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  1. For those who don't want to click through: Not a fan. The home is overly busy and doesn't work with the huge sponsor block. The road isn't bad - I like the checkerboard.
  2. No, not just you. I love the lion head logo. I just wish they'd eliminate the circular patch and just use the head.
  3. I don't think we ever really anticipated that the Browns would allow themselves to become Nike's plaything. So perhaps it's a bit premature to count out the Orioles just yet.
  4. Yeah, but I think that was more about them finally getting a proper stadium...
  5. Absolutely it can. If nothing else, put a thick black stripe around the top to create a visual break between the sock and pant leg.
  6. Manchester City continued to use the new logo on their site, though. They kept a link on their front page to the release. They didn't relegate the new logo to the news archive the way Juventus has.
  7. I can confirm they're keeping the Hypnokit for this season. The kits are on two-year cycles, and this was always going to be its second and final year. The 2015 black change kit was always going to be a one-year just to set up the alternating two-year cycles. I dont like the Hypnokit either, but I also recognize that I'm not the target audience; my kids love it, and it has sold well. If a crazy change kit that we won't even see that often is the price to pay for a clean and classic home kit, that's a trade I'll make every single year.
  8. I don't see any reason to believe that the Rams care at all about what the Chargers do. They're doing their own thing.
  9. Personally, I really like NYCFC's design philosophy: bold and classic with the primaries, go a little crazy with the clash kits. The Cosmos and Inaria have it exactly backwards.
  10. No, that ridiculous blue shirt is the new home. The first time any Cosmos club has worn blue home shirts. Very odd choice given that blue is so associated with that other, more popular club. If not white, then should have been primarily green.
  11. Remember, this was the set originally released as a possible option when the logo was unveiled: They made the right choice going back to the drawing board.
  12. Update, just so this doesn't get lost in the megathread: the Premier League unveiled the new number set that will accompany this logo going forward. There will be five approved colorways: white with black details and black, navy, red, and yellow; all with white details. Here's the full set: I like that they're using the lion head on its own here. That really should be the default.
  13. The Cosmos either cancelled the contract, or UA did. If UA did, that could be because they failed to make sales quotas.
  14. More details on the Premier League numbers. They will come in five different colorways: white with black details and black, navy, red, and yellow; all with white details:
  15. Yeah, but when the new logo was unveiled they instantly put it up on their social media accounts. They put it up across the top of their website. That all quietly and suddenly came down. So while it's true that you can still find the original news item in their website's archives (and you really have to dig to find it), they did indeed pull it down from its original prominent position.