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  1. I agree with you about the Giants, but the Reds cap is a massive (if subtle) upgrade over what they wear today. As is the A's, on both counts.
  2. It really doesn't work like that. The Commissioner is like any other CEO. They serve at the pleasure of the shareholders, and can be removed by them. But CEOs have a massive amount of latitude in how they serve those "bosses", and that continues so long as they produce results. Bettman and Goodell and Garber and the like set the agenda. That's why you can have the NBA swing violently from prohibiting manufacturers logos on jerseys to selling ad space in the time it takes to change the name on the Commissioner's office door. The owners may have veto power (whether or not they exercise it), but the Commissioner is always the real driving force. When a Commissioner stays on the job, that just means the owners approve of the job he's doing overall. It doesn't mean they approve of every single decision, let alone that they're somehow pulling the strings and making those decisions themselves.
  3. Ah, now we're talking.
  4. I don't think anyone who works for the NASL actually believes any of that, it's just a cover, a public posture. NASL fans, on the other hand, eat that nonsense up. Which is why Bill Peterson and the others are happy to spew it; it absolves them of all responsibility for their terrible business model and bad decisions. In the eyes of their shrinking customer base, at least. It only goes so far, though; I'm seeing a lot of the Cosmos fans I know turn on the team, as all these reports are being met with utter silence.
  5. NYCFC clinches a playoff spot, with the Red Bulls victory over Montreal. The first time I've been happy about a Red Bulls win.
  6. What's that from?
  7. I hate to contribute to this thread, but no. Those are Pittsburgh Steelers throwbacks to the 1930s, worn in 1994 for the league's 75th celebration.
  8. And a lot of those which have changed shouldn't have.
  9. well, the USSF postponed its decision on the USL's application for D2 and the NASL's application for D1. I can't help but think that they're waiting for the chips to fall and the NASL to fold, so they don't have to be implicated in its demise.
  10. That's asking an awful lot from the vast majority of fans.
  11. Places like Urban Outfitters and JCrew don't sell these things because their customers have a deep and abiding knowledge for the history of defunct sports teams.
  12. Weren't they wearing Wahoo in '82? My memory must be fuzzy. And I'll disagree ever-so-slightly; I never liked that Sox cap. Or their logo. Even as a kid, it looked to me like a guy escaped from a restroom sign. They're the only team wearing a clear upgrade now.
  13. Patriots obviously wanted to showcase that blue jersey (hopefully to test a possible change).
  14. Yeah, lots of rumors that they'd consider selling, but nothing firm. And not even from great sources, as far as I can recall. Again, seems like a pipe dream.