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  1. It is a little strange to release renderings only after the plan is dead. Unless they think they can force UMass back to the table?
  2. I'll add another homer pick. Not only is "Brooklyn Cyclones" a name worthy of the majors, their logo is too.
  3. Even if Kraft is the person most likely to get this done, it doesn't mean that he's been doing everything he can to that end.
  4. Agreed. It's kind of an inspired solution. But let's see what long names and double-digit numbers look like.
  5. The Revolution story is here: Kraft’s bid for an urban soccer stadium hits another dead end
  6. "Just"? it's 4,000 new seats and $50M.
  7. Looks good. And I like that they're paying for it themselves.
  8. Yeah, but that's kind of how comedy works. Its like the the four people who still insist on making "Somewhere Somethings of Anaheim" jokes.
  9. Kind of embarrassing if they're going the cheap route, considering they're going through the motions of an MLS bid. And asking Indianapolis to buy them a new stadium. This really oughtn't be the time to sacrifice your club's identity for the sake of a few thousand dollars.
  10. Indy Eleven in the NASL is taking the unusual step of changing uniform suppliers during the season. They unveiled their new Adidas kits a couple days ago: Not bad, but they've lost the distinctive, if subtle, checkerboard design that their inaugural kits had. Apparently losing the checkers didn't go over so well, because he next day they put a statement on their website: Whoops. The problem is that the Adidas teamware catalogue does have checkered jerseys. I worked this up in a couple minutes: Wonder why they couldn't just buy off the teamwear catalogue? Or is this a case of the club not realizing how much its fans were attached to that particular design element?
  11. Nike really wanted to make changes, and that was as much as they could talk the Rooneys into.
  12. I'm not suggesting getting rid of it altogether, just changing the presentation a little. Which they've already done; this particular design isn't written in stone.
  13. I obviously understand the symbolism and meaning behind it, but think the Hillsborough graphic leaves something to be desired. Maybe if they used the memorial flame by itself?
  14. Indeed. And what's up with the throwback helmet?
  15. Sometimes the question is its own answer.