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  1. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Holy , I had forgotten that. That's downright irresponsible. So unless Sheldon can somehow convince them to convene a special session, the Raiders have one four-month window to get a state deal done before this gets pushed to 2019? Yikes. They better hope this can get done at a county level.
  2. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Sky blue socks and white shorts with blue shirts. The perfect NYCFC kit, worn so seldom last year.
  3. NFL Changes - 2016

    That would be an excellent start for a new look. They'd have to get rid of the super-horizontal logo for one that would fit on a striped helmet, so much the better.
  4. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    When does that regular session start? I'm presuming it'll be after the NFL relocation deadline, bumping this circus to another year.
  5. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Sounds from what I've read that public money is a non-starter in Vegas. We'll see.
  6. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yes, from the introduction of the batterman to just a couple years ago, it was navy and red. But other than that red has been exceedingly rare on the uniforms and gear (at least since the 1920s).
  7. If their only use of the logo is on merchandise that they buy from the NFL, then I would argue that it's not theft. If they use the color-swapped logo in any other way, such as making tshirts to match those fashion caps, then it is. The whole point of the NFL's policy is to drive sales to their own shops. I would also argue that even printing up schedules or flyers with the color-swapped logo is theft, since it runs counter to the NFL's policy. They give youth teams an option for use, those teams should be grateful and should respect the limitations placed upon it.
  8. The NFL has said that they're okay with schools using (not selling) their logos, so long as they don't color-swap. For just that reason. Color-swapping, though, is simple and blatant theft.
  9. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Wouldn't be surprised to see "Milan", same as Roma did a couple years ago. I even like removing the pointless outline from the Cross of St. George. But my gods, the rendering of the black and red stripes on that badge is ugly.
  10. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    Come on, NFL. Do the right ing thing on this for once.
  11. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yes, if anyone had said anything remotely like that. Not everything is wrong, but not everything is right, either, and for that reason it's not itself a reliable source. It is a great place to go to find reliable sources, but because of its nature you can't automatically trust anything that doesn't link to a verifiable, legitimate source. Doom, I'm sorry that you took my criticism personally. It certainly wasn't intended as such. I'm glad that you have derived such enjoyment from the site, and that you take your responsibilities seriously. If only more users did, Wikipedia would be much better served.
  12. MLB 2016 Changes

    That was a throwback of sorts to their 1950 jacket: But yeah, their use of red is and ought to be sparing. Though I do miss it on the barterman logos.
  13. MLB 2016 Changes

    "Consensus" is neither a determinant of or substitute for actual fact. Except on Wikipedia, which is one of its great flaws. Tesms have style guides. If the color's in there, it's an official color. It's not changed if I can recruit ten of my friends to post here how much they agree with me.
  14. MLB 2016 Changes

    Is this an auto-correct error for "inaccurate information"? Because that would make sense. It also puts the lie to "exceedingly reliable and accurate." Many of your hawks are only looking out to protect their own pet inaccuracies. Especially anyone who tries to claim ownership of an article, in word or deed. Do not believe anything on Wikipedia that doesn't have a link to a solid, unbiased source. And then cite that source, not Wikipedia.
  15. MLB 2016 Changes

    No, it's not. It's wrong in this case. It's what some fans think are the actual colors, not what the teams' style guides say. Missing the Giants' gold trim shade. Wikipedia should only be used as a place to find directions to a legitimate source. Never cite it directly.