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  1. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Vikings (3/15)

    Really like the Browns! I think it is an excellent fix of their current disaster of a uniform. New logo also looks great as a patch.
  2. bigred's NBA Concepts (Wolves added)

    I think the left logo works better for the Nets, although I would like to see the yellow and black flipped inside the NETS/basketball area. My favorite so far is the Heat. Its crazy, but in the best way! I dont know if you want to revist it, but I do feel like they should have a wordmark on the front. It could work if you had the wordmark across the front and through the break in the stripe, and lowering the numbers on to the stripe. Also I would like to see the TWolves next. Thanks. Really great work!
  3. Lacrosse Loggers Baseball Logo

    The new logos are extrordinary! I love the batting beaver. My one very minor critique would be to change the teeth to white, I originally thought that it was a tongue. Fantastic work.
  4. MLB by Under Armour

    Sox, Braves and A's are all beautiful. I really admire how well thought out each concept is.
  5. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Vikings (3/15)

    I think that the Cardinals look might be too similar their division mates, the 49ers, especially with the copper pants. Giving the home jersey a white yoke and red striping would help differenciate the two teams a bit more.
  6. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Totally agree. Don't want to go the Minnesota route, where the COACH is the inspiration for the TEAMS uniform.
  7. The Battle of Seattle

    I don't think that would be too problematic as the Sharks don't wear a black primary. As for the designs fantastic work @sparky chewbarky. I think you hit the nail on the head with the brown and blue Sea Lions, although I would like to see light blue breezers on the home. Keep it up, looking forward to the rest!
  8. MLB by Under Armour

    I love the Dbacks set! Teal and copper work suprisingly well together, and it would be a look that they could really own. My personal favorite combo is the black alt. with the tan/grey pants.