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    Fresh NBA Concepts | Phoenix Suns (5/30)

    I really like what you have done with the Pistons! Detroit is a hard project, somewhat limited in ideas and yet so much history. Of the bunch I must say the Association and Icon were my favourites. Really like the Hawks inspired lines and the focus goes to the DP logo. You have also been able to keep the fan-favourite side lines which is a nice touch as well Great work man! What is next team up?
  2. Tore

    Fresh NBA Concepts | Phoenix Suns (5/30)

    Nice work man! I cant wait to see more teams!
  3. Really cool! How would it look if you exchanged the grey with whites?
  4. This is EXACTLY what the Phoenix Suns NEED!! This is a city edition uniform that makes one hell of a statement! One of, if not, the best Suns concepts I have ever seen - minimalistic and the star speaks volumes! Great concept Hoopla!
  5. Before uttering my take on this I must mention that Washington Wizards are one of the teams that are in a dire need of a rebrand. This is infinitely greater than their current name and logo! Great work!
  6. I really like the icon and association but I have to say that I absolutely love the statement and city!! This is exactly what Boston should've done if you ask me, and the statement especially makes me smile from ear to ear? Gorgeous concepts that still keeps the tradition of the Celtics. I honestly hope they leave the city and statment mishaps in the past and get with your concept!? Love that you have included shamrocks on both alternates, it's a really nice touch that just compliments and enhances the whole feel of the uniforms. Amazing work once again!!
  7. Tore

    Photoshop Advice Megathread

    Hi guys! Love this thread. Just downloaded photoshop free trial for one week and will be trying this stuff out. However I was wondering if I should go for Photoshop or Illustrator? Perhaps both? I just want to make jerseys and sport logos. Currently I am just using and nba 2k so thats in no way near this complex. Id appreciate any help or suggestions. Anyone got anymore tips and tricks? T
  8. Tore

    Your favorite color combinations

    Boston Celtics - green and white, especially St Patrick colors. Just wished they had a gold uniform with green and white. Portland Trail Blazers - Nothing special about red, white and black but it simply works for the Blazers. I love their logo as well. Same goes for Chicago Bulls - those black jerseys in the 90s were the :censored:! San Jose Sharks with pacific teal, burnt orange, black just looks great as well. Charlotte Hornets - unique and still cool. Miami Heat - Vice is absolutely gorgeous. Wished they just took those colors and made a home and away jersey with them. Seattle Supersonics - no need to even explain. Though the colors and jerseys might look cooler now in hindsight. Seattle Seahawks - looks great. Boston Bruins - Black and gold always looks good. A slight digression - New Orleans Pelicans'/Jazz purple, gold and green is a great color combo. Such a shame they dont use them on everything. Why they dont get the name Jazz back is beyond me(I know it's complicated). Utah should just be renamed Saints or Bobcats or something. Worst: Oklahoma City Thunder. This team's origin and colors is an abomination.
  9. Tore

    Favorite jersey number?

    13 or 33 for me. 13 mainly because of superstition. 33 because of Bird.
  10. Tore

    New Jersey Devils Unveil New Heritage Uniform for 2018-19

    Thats simply delicious!
  11. Tore

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I hope the Boston Celtics removes the irreverent uniform called statement. I dont care for the city either. I would much, much rather have the "Celtics Big Three Era Alternate Uniform" and/or especially the "Celtics St. Patrick’s Day Uniform"!!!!!!
  12. Though I despise this team with every single atom of my being, you amaze with your designs!
  13. Tore

    RGiss NBA Concepts - Dallas Mavericks

    Excellent work mate! If I had your skills I would try to play around with the navy blue, royal blue and the green. Besides that, I would love to see these as official Mavs uniforms!
  14. Tore

    Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Court for 50th Season

    My one kroner on the Hawks: It seems to me that the Rockets are leaving the yellow behind. This opens up an opportunity to just remove and forget the disgusting volt color and use a yellow/golden yellow color as part of their color identity. The color combo of red, yellow/gold and white will always look way better than red and puke neon green, especially gold, black and white. Andrew Sharp once mentioned on Open Court that if he could just remove one team from the NBA it would be the Hawks. Now, I found this kinda douchy since I kinda like their history but they have been just messing their brand up forever now. It's such a shame. ATL logo could be better but I think it's fine. Just get the colors right and dont try to be something you're simply not.
  15. Tore

    Pelicans Mardi Gras Court Concept (City Edition)

    I would really love for the Pelicans to get their colors back and especially the name. I know everybody says this but it still had to be said. Pelicans sounds like a g-league name. Anyways, nice work!
  16. As a lurker myself, when you say free version of photoshop; you got a link?
  17. Tore

    NBA Expands to Louisville; Version 2

    For me it is the first or third. I really love how the tones complement eachother and how its enough to seperate themselves from Knicks. I like the simplicity of the third but the first is more different. Great work again!
  18. Tore

    NBA Expands to Louisville; Version 2

    You got anymore expansion teams jerseys? I would love to see them! I know Supersonics are all over this page, do you have a take on them if they ever "expanded back" to Seattle?
  19. I rebranded the Lakers a couple of weeks ago, especially the logo. The letters in logo and uniform are all calligraphy. My flakers friends enjoyed them and thought they were a "kewl" update(just a shameless self promotion here). I'd like to show my take but I have no idea how to upload. My guess, anyhow, is that the update wont be any thing drastic at all.
  20. Tore

    NBA Expands to Louisville; Version 2

    I really like the color tones! Great work!
  21. Tore

    Utah Jazz

    I like the city edition to be honest. For me, at least, there is too little diversity in colors. Utah "Jazz"(still think that name should return to NOLA) should either be mountain-y and cold, or colors of the desert but still being somewhat cold. Sorry for the bad english. Im been puzzling on 2k with Utah and Nola. Im following this thread for inspiration.
  22. Tore

    NBA G-League by Nike (First 5 Courts)

    Amazing work! Looking forward to Maine!
  23. Tore

    NBA/Nike by BigBryArab (Cavs)

    Absolutely amazing work! I really, really love New Orleans Jazz! How about you make Utah Wild or Bobcats, or whatever the team should be called. If you made them with the sunset IT would be awesome! Also I would really love your take on Blazers, Suns and Seattle Supersonics. How about you make One for Pittsburgh as an expansion team or maybe Louisville? Anyways, beautiful work!
  24. Tore

    NBA Expansion Project: Tampa Bay Sharks

    cant see
  25. Tore

    NBA Expansion Project: Tampa Bay Sharks

    cant see