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  1. Yeah, but this is not a new bad look for the Bears. All-navy looked dumb the last time they wore it, it'll look dumb the next time they wear it.
  2. Or they could just have Nike make their jerseys with either dyed or knit sleeves. The Steelers had that for decades without adopting a Nike template, so why can't the Packers?
  3. They changed their mind. A few weeks ago, the initial promotional graphics had the messy green/white/gold/white/green stripes. Then when we first got a look at the actual pants, they had dropped the thin white stripes.
  4. Here's a better look at them - the pants stripes just look so much better than the sleeves. And not just because they're dyed while the sleeves are cheap-o silkscreen. Though that really helps.
  5. Neither did the team, apparently. They just copied over the mistake from 1994, when these uniforms were first worn.
  6. It's not actually an accurate throwback - the Packers wore gold pants with that uniform.
  7. No, they don't. Your graphic is outdated; that was the original design, but between the unveiling and this week we learned that they changed the pants striping. The white jerseys have thin white stripes between green and gold sleeve and neck stripes. Which seems like a small thing, but totally wrecks the look. The pants look so much better. As for the Durham Bulls, they had a classic look. Back at least to 1987. Nothing beats their alternate unifroms, though.
  8. Agreed. I dont ever want to see those pants again. But the striping pattern needs to be added to the road jerseys immediately.
  9. There you go. Add an extra "e" and we're all set!
  10. I still like Deseret Knights, from the failed Mormon state that would have included Nevada.
  11. Well, they went to the MLS Cup Final two years ago. That's not nothing.
  12. Yeah, but the new one isn't any better. It's bad, awkward and overly "kewl".
  13. Didn't we just see this same survey being disseminated about the Pirates?
  14. Wow. We have a new standard for league mismanagement.
  15. Even the lockers look cheap. Bought in bulk and leaned up against the wall without much thought (they don't even look anchored yet). Tons of wasted space all around. Contrast that with the Islanders' new locker room: Lockers custom built to fit the space. No wall space wasted. Everything clean and flush and professional. And this was put together years after the arena was opened. This has got to be a temporary room. No way the Deseret Knights actually dress there before their first game.