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  1. I was totally thinking the same thing when I saw 2! Regardless, I think #2 is the best option.
  2. VikingsAiden

    Portland Herons MLB Expansion Concept

    Could you maybe try the huron/P mashup letter that is on your preliminary sketches as the cap logo? The rest of the concept is great btw.
  3. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Yes! I second that for sure
  4. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    1st- Mexico 3rd- Morocco
  5. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Mexico Panama
  6. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Congrats to my group mates @BlackBolt3 and @Griffinmarlins! These are some really tough decisions. Here are my round of 16 winners. Egypt Australia Sweden Panama Morocco France Mexico Senegal
  7. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    A. 1. Saudi Arabia 2. Egypt 3. Uruguay 4. Russia B. 1. Morocco 2. Spain 3. Iran 4. Portugal C. 1. Australia 2. France 3. Honduras 4. Denmark D. 1. Argentina 2. Nigeria 3. Iceland 4. Croatia E. My group. F. 1. Mexico 2. Sweden 3. South Korea 4. Germany G. 1. Panama 2. England 3. Tunisia 4. USA H. 1. Japan 2. Senegal 3. Poland 4. Columbia Great job to everyone who participated!
  8. I'm jumping on the Frigates/Gila Monsters bandwagon! Those are both really unique names that could make for some great designs. Gila monsters colors should be black/orange with teal trim.
  9. VikingsAiden

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT

    Are hand drawn concepts okay? If so, I'm in!
  10. VikingsAiden

    Capitals Tweak

    I like it. Definently a solid change, but I would have the arm panels, or at least the piping extend to the collar. I get what you did by reversing what they have now, it just looks a little abrubt when it cuts off at the yoke. Updated logo looks great.
  11. VikingsAiden

    Terrible names, amazing uniforms

    Tulane Green Wave
  12. VikingsAiden

    Your favorite color combinations

    Hands down, orange and black is my favorite.
  13. Havent commented on this thread for a while, but I really like the new SD devil head! I would even consider having it replace the devils tail on the helmet.
  14. VikingsAiden

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    The one that I've really never liked is the Ducks' gold/orange/black.
  15. VikingsAiden

    2018 NFL Redesigns (19/32)

    That is probably the best usage of tiger stiping I've ever seen for a Bengals concept.