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  1. Tore

    Utah Jazz

    I like the city edition to be honest. For me, at least, there is too little diversity in colors. Utah "Jazz"(still think that name should return to NOLA) should either be mountain-y and cold, or colors of the desert but still being somewhat cold. Sorry for the bad english. Im been puzzling on 2k with Utah and Nola. Im following this thread for inspiration.
  2. Tore

    NBA G-League by Nike (Help Needed!)

    Amazing work! Looking forward to Maine!
  3. Tore

    NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Cavs)

    Absolutely amazing work! I really, really love New Orleans Jazz! How about you make Utah Wild or Bobcats, or whatever the team should be called. If you made them with the sunset IT would be awesome! Also I would really love your take on Blazers, Suns and Seattle Supersonics. How about you make One for Pittsburgh as an expansion team or maybe Louisville? Anyways, beautiful work!
  4. Tore

    NBA Expansion Project: Tampa Bay Sharks

    cant see
  5. Tore

    NBA Expansion Project: Tampa Bay Sharks

    cant see
  6. Tore

    NBA Nike Concepts (2/30)

    Celtics st patrick is a beauty