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  1. The circle version is by far my least favorite. Wouldn't mind seeing it out of the rotation.
  2. I can't decide if this is a stupid criticism or a brilliant pun.
  3. He should have a good career ahead of him. Really sickening that the Cosmos threw roadblocks that helped keep him from the Minnesota United job, even though they knew the club might go under, and even though they had already stopped paying him.
  4. I have never understood that jagged blue shield. Just goofy.
  5. Oh, I'm sure it would. And as others have noted, it would also get expensive. But if they're ready to drop $200M on an expansion fee, then I'd expect them to look at building out the road.
  6. It looks pretty cool, and the view of the harbor will be amazing from inside, but that arrangement looks like it'll kill atmosphere. You have what looks like almost a third of the stadium without any seats. Some may be taken up with standing patios, but that's not really a replacement. I know they feel hemmed in by Bayshore Drive on the East, but couldn't they move the road a couple hundred feet and cut into the marina basin a bit? That would let them enclose one side, at least.
  7. Well, that's a shame. And you were doing so well.
  8. I'm also given to understand that Canada has in some ways more strict trademark laws than the US. Don't tell Disney, though. Wouldn't want them to get any ideas.
  9. No, they just won't be able to protect their trademarks in Canada. As is the London Knights' right.
  10. You and me both, brother.
  11. There's also good news out of New York today, as David Villa is named the MLS MVP.
  12. Confirmed. Was announced last month. No mas que un club.
  13. We have no idea. But self-selecting based on those willing to meet USSF's D2 criteria would be a good start.
  14. Yeah, sheesh. I mean, even a Google search or half-hearted glance at Wikipedia would have avoided that stupid blunder. It's not like Arthur Blank's been keeping his team a secret.
  15. And I know many DC United fans who adopted that as *their* design element, not Adidas'.