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  1. DanielDoodlesandConcets

    What’s the worst mlb logo

    Ah, the mlb. Our national pastime. Some mlb logos are iconic. (Yankees, Red Sox, etc) But sometimes the logos are boring, an eyesore, or just too many things are in the logo. Sometimes teams get rid of a primary logo and replace it with a BLAND cap logo. (Padres, Pirates, Rockies, etc) Or an expansion team tries out some colors that don’t go together. (Except for the diamondbacks, that old logo is great) I still haven’t found a way to put my photos on here. So I would like that tech genius who can to put up a bracket kind of poll. To make up a tournament poll to see what is the worst mlb logo. (DO A BRACKET OF 32 plz) GOOD LUCK!! (Go Braves, I’m an Atlantan!) Sincerely, Daniel :V
  2. DanielDoodlesandConcets

    What Final Four Court is the bomb

    Sorry about my earlier post and everything. Now I am on Spring Break and happy. (Plus, the braves look GOOD in spring training.) Anyways it’s March and the final Four is just around the corner. And it’s not just for the players. Every Year many graphic designers look forward to design the court and the flags and signage.
  3. DanielDoodlesandConcets

    2020 NCAA Final Four

    I have made the 2020 final four logo. To see it go to the website below. Then go to the blog. You will see the post.
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  5. DanielDoodlesandConcets

    Final Four Court 2018 Challenge

    The challenge is to create a concept court for this years final Four in San Antonio. I will pick the top 3. Then The public will vote for the winner. READY, SET, DESIGN!