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  1. There aren't that many options. USC isn't going to let another team play in the Coliseum, and the Rose Bowl is out. Pretty much StubHub or one of the baseball parks. I didnt even consider where the Chargers would play, that's how unlikely it seemed.
  2. Most of the NASL clubs would be able to switch to the new D2 USL, but there are a couple notable exceptions. Puerto Rico FC is doubtful, as there have been bad experiences with Carribean clubs. The other one is the Cosmos. Seems their owners haven't demonstrated either the financial responsibility or the willingness to work together that the USL wants. Would be very interesting if the Cosmos end up on the outside without a league to play in.
  3. Hearing rumors that the Chargers are looking at StubHub Center in Carson as a temporary home until Kroenke's palace is built. That would be a switch, an NFL club renting from MLS.
  4. The Dodgers are bad enough, but the White Sox really make me mad. They had a great alternate logo patch that got booted for the cap logo.
  5. making a triangle out of the star is a clever thing.
  6. Amazing how a little detail like that can drastically downgrade the uniform.
  7. YES.
  8. Gotta be a play on "triangle".
  9. No, they don't. The Padres just got rid of a jersey they had for only one year. And the matching cap, as well.
  10. Yep. Different sports have different aesthetics.
  11. Yep. Pick one silver and one blue, and the homes are perfect.
  12. True enough. This could be a last-ditch attempt at negotiation. Holy . That's almost a third of the Chargers' revenue sharing every year for a decade, gone up in smoke. All to play in a city they have to share, in a stadium that they won't own and that they will only get some of the non-game revenue streams from. That seems crazy.
  13. Yeah, I'm not sold on the market. It's tried to sell itself as the hot relocation market for the past couple decades, but hasn't paid off. But we'll see what kind of a push they're able to put together. I don't either. I suspect that Adidas will just keep bringing out a variety of templates each year, mixing them up. This year's template, it was side stripes. Next year, shoulder boards. After that, the new templates might go back to the down-the-sleeve variety, or they might do something crazy like three stripes down the front, PSG-style. But I don't see any reason to believe that they're on a rotating schedule. As for the league-wide contract, it would be crazy for MLS not to take bids. Their product has become so much more valuable (and visible) in the past few years that the new deal ought to blow away the old. I would absolutely expect Nike, Under Armour and Puma to make competitive bids, as I would expect Adidas to do whatever it could to hang on to the contract. All of which is to say that I don't expect an announcement until late next year.
  14. The Carolina Railhawks (NASL now, who-the-hell-knows next year) are planning a rebrand and MLS push. The new name and logo leaked early this morning, four days before the official announcement:
  15. No, not if True North still did what they did, and Foley still did what he did. It's not about location, it's about humility. And respect. And competency. And... the comfy chair!