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    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I really like it, except for 2 pet peeves. 1. The Shield on Rondel is getting a little stale (seems everyone is doing it). Having just the shield with the lettering in a circle would be more pleasant. 2. The proper Spanish would be "Club Internacional de Futbol" not "Internacional Club de Futbol" But I love the colors, the cranes, the intertwined legs as an M, surprised cranes and not flamingos, but either is fine. Hoping the main jersey is either white or pink, not black.
  2. WideRight

    AAF Concepts by Logofan

    Both Orlando and Atlanta are outstanding. I agree that a few are too complex for a helmet, and I am not a fan of the Birmingam I like the rhino idea but not so much the execution.
  3. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Part of me actually hopes they go really traditional, with uniforms that look like they are out of the 80's (sleeve and pant stripes, not color blocks or weird swooshes) and names like Tigers, Sharks and Mustangs. Really go retro/nostalgic. And I agree that expansion will be needed. I would love to see them do this: 2019: 8 teams in East/West configuration 2020: 10 teams in East/West configuration (Add St. Louis and San Jose) 2021: No expansion, consolodate 2022: 12 teams in East/Central/West configuration: East--Orlando, Atlanta, Carolina, Birmingham Central--Memphis, St. Louis, New Orleans, San Antonio West--Phoenix, Salt Lake, San Diego, San Jose 2025: Add 4 more teams, finally moving a little to the north and go to a final stasis of 16 teams in 4 divisions East--Atlanta, Carolina, Columbus, Hartford Central--Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, St. Louis Southwest--Albuquerque, Austin, Salt Lake, San Antonio West--Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle
  4. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    So we are several months into the Alliance (AAF: Alliance of American Football) going public. They have named the 8 founding cities (Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego), named coaches & GM's, explained their draft process and have just announced that Starter will make uniforms and fan gear for the league, but still no sign of team names, colors, logos, etc. Let's help them out by suggesting names. Maybe we will guess a few correctly. Let's try this one city at a time. The first city to be announced was Orlando, so they should reveal the name first. What would you name the Orlando franchise?
  5. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    I like the sound o Orlando LIghtning. Reminds me of the WLAF team, the Thunder.
  6. WideRight

    Let's help the AAF

    I am going to throw 2 ideas into the ring on my own post. 1. Pick an animal native to the Ocala National Forest. 2. Something related to the Space Coast (shuttle name) but also all the way back to the Spanish. Orlando Black Bears Orlando Explorers
  7. WideRight

    Top 5 Uniforms in NFL

    [insert spit take emoji here]
  8. WideRight

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    I was wondering if adding a 10th team would help resolve the issue. Having only 9 teams and an 18 game schedule does make things tricky.
  9. WideRight

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    A quick CFL question I am hoping someone can help me with. Why does it seem so rare for teams to play divisional games. We are 5 weeks in and Calgary is 5-0 but has yet to play a divisonal game. Toronto (and I think Montreal too) also have not played any divisional games. You have 2 divisions, an 18 week season, shouldn't something like 12 of the games be divisional games? Why so many crossover games.
  10. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    They have promised names and identities for all teams, but have not given us a timeline on that. If they are going the "fan input" route, they would need to do it soon in order to make a choice and then have designs created and uniforms made. I suspect they are already working on both identity and uniforms and they will hold a "guess the name" rather than a "choose the name" competition in the 8 cities. Selfishly I wish they would come out with them already, but I suspect we are looking at Sept. or later before we start to learn the team identities.
  11. Hello all. I am working on an “Alternative History” of the USFL, beginning in 1984 and we will see where it takes us. It is all based on the premise that a single historical change can lead to an entirely different outcome. My premise is that John Bassett, owner of the Tampa Bay Bandits and chief opposition to the move to a Fall schedule does not become ill. How could that have changed the USFL’s destiny? I will be going year by year and as teams merge, move, are added or simply change uniforms, I will post any new logos or uniforms, because that is what this board is about, but I will also try to weave in other events, particularly related to the NFL, which might also have altered history. Should be an interesting challenge to the imagination. I may get some facts wrong here and there, and I may go in some directions you don’t think are likely, but it is just a fictional story, so feel free to comment if you think things would have gone differently. 1985: With John Bassett at full strength, there is a strong counterpoint to Donald Trump and the argument that the USFL move to the Fall. Trump loses the vote. The antitrust lawsuit vs. the NFL will go ahead, but the league decides to continue with a Spring schedule. As a result the following changes occurred within the league: Both ABC and ESPN provided the league with new TV Contracts and an influx of nearly $225 million dollars with the proviso that teams remain in both Chicago and Los Angeles. The league agreed to the TV network’s terms and worked to enhance ownership groups in both cities while managing the two franchises’ day to day operations. The league also agrees to develop a more stringent salary cap to help cut down on financial losses, but through a combination of the league’s regional draft, which privileges certain teams with a pipeline to 2-3 local universities, and an exemption policy which allows 2 players per team not to count against the cap, the pace of “big name” signings slows but does not completely end. Without the shift to Fall, ownership groups in Michigan, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Washington did not opt to relocate their franchises for 1985. Due to economic struggles, and ownership interest in larger markets, it was decided that the league would contract by 2 franchises. The Oklahoma Outlaws merged with the undercapitalized San Antonio Gunslingers, to become the San Antonio Outlaws and the Pittsburgh Maulers merged with the struggling Washington Federals, bringing significant football talent to a team which had struggled to win games In its first two seasons. The 1985 Season is played with stronger attendance and ratings than anticipated, perhaps due to the continuity of the ongoing Spring season. Some franchises still struggle for attendance, particularly in Chicago and L.A., who also have weak seasons on the field, but the league is propping up both franchises and TV ratings help to make the case to potential owners for both. SEASON STANDINGS EAST *New Jersey 11-7 *Philadelphia 10-7-1 Jacksonville 8-10 Washington 7-11 SOUTH *Birmingham 12-6 *Memphis 11-7 *Tampa Bay 10-8 New Orleans 6-12 CENTRAL *Michigan 11-6-1 *Houston 10-8 San Antonio 9-9 Chicago 6-12 WEST *Denver 10-8 Oakland 8-10 Arizona 8-10 Los Angeles 6-12 PLAYOFFS: Birmingham d. Houston Michigan d. Tampa Bay Philadelphia d. New Jersey Memphis d. Denver Philadelphia d. Birmingham Michigan d. Memphis CHAMPIONSHIP: Philadelphia 28 Michigan 24 MVP: Herschell Walker (NJ) Coach of the year: Rollie Dotsch (BIR) New Team Uniforms or Identities: San Antonio Outlaws
  12. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    So we have the 8 AAF cities, how long for the name and branding to be announced? They have said they want fan influence on this, but it takes time to design and then get helmets, uniforms and items to sell ready. What do you see as the timeframe? I would hope for full identities revealed by early September. That would give them 5 months to promote and push for season ticket sales.
  13. WideRight

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I am watching on Telemundo instead (Yeah for being bilingual) because the Fox commentators are not always the best. They have 1 good team, 1 adequate team (Meola) and that weird team of 2 Spanish speakers who are so partisan that it is painful to watch them cover a game that has any Latin country in it because they are rooting, not discussing. Even on Telemundo, the commentary is more balanced. And as to the big question, following England means never having to wonder why they aren't better. They just never are. Great league, horrible national team. BTW, I am not rooting for Mexico. I liked that Germany lost, but it would have been the same had they lost to Sweden or Korea for me. Since the USA is not in it I am rooting for La Furia Roja. ¡España!
  14. WideRight

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    Basically I am saying their "cleaned up" brand, is boring. I am all for having a single brand over all sports, but this is all there is and it is not enough. Of course they should have a coherent brand, and the IU monogram needs to be a big part of it, but it is not enough. They can and should expand on the brand to offer people more to work with.
  15. WideRight

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    I am going to have to go with my alma mater, Indiana U. because all they have is the monogram. Sure, there is the striped pants thing, and they have a script "Indiana", but with no mascot and only a flat, 1-color monogram, they need to do more. Even adding beveling would be an improvement. I still argue that they need to modernize the Buffalo mascot they used briefly in the past, or develop a new one. This is not enough. Even Penn State, known for minimalist design in uniforms, has more of a logo package than IU.
  16. OK, I'll ask, why is the Alabama State team located in western Mississippi?
  17. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Yeah, my big suggestions to them would be: 1. Avoid anything that smacks of "kewl", so no use of -z instead of -s, no deliberate misspellings (Xtreme, etc.) 2. Don't be afraid of a "boring" name like Wildcats, Tigers, Mustangs if it is appropriate to the area. 3. Do try to pick names that mean something to the region/city. What is the local history, culture, industry, character, etc. 4. Avoid anything that deals with Native Americans, the Confederacy or other hotbutton historical elements. 5. Nothing wrong with animals, weather, professions, etc. 6. Don't try to mimic the colors of local colleges or lost pro teams. Go a new direction. 7. It is ok to have a non-plural name if it is a word that has meaning and is not too conceptual (Thunder, Lightning, Rampage, Forge, etc.)
  18. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Based on what we have seen so far design-wise, I expect they will get a good designer. I expect Ebersol is keyed in on the marketing/branding side of things. The league logo, wordmark and website use pretty decent design elements. They have also said that they want each team's name to reflect the local region, culture, tradition, etc. which is a good sign to me. This is one aspect of the league that I feel good about. Still a bit dicey on them choosing Birmingham, as I think St. Louis, New Orleans or Louisville would have been better team to finish the Eastern division with. Hoping they go with either San Antonio or San Jose for the final city.
  19. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I am actually surprised they went with Birmingham. First off they are stuck in Legion Field for 2 seasons, which is far too big (will look bad on TV) and while their USFL attendance was solid, they did not do as well in the XFL or CFL expansion, which makes me think that folks there are not too keen on yet another attempt at a non-NFL league. It makes more sense to me for them to go to St. Louis (still in pain after NFL departure) or New Orleans (nice outdoor 30,000 seat stadium at Tulane). My guess is that the next team has to be either Texas (San Antonio, Dallas or Houston as you list) or Northern California (San Jose or Sacramento).
  20. WideRight

    Hall of Very Good

    I guess I can agree to that, but add Phil Simms to your QB list.
  21. WideRight

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I still hold to the idea that the Feb. start removes any chance of the Northeast or Midwest getting teams. It is crappy weather for the most part at least into early April and that is the entire season. The USFL had enough big name players and a long enough season to make it work. I don't see an 8 team 10 week season taking that risk. If domes are not out out of the question, then St. Louis and San Antonio seem the top choices for teams 7-8. If not then I would be looking at Sacramento, San Jose, Portland, Albuquerque and maybe Dallas as a long shot in the west. Louisville, New Orleans, Birmingham, Raleigh or A 2nd Florida team in the East.
  22. WideRight

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    Wow, those are all horrible. They all reek of trying to hard to do something new and cutesy. And maybe It is because I am not from Texas but "boot scooting" is a reference to a dog dragging its ass across the floor because it has irritated anal glands. Not a great name, to say the least, though the logo could be hilarious.
  23. WideRight

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    As a Bills fan since 1979 I am going to have to agree with this. Here is the litanny of woe. --Won AFL championships but only in years prior to the Superbowl. Had the merger happened 1 year earlier Bills would have been in Super Bowl I. --Biggest star of the 1970's could not produce winning seasons and then is widely believed to have committed double homicide. --Best player on the team in the early 80's leaves to play for the USFL and is never the same again (Joe Cribbs) --Savior QB picked in 1983 draft also opts for the USFL, so Bills lose 2 seasons of play that might have helped them peak sooner. --Wide right, the name says it all. --0-4 in consecutive Super Bowls --After Kelly retires, they find a lost gem in Doug Flutie, who takes them back to the playoffs in 1999 only to be benched in favor of Rob "He Sack Me" Johnson. --They of course lose that playoff game in the Music City Miracle --17 years of bad, but not bad enough to get top draft picks seasons. So so many 7-9's. --Countless 4th quarter lead games vs. the Patriiots where Brady just brushes himself off and crushes the dream in the 4th. --Could not even be featured in a mediocre Kevin Costner movie about the draft. It was meant to be the Bills, but got switched to the Browns in pre-production. I think the Bills are definitely a contender. They, Minnesota, Detroit and Cleveland are all in bad, bad shape.
  24. WideRight

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Thought I would take my shot at "fixing" the Jags, Titans and then maybe a few other NFL teams that just don't feel right to me. First up, the Jags. They want simple, so I give them a simple uniform but not so simple as to look like a Div-2 college. Teal is the primary, black the secondary, and if they feel they must, they can go unitard with all black or all white on a hot August day. I envision the primaries as White jersey-black pants and teal jersey-white pants. Note the angled stripes are on the sleeve cuff, pants and socks.
  25. WideRight

    Wideright updates the NFL

    Still not sold on the idea that the Powder Blue and white unis are better than the Fouts era navy and yellow. But, I went with the powder blue anyway. But, that said, I kept in some navy and I changed up quite a bit.