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  1. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Portland AAA Stadium Concept

    Not that often that you seem stadium concepts on these parts, but oh my! Lot of effort put into this and it really pays off.
  2. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NCAA Driveball

    Oregon: the placing of the duck logo on the front seems odd to me, why not putting the O logo instead and put the duck logo on the sleeves? Michigan: Clean, nice, and very well executed. San Diego State: Nice use on the pattern on the sleeves.
  3. IndianapolisCubs2009

    High School Logo Redesign

    I really like the designs - sleek, and clean cut. I really like the hockey logo - reminds me a little bit of the Penguins logo somewhat.
  4. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Logos that Look Alike

    Georgia's and Grambling State's look oddly similar.
  5. I don’t think anyone can describe what Veras has done for the community. He has opened the doors for many to follow his path. Veras, keep your head up. You’ve made an amazing positive impact to this community.
  6. IndianapolisCubs2009

    The 1972 Project: Texas Tech Red Raiders

    The number font for IU in my opinion doesn’t fit along with the rest of the set. I feel like gong back with a block font would be better.
  7. IndianapolisCubs2009

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Awesome race at Daytona tonight. Huge congrats to Erik Jones, very very proud of that young man!
  8. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand | Update: NIKE Uniform Set

    Very much loving it. Would hate to see the flying P go though.
  9. The concepts are very rough and not as clean as they should but holy, those nicknames. I love every single one of those team names. All of the names are very unique and hope that more thought can be put into team names.
  10. IndianapolisCubs2009

    NFL to NBA (#20 Panthers updated on 10/13)

    I think that Jags uni is the most 90's thing I have seen. Some of these are rough around the edges, but overall the concepts are really nice.
  11. Alakasham! But in all seriousness, pretty freaking sick lookin' unis.
  12. IndianapolisCubs2009

    2018 NFL Offseason

    The thing I love the most about the NFL draft is how the boo's get louder and louder each year as Roger Goodell walks out.
  13. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Return to Roots: Los Angeles Rams Rebrand

    I feel like the uniforms looks like it could apply to a college more than to a professional team. But I LOVE the idea you had with the alternate, combining the 50's red-gold with the current blue and yellow. Looks awesome.
  14. IndianapolisCubs2009

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    I honestly think that the Colts would move to Phoenix and Cards would had moved to Indy because they had already built the Hoosier Dome. For Louisville, I have a strong gut feeling that either the Rams or an expansion team would be there. As for basketball, I'm thinking Indy would get a team in the '88 expansion or even the Kings in '85.
  15. I don't know what to think about this. It just depends if anything big or controversial happens with this system.