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  1. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Yeah, getting colors to look metallic is not easy on CorelDraw 15 (which is what I am using). I will see if I can add some sheen. The idea is that the logo and uniform have a Notre Dame style sheen to them.
  2. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I think you will be very happy with the 2000 USFL draft. Should be posted today or tomorrow.
  3. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Denver's new Nike look includes a metallic gold color, wedge helmet stripe and a new D-Star logo.
  4. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    1999 USFL Season (Part 2) Following the shakeups in the front office and on USFL rosters, it seems a good time to check in on each franchise and look at their star players. Here, as your guide to the league, are the stars and coaches for each of the USFL franchises as of the start of the 1999 USFL season. Players with Stars after their names are those who are exempted from each team's salary cap (4 allowed per franchise) FRANCHISE 1999 Head Coach 1999 QB Starter(s) Other 1999 Stars Boston D. Jauron G. Foley/D. McNabb* RB L. Smith WR B. Emmanuel TE M. Chmura LB M. Patton* New Jersey J. Fassel D. Flutie* FB L. Centers TB Troy Davis WR R. Moss* WR Q. Ismail DE M. Wiley* Philadelphia J. Mora (New) D. Krieg* RB C. Martin* WR A. Toomer* LB T. Bruschi* Washington M. White F. Reich/S. King RB F. Lane WR A. Freeman* LB J. Sharper* Atlanta M. Tice S. Beurlein RB F. Taylor* WR B. Schroeder DB D. Bly* Baltimore D. Green C. Chandler* RB A. Murrell* WR O. Gadsden LB B. Minter Charlotte R. Brooks T. Maddox/D. Brown RB R. Watters* WR P. Price* DB G. Dixon* Jacksonville A. Groh E. Grbac RB B. Morris* WR K. McCardell* LB A. Beasley Chicago S. Wyche J. George* RB C. Enis WR Y. Thigpen* LB J. Armstead* Cleveland J. Haslett (New) K. Collins* WR J. Jett* DB A. Winfield Columbus K. Gilbride B. Favre* RB M. Bates* WR D. Boston LB L. Kirkland* Michigan B. Coslett (New) J. Harbaugh* RB T. Biakabatuka WR I. Hilliard DB C. Woodson* Denver R. Rhodes K. Stewart* RB R. Salaam* WR R. Proehl DB D. Figures* Houston M. Munchak (New) G. Frerotte/A. Smith RB T. Thomas* WR J.J. Stokes* DE T. Brackens* San Antonio D. Campo B.J. Tolliver RB R. Holcomb WR E. McCaffrey* St. Louis D. LeBeau (New) S. Bono RB A. Green* WR B. Engram LB W. McGinest* Birmingham T. Coughlin J. Blake RB S. Hicks TE F. Wycheck LB T. Spikes* Memphis M. Holmgren (New) N. O’Donnell* RB R. Edwards WR A. Rison* WR E. Moulds* New Orleans T. Marchibroda V. Testaverde* RB K. Faulk TE S. Sharpe* DB T. Lyght* Tampa Bay J. Jones M. Brunell RB E. Rhett WR W. Chrebet* WR K. Johnson* DT W. Sapp* LB P. Boulware* Arizona L. Infante J. Plummer* RB G. Hearst* WR J. Morton* DB M. McCrary Los Angeles G. Seifert S. Young* RB T. Wheatley* WR T. Owens* DB J. Seahorn* Portland N. Turner J. Kitna* RB T. Jervey WR H. Moore* DB L. Malloy* San Jose H. Edwards R. Gannon* RB G. Hill WR. C. Pickens* LB. C. Claiborne* The season itself was an up and down one for many teams. No team managed more than 10 wins and only the Houston Gamblers ended with more than 10 losses. The league saw 9 teams within 1 game of .500 for the year. The biggest discussions during the season revolved around the Testaverde-Favre trade and the failure of either franchise to demonstrate that the move helped their team. In the playoffs there were only a couple of minor upsets, with the biggest being the 9-5 Express edging the 10-4 Denver Gold in Denver. In the end the experience of New Jersey helped them get past both Birmingham in the semifinals and the Chicago Machine in the Championship Game. It was the first USFL repeat championship since the 1984 and 1985 Philadelphia Stars. In a tearful post-game press conference, Generals QB Doug Flutie announced that this championship victory would be his last game, going out on top as one of the USFL’s brightest stars for over a decade. 1999 USFL Final Standings NORTH *NJ 9-5 BOS 7-7 PHI 7-7 WSH 5-9 ATLANTIC *JAX 8-6 BAL 6-8 CHA 5-9 ATL 5-9 CENTRAL *CHI 10-4 CBS 7-7 CLE 6-8 MICH 4-10 SOUTH *BIRM 10-4 *MEM 8-6 *TBY 8-6 NOR 7-7 WEST *DEN 10-4 *STL 9-5 SAN 5-9 HOU 3-11 PACIFIC *POR 9-5 *LA 9-5 ARZ 7-7 SJO 4-10 1999 USFL Playoffs Wildcard Round Los Angeles(7) d. Tampa Bay(10) Memphis(9) d. St. Louis(8) Divisional Round Chicago(1) d. Memphis(9) Los Angeles(7) d. Denver(2) Birmingham(3) d. Jacksonville(6) New Jersey(4) d. Portland(5) Semifinal Round Chicago(1) d. Los Angeles(7) New Jersey(4) d. Birmingham(3) 1999 USFL Championship New Jersey 26 Chicago 20 1999 USFL Award Winners 1999 USFL MVP: J. George, QB, Chicago 1999 USFL Coach of the Year: D. LeBeau, St. Louis 1999 Rookie of the Year: D. McNabb, QB, Boston 1999 Relocation, Expansion & Uniform/Logo Revision 1) There were no relocations or expansion franchises in 1999. 2) The Denver Gold, signing with Nike, debuted a new primary logo and new uniforms.
  5. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    1999 USFL SEASON (Part One) For the first time in a long time the offseason stories of the USFL revolved more around player acquisition than franchise or league shakeups. After the chaos of 1998’s Oakland to Cleveland move and the two years of expansion, the USFL owners opted to put a moratorium on expansion until 2004 at the earliest, and while there were still some current franchises who were not pleased with their stadium deals or the conditions of the facilities themselves, none were in dire financial straits or at peril of immediate relocation. And so the off-season owner’s meetings focused on revenue sharing, expansion of television and radio revenue, merchandising contracts and minor rule changes. For safety the league opted to move kickoffs to the 35 yard line, hoping to have fewer returns and more touchbacks, they toughened pass-interference rules, expanded the video review system to include more options for coaches (including the automatic review of all potential turnovers and scores) and implemented an official training program which would ensure greater continuity between and among teams of game officials. Even before the league meetings, the focus of the offseason shifted to player and coach news. Immediately following the 1998 Championship several longstanding USFL coaches left their positions. Cleveland’s Chuck Knox and Philly’s Dick Vermeil announced their retirements after long and distinguished careers. In Houston, USFL Coach of the Decade, Jack Pardee resigned, though he did not rule out returning to coach another franchise. Meanwhile St. Louis and Memphis opted to part ways with coaches Wade Phillips and Dave Wannstadt after failing to make the improvements in recent years that fans longed for. The biggest coaching surprises however came from Philly and Memphis. The Stars, taking advantage of a souring relationship between the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and coach Jim Mora, pounced on the opportunity to bring Mora back to Philly and the Stars. And in Memphis, the Showboats opted to replace Wannstadt not with an unemployed coach or a promoted coordinator, but by making an overture to Michigan headman Mike Holmgren, whose contract negotiations with the Panthers had stalled in a dispute over general manager duties. Memphis offered Holmgren full run of the front office as well as the sideline and Holmgren left Michigan for Memphis. In player news the 1998-1999 offseason was marked by a strong rookie class, a few big-name NFL crossovers and a monster trade that few saw coming. New Orleans, following yet another Bourbon Street incident during the offseason with star QB Brett Favre, decided that they had had enough. They shopped Favre and found a buyer in the Columbus Renegades. The Breakers would obtain Renegade QB Vinny Testaverde, TE Wesley Walls and a pair of high draft picks for Favre. Columbus, and embattled coach Kevin Gilbride, would get a second wind and a chance to rebound from 3 straight losing seasons. New Orleans lost their star, but also lost the significant bad press and controversy that surrounded him. Other teams also tried to mend problematic QB situations in the offseason. The Portland Grizzlies signed NFL veteran Jon Kitna away from the Seahawks, while Cleveland snapped up former Giant QB Kerry Collins when his contract in the NFL was not extended. The draft saw teams reaching for QB talent as well, with three top NFL recruits at the position signed by USFL squads. Oregon’s Akili Smith was drafted by Portland, but traded to Houston during the draft. Washington, facing the aging of QB Frank Reich, signed Tulane’s Shaun King, and with the biggest smash of the draft, the Boston Beacons broke the bank to sign Syracuse field marshal Donovan McNabb. Other notable signings in the offseason were rookies Kevin Faulk (RB) by the Breakers, Ohio State’s David Boston (WR) by Columbus, Tennessee’s Peerless Price (WR) by Charlotte and defensive stars Chris Claiborne (to San Jose), Antoine Winfield (to Cleveland) and Dre Bly (to Atlanta). Outside of the QB position the biggest NFL to USFL signing was free agent RB Tyrone Wheatley by the LA Express.
  6. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    The expansion to 32 will definitely impact the league because the Oilers never left Houston, so the 32nd team the NFL brought in to balance the league after Cleveland was #31 could be anywhere. Will it be a USFL city that has proven its viability like Memphis, San Antonio, Birmingham or Portland, or will it be a new location that neither league has, such as Nashville or Salt Lake City? Or, third option, does the NFL return to Oakland? And how would a new NFL team in any one of those cities impact the USFL? Exciting stuff coming from the NFL-USFL give and take.
  7. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    And, just because they are the only USFL team not to have unis done yet, here are the Tampa Bay Bandits, with only miniscule changes since their original 1983 uniforms.
  8. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Brady seems exactly the kind of player who would join the USFL as a rookie. Not sure I am going to touch domestic abuse or the current protests (I still have 15 seasons to get through before that even gets close. Heck, just for fun I may have Al Gore win the 2000 election just to throw a monkey wrench into everything (but let's not talk politics, that is prohibited.) I am more intrigued by the fact that Mark Cuban is eyeing the USFL, maybe Paul Allen too.
  9. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I never designed the Wheels' uniform. I do the logo and helmet but then decide which team is going to actually be used and do the logo after that. I imagine that the Wheels would have had either a tire-tread design or a checkered flag design somehow as a part of their stripe system. It still would have been a teal jersey. I needed some 1990's teal and purple so the Hounds, Samurai and Spartans fit the bill for that. Now I have to start thinking about which teams are going to go BFBS in an annoying way.
  10. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    It's a good question. I suspect that MLS will be fine as soccer is just in a growth cycle in our country. They may have had more issues finding open stadiums in the Spring with the USFL around, but I suspect that the growth of soccer as a sport would not be impacted too greatly by the USFL. One question I have not yet begun to consider is how the USFL might be better or worse at dealing with things like spousal abuse cases, suspensions, etc. as well as the whole issue of concussions and brain impairments. They were cutting edge on tech and other elements of the game in their short run, but I am not so sure they would be in these cases as they are still scrambling to grow and compete with the NFL.
  11. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Most of these are real USFL teams from 1983-1985, the rest are "expansion" franchises in this alternate history. Top Row: Houston Gamblers, LA Express (modified logo), Arizona Wranglers, Birmingham Stallions, Cleveland (once Oakland) Invaders, New Orleans Breakers, Baltimore (was Chicago) Blitz, San Antonio (was Oklahoma) Outlaws Middle Row: Memphis Showboats (modified logo), Tampa Bay Bandits, New Jersey Generals (modified logo), Michigan Panthers, Philadelphia Stars, Denver Gold (modified logo), Washington Federals, Jacksonville Bulls Bottom Row (all new expansion teams I created): Columbus Renegades, San Jose Samurai, Charlotte Hounds, St. Louis Lightning, Atlanta Spartans, Portland Grizzlies, Chicago Machine, Boston Beacons
  12. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    That is deliberate. The original 12 have their original positions, then the 1984 teams were added and later franchises were placed last.
  13. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    And here it is, the 15th Anniversary image for the USFL. Looks like Sports Illustrated revised their original 1983 article (somewhat bad image included for comparison.)
  14. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I like that idea, I will make a large "full league" image and I am also going to be putting out a list of each team's coaches and exemption players, just to see where each is as we start the next decade.