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  1. Dude you doing an amazing job. Personally i want to see Paul Heyman be WCW President. Doubt that would happen though, Ric Flair would be way better or Jim Cornette. Ric atleast has a longer history with the company then Jim. As for the World League itself. Milan jerseys look great and i can't wait to see how it plays out. I hope to see at least one XFL team in the playoffs. I predict, and pulling this one out of my butt so i will probably be wrong here, but I believe the Los Angeles Avengers would make it to the playoff.
  2. Wow... 500 people attended the SLC Punks. I feel so sorry for the people who came to watch them. XD Seriously though. it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the team would flop. Salt Lake City need a better team then "the Punks". Hopefully they will get it soon thanks to the WLAF. XFL folding was thanks to their stupidity and honestly it mirrors their RL version. I am still wondering how the hell it lasted this long. Vince is more crazy in this universe then ours. Also. Thank you for coming up with Disney buying WCW. I wished it happened in RL. No I'm not joking I wished it would have happened in this universe. Hopefully the WCW Television Title would make it return in your universe. As for your take on the WLAF, You doing a great job with it dude. I'm happy you made it this far and congrats @neo_prankster
  3. I love that logo. It looks really silly but looks great at the same time. Can't wait to see it colored.
  4. Loving the design of the jerseys. Seriously, great job!
  5. Hello folks, its been awhile since I last updated this. I learned a lot since I started this and I been needing to regroup to do this again. I will continue working on the story as soon as I can. Life has been kinda crazy, but before I can continue I need to work, I will redo the jersey and logo designs. Thank you for being patient with me. Have a nice day.
  6. Kinda have to agree with that. Ottawa is older and should keep the Rough Riders name. As for San Antonio, I love to see the Wings helmets being used in the WLAF. So my first choice will be the Wings. My other choices were the Matadors and the Texans.
  7. I do agree that removing the Rouge point will make sense thanks to the smaller size of the field. But I do think the WLAF would work with 12 players. The NFL size field would work with 12 players. but I do think maybe doing a test would help. And I could be wrong, maybe dropping it to 11 would be better. Also, go Claymores!
  8. Argos at the time had an awesome logo.
  9. Yea I hear you. Honestly I should get better at my art. I do need to use a template for the jerseys. Especially for the helmets. The story is what I'm good at. I do however need to remember it need art to help flesh the story. Honestly any criticism is helpful to get better. So as long as people like it then I'm happy to continue.
  10. Sorry for the lack of updates, been having issues trying to work on the next season while thinking of how to progress onwards. What would you guys like to see as the name of the Chicago team?
  11. Make that six for the Stallions.
  12. Both my friend, both. Yet I still want them. The Hound Dogs one looks good too and so does the Knights.
  13. Bravo on all the jerseys. Seriously though they look great. My favorite is the Paris Musketeers, I want that jersey so bad.
  14. CSFL – 1957 Season The end of the 1956 championship game was the start of the offseason. With the announcement of the Houston Gunners being bought by Bud Adams and the team merging with the strap Shreveport Showboats, the league announced an expansion consul to grant a new franchise to replaced the Showboats. Most people believe a new team will be placed in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland was home to the most successful club in the AAFC, Cleveland Browns, who are now doing well in the National Football League. The CSFL Expansion Consul, who was expecting a new bid to come from Cleveland, was waiting for one. But it wasnt until before the end of the bidding that a bid from Cleveland was announced. With that going on, some changes happened with the Pittsburgh Iron. Deciding that the team name sounded so close to the NFL Steelers (not helped that the NFL almost sued them because the name). So on September 12, 1956, the Pittsburgh Iron was no more, after a poll, the city chose the Pipers as their new name after a contest. The new logo and jersey came a week later. Bud Adams was also thinking of a new name for the Houston Gunners, he wanted something to match the oil industry. However the CSFL veto the idea for now thanks to the Pittsburgh name change. Gonzalez did however promise him he will be able to change the team name for the 1960 season. The 1957 CSFL Draft came and the NFL lost out on some key players due to them not paying attention. Notability included, the newly renamed Pittsburgh Pipers, with no surprises, picked QB Len Dawson and Fullback Don Bosseler from Purdue and University of Miami (FL) and Houston managed to strike a deal to get fullback Jim Brown from Syracuse and QB Milt Plum. The rest of the league managed to get some luck. The New York Titans managed to sign Alex Webster and Mel Triplett away from the NFL New York Giants. Before the season started, the CSFL announced two things taking affect this year. For started, the league will expand to 16 weeks with two bye weeks and will do a playoff game for each division to see who will go to the championships 1957 CSFL Final Standings Eastern Division W L T Brooklyn Liberty 14 0 0 Atlanta Flyers 12 2 0 Pittsburgh Pipers 9 5 0 Buffalo Bills 4 10 0 New York Titans 2 12 0 Western Division W L T Houston Gunners 10 4 0 Los Angeles Chargers 8 6 0 Cincinnati Tigers 5 9 0 St. Louis Redbirds 3 11 0 The season was the Brooklyn Liberty show once again. Dominating the opposition and bulldozing with way to the play offs with Atlanta not that far behind. The Flyers only lost two games this season with their losses coming from Brooklyn. Pittsburgh came out of being last place the season before and did better this season then the last two despite being in third place again. Buffalo remained in forth place while the usually alright New York Titans fell flat on their face and landed last place. The western division was a close battle between the Chargers and the new and improve Houston Gunners. Cincinnati was doing okay, this time in third place. The biggest shock came with the Redbirds. The Redbirds, while not doing as bad as the Titans, still fell hard and it showed, Halfback Joey Woods was well past his prime by this point and even suffered an injury during the final weeks of the season. Woods, along with fellow journeyman player and legend Ash “The Ace” Harrington, would retire from pro football. The Redbirds suffered their first losing season. Playoffs: Eastern Division Finals Brooklyn Liberty 30 Atlanta Flyers 14 Brooklyn came out fighting. Despite Atlanta scoring two touchdowns, the Liberty was just too much for them. And with star WR, Johnny “The Jet” Jones cruising though the Flyers defense. There was no chance for Atlanta to win. Western Division Finals Los Angeles Chargers 21 Houston Gunners 14 Los Angeles and Houston had a closer game, the game was tied 14-14 with no time left so the game continued to overtime. With 8 minute left on the clock, Chargers tackle, Eddie Fargo, tackle QB Milt Plum to force a fumble, which LA won. Chargers, on their next play, scored a touchdown and wins the game. CSFL Championship Game Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California Brooklyn Liberty 24 Los Angeles Chargers 14 Before the game, CSFL President Gonzalez announced the expansion team for next season, the bid that won was from Chicago. The team wasn't named yet but Chicago will have a team next season. Brooklyn and Los Angeles battled it out in the Rose Bowl. Brooklyn would be too much for the Chargers. Despite Brooklyn throwing two interceptions during the 4th Quarter, one of which led to a touchdown for the Chargers. In the end, it boiled down to Tommy Lewis amazing field goals that saved the Liberty last year and the good defense that they had as well. Halfback, Eric Grant, was rewarded the MVP honors. The third year was a big success for the CSFL and would help them more to compete against the NFL. However things weren't going well in Brooklyn. Despite claims that the MLB Dodgers would not move to Los Angeles. Walter O’Malley would end up leaving Brooklyn by the end of the season. The Dodgers, along with the MLB Giants would move to the west coast. While the New York Titans didn't worry much, since they had an alright fan base. Brooklyn didn’t. Despite Brooklyn winning the championship again, the box office returns were the worst of the season. This was mostly due to the aging Ebbets Field. By this point the stadium was showing it age and needed to be replaced. The question is, will the Liberty stay in Brooklyn or leave by the end of next season?
  15. Well I managed to finish the western division logo and jerseys. There my version of the LA Chargers. Here the Houston Gunners logo and jersey, I actually like this one. Here the St. Louis Gunners one. It kinda reminded me of the NHL Red Wings. which I like their jerseys. Here the Cincinnati Tigers, the jerseys and helmet colors are technically red but somehow my printer made them pink.. So I will need to redo this one later. Hope you guys like them, and tell me what you guys think the next team will be based. The 1957 season will be uploaded tonight.