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  1. I can totally see all of that. I hope Sacramento can get in before the fee becomes prohibitive.
  2. That's even worse. I kind of like the shield shape, and working with the stripes and the letter. This could be a great secondary logo, but not feeling it as a primary. Here's their English-language introduction video.
  3. I gratefully stand corrected. I thought that they were one parcel away, like Miami. So Sacramento has the leg up. Really ought to be next. But Cincinnati isn't in that conversation until they can put forward their stadium plan.
  4. Now there you have it. I think that's a clear upgrade to the original, fixing the many small problems while retaining its spirit.
  5. Okay, that's two I've seen. Is this going to be a new thing, now?
  6. Front numbers? No thanks. Shirts are cluttered enough as they are.
  7. It's the worst element of the Chargers' set, though - putting the blues and gold together to make a sickly green.
  8. Now where did I put that "outline magnifies all the logo's many flaws" post?
  9. No. Spanos got first dibs, but Davis had the next right to move if the Chargers had turned it down. Already approved, no further vote necessary.
  10. Almost certainly. He needs partners, be it Kroenke or Adelson. Given that the stadium situation in Las Vegas isn't quite nailed down, I would have expected him to latch on to the sure thing.
  11. Yes, it is. We'll see if any of these cities have solved their stadium problems by then.
  12. Nippert will not be good enough. MLS has been pretty clear - teams need to control their own stadiums, not rent. So you can share with an NFL club, but only if the same person owns both teams. I'll have to check, but the last time I can remember MLS putting an expansion franchise into a shared stadium the new team doesn't control is the Chicago Fire. In the league's third season. So yeah, all those other things you mention are nice, but the club will have to leverage them for a SSS if they really want to join MLS.
  13. None of those is ready with a stadium deal. That's still a prerequisite, and that alone will determine who gets a club and in what order.
  14. I'm expecting an eventual 40. Split in two, east and west, with limited inter-conference play.
  15. They're pissed about it because this might be the first time in history that a franchise moved to a city that didn't want them.