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  1. The Alliance of American Football, the Ebersol-Polian led Spring league, is expected to release the team names & logos for their 8 franchises on Sept. 25th, but have begun teasing the logos on their facebook page. Not much to go on other than looking at the color combinations. 4 teams yesterday, likely 4 more today. So far 3 of 4 use grey/silver in some format. Hoping the remaining 4 diversify a bit. So far we have a double-blue, a red-navy, a black-silver and a maroon-silver. I would like to see use of green, yellow, orange, purple, gold, copper, brown or teal in some format for diversity. The cities (not identified with the logos, so most on the facebook comments are trying to guess) are Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and Salt Lake City.
  2. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I gotta say, if you are gambling on individual plays or trends within a football game played by NFL wannabes in a new league, well, my friend, you have a gambling problem. It is hard enough to consistently win gambling established leagues with established players, gambling on a team sport when you know almost nothing about the players on those teams, their motivations or their abilities just seems like throwing money away.
  3. WideRight

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Apparently the Alouettes knew early on that they would suck this year, so they decided to look as badly as they play.
  4. That is pretty cheesy "marketing speak", but I agree with you and I think the majority of soccer fans when I say this is one amazingly well-done logo. I am very happy they got the Spanish right and I am gearing up to buy myself a pink jersey. Still rooting for NYCFC, but Miami has my respect, at least from a design standpoint.
  5. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Not that I don't love the WLAF inside scoop, but this is a thread about the AAF. So, could we wind our way back to the Alliance? My question now, with everyone expecting the name, identity and logo roll out this month, does the AAF do this as one big press conference or do they spread it out over a couple of weeks, with each team having a roll out announcement with a few key players on hand to perhaps model the uniforms? What's your best guess?
  6. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Really hoping today's Birmingham announcement is Identity (Name, Colors, Logo) and not something ho hum like a lease agreement. 4;30 CDT is the magic hour. Fingers crossed. I love most of Bosack's work so I have high hopes for B'Ham and the whole AAF.
  7. I really like it, except for 2 pet peeves. 1. The Shield on Rondel is getting a little stale (seems everyone is doing it). Having just the shield with the lettering in a circle would be more pleasant. 2. The proper Spanish would be "Club Internacional de Futbol" not "Internacional Club de Futbol" But I love the colors, the cranes, the intertwined legs as an M, surprised cranes and not flamingos, but either is fine. Hoping the main jersey is either white or pink, not black.
  8. WideRight

    AAF Concepts by Logofan

    Both Orlando and Atlanta are outstanding. I agree that a few are too complex for a helmet, and I am not a fan of the Birmingam I like the rhino idea but not so much the execution.
  9. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Part of me actually hopes they go really traditional, with uniforms that look like they are out of the 80's (sleeve and pant stripes, not color blocks or weird swooshes) and names like Tigers, Sharks and Mustangs. Really go retro/nostalgic. And I agree that expansion will be needed. I would love to see them do this: 2019: 8 teams in East/West configuration 2020: 10 teams in East/West configuration (Add St. Louis and San Jose) 2021: No expansion, consolodate 2022: 12 teams in East/Central/West configuration: East--Orlando, Atlanta, Carolina, Birmingham Central--Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, San Antonio West--Phoenix, Salt Lake, San Diego, San Jose 2025: Add 4 more teams, finally moving a little to the north and go to a final stasis of 16 teams in 4 divisions East--Atlanta, Carolina, Columbus, Hartford Central--Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis Southwest--Albuquerque, Austin, Salt Lake, San Antonio West--Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle
  10. Love the Bucky Barnes Badger avatar.


    As for how to help the AAF, it should be more like a fictional game I based on Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football, which you can read about here:


  11. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    I like the sound o Orlando LIghtning. Reminds me of the WLAF team, the Thunder.
  12. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    I am going to throw 2 ideas into the ring on my own post. 1. Pick an animal native to the Ocala National Forest. 2. Something related to the Space Coast (shuttle name) but also all the way back to the Spanish. Orlando Black Bears Orlando Explorers
  13. WideRight

    Top 5 Uniforms in NFL

    [insert spit take emoji here]
  14. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    So we are several months into the Alliance (AAF: Alliance of American Football) going public. They have named the 8 founding cities (Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego), named coaches & GM's, explained their draft process and have just announced that Starter will make uniforms and fan gear for the league, but still no sign of team names, colors, logos, etc. Let's help them out by suggesting names. Maybe we will guess a few correctly. Let's try this one city at a time. The first city to be announced was Orlando, so they should reveal the name first. What would you name the Orlando franchise?
  15. WideRight

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    I was wondering if adding a 10th team would help resolve the issue. Having only 9 teams and an 18 game schedule does make things tricky.