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  1. Not exactly. They replaced "Minnesota United FC" with "MNUFC" on the crest. Old: I'm told that was at the behest of MLS, which has before required teams to change their logos upon entering. This was the bare minimum they could do to satisfy the league.
  2. Only the league has veto power. Though some if not many teams just take what the manufacturers offer them.
  3. The Ho-Chunk, formerly known as Winnebago, are a federally-recognized tribe. If the baseball team can work out a licensing agreement to use the tribe's intellectual property, I don't see how anyone would have a problem with it.
  4. Only In The G*d D***ed NHL. Longtime posters will recognize it; the sentiment was so commonplace that the initials were often thrown out in general frustration with any stupid thing the league did.
  5. I would be shocked if the San Francisco Giants sold any significant amount of merchandise in New York. Any more than they would have done naturally.
  6. But there's no reason to believe that they could wear it outside of their regularly-scheduled Color Rush games.
  7. QF-effing-T. Although I think the Ravens are at the very least equally guilty, what with their black helmets and purple jerseys.
  8. Say it with me... OITGDNHL.
  9. All nice, but the city name is "Fond du Lac". There was an episode of Law & Order obviously written by a Wisconsinite, but not directed by one, where a character talks about being a lawyer in the city and insists on pronouncing it in the proper French manner. It was unintentionally hysterical, as everyone who knows it knows that it's pronounced "Fondalack".
  10. Of course. If they really thought that issue was so important. But there's no way they'd do that for an issue this consequential.
  11. Love the old Rams wordmark in the endzones. Pure class.
  12. No chance. Their stadium is only waiting on the environmental report to get done, and that's not expected to cause a problem. Even if it did, LAFC would look elsewhere in LA for a site, since all those Hollywood people didn't put money up to own a team anywhere else. And I could easily see Vegas leapfrog St. Louis, say, if Vegas can put together a stadium and ownership group before StL can.
  13. You're presuming they're somehow unhappy with the job he's doing. They aren't. They may disagree with individual decisions, but it's his job to make those decisions. And on the whole, they're very happy with the way he's doing that job.
  14. Have to agree with this.
  15. I couldn't care less about that, so long as the individual designs are good.