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  1. Except the one I want - Brewers 1997-99.
  2. Yes, the Cardinals count as an alternate.
  3. Yeah, in the United States manufacturing is controlled by the leagues, not the teams. I was just pointing out that there is a market for throwbacks. And I prefer Toffs, even though they lost the Arsenal shirt license.
  4. I'm not sure we can say that. Clubs have been doing throwback designs for a while. One of the earliest I remember is Arsenal's 2003-2004 away kit: Which, as the pose suggests, was a throwback to their 1971 kit, when they won the FA Cup Final: Even today, Arsenal sells a pretty full line of throwback shirts, not to mention throwback-inspired designs like this winter cap, based on one of the club's early 1990s monstrosities. Maybe they're not quite where we are on this side of the Atlantic, but they're working on it.
  5. The only change I would make to the road jersey would be eliminating the white. They don't need it, orange and navy work perfectly well by themselves, and it just clutters up the incredible script.
  6. That's indeed what I mean - the best players are overseas, and it's not as hard to follow those clubs as it once was. I get your point that watching live is harder on the west coast. It's not exactly easy over here either, but I've spent a lot of Saturday mornings in bars watching Arsenal. That live experience is key. I'd say NYCFC is probably the sixth-most popular soccer club in New York City right now, but of those it's the only one that you can see in person every month from March through December. And that counts for something. We have the first(? only?) supporters group for kids, and those kids and their friends will grow up watching games in person. That's the best hope MLS has while it grows into a place it can compete for some of that talent now playing in England and Spain and Italy.
  7. How ironic they've gone from "we would never sell ad space on our shirt, we're mas que un club!" to that....
  8. Those are great points, @DG_Now. I've thought for a long time that MLS is uniquely positioned to grow in this country. As all pro sports suffer from competition, they seem to have the most upside. Ironically, their only significant disadvantage is overseas competition. But the lure of in-game experience coupled with local pride gives MLS a similarly unique opportunity.
  9. The Dodgers might not be terribly interested in hosting it. They don't really need a marquee event to show off their franchise, their park, or their city. I could see them determining that it's not worth the hassle. The Mets have been around as long as Dodger Stadium and have only hosted twice. The Yankees, Cardinals, and Tigers have each only hosted the game twice since Dodger Stadium opened, and for each of those the second time was in a brand-new ballpark. Heck, the Red Sox and Cubs have only hosted three times each in their entire history, and since Dodger Stadium opened they have each only hosted one All-Star Game. Looks like the Angels are more the outlier than the Dodgers.
  10. I think you're seeing the differences in fabric more than differences in colors. The template's dimpled shoulder yoke seems to reflect light a little differently than the body under certain conditions.
  11. Damn it! You buried the lede. The Helena Brewers have been their farm club since the 1980s. Shame to lose them.
  12. Well, Arsenal's deal with Emirates expressly prohibits them selling ad space to any other sponsors. But doesn't seem to account for multiple manufacturer logos.
  13. And, in some cases, sleeve ads.
  14. They could tweak the collar a bit and give Hull City something wonderful without impinging upon Bournemouth's bespoke kit. Especially if you kept your hooped socks.
  15. Bournemouth is gorgeous. Provided the stripes also run down the back, as they have in previous years, that's one of the nicest shirts in the Prem. EDIT: They do. That's going to look great with the new white names/numbers thinly outlined in black.