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  1. WideRight

    Wideright updates the NFL

    After a long hiatus, and with some inspiration from the recent AAF designs (and my concepts), I return to the NFL with the New York Jets. I grew up a fan of the Kelly uniforms of the 80's-90's, before the retro Namath-era look came back. So I started with that, added significant influence from the Memphis Express (AAF-- see the jet) and the San Diego Fleet (AAF-- see the jersey pattern) and you get a new version of the kelly helmeted JETS logo. Wanted to add some black, but it just never seemed to make the look better, so it is pure white & kelly. New main logo, wordmark and NY logo. I kept the JETS on the helmet because as long as the Giants go with a NY monogram, the Jets should avoid doing the same.
  2. WideRight

    Another spring attempt: Freedom Football League

    I am with you on this. It is a huge problem that there are 3 different groups trying to start up. If they could pool their resources and align on one model, one league, it could actually have a chance, but I worry that egos and the core concepts are just too different. I would love a longlasting spring AAA league to be reality because I just cannot get into NBA or MLB and even NHL only marginally holds my attention. I was a huge USFL fan back in the day, and while I don't think a true NFL rival league can exist, a AAA feeder league playing in smaller stadiums could really work for me.
  3. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    With the San Diego Fleet I wanted to downplay the yellow a bit, and I really did not like the lighter grey pants with the dark grey, and since there is only one other team using white pants, I thought this could work without being too similar. I kept the chevron motif, but added grey chevrons along with the yellow, and now with white pants there was room to create a stripe to hold the chevrons.
  4. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    Ok, the last two are up. First, the San Antonio Commanders. I opted to expand the yoke by recreating the Alamo motif. This also means that the Commanders are the only team without a wordmark above the numbers. Other than that,the uniforms are only slightly different from the actuals, with the full logo on the pant stripe.
  5. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    And Salt Lake, with more royal added, no side panel, and a new pant stripe. I also modified the numbers to match the wordmark style.
  6. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    Arizona is next up. Again minor changes. The yellow socks were really the only thing that bugged me about the original. I also removed the sleeve color and kept the sleeves yellow just because so many other teams had sleeves of a different color.
  7. WideRight

    XFL Return, new logo

    While McMahon, as a conservative, may actually be peeved at the NFL for how it handles the national anthem issue, there is clearly a profit motive here. McMahon believes (maybe right, maybe wrong) that many NFL fans are also conservatives, Trump supporters, etc. and that they will be attracted to a league that takes a stand, that plays on nostalgia for a "traditional" brand of football and that plays up the jingoistic "Patriotic" card. I am sure that to a point he has that right, but then his choices of cities make even less sense. They make no sense from a media standpoint. Placing teams in cities that already are packed with major league franchises (all 4 sports) is already a questionable move, but if his target audience is more conservative, 'Murica types, he would be far better off looking at Birmingham, Orlando, Texas or other Red-State locations. Putting teams in LA, NY, Seattle, DC makes no sense if you want to attract that demographic and then you add on top that no TV station in any of those markets has time to cover XFL games because of all the other teams they need to cover, and I don't see this as a recipe for a successful league.
  8. WideRight

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    My mistake. I did not catch the announcement. That is a pretty major change from what they had said earlier. Good luck getting DC and NY fans to sit in outdoor stadiums to watch no-name players in February. At least the AAF accounted for weather.
  9. WideRight

    XFL Team Nicknames

    This is the XFL version 2.0 we are talking about, so if they want to really represent the teams, they should go with: LA Empty Seats St. Louis Spite Tampa Bay Noshows New York Meh Seattle Rain Delays Houston HoHum Dallas Free Tickets Washington Windchill-kept-us-homers
  10. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    Memphis and Orlando: Both uniforms are solid so the changes here are minimal. Memphis: Adjusted the side panels to denote growing speed and changed the number font. Orlando: Removed the jersey side stripe and altered the yoke. New pant stripe and added logo to pants.
  11. WideRight

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Just a point of correction. The AAF plans to start one week after the Super Bowl and finish in April. The XFL will play a May to July schedule. That is one reason the AAF is only in warm weather or mild winter cities while the XFL has NY and DC. AAF likes to cite stats that say that a solid 25% or more of NFL fans do not watch other sports in Spring or summer. Thhey also cite that a huge percentage of fantasy football players do not play another fantasy sport. They want to focus on those “football or nothing” fans. I am am pretty much one of those. I will watch CFL and watched FL Europe and the USFL when they were around. I just cannot get into NBA, NHL or MLB. My only other sport is MLS or EPL soccer.
  12. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    And Birmingham. Some major changes here: Added helmet stripe based on logo, 2 tone grey side by side with the hex-bolt motif which we will see throughout. Shoulder yoke with the same side-by-side greys (similar to current Titans) again with hexbolts. Light grey numbers with dark grey beveling. No side panels on jersey. Yoke takes its place. Dark grey pants with logo and black stripe (slightly skewing from back to front) and 2 hexbolts Still think they should have added either some orange or yellow to create greater color contrast, but with the color scheme they have, I just think black on black on black on black is a bit too much.
  13. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    First up for the uniform redux is Atlanta (alphabetical in the East first). Changes include: Removing the ATL from the side panels and adding a thin white piping to match the pant leg. Going with a Vikings-esque off-center thin white stripe within the thick purple. This is a motif carried over from the logo with the thin white stripe at the bottom of the crown. Changed the number font to something akin to the Titan's longstanding font (not present font). White TV numbers just to offset the gold sleeves.
  14. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    And in the West: 1. ARIZONA: Retilted the logo and have it on both sides. Added a number effect on the back to match the front. 2. SALT LAKE: Went with the full horse head logo instead of just the mane. 3. SAN ANTONIO: Focus is on the Alamo shade. Removed the logo and used numbers on both sides. Removed the SA secondary logo. 4. SAN DIEGO: No significant changes. Uniforms are next (as I find time to work on them. They will take more time.
  15. WideRight

    AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks

    I generally like what the AAF has done with their initial 8 franchises, but I would make some tweaks to each design. Starting with helmets, here is what I have done: 1. No helmets have a logo on one side and a numbe on the other. What you see on the side image is on both sides. 2. ATLANTA: Added white to log, added the player # and ATL to the stripe (I will remove it from the jersey) and opted for a purple facemask. 3. B'HAM: Added the logo to each side and changed the main stripe to be a 2-grey stripe with hexbolts inserted for a "mechanical" effect. 4. MEMPHIS: Swapped the blue facemask for white. 4. ORLANDO: Only change is a reduction in size of the number on the back.