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  1. The concepts are very rough and not as clean as they should but holy, those nicknames. I love every single one of those team names. All of the names are very unique and hope that more thought can be put into team names.
  2. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NFL to NBA (#10 Dolphins updated on 6/4)

    I think that Jags uni is the most 90's thing I have seen. Some of these are rough around the edges, but overall the concepts are really nice.
  3. Alakasham! But in all seriousness, pretty freaking sick lookin' unis.
  4. IndianapolisCubs2009

    2018 NFL Offseason

    The thing I love the most about the NFL draft is how the boo's get louder and louder each year as Roger Goodell walks out.
  5. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Return to Roots: Los Angeles Rams Rebrand

    I feel like the uniforms looks like it could apply to a college more than to a professional team. But I LOVE the idea you had with the alternate, combining the 50's red-gold with the current blue and yellow. Looks awesome.
  6. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    I honestly think that the Colts would move to Phoenix and Cards would had moved to Indy because they had already built the Hoosier Dome. For Louisville, I have a strong gut feeling that either the Rams or an expansion team would be there. As for basketball, I'm thinking Indy would get a team in the '88 expansion or even the Kings in '85.
  7. I don't know what to think about this. It just depends if anything big or controversial happens with this system.
  8. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Jaguars Concept

    I really love the combination of the two eras. I agree with Brave-Bird: It's perfect.
  9. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Circular Brackets

    We found Babel. Anyway, I really like this concept. Very clean and well executed.
  10. IndianapolisCubs2009

    MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    I would like to see the Padres concept in the 90’s color scheme. overall, amazing body of work. Each concept is above and beyond and I really love it.
  11. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Adidas NFL Series / In (Short) Hiatus

    I honestly love the blue Cardinals throwback. really appreciate that you took a jersey that is so unknown and put it into your uniform arsenal. Loving this.
  12. Redbacks better annihilate everyone in the playoffs.
  13. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Cleveland Indians Rebrand Concepts (Guardians added)

    This is a very nice and unique look. I like the Napoleons name a lot, and I kind of wish that Cleveland would had kept that name. I’m really digging the color pallete and the design of the uniforms. Reminds me of those Expos and Phillies uniforms. All around, a great concept.
  14. IndianapolisCubs2009

    That NFL series where I make fun of people is finished. LOOK AT ITS GLORY

    A recap of the thread: STRiPinG CoNsIsEnStY
  15. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Tennessee Titans Concept

    I like the addition of a red jersey. Only problem I have is that it looks too dang similar to Tampa's uniforms.