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  1. Wideright imagines the AAF

    XFL announces LA Stars as 5th league franchise. Fending off rumors of potential crisis within the XFL, league CEO Vince McMahon and Head of Football Operations Ed Hochuli today announced from Banc of California Stadium, home of LA FC, that the return of the XFL would include an LA franchise. Rumors had been spreading that the XFL was in dire trouble, having difficulty locking up stadium contracts and falling further behind the fledgling Alliance of American Football, who just finished a very successful first season. McMahon shrugged off these rumors as "fake news" as he introduced the new coach of the Stars, former XFL MVP, UCLA and Steelers QB Tommy Maddox. Maddox expressed his gratitude to Mr. McMahon for jumpstarting his career back in 2001 with his championship with the LA Xtreme, and for giving him the chance to do the same for others as coach of the Stars. The team revealed their uniforms, which will align in some degree with the black and metallic gold of LAFC. in addition to black and gold, the uniforms have a heavy dose of silver and a faded purple. The imagery of the team cannot be mistaken for anything but old Hollywood, including a symbolic strip of film serving as both the helmet and pant stripe. The home jerseys will be purple with black, silver and gold accents, while the pants will be silver as is the helmet. Banc of California stadium seats approximately 22,000 fans, making it the smallest stadium in the now 5 team XFL. But, as it is also the newest stadium in the league, it has amenities that many others do not. McMahon touted the stadium as one of the best in the country and a great home for the fledgling team. When asked about future city reveals, McMahon was vehement that all 8 markets would be announced within the next 3 weeks and that the XFL was fully prepared for an April 2020 kickoff.
  2. Wideright imagines the AAF

    XFL may play with only 6 teams While not confirmed by league offices, rumors about the XFL's difficulties getting stadium agreements in place in locations such as New York and Chicago are beginning to pile up, leading some to suggest that the attempted rebirth of the failed spring league may end up being smaller than originally announced. While franchises in DC, Boston, San Jose, and Boulder, Colorado have been confirmed and there is strong evidence that Vince McMahon has an agreement in place for an LA franchise to play at the newly opened Bank of California Stadium, it is possible that plans for franchises in several other large markets have fallen through, forcing the league to either reconsider their map for the league, or contract the planned 8 charter franchises down to 6. With the one year head-start held by the rival Alliance of American Football, not only in putting players on the field, but in signing stadium and television contracts, the XFL might be fighting a losing battle already. What should the XFL do? Should they add some smaller markets to the mix, replacing Chicago with Omaha or New York with Buffalo? Should they play with only 6 franchises, creating an odd 10 game schedule? Or, should they think even more dramatically and coordinate talks with Ebersol and the AAF about joining forces to create a single spring league instead of two competing entities? While the latter initially seems like a longshot, particularly considering the egos involved in both leagues, with resources and options shrinking for the XFL, it may just be the best chance McMahan and his team have of fielding a viable league in 2020.
  3. Wideright updates the NFL

    Good catch, Artisan219. That is what I was shooting for, inverting the color order between the two.
  4. Wideright updates the NFL

    And for the Buccs I really only made a few changes to the current set to eliminate those elements which bug me. 1. Pewter, when presented as a dull or matte finish on jerseys and pants, is just murky grey, not a good color, so the shoulder yokes and pants need to use a metallic sheen material to provide the same pewter look as the helmet. I attempted to convey that. 2. Created a new wordmark, something a bit more "Piratey". 3. Got rid of the "alarm clock" number font. Tried a bunch of options and the Jags current font seemed to work the best, so that is what I went with. 4. Decided to go with 3 sets of pants, a white, a pewter, and for the odd occasion a black pair. Next up, the Seahawks. I really dislike the current set, and much prefer the 2-blue Hasselbeck era look or the 1980's silver, blue & green, so expect some callbacks to those eras.
  5. Wideright updates the NFL

    Before I move on to the Buccs, I did take jn8's ideas into consideration and agree that there needs to be some white in the Rams' uniforms to align wih the accents i put into the helmet logo. So version 2 of the Rams changes the numbers and adds white to the pant stripe.
  6. Wideright updates the NFL

    For the Bengals I wanted to tone down what I view as an excess of elements while preserving those components which I believe work well. So, what we end up with is: 1. A return to a more traditional number font and no drop shadow, I chose a UConn font with rounded top & bottom lines. Not entirely the classic block, but less "curve" than the current number font. . 2. Elimination of the side panels on the jersey, but retaining the sleeves as a black/orange striping instead of just a strip on the shoulders (Esison era). 3. Retained the angular stripe pattern on the pants and the use of white as part of the stripe pattern. 4. White & Black jerseys are the primaries, with orange as an alt. Next up for me, tweaking the Buccs because they are about 1-2 significant changes away from a very good look.
  7. Wideright updates the NFL

    Congrats TJSC, the next redesign is, in fact, the Los Angeles Rams. For the Rams I wanted to go back to the Rams I grew up with, the Ferragamo, Flipper Anderson and then Dickerson Rams. I loved the horn pattern sleeves, but I also wanted to keep some modern elements and harken back to their yellow jersey days as well. So, what do we end up with? 1. Modern numbers 2. Darker blue than in the 80's-90's but paired with the athletic gold instead of the more metallic St. Louis gold. 3. The old shoulder horns are back. 4. A yellow alternate jersey. 5. New, angular pant stripe, to keep the theme, but also allow room for the Ram-Head logo on the pants. 6. Just a touch of white added to the helmet horns to add depth and maybe just a bit of a reminder of the Navy-White period. Hope you enjoy them. Our next task, find a happy medium between the Sam Wyche/Boomer Esiason look and the Andy Dalton/Ochocinco look of the Bengals.
  8. Wideright updates the NFL

    Next up are the Cleveland Browns. This team needs to get back to something more traditional. So, what I have done is: 1. Returned to a softer orange. 2. Tried to use a consistent striping pattern in all elements 3. Single color numbers & block font 4. Use the B-in-Football logo as the primary, no more helmet-as-logo. Not the flashiest, but I think it is what works for the Brownies, and, of course, they can go all white if they choose, or use the orange pants with the brown jersey. Next up? Will it be the sadly mismatched Rams, the alarm-clock fonted Buccs or the overdone Bengals?
  9. Wideright imagines the AAF

    AAF 2019 PLAYOFFS & FINAL STATISTICS ST. LOUIS 10 ORLANDO 27 The Old Ball Coach still has it. That was the verdict after a commanding 27-10 victory by the Orlando Juice over the St. Louis Rampage. Orlando built up a 17-0 lead on the arm of QB Brad Kaaya and never looked back, cruising to a 17 point win. Kaaya would throw for 242 yards and 3 TDs in the game, while the Juice defense held the Rampage offense in check all game. LB Junior Galette was given more freedom to improvise on defense, and he pressured Christian Hackenburg all game, finishing with 2 sacks, a batted pass and 3 hurries. While the Juice rushing game was largely ineffective (as we have almost come to expect), Kaaya was able to connect with both Dontrelle Inman and Stacy Colley for first half TD passes to build up the halftime lead. St. Louis had some late success, but far too little to stop Orlando from moving on to the first AAF Championship, which, due to their league-leading 8-2 record, would be held at Spectrum Stadium. If they get anything like the 40,400 fans that showed up for their first playoff game, home field could be a huge factor for the Juice. SAN DIEGO 16 SAN ANTONIO 24 While the Surf were game all evening, the San Antonio Squadron held onto their home field advantage and parlayed that and a good game from QB Johnny Manziel into a victory and a berth in the AAF Championship. San Diego came out strong on their first drive, with a good mix of passing and rushing which lead to a Javorius Allen 8 yard touchdown run to cap off their first drive. But 3 straight 3-and-outs on ensuing drives gave Manziel and the Squadron the space they needed to build up a 13-8 halftime lead. Manziel would finish the game 18-27 for 220 yards, but 3 of those completions were for TD’s, including two to his TE, former Cowboy Gavin Escobar. As the Surf tried to rally, QB Cody Kessler started to make mistakes, two of which ended up in the hands of Squadron CB Jamar Taylor. While the game never got out of hand, San Antonio never relinquished their lead and when Manziel took a knee on the final play the 37,050 in the Alamo Dome celebrated not only a championship spot, but the resurgence of the former Texas A&M signal caller as well. ORLANDO 23 SAN ANTONIO 15 A sellout crowd in Orlando watched as their hometown team, the Orlando Juice, led by former Florida QB and Coach Steve Spurrier, captured the inaugural league crown and bragging rights as the Champions of Spring Football. Orlando and San Antonio played a good game all the way until the end, but in the end it was the surprise star of the league, former Miami Hurricane Brad Kaaya, who outshone the Golden Boy, Johnny Manziel to take home the crown. Kaaya finished the game with 268 yards passing and 2 TDs while Manziel was held scoreless, despite 146 yards receiving from Squadron wideout Michael Floyd. The Juice played a bend-but-don’t break defense, which allowed the Squadron to move the ball, but which ate up the clock and tightened whenever San Antonio crossed into fieldgoal territory. The result was 3 FG for the Squadron, while Orlando found the endzone on two first half drives, including a beautiful Kaaya to Inman 51 yard slant&go pattern turned TD. The game stayed close throughout, with San Antonio finally getting their first TD 9 minutes into the 3rd quarter on a 1 yard Joe Banyard plunge. But, the Juice scored on the very next drive on a swing pass from Kaaya to RB Matt Jones that took the ball to the house from 14 yards out. Both defenses held the other teams in check for the remainder of the game, and when Manziel’s 4th & 4 pass to Floyd was broken up by Juice Safety Kenny Vacarro with 1:22 left, the Juice were able to kneel their way to a championship. Kaaya was named the Championship MVP, a nice prize after finishing 2nd to Manziel in the League MVP vote. For Steve Spurrier it was a welcome return to football in Florida. In the post-game interview, Spurrier was already thinking about 2020, stating that he hoped to do some scouting during NFL OTA’s and training camp, but only after a few weeks off and a few well-earned rounds of golf. And so the first season of the AAF came to a close, and what a season it was. With attendance, TV ratings and national interest far exceeding expectations, the AAF seems poised for the challenge of the 2020 arrival of the XFL. Expansion to Tucson and Atlanta are already in the works, a new, more lucrative contract with CBS is in place and the league seems to have found a formula for successful spring football. Time will tell, but the 2019 was about as strong a start as any new league could hope to have. 2019 AAF AWARD WINNERS LEAGUE MVP: J. Manziel, QB, San Antonio Squadron COACH OF THE YEAR: S. Spurrier, Orlando Juice 2019 AAF FINAL LEAGUE LEADERS PASSING 1. J. Manziel-SAN 94.5 rating---2214 yards 18 TDs 2. C. McCoy-ALB 92.4 rating---1,274 yards 9 TDs 3. B. Kaaya-ORL 89.6 rating---2018 yards 14 TDs 4. C. Hackenburg—STL 84.7 rating---1866 yards 11 TDs 5. C. Kaepernick---SAC 83.2 rating---2322 yards 13 TDs RUSHING 1. T. Richardson-MEM 902 yards 7TDs 2. O. Darkwa—NOR 877 yards 6TDs 3. B. Rainey—STL 862 yards 4TDs 4. D. Pumphrey—SDG 802 yards 5TDs 5. J. Langford—ALB 779 yards 4TDs RECEIVING 1. K. Aiken—SAC 67 Rec 922 yards 9 TDs 2. M. Floyd—SAN 61 Rec 855 yards 5 TDs 3. D. Inman—ORL 58 Rec 802 yards 6 TDs 4. E. Rogers---MEM 51 Rec 622 yards 2 TDs 5. S. Coley---ORL 44 Rec 702 yards 3 TDs DEFENSE 1. Arthur Moats, LB, ALB 8.5 sacks 2. Jordan Tripp, LB, STL 8 sacks 3. Chris Ringo, DT, NOR 6.5 sacks 1. J. Furman, CB, SDG 6 Int 2. L. Webb, CB, STL 6 Int 3. A. Crawford, CB, MEM 4 Int
  10. Wideright updates the NFL

    The Second reimagination are the Tennessee Titans. I really liked their pre-NIKE look and while I thought it made sense to add a subtle nod to the sword logo through the helmet and pant stripes, I kept most of what I liked about the originals. Sticking with the light blue as primary and broadened out the yolk a bit, but much of the look is in line with their earlier design rather than the new "Navy & grey" focus of the new uniforms.
  11. Wideright updates the NFL

    I had done a previous design with a jaguar print in it, but for this year's version I wanted to follow the understood premise that Coughlin wanted a simpler uniform for the Jags. Here is the earlier version I had created a few years back (notice the older Jag logo and different teal). This is also back when I would use a dark grey instead of black for the color because I thought the black blotted out the shadows/stitching/etc. I don't do that any more because it really does look grey on screen.
  12. Fort Myers Miracle to change name to Groupers for one game

    Are they groupers or grouper sandwiches? I am confused by the bun, lettuce and tomato. It's a grouper, not a piece of bacon.
  13. Wideright updates the NFL

    Thought I would take my shot at "fixing" the Jags, Titans and then maybe a few other NFL teams that just don't feel right to me. First up, the Jags. They want simple, so I give them a simple uniform but not so simple as to look like a Div-2 college. Teal is the primary, black the secondary, and if they feel they must, they can go unitard with all black or all white on a hot August day. I envision the primaries as White jersey-black pants and teal jersey-white pants. Note the angled stripes are on the sleeve cuff, pants and socks.
  14. Hall of Very Good

    Just from the Buffalo Bills alone I would nominate: QB Joe Ferguson RB Joe Cribbs RB Fred Jackson WR Eric Moulds TE Pete Metzelaars OL Joe Devlin OL Will Wolford LB Cornelius Bennett LB Darryl Talley NT Fred Smerlas DT Kyle Williams DE Phil Hansen CB Nate Odomes ST Steve Tasker (Just because the HOF will never recognize special teams)
  15. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I fully expect that the AAF will avoid all cold weather locations with their first 8 teams. Salt Lake City is the coldest they will get and their February & March temperatures are nowhere near as cold as the Midwest or Northeast. So, don't hold your breath for NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, DC, etc. Maybe Indy, Detroit or St. Lous if they don't mind domes. They have Orlando, Memphis, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and we all expect Phoenix and San Diego based on the Sporting News article. That only leaves 2 cities left. My guess (top 10 most likely) are: West 1. San Antonio-- You have to have a Texas team, and they are the obvious choice. 2. Sacramento -- Having a NorCal team to be a rival for San Diego makes sense. They cold move to Oakland after the Raiders move. 3. San Jose-- See Sacramento, One or the other is likely 4. Dallas-- If they can play at SMU. 5. Las Vegas-- A longshot because of the Raiders, but the XFL Outlaws drew pretty well. EAT 1. St. Louis-- If there is not a dome aversion, this seems a good option. 2. Birmingham-- I don't like Legion Field as a stadium for the AAF, too huge, but if UAB is getting a stadium, maybe they stick it out until then. 3. New Orleans-- Tulane's newish Yulman Stadium is the perfect size and there is no MLB or NHL to contend with, only the Pelicans. 4. Raleigh or Durham-- 3 stadiums to choose from (NC State, UNC, Duke) 5. Louisville-- May be just on the fringe of acceptable weather and the stadium is a great option.