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  1. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Griffin's Signature Thread

    Indianapolis Colts - Super Bowl Championships Chicago Cubs - World Series Championships Calgary Flames - Stanley Cup Championships Indiana Hoosiers - NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships Man City - Premier League Championships I would also like to get my high school state championships up but I can’t get the logos uploaded for some reason. Thanks in advance
  2. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Welp, there goes the Chargers chances of being a “shocker”.
  3. IndianapolisCubs2009

    does the Colts' striping inconsistency bother you?

    Let’s just be glad that they don’t have silver striping on the pants anymore.
  4. I am requesting an update on my signature please - New Castle Trojans - 2018 IHSAA Class 3A Girls Volleyball State Champions Los Angeles Rams - 2018 NFC West Divison Champions (in the classic gold/blue color scheme please Indiana Pacers - ABA Championships + 2000 Eastern Conference Championship If you could also, please remove the Fernando Alonso World Championships.
  5. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    IndianapolisCubs2009’s playoff predictions - Wild Card Weekend - Colts defeat Texans, 31-28 (OT) Ravens defeat Chargers, 27-19 Cowboys defeat Seahawks, 24-10 Bears defeat Eagles, 27-7 Divisonal Round Chiefs defeat Colts, 35-14 Patriots defeat Ravens, 23-13 Bears defeat Rams, 28-20 Rams defeat Cowboys, 30-14 Conference Championships Chiefs defeat Patriots, 33-27 Rams defeat Bears, 23-20 SUPER BOWL LIII Rams defeat Chiefs, 44-40
  6. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LIII Possible Matchups

    Too much blue in this years playoffs. I won’t be surprised if we have an all-blue playoffs.
  7. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Super Bowl LIII Program Cover

    I have a program from Super Bowl XLII (bought it from our Goodwill) and I’m sure the price on the program was $18.99.
  8. IndianapolisCubs2009

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Giants (All Parts) Updated

    If the A’s move out they’ll have to rename the team the San Francisco-Oakland Giants of San Jose.
  9. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Unpopular Opinions

    I thought they looked good from 1999-2005 in my opinion, definitely up there for my favorite football uniforms ever.
  10. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don’t know about the public consensus about these uniforms, but I think these are the best Pacers uniforms: The Flo-Jo uni’s come in a close second for me but the past few uniform sets have not been the best and I really hope that they refine this design and bring it back someday.
  11. IndianapolisCubs2009

    infrared41's Best and Worst - Season Finale NFL 2018

    I agree with you, I’ve always felt like the Ravens black over purple does not look good for the team. In my opinion just go black over black or don’t wear black jerseys at all.
  12. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Soda/Pop/Branding Discussion & News Thread

    Every time I hear Coca-Cola Blak, I think of that time that Anderson Cooper spat it out on live TV.
  13. IndianapolisCubs2009

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Giants (All Parts) Updated

    Cannons name is very nice, concept looking solid as usual!
  14. IndianapolisCubs2009

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Giants (All Parts) Updated

    I’ve been going through this, and oh my, it’s amazing. The Milwaukee White Sox, 90’s Nationals, and Indy Arrows have to be the peak of this thread. I’ve always felt like Indianapolis (biased) has always been a good candidate for relocation/expansion, but then you realize that is lodged between Chicago and Cincinnati. Can’t do anything about that. I’ve felt like an Indiana White Sox concept would be nice to see, or maybe A’s. If there is one thing that I have learned, you can put Athletics in front of a location name and you can make some visually appealing concepts. Keep up the good work dude!
  15. IndianapolisCubs2009

    WWE on FOX/FS1 Branding

    I’m all for Joe Buck going through a table. Seriously, as someone who has just gotten into WWE, very solid concepts. Simple yet does the job.