in between when you can watch or stream the very best plays, all the while receiving on your phone updates for the players you “own”? In trying to find a reason to make fans watch every game, the NFL has instead found a way to encourage fans to not watch any games.
  11. Gothamite

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Yeah, you’re right. Trying to minimize long-term brain injuries is for fragile snowflakes. Real men don’t want to live past fifty anyway.
  12. Gothamite

    MLB Unveils 2018 All-Star Uniforms: Stars, Stripes, and Pinwheels!

    The scripts are nice, but the whole exercise is pointless. Somebody must be buying this garbage, but I don’t know who or why.
  13. Gothamite

    Brockmire’s Crawdaddy’s come to life in New Orleans

    Huge improvement over the Baby Cakes.
  14. Only took them fourteen days, That's how you capitalize on a meme, Staten Island.
  15. Gothamite

    SWB RailRiders to change name to Teddy Bears for one night

    Another of the rare one-offs that’s superior to the team’s regular identity.