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  1. Funny thing is that Zimmer missed that CR game against Dallas due to an eye surgery.
  2. MN Wilkings

    NFL changes 2019

    Other than the light blue jersey, those uniforms are decent and not that different than the Panthers. Bonus points for the light blue socks. I wouldn’t mind if the Panthers changed there helmet to light blue and ditched the grey pants. The problem is that they have shown that they like to wear black socks with black pants, which is vastly inferior to the light blue socks.
  3. MN Wilkings

    Texas Rangers Bid Farewell to the Ballpark With Patch in 2019

    Kenny Rogers did throw a perfect game as a Ranger there in ‘94.
  4. MN Wilkings

    NFL changes 2019

    This would be a good look and would allow for throwbacks or a red alternate. My only issue is that all four teams in the AFC East would have white helmets. Unless, of course, the Jets change to green helmets next year...
  5. MN Wilkings

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Am I the only one that thinks a team named the Jets is the last team that should use a script as its logo? The Raiders and the Steelers are the only other teams with their names in there logos, and it is not the main focus in their logos. There are so many opportunities to use jet imagery for a logo and I think just using a script is lazy. They can bring back the old script or a version of it as their woodmark, but I would really like something new as the primary.
  6. MN Wilkings

    Best Logo Refreshes

    This new Spurs logo really doesn’t work for me. The font is far too plain and the spur does not fit this look. Maybe a 2D or vertical spur would work with this application? The previous logos had matching drop shadows or outlines to tie it all together. It also looks like the word “Spurs” was laid out with all regular letters, then the u was removed and replaced sloppily with the spur. The balance of the spur appears too far away from the p and even farther away from the r. It reads more like the San Antonio S.P.R.S. with their logo in the middle.
  7. No, no, no a thousand times no. They make me cringe whenever I see them. They were the low point in Vikings uniforms and had every sin of the 2000’s NFL uniforms. The helmet was good though and I’m glad the updated horn has stuck around. I hated them so much that I remember the date the updated logo was revealed, which meant new uniforms. February 14, 2013.
  8. MN Wilkings

    Old school --lower case, non-caps in branding

    ‘71-‘72 California Angels
  9. This just screams Vegas Golden Knights rip-off to me.
  10. MN Wilkings

    NFL 2018 changes

    It was a rare Saturday noon game. Half the roof is a mostly transparent “glass” and one end of the stadium is a glass wall. This allows a lot of natural light into the stadium and day games almost look like they are being played outside.
  11. MN Wilkings

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I have too many issues with that ‘80s logo. First, the vertical strokes are too thick compared to the horizontal. The J has no curve to it and reads as Sets with the jet trail. The lower part of the e extends further than the rest of the letter. The s looks like a backwards z. Finally, the jet doesn’t look like a jet without the context of the logo literally saying “Sets”... I mean “Jets.” Even with that telling me it should be a jet, it looks more like a paper airplane to me.
  12. MN Wilkings

    NFL 2018 changes

    They have been using this logo without key lines on black backgrounds (home jerseys) and the logo stands out with a unique look. A glossy logo on a matte helmet can make it stand out more. I’m not saying that a black version would be better, but I dislike that there is no silver in the away unis to tie the helmet into the design. It’s the same reason why I dislike the Giants aways (yes, I realize there is a thin blue stripe on the pants, but that’s not enough.).
  13. MN Wilkings

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    The Jets just need to make the color rush unis their new unis. Be the kelly green version of the colts and call it a day. The Dolphins just proved that a simple tweek can make a huge difference. The 80’s Jets logo is totally overrated and would need some major changes to not look dated instantly.
  14. MN Wilkings

    NFL 2018 changes

    I’ve always thought that they should either get rid of the white pants or change the helmet to black. There is not enough contrast between the white and the silver. The silver helmet looks out of place on the aways but fits in just fine on the homes.