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  1. MLB 2016 Changes

    "Consensus" is neither a determinant of or substitute for actual fact. Except on Wikipedia, which is one of its great flaws. Tesms have style guides. If the color's in there, it's an official color. It's not changed if I can recruit ten of my friends to post here how much they agree with me.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    Is this an auto-correct error for "inaccurate information"? Because that would make sense. It also puts the lie to "exceedingly reliable and accurate." Many of your hawks are only looking out to protect their own pet inaccuracies. Especially anyone who tries to claim ownership of an article, in word or deed. Do not believe anything on Wikipedia that doesn't have a link to a solid, unbiased source. And then cite that source, not Wikipedia.
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    No, it's not. It's wrong in this case. It's what some fans think are the actual colors, not what the teams' style guides say. Missing the Giants' gold trim shade. Wikipedia should only be used as a place to find directions to a legitimate source. Never cite it directly.
  4. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Yeesh. After "20+ years" a logo change is papering over real problems. It's time to stop talking about it as a "growing market" and start considering it a "failed market". Failing at the very least.
  5. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    "Traditionalists". Or in other words, "Packer fans."
  6. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    And that's why we should be above this nonsense.
  7. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    I feel like somebody else has already done that, though it might have been for a one-off single-competition shirt.
  8. Skip Bayless is apparently leaving as well, so there's good news here too.
  9. The Shield is the New Roundel

    So do uninspired roundels. Nothing inherently better about a roundel than a shield. They can both be gorgeous in the hands of a talent designer, awful in the hands of a bad one.
  10. MLB 2016 Changes

    Are you using Wikipedia as a source?
  11. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Can't agree with this more. Not to mention that the designer didn't know what a hockey stick looked like when he did the original. I think the new one is an upgrade on an order of magnitude.
  12. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    Yeah, that would be like saying Boston and Washington, DC couldn't have vaguely similar color schemes in anything.
  13. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    Unique in the league, and singularly appropriate for the city. Win-win.
  14. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    Gold couldn't be more perfect for sunny Southern California.
  15. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    Difference is that white was their designated Color Rush color. Wasn't an alternate added in case of a clash.