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  1. Every time this topic gets bumped to the first page, I think "Oh, great, what idiot is making excuses for Patrno now?" Glad to see some good news instead.
  2. Yes, that one is wholly unacceptable and the other is just mostly unacceptable.
  3. How on Earth does "Old West" for a team named Indians not evoke Native American iconography?
  4. Yes, but it's a particularly stupid reason for the name. "Dragonflies" was a finalist, and that could have been the basis for a solid identity. So long as they dropped the terrible "Florida" moniker.
  5. And maybe they did. Do we know if the Today Show used it multiple times over multiple days?
  6. They always are. But good for the Commissioner. About ing time.
  7. The original Falcon looked more like an E than an F.
  8. Ooo. Ouch.
  9. Okay, I think we've seen something like this before but I thought this was kind of funny. Buccaneers team Insider Casey Phillips asks Buccaneers players to draw NFL logos from memory. A reminder that, as much as we obsess over these details, for the players it's just part of the background noise of their job.
  10. Of course, if I'd thought about it, I would have just Googled "Cleveland Indians logo", as the television station must have. And look what comes up: Which leads us to this low-rent merch page: Maybe they created it for this round area rug, and it was mistakenly picked up as genuine?
  11. So it could be an unofficial logo?
  12. This is such an odd sight, as Crystal is a huge Yankee fan who frequently does promotions with the club. Apparently, the Mets donated money to a charitable drive, so he wore the cap as a thank-you.
  13. I think we're heading towards USL being given D2 status and creating a new third division out of its reserve and smaller clubs. The NASL may not be long for this world, which is a real shame. I love their logo.
  14. There are reports that every NASL team save Indy have at least had conversations about jumping ship. And that the Cosmos' owners were told they aren't welcome in the USL.
  15. So why did they use the blue uniforms for a home game in London? I'm confused.