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  1. I think the logo does have flaws, if only because it lacks a coherent shape. I like the layout, but think it needs a key line to separate from the background. I'm not suggesting that they shouldn't have ripped off the band-aid, only that they should have given some warning that a change was coming. They would have been able to avoid or at least minimize the shocked of the new. It's hard to expect people to evaluate the logo totally on its own merits when they're still getting used to the idea of a change in the first place. Again, I come back to Arsenal. There was some definite pushback for the new logo, but entirely on the aspects of Seder the design - no blackletter text, no motto. Truncated cannon. It was a pretty forward-looking logo for its time, and what felt like a major departure from the old. But the club minimized the disruption by preparing the fans. They did the work to sell the logo, which Juventus failed to do. This new Juve logo is again a pretty radical departure from football logos. Which isn't bad in and of itself, but you do have to earn that.
  2. Yeah, that plus the citizen initiative have done a great deal of damage to California.
  3. You don't think the 1960s are a pretty distant era, at this point? Whatever flaws it has, and it's certainly not perfect, the logo is strong enough, and has enough resonance, that making changes would ruin its value. I don't see a Cardinals-style option; for better or worse, it is what it is.
  4. Yeah, this seems a fantastic explanation as to why they failed.
  5. In both cases, the problem seems a combination of flawed logos and a tone-deaf rollout. For all the focus-groups they invariably used to develop these, they seem thrown out without any explanation (beyond the rather silly ad-speak video Juve put online). Sometimes it's as simple as setting expectations. When Arsenal brought a relatively significant change to their crest, they seeded the change for weeks if not months beforehand. We all knew it was coming, and could evaluate the design on its own merits, not the mere fact they made a change. I know a couple pretty serious Juve fans, and they were floored. Had no idea a change was even being considered. That's a failure to understand the marketplace on the part of the team. Sell the design to your fans, not the fashion magazines. As for the Chargers, yeah somebody should have considered they'd get the Dodgers blowback. Again, tone-deaf from the start. But perfectly in line with a team that starts its relocation announcement with a statement about how so very LA they are. Edit: tl;dr: Spanos is an entitled moron who didn't understand that he had to earn the right to claim LA, and Juventus forgot that they need to make supporters feel like supporters, not consumers.
  6. Another improvement on their logo. The N is so much better, but you should probably fix the horns now.
  7. Well, I'll be damned.
  8. It's just a keyline away from being a good logo. The implied shield shape isn't enough on its own for all applications.
  9. That one's been gone for over a decade, This is the one they just ditched: Which has its own problems - the wobbly white and black outlines have bothered me since it was unveiled.
  10. Nah, Cleveland didn't want the team. They chose the Browns instead. The Rams might have been born in Cleveland, but they're from LA.
  11. I can totally see all of that. I hope Sacramento can get in before the fee becomes prohibitive.
  12. That's even worse. I kind of like the shield shape, and working with the stripes and the letter. This could be a great secondary logo, but not feeling it as a primary. Here's their English-language introduction video.
  13. I gratefully stand corrected. I thought that they were one parcel away, like Miami. So Sacramento has the leg up. Really ought to be next. But Cincinnati isn't in that conversation until they can put forward their stadium plan.
  14. Now there you have it. I think that's a clear upgrade to the original, fixing the many small problems while retaining its spirit.
  15. Okay, that's two I've seen. Is this going to be a new thing, now?